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Update made client unstable

Ran the update yesterday, game played fine, today, the client locked up my computer when it launched, and now it is acting as if I'm launching it for the first time, but crashes every time I log in. Direct X error..

Error 122 GEFORCE 940MX

Hi I am having trouble logging in with a new laptop. The laptop has an Nvidia 940MX card and I wouldnt think that would be an issue. But the game doesnt recognize the graphics card and gives me a 122 error saying that my graphics card is not suitable..

Akami Error [Unable to download game]

Heyo! If this isn't exactly in the right place move-me. I can't download the game in one go because of where I live and Akami is acting funny. It restarts the download each time. Can't play. Any help would be great!..

Barovian wilderness___ Crashing___ ideas?

Barovian wilderness___ Crashing___ ideas? Three of my Gaming Group just got Ravenloft and wanted to try it out but we are having little luck : ( We completed “Into the Mists” without issue BUT as soon as two of us try to enter the gate..

Computer keeps crashing while playing DDO-kicked out of quests before I can re-log in

This only happens randomly, sometimes never, sometimes often, but it is especially a problem when soloing quests and having to start completely over because by the time I reboot and relog into the game, the quest has kicked me out! Please change the..

Installation On a Different Drive

I recently purchased a new SSD, and wanted to run DDO (but not my operating system) on this new drive. I uninstalled DDO on my main drive (the one containing my OS) and installed it on the new drive. When I try to run the game I get the following me..

Lost game sound

I was dual boxing, and found I had no sound on one account entirely, and only the GM Voice on the other. Next time I logged in, had nothing, not on any account, not even the dramatic intro music on the character selection screen. Could still hear Pla..

SOLUTION: Game freezes whole computer at Black Screen

Hey! I just had an issue in Windows 10 where the launcher asked me "Where is the Game Client Executable?" and the steps I took to fix it were to follow the ideas given here:https://steamcommunity.com/app/21250...80934236374037 Basically I set all ..

logging out

so i been noticing that when i logged out of a character at a bank or just in a city zone it can take almost a min to log out to switch characters. then today i logged out of a character and it refuse to log out every after 5 mins of waiting...

Ranged weapons and.. FPS drops..?

So this is kind've weird and I maybe only found this by weird coincidence. I only just realized DDO had a built-in FPS limiter and, since my system is decently beefy, cranked it up to 120. Seems to be running well until I start having some REALLY bad..

game crashes with no errors when I pick my server (argo)

I have Windows 10 and I told DDO to go ahead and use DirectX10 when it asked. I have gotten ddo to run once on the first time I installed it, but after that initial time running the game, it won't get past the point where I pick my server. It just wa..

World Closed

Got talked into trying this game again. Downloaded it through steam. World Closed. Waited, checked here for anyone else. Maint was yesterday. okaaay. Uninstalled, downloaded installer from here, waited for it to finish updateing. World Closed, all..

Bad routing to DDO from me

Why does it jump so high? This isn't even as bad as it gets. Sometimes, it doesn't do this. It's fine, but then, for hours, I get 500 ping, or higher. And its always these qwest routers somewhere. It seems like DDO is the only thing that routes..

Stuck on loading pre-reqs screen

I have tried the solutions I found when searching for this issue including toggeling the precache game logic and disabling Akamai net session. still stuck on this screen. running windows 10. Trying to make this computer work because my newer one c..

Black Screen Frozen Cursor

I've been having problems now for a few months that I've never had before and I've been playing DDO on and off since 2006. The issue is this: when I select my server and hit play, the game opens, but it's just a black screen with a frozen mouse. My..

Changes to Gamma do not save

I installed on a new machine recently and now am unable to save any changes to my gamma setting. I can alter it in game and have checked that the config file allows changes and stores the change at that time, however the next time I launch the game ..

Unable to connect from library

So im on a windows 10 system and recently my library started blocking everything. Like everything not just games, i cant even download documents from specific websites and other websites i cant get onto. I'm wondering if anyone has a system or an ide..

Characters Fail to Render

Wondering if anyone else is having this issue/found a solution. Ever since the recent update (yesterday, "the exploit one" with no patch notes) the game has failed to load my characters on the first attempt. I log in to the game fine, but then the g..

Need help. Unable to get to the game.

I am running windows 10. And yesterday I did a clean wipe on pc. After reinstalling DDO (twice) I haven't been able to get into the game. I can log in but once I select the server the DDO client closes. And that's all it does. It doesn't say anything..

Can't start the launcher, get internal error

I havn't logged in to the game for a very long while, so I though it might be broken old file... Tried redownloading, didn't work. Tried adminestrator, didn't work. Tried the fix at https://help.standingstonegames.com/...or-on-Launcher , didn't wor..

Packet loss and ports.

I have recently noticed I get very frequent packet loss when I used to practically never get any. I know they have updated the ports that need to be opened and I have also done so. I checked my resource monitor and it states that the "dndclient.exe" ..

I cannot hear party member's voice

I cannot hear party member's voice. I can hear all other in game sounds, music, dm, sound effects, etc. Others can hear me. I cannot hear them. See them light up. Went through Audio Options, tweaking about everything. Nada. Adjusted individual sl..

In Game Store and Help Windows broken

I'm playing from China so I'm going to guess something was changed recently and now requires a service from google or googleapis for the store and help windows to work. They stopped working for me about a week ago with a small update and since then ..

Will this graphic card work?

I have an AMD 7800 a10, 12g RAM, windows 8, but it's integrated graphics and keeps crashing after a few minutes when I get into the game. Ddo is the only game I play, so will the geforce GT 710 allow me to play? I don't want to spend too much money ..

could not initialize direct3d and Direct X 9 grayed out.

I just ran into this issue on a brand new build. I upgraded my system and installed windows 10 pro fresh. Did all the updates then installed DDO. It wouldn't let me make any changes to the graphics without the error message shutting down DDO. DDO wou..

Random Loading Screen hangups

It started yesterday for me.. I tried to zone into bank in The Market.. I get loading screen , zero bar progress. I let it wait a few minutes.. nothing.. It never even starts.. I closed out game and restarted game, I was back in market.. try t..

Stuck on loading screen in Gianthold.

Hello. While I am teleporting my player out of Gianthold to the marketplace, using the npc Vanyel, I get stuck on a loading screen that does not go away. I have had to reboot the game over 5 times so far, but the issue is still happening. I am playin..

DDO dependancies

I have seen lots of issues about the game not working after reinstalling or patching. I have had the issue myself at times. And one thing I have had to do just about every time is reinstall the game entirely AND add old dependency components that w..

Windows 10 settings for game never save

so I got a friend in guild who upgraded to a new PC and he installed the game sets his settings and every time he opens the game every setting is back to default. I tried getting hum to run the game as admin he reinstalled it a few times as well and ..

Is this the game, or my connection?

I've been having a problem for about two months now where my connection seems to freeze in game, but only for uploaded information. I can see everything moving around me, I can get damaged, on my cleric, I can see my healing aura heal me. But I can'..

Ramdom Crashing Windows 10

Hello all, I hope you can help me with this. I reinstalled windows 10 and come back to ddo recently, but I can t really play because I have ramdom crashes. Sometimes I can play a couple of hours with