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Computer keeps crashing while playing DDO-kicked out of quests before I can re-log in

12:19 am, March 28, 2018 This only happens randomly, sometimes never, sometimes often, but it is especially a problem when soloing quests and having to start completely over because by the time I reboot and relog into the gam [..] View

Installation On a Different Drive

11:19 am, March 24, 2018 I recently purchased a new SSD, and wanted to run DDO (but not my operating system) on this new drive. I uninstalled DDO on my main drive (the one containing my OS) and installed it on the new drive. [..] View

game crashes with no errors when I pick my server (argo)

11:19 pm, February 17, 2018 I have Windows 10 and I told DDO to go ahead and use DirectX10 when it asked. I have gotten ddo to run once on the first time I installed it, but after that initial time running the game, it won't get [..] View

World Closed

11:19 pm, February 15, 2018 Got talked into trying this game again. Downloaded it through steam. World Closed. Waited, checked here for anyone else. Maint was yesterday. okaaay. Uninstalled, downloaded installer from here, wai [..] View

Black Screen Frozen Cursor

11:19 am, February 10, 2018 I've been having problems now for a few months that I've never had before and I've been playing DDO on and off since 2006. The issue is this: when I select my server and hit play, the game opens, bu [..] View

Stuck on loading pre-reqs screen

11:19 am, February 10, 2018 I have tried the solutions I found when searching for this issue including toggeling the precache game logic and disabling Akamai net session. still stuck on this screen. running windows 10. Trying [..] View

Changes to Gamma do not save

11:19 am, February 8, 2018 I installed on a new machine recently and now am unable to save any changes to my gamma setting. I can alter it in game and have checked that the config file allows changes and stores the change at t [..] View

Need help. Unable to get to the game.

11:19 am, February 1, 2018 I am running windows 10. And yesterday I did a clean wipe on pc. After reinstalling DDO (twice) I haven't been able to get into the game. I can log in but once I select the server the DDO client close [..] View

could not initialize direct3d and Direct X 9 grayed out.

11:19 pm, January 11, 2018 I just ran into this issue on a brand new build. I upgraded my system and installed windows 10 pro fresh. Did all the updates then installed DDO. It wouldn't let me make any changes to the graphics wi [..] View

DDO dependancies

11:19 pm, December 31, 2017 I have seen lots of issues about the game not working after reinstalling or patching. I have had the issue myself at times. And one thing I have had to do just about every time is reinstall the game [..] View

Windows 10 settings for game never save

11:19 am, December 30, 2017 so I got a friend in guild who upgraded to a new PC and he installed the game sets his settings and every time he opens the game every setting is back to default. I tried getting hum to run the game a [..] View

Is "premium" is still a thing?

11:19 pm, December 23, 2017 kind of returning player, in the past i had "premium" privileges on my account because i used to spend plenty of money on DDO points and stuff. (in the past is 2011-2012 and 2014) but whe [..] View

Ramdom Crashing Windows 10

11:19 pm, December 19, 2017 Hello all, I hope you can help me with this. I reinstalled windows 10 and come back to ddo recently, but I can t really play because I have ramdom crashes. Sometimes I can play a couple of hours with [..] View

DDO screen constantly freezing

11:19 pm, December 8, 2017 Home computer is Win10, recent (2 year old) ATI video card, 16GB system RAM. The two issues I'm seeing now is that: 1- I will log in with a red connection button about 30% of the time and have to [..] View

Random Freezes / lock ups

11:19 am, December 8, 2017 So whilst playing the game I get random freezes of anywhere between 2-8secs. This happens mainly on entering new areas, or whenever im below 30% health and there are enemies around :D Joke, its comp [..] View

game crashing

11:19 am, December 7, 2017 ok so i just got windows 10 and a new system in general. i have a geforce 770 video card. anyways ddo keeps crashing talking about directx 10 not working. So ive installed the newest drivers and still [..] View

Ravenloft Crashing

11:19 pm, December 6, 2017 So along with most of the community, I was waiting eagerly for the new expansion to come out.. and Weds updating the client. So logged in, jumped onto my level 30 farm character and after spending so [..] View

Constant crashes since Ravenloft (not in new content)

11:19 pm, December 6, 2017 So finally downloaded all the update, and TR'd my fighter to warlock. Played for a couple of hours on the starting island, but crashed when entering a dungeon (Game froze, and became unresponsive, ev [..] View

