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Basic wizard for new players

Basic Wizard
A wizard gets okay dps, good survivability, good self-healing.
They have low defense and hp okay saves

For a more advanced version that takes a lot more work look at
Race – you have few choices –
For a newer player that doesn’t want absolute difficulty checks any race will work
However – for max dc’s without going p2p/favor unlock, human is best
If you are willing to buy/favor grind drow is better You lose one feat but get 1/2 dc’s depending on gear

Human Wizard

Strength: 8
Dexterity: 8
Constitution: 16
Wisdom: 8
Intelligence: 10
Charisma: 18
Final breakdown with reasonable gear
Con: 16 +8 item +2 guild +2 rage spell +4 lich= 32
Int: 18 + 8 item +7 levels +2 guild +5 enhancments +2 capstone + 4 lich = 46 easy to hit can get more 49 if drow
Reason behind stats
You need two stats: int for spell points/skills/dc’s and Constitution for more hp

Increase int at every 4 levels

Saves at level 28
Fortitude: 6 base + 11 con mod +6 item + 4 great heroism spell= 27
Reflex: 6 base + 14 int mod + 6 item + 4 gh = 30
Will: 12 base +-1 wis +6 item +4 gh = 21

Hit points
112 from wiz +25 from heroic durability +308 con mod +30 false life +31 toughness + 45 enhancement = 551 can go much higher with epic destinies/gear
Spell points -
Level 1 feats (level 1 spells)
maximize – more damage on spell like abilities
empower – see maximize
wiz bonus – mental toughness – adds extra crits and more spell points
Level 2 feats
Level 3 feats (level 2 spells)
Spell focus: spell penetration – not used much in low levels very important for vale and later
Level 4 feats
Level 5 feats (level 3 spells)
Spell focus: necromancy – better chance for your spells to land
Level 6 feats
Insightful reflexes – uses int for your reflex save
Level 7 feats (level 4 spells)
Level 8 feats
Level 9 feats (level 5 spells)
Heighten – makes your spells harder to resist
Level 10 feats
Level 11 feats
Level 12 feats
Toughness – more hp is good
Level 13 feats
Level 14 feats
Level 15 feats
Wiz bonus: spell focus enchant – see spell focus
Greater spell pen – for vale and beyond
Level 16 feats
Level 17 feats
Level 18 feats
Greater spell focus necro
Level 19 feats
Level 20 feats
Either improved mental toughness or enlarge for long range fingers
Level 21 feats
Epic spell focus: necro
Level 22 feats
Level 23 feats
Level 24 feats
Improved mental toughness or epic mental toughness or epic spell pen -
Level 25 feats
Level 26 feats
Epic spell power if you have epic destinies
Toughness if you don’t have ed’s
Level 27 feats
Ruin – big numbers
Level 28 feats
Hell Ball – more big numbers!
3 human
1-Sp boost
2 – Int
41 pale master
6 cores
11 tier 1
6- deathless vigor
2 – spell crit necro
3 – neg energy conduit
9 tier 2
4 efficent metamagic – maximize
2 – spell crit necro
3 – bone armor
7 tier 3
2 – spell crit necro
2 – int
3 – cloak of night
4 tier 4
2 – spell crit necro
2 – int
4 tier 5
2 – necromanctic focus
2 – improved shrouding
26 archmage
4 cores – all necro slas

6 tier 1
2 spell crit elemental
4 energy of the scholar
4 tier 2
2 spell crit elemental
2 improved empower
8 tier 3
2 spell crit elemental
4 spell pen
2 int
4 Tier 4
2 int
2 spell focus
10 eldritch knight
1 core
6 tier 1
3-Improved mage armor
3 toughness
3 tier 2
3 improved shield
Some notes on spells –
You can change them at will (at shrines)
This is not an exhaustive list but some good spells to have at each level

Level 1:
Hypnotize, jump, magic missle
Level 2: knock, resist energy, web, blur
Level 3: haste, rage, displacement
Level 4: firewall, phantasmal killer, negative energy burst, acid rain, dimension door
Level 5: Niacs, eldars, cone of cold, teleport
Level 6: circle of death, greater heroism, necrotic ray
Level 7: Finger of death, banishment, otto’s sphere of dancing, prismiatic spray
Level 8: power word: stun, polar ray, otto’s irresistible dance
Level 9: wail of the banshee, hold monster:mass, energy drain

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