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How to work out what gear to use?

11:19 pm, August 18, 2016 How do you know if gear is an upgrade? I mean I can get dex is more than one slot but afaik more than one item with dex don't stack in D&D? So i'd have a choice of like don't use the new item [..] View


11:19 pm, October 27, 2015 I now have 2 Tier 1 thunder-forged kopeshs, thanks to a lot of helpful players! One has 1st degree burns, and one has Touch of Shadows. Which augments should they have (I'm a Sword and Board Pally [..] View

New Lv 6 Ranger weapon options: Dual Crafted Kopesh Vs Sunblades

11:19 pm, October 17, 2015 Hmm .. I was wondering which option other players would take at this level range and Why? Prolly lv 6 - 9/10 Defensive: 2X crafted Kopesh with Bodyfeeder and Vampirism Offensive: 2X crafted Kopesh [..] View

First Lifer Epic Destinies

11:19 pm, September 21, 2015 I have two Epics right now. My Dwarven 2 kopesh wielding Fighter14/Ranger 6 is lvl24. He maxed Primal Avatar (twisting Regen Cocoon, and is in Shirardi Champion Rank2. I need him to stay around becaus [..] View

Epic Destiny Help

11:19 pm, May 18, 2015 I just turned 20th level. My character is a F14/R6 dual kopesh wielder. I have Keen Edge enhancement and a bunch of kensai kopesh buffs, I also have Growing Storm in Tempest as well as the other lower [..] View

Damage Calculator, or which weapons would be better?

11:19 am, April 5, 2015 I remember seeing in the forums some site that you can test combat for DDO. Lamina, or something like that. I am interested because I can't figure out which weapons are better. I have a duel-wielding [..] View

Tempus Trapmonkey Questions

11:19 pm, March 9, 2015 I currently have about 20 of these builds spread out over all the servers. https://www.ddo.com/forums/showthrea...est+trapmonkey Recently I decided to make another but change his weapon to ******* S [..] View

Can someone number crunch the difference in these enhancement capstones?

11:19 pm, January 30, 2015 I have a dual kopesh wielding Fighter/Ranger. I am trying to deal as much damage as I can with them. Should I go for Kensai Keen Edge, or Tempest Dance of *****? Here are the relevant enhancement/fea [..] View


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