Windows 10 with directx 12 installed, can't change any vid settings or game crashes

11:19 pm, November 18, 2017 with an error about not finding directx 9. I'm running a Geoforce GTX 960m vid card on a Dell Inspiron with core i7. Any ideas? I've tried updating the video driver but it's current. Game will run, bu [..] View

DDO Puzzles App

11:19 am, November 13, 2017 I've finally released the first incarnation of my DDO Puzzles app on the Microsoft store. This means players with Windows 10 (desktop & phone) can download and install the app for free. The a [..] View

Windows 10, Version 1709 feature update

11:19 am, November 8, 2017 So I have installed this update for a second time, with about 2 months between each attempt. As a result DDO will no longer properly launch within Steam a few hours after the update goes in. Last ti [..] View

FPS Stuttering

11:19 pm, November 1, 2017 I've been experiencing quite a lot of FPS issues since I've started playing again in the past 2 weeks. Using a Nvidia GTX 970, I was getting around 40 FPS max, on low graphic settings, but a consisten [..] View

Installed DDO through Steam on Windows 10

12:19 am, October 25, 2017 Alright well I sent an email a few days ago to the help and I've yet to receive a response from the official help team so I figure forums are usually full of people who know their stuff, so why not as [..] View

QtGui4.dll is either not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error.

12:19 pm, October 18, 2017 Hi! This is the second time this month I have received an error post-patching the DDO client. I don't recall the first one, but it occurred after the Hotfix requiring me to reinstall DDO. Now, after t [..] View

How to save video settings??

12:19 pm, October 14, 2017 Hello, For some reason, every time I start the game I get the DX11 prompt then I have to reset my video settings and it is starting to get really old. I have found a few suggestions here and there a [..] View

Bad Image

12:19 am, October 8, 2017 I been playing the game just fine on same computer for years.. then all of a sudden the game no longer works When i click on my icon I get this errorhttps://imgur.com/a/cxRRi I deleted the game and [..] View

Game crash after server select

12:19 am, September 29, 2017 I know I have seen a bunch of threads on this already and have probably read through most pertaining to the last two years, tried just about everything so far, but the game still crashes after I selec [..] View

Can't go past the Launcher in Windows 10

12:19 am, September 22, 2017 Hello, as the title says I can't go past the Launcher screen. I've just acquired a new laptop, an HP Envy m6-aq105dx (hardware listed further down), downloaded and installed the game from the official [..] View

Sound "crashes" a few seconds after the game launch

12:19 am, September 11, 2017 Hey, Last time I played was around a month ago, everything was fine. I took a little break, and now, when I log in, the sound works for a few seconds while I'm in the character selection screen, the [..] View

dndclient crash; Game not loading

12:19 am, August 19, 2017 Hello all, I'm looking for some assistance on a recent problem. The issue started at the last server downtime and I can't seem to be able to log into the game. I can run dndclient normally, log into [..] View

error logging in! error creating ssl context ()

12:19 am, August 19, 2017 I saw there was a really old thread asking about my exact problem but the one reply did not help so I am hoping someone else might have some thoughts. My laptop recently died a terrible ***** and so I [..] View

DDO Store Locks up Computer

12:19 am, August 14, 2017 Not sure what the devs did in the last update, but since then every time I click on "yes" to open the DDO store in an external browser it locks up my computer and I am forced to reboot my co [..] View

Blue Screen error when trying to run DDO

12:19 pm, August 2, 2017 Hi, I recently reinstalled Dungeons and Dragons Online (had not played since circa 2015 or earlier), and am running into an error. After patching, the launcher loads correctly and I select the serve [..] View

DirectX3d failed to Initialize

12:19 am, July 22, 2017 I'm getting this message fairly often - not sure if it was due to a game update or a Windows 10 update. There are actually 3 pop up messages. That's the first one. The game truncates after clicking [..] View

Launcher wont Start

12:19 pm, July 21, 2017 windows 10 pc fully updated allows me to select my server it closes the launcher and acts as tho the game is about to launch but nothing happens. I deleted the game and re installed it and same issue [..] View

Newb Player from EQ2 Here :)

12:19 am, July 20, 2017 Just installed this game last night. I did not have much time to play it last night, so I just barely made it out of the 1st cave in the starter area. After I adjusted my graphic settings- I am thinki [..] View

Can't download ddo live.exe, keeps getting interrupted, any help?

