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DDO Store Sales: April 6th - 12th: "Select Low-Level Adventures"

For many new players, "What to buy?" is a common and often perplexing question. Everyone tells you to "Try to only buy when On Sale!" - and then a sale comes along, and you aren't sure if you should buy this or that, or wait, or what.

(For a great discussion of all the packs (at the time of that posting), bookmark this thread.)

Currently, 5 low-level quest packs have just gone on sale for 25% off - not a bad discount. Sometimes they'll go 30%-35%, and very rarely as deep as 50%(+), but never with any guarantees as to if/when the next time will be - so any decision to wait for "a better deal" on a pack you're eyeing is all on you. GL.

In (some sort of) level order, the current sale includes...

Lvl 4 The Sharn Syndicate - Lvl 5 Phiarlan Carnival (& Epic 20) Lvl 3-7 Tangleroot Gorge Lvl 5 (-7) Three-Barrel Cove (& Epic 25) Lvl 6-10 Sorrowdusk Isle

o The Sharn Syndicate 262 DDO pts (down 25% from 350)
You don't need this, but it's fun and nicely done, a 6-quest romp against a thieves' guild in the Marketplace, all at base Level 4. Best ML 2 weapons in the game as end reward, and not-uncommon quest rewards like Kwan's Band and the Runic Trinket (most of which you'll quickly outlevel, but still). Plus this is one of the few places that low-level clickies with spells like Jump, Fox's Cunning (et al), or Invisibility(!) still drop - not very often, but they do. LFG's are pretty common.

o Phiarlan Carnival 337 DDO pts (down 25% from 450)
(First, if you buy the better of the two MotU editions (strongly recommended, and a must for going into Epic levels 20-30), you get this included for free. So if you're going to buy that, then don't buy this now.)

Another "don't need but nice" pack, 4-quests in House P where we first meet your favorite succubus, Malicia (from the Anniversary event). Several of these have been adapted into festival quests, so the layouts may seem familiar. Some okay ML3-4 gear in both end-reward and individual quest lists, such as Antique Great Axe, Mirror Cloak, or a Good Hope clicky, but nothing you can't live without. LFG's are not so common.

o Three-Barrel Cove 521 DDO pts (down 25% from 695)
A half-dozen Level 5 quests plus a 6 and two 7's, PLUS Epic Level 25 play.

This one. There are some (generally agreed) higher priorities, like Lvl 8-10 Vault of Night and Lvl 13-14 Giant Hold, but 3BC sits just below those, popular for its high experience points, well-written quests, great loot, and overall high fun factor. Plus, along with the Sentinels_of_Stormreach pack, it's half of the lowest-level Saga in the game. LFGs are common.

o Tangleroot Gorge 412 DDO pts (down 25% from 550)
Two problems with this 10(!) quest pack - first is the level range, 2 quests each at 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 which form a chain, which means that you can't really run it all at once, which means that finding groups for the chain (or where you last left it) is next to impossible (unless you have friends who are running it over time, and have a plan to keep coming back as you level up). The second is that all 10 quests use the same map, with each quest pushing a bit further in - which is a bit new each time, but a LOT of old too. However, end reward includes one of THE best items in the game, Visor of the Flesh Render Guards. But if you're buying a pack for just 1 item, I trust you've already bought about 10 of the more recommended ones.

If you're chasing Total Favor on your account, this is not a bad one (but see next).

o Sorrowdusk Isle 337 DDO pts (down 25% from 450)
Sorrowdusk is another 10-quest chain that suffers from a wide level range (see previous for that critique), 2 quests each at 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10. And a lot of running from quest back to quest giver and then back again, and again, and then yet again, and then a long run to the next giver. Some older but still useful ML 9 loot like mummified bat and bubble belt, but most has been surpassed by more recent quest loot lists (or just Cannith Crafting). Note that if you have ranged characters who are chasing House Deneith favor for their quivers and/or returning ammo, this pack will give you the House D favor you need.

Also, if you're chasing Total Favor on your account, this is one of THE best purchases as far as "getting most favor per DDO point spent", a grand total of 117 Favor! (See this Wiki table for full comparisons of Favor/DP for all the packs.)

Note - If you're a few DDO points short, and you're willing to grind for them, read this article and related ones. There is NO argument that simply going out and washing a neighbor's car or mowing a lawn or walking their dog (or just not eating out once this week) and using that small change to simply buy 100 DDO points is WAY faster, but... well, that's just not for everyone. :cool:

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DDO Store Sales: April 6th - 12th: "Select Low-Level Adventures"

For many new players, "What to buy?" is a common and often perplexing question. Everyone tells you to "Try to only buy when On Sale!" - and then a sale comes along, and you aren't sure if you should buy this or that, or wait, or what.(For a great dis..

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