12:19 am, July 15, 2017 Hi, the story Yesterday tried to patch u36 Got errors patching, at the 44% point Tried to restart patch several times, Seemed to continue, To a point where it asked to modify hard drive by turbin [..] View

Launcher error

12:19 am, June 17, 2017 The past few days, whenever I try to start DDO on my laptop I get a popup saying TurbineLauncher.exe - System Error The code execution cannot proceed because MSVCP100.dll was not found. Reinstalli [..] View

DDO Character Planner

12:19 am, June 10, 2017 Hey Peeps, I have been developing a DDO character planner for some time now and it has reached a stage where I would like the community to start to provide feedback and ideally some bug reports. It [..] View

Lost client sound

12:19 pm, May 26, 2017 No particularly trigger for this that I can recall, but DDO client game sound has gone missing. I've checked the audio tab in the options menu and everything there is how I remember it. I fiddled wit [..] View

change language when using steam lcient for ddo

12:19 am, May 13, 2017 Hi all, a guildie of mine plays ddo via steam and she likes to play in english but some month back, as she was playing the game via the launcher she tried out another language. And although she says [..] View

my ui is making me double click to activate items/actions and game eventually freezes

12:19 am, April 25, 2017 After getting Win10 creators update my game is nearly unplayable. I now am having a problem where it is stitching and makes me double click to activate some things. The problem starts out minor, the [..] View

Two different recent problems, two different threads

12:19 am, April 22, 2017 Greetings everyone! Reading recent threads, I recognized two different problems: 1) About some players that have some difficult to log into one or more servers. There are 4 or 5 recent threads abo [..] View

Connection with server Lost!

12:19 pm, April 20, 2017 Thank you for taking the time to read this. It's 3am and I have been spending the last 8 hours trying to get this resolved. After the server reboot yesterday I can no longer log into the game, there h [..] View

Can't get past the load screen after character selection

11:19 am, March 22, 2017 I tried restarting the game, resetting my internet, turning the pc off, and as a last resort i uninstalled and reinstalled the game. Still having the same issue. Any advice would be appreciated. Is an [..] View

Tech help w video card

11:19 am, March 21, 2017 Ok so when I use my video card the login screen closes after choosing a server. I DL directx and have reinstalled both the card and DDO 2 times. When I use ONBOARD graphics... it works fine. Whats th [..] View


11:19 am, March 20, 2017 Ok so when I use my video card the login screen closes after choosing a server. I DL directx and have reinstalled both the card and DDO 2 times. When I use ONBOARD graphics... it works fine. Whats th [..] View

Voice Chat Audio Lost

11:19 pm, February 28, 2017 In the last few days (sometime this past week) my wife lost voice audio while in-game. She gets all other sounds, and when she uses her mic, I can hear her. We have verified that she has the same outp [..] View

DDO installer doesn't allow selection of install folder

11:19 am, February 14, 2017 Greetings, Just rebuilt my machine, and in the process, I've switched from Win7 to WinX, which necessitated a reinstall of DDO. The game is physically located on a different drive than the boot drive, [..] View

Game won't stay in the forefront after?*U34

11:19 am, February 3, 2017 Got windows 10, and logged in a week ago fine, however now it minimizes and any time I try to switch to it, it minimizes again. When I try a different server, it has the 'you have too many characters [..] View

Windows 8.1/Steam installation login problems

11:19 am, January 29, 2017 Can't log in. Had to re-install Windows 8.1. No issues in past 3 years. Reinstalled Windows 8.1 Main program is updated following new iterations, etc. I am allowed to log in, but nothing happens. [..] View

can't log - Error 0x80004005

11:19 pm, January 24, 2017 I get this error on my main account and can't log, but can log on another account on the same PC. Used a diferent PC, same thing. I already reinstalled ddo, turned off the firewall, antivirus and ev [..] View

Lamannia server connection error

11:19 pm, January 21, 2017 I was trying to get onto Lamannia and as the status says "Connecting to patch server", it fails at 33%. The error says the server connection timed out. I can easily log into the regular DDO [..] View

AutoHotKey HotBar Manager

11:19 am, January 13, 2017 The following is a script that is written to work with AutoHotKey, software which allows you to target inputs from the user from the keyboard, mouse, or otherwise and cause other things to happen as a [..] View

Game won't start after Windows Update

11:19 pm, January 2, 2017 Hi, Yesterday my Windows 10 updated itself. After the update the game client no longer works. I can sign into the launcher and pick a server, but when I tell it to start the computer closes the launc [..] View

SSD "Can't open teh data files"

11:19 pm, December 23, 2016 I'll preface this by saying i'm an old man with limited IT skills .... I stopped playing DDO a while back when the lag monster ate everything in site. I'm under the understanding that the situation i [..] View

Client not found!?

11:19 pm, December 22, 2016 So after my friend updated his client yesterday, the game launcher starts, he hits log in to start.. selects his server and the game looks for the client. It grinds for a bit then pulls up a windows e [..] View

Pipe Error 109

11:19 am, December 22, 2016 So for the past few days, I've tried to start up DDO. It comes up with the launcher correctly and everything, but when I hit "connect" on the launcher, it closes the launcher (as usual) but [..] View

PSA: Where is the Game Client Executable? SOLUTION

11:19 am, December 22, 2016 Since many people having the same problem here is the solution: Go here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/down...ng=en&id=26347 and install this version of the Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistr [..] View

Launcher will not launch

11:19 pm, December 13, 2016 Posting this for a friend of mine. Last night we got talking and the idea of teaming up in DDO came up and we figured why not! Its a fun game, better with friends. So I downloaded it, got it up and ru [..] View

new install won't update

11:19 pm, November 27, 2016 I am trying to do a new install from the download. When i do this it will update to 88% and then stop. I let it stay there for hours, and it will not progress. I even stopped it and had it try again, [..] View

Slavers crafting

11:19 am, November 25, 2016 I just finished putting a set bonus on a slaver item, and I get no bonuses showing at all. I installed Slavers Endurance, it shows up on the item, I have 5 items total, (3 crafted, 2 named items) and [..] View

Launcher freeze on "Instaling pre-req"

11:19 pm, November 22, 2016 Hello, guys. Today my launcher stoped working for no aparent reason. I tried to contact the support through the website but seems like it's not working. Anyway... My launcher is freezing in the &q [..] View

Multiple Clients Running Issue

11:19 pm, November 13, 2016 Here is my problem in a nutshell. I can launch DDO without a problem and it runs just fine with little to no lag (lucky me) and I can switch toons and still not have many problems. For years I was abl [..] View

Requesting some help to fix newfound issue

11:19 pm, November 5, 2016 Hello everyone! I come to this forum to request some assistance with what seems to be a huge problem to me... It started about a week ago, I will log onto DDO and a some intervals 20 seconds or so [..] View

Game won't load after server select, keeps installing C++ Visual every time I start.

12:19 pm, October 12, 2016 Hello. I just reinstalled DDO after about a year break and having major issues starting the game. First, the client keeps wanting to reinstall C++ Visual Redistributable 2005 no matter how many time [..] View

You have been warned.

12:19 am, September 26, 2016 Just had a Win10 update, which is no big deal; however, this update included a notice that Win10 took it upon itself to uninstall an application (non-Microsoft) because it was no longer compatible wit [..] View

the launcher wont maxamize after update 32

12:19 am, September 22, 2016 I have had no issued until update 32 went live the launcher wont go full screen which makes it hard to log into different servers. I'm reinstalling the game right now and it did not fix this issue. an [..] View

Public Notice Board

12:19 pm, September 13, 2016 Below is a list of some of the Known Issues that we are aware of, and below that are features that are Working as Intended but may cause confusion. Should you come across any of these issues, there is [..] View

Off-Problems not connected to DDO

12:19 pm, September 10, 2016 Hello everyone, i hope to find some help about solving my PC Problem not linked to DDO that keeps me busy and depressed for a few days. I´m running on WIN7 Ultimate 64, 6 Core Athlon2 1100T [..] View

After windows 10 updates, frame rate now under3

12:19 pm, September 3, 2016 I have an older system put it has run ddo fine since 2011. Did the free windows 10 upgrade back in June and it still plugs right along, even a little better than the 8,1 it replaced. However, last w [..] View

DDO Launcher Windows 7 - Eroor the request could not be sent

12:19 pm, August 24, 2016 Hi everyone, I am using a small laptop which definitely has enough space and the capacity to run ddo but for some reason, the launcher will give me an error message (the title). I have tried reinstall [..] View

Weirdly low FPS

12:19 pm, August 17, 2016 Standing still in a quiet spot gives my a nice 62 FPS. As soon as I move around my fps drop to something around 20. It looks like my nvidia card isn't kicking up a notch. Did I mess up some of my sett [..] View

Missing DAT Files for Lammania: Game Error 201

12:19 pm, August 13, 2016 I did a fresh install of Lammania (for Update 32, new Cannith Crafting). When I run it, I get: Code: Game Error [201] Can't open the data files. Check that they exist and that you have permissio [..] View

Another new Windows 10 install - DDO banned from using graphics driver

12:19 am, July 29, 2016 So this DDO has had troubles with the NVIDIA graphics card crashing since I got the computer. I had to downgrade to some lower version of DirectX to make it work at all. Then it periodically ( once ev [..] View

Cant get directx higher than 9 in graphic?

12:19 pm, July 15, 2016 Hello! Got my new computer today. And what i have done first thing ofcourse is to install ddo. It has windows 10 fully updated. So i really Think it has DirectX 12 already? But when i try do the graph [..] View

Chat Aliases for DDO veterans

12:19 pm, July 14, 2016 I built a list of 40 chat aliases that give useful information through commands in chat like:Raid completionsXP cap and Quests by levelShadow Crypt instance pathsThe Pit wheelsDISCLAIMER: this is inte [..] View

Things you may not know you did not know about DDO (in installments)

12:19 am, June 14, 2016 Reincarnation (first installment) • This game allows you to reincarnate after you reach level 20 on heroic life or level 30 on iconic life. Reincarnation (or True Reincarnation) is starting [..] View

Display not working right since Windows 10 upgrade

12:19 am, May 20, 2016 I upgraded to Windows 10 a few months ago and now when I login I see double (shadowing) and the colors are all reddish and yellowish. It's no fun to play like this. The splash screen looks fine - it [..] View

Switched to Wifi now game crashes at 'Loading New Game Data'

12:19 am, May 18, 2016 I recently switched my PC from a wired internet connection to a wifi internet connection and now the game freezes/crashes at the "Launching New Game Data" "Connecting to Authentication [..] View

Launcher closes but game doesnt start

12:19 am, May 14, 2016 Please excuse me, im a little bit frustrated right now and it is getting late for me, i will try to give as much informations as i can till i have to go to sleep because of late hours here in EU (need [..] View

Directx box wont let me select between 9 10 or 11 with Windows 10

12:19 pm, May 10, 2016 I have a fresh build of Windows 10 along with a fresh install of DDO, I am running an AMD Radeon R390x 8 gig GDDR5 graphics card capable of directx12, dxdiag shows backward compatible with dx 11.1 11 [..] View

Game error 201 - Reinstalling DDO

12:19 pm, April 20, 2016 I have a PC desktop that is about 3 years old running Windows 8. When I first got the system, I loaded DDO on it and it worked great. Then I used the uninstall feature to remove the game (spousal ag [..] View

I need the turbine launcher

12:19 am, April 16, 2016 Hi, i have the turbine launcher on my pc its a good couple of years old, i just installed ddo on a windows 10 laptop it seemed to work ok but i couldnt find a link to the launcher could someone point [..] View

No sound in party

12:19 pm, April 14, 2016 I just retuned to the game and loaded the game on a newer computer. The install went fine and I can hear all the sound effects as I did before. The problem is when I join a party. When I speak in p [..] View

New Install - download locked up @ 86%, 100% of Sound file

12:19 am, March 29, 2016 New computer (yay), new install, Windows 10, went smooth for most of it, then... stopped. Upper (file) progress bar seems inactive, no white strip sliding across, reads... "Downloading client_sou [..] View

Windows 8 issue with laptop usig AMD APU

11:19 pm, March 23, 2016 Trying to help a person who installed the game on his laptop with an AMD E300 APU, 4 GB RAM, and Windows 8.1. He gets the game installed and can get to the login screen/character creation but he has [..] View

DDO Store causes game to crash

11:19 pm, March 19, 2016 Hi all, The opening of the store has been crashing my game for a bit now, maybe a month or so. It was happening before Update 30. I am running Fedora 22 with Wine 1.9.5.. The game runs great [..] View

New Install: PatchClientDLL: CheckDatFiles Failed

11:19 am, March 18, 2016 I'm trying to run DDO onto a new laptop. After installation, when I get to the "Check Product" screen, I get this error: Code: PatchClientDLL: CheckDatFiles Failed [Unable to decrypt a [..] View

Game/Clent freezes and crashes, and/or crashes in general....

11:19 am, March 18, 2016 ^^ When logging in under char previously made (from char select screen of course), it goes as far as 'loading screen, showing that char on screen', yet just a 'frozen screen' from there, until client [..] View

Stuck on Installing Pre-Reqs

11:19 pm, March 10, 2016 Hi all. Not too sure where else to post this, but I've been searching the forums and the wiki in hopes that I wasn't the only one experiencing this... it seems to be an "only me" kind of thi [..] View

Crashing after server selection

11:19 pm, March 9, 2016 So i use to play awhile ago and decided to come back and play some more. but when installing it either through steam or the ddo launcher it would always crash after i selected a server. it would start [..] View

Internal error message

11:19 pm, March 8, 2016 I keep getting internal error when I am trying to download DDO from Steam or the website. I have a AMD10 PC, don't know why this is happening, I played it just the other Day but had to re-install but [..] View

Error when run the launcher.

11:19 pm, March 8, 2016 Recently I installed my Windows 7 again and the next I installed the game without any trouble, I was played the game for 3 days but today when I try to run the launcher the game give me the next error [..] View


11:19 pm, March 5, 2016 I'm getting failures to reinstall the client repeatedly. It stops at 33 percent and says server connection timed out. I tried the no proxy thing, uninstalled/reinstalled, etc. Put in a ticket, no res [..] View

Screen goes all black after entering login credentials

11:19 am, March 4, 2016 So after update 30, I can no longer get in the game. The launcher shows up as normal, but after I enter my login credentials and select my server the screen goes to full screen and remains all black a [..] View

Problem staying connected in the evenings.

11:19 am, February 22, 2016 For about a week I have been logging on at the same time, in the evening, then roughly 20 minutes later I lose connection and can't log back in. I can't get access to the forums, during this time, ei [..] View

Laptop: Installing Pre-Reqs... only not so much...

11:19 am, February 20, 2016 Have an older laptop I wanted to load the game on, less to play but just so I can use it to "check in" (dice rolls, AH and mail, guild stuff, etc.) When the loader gets to "Installing P [..] View

Client instantly minimizes when selected, probably related to display setting

11:19 am, February 19, 2016 I'm running Windows 10 on a Dell XPS L521X. I did a fresh install of DDO. When I start the client and select my server, the client immediately minimizes. If I click on the app on the task bar, I see w [..] View

Can not get onto some servers

11:19 am, February 16, 2016 I have a problem. I have a new laptop. Windows 10 intel I7 chip 12 megs of ram. I can get onto some servers on some days. Yet can not get on to a server the next few days in a row. Have uninstalled/re [..] View


Stuck at Installing Pre-reqs

Feb 26, 2015, 3:44 pm After today's hotfix, I can't get back into DDO. <br><br> 1st start it went through the routine of installing the patches. The launcher then auto restarted and immediately got stuck at Installing Pre[..] View

Initial Install Destroys Internet Connection

Dec 15, 2014, 12:32 am I'm having problems doing the initial install of DDO. I used to play a few years ago, took a break, and now I'm getting back into it. The client's been long uninstalled and formatted over in the pas[..] View

Error 201 on fresh reinstall

Dec 10, 2014, 3:44 am Ok so I am having issues with my mouse freezing in game at random times. I reinstalled mouse drivers but no help so I decided to reinstall the game. I went to control panel and uninstalled the game [..] View

Launcher / Install fail

Dec 8, 2014, 3:57 pm I can't get DDO to install on my new computer new, every time it fully installs then when it goes to open (on selecting a server) it crashes with "Can't open the data files. Check that they exist an[..] View

No Internet Connection when installing

Dec 6, 2014, 10:18 am Hey, So I'm trying to install DDO on my PC but whenever I tried to, it would say that there's no internet connection, when there clearly is. Even with the play instantly one, it would say that the Ha[..] View

Installing Pre-reqs...................

Nov 28, 2014, 8:01 pm It's been a while since I had this issue, but the old stuck on "Installing pre-reqs" has turned up again for me. The launcher just sits there installing it's pre-reqs and.... nothing happens. I seem [..] View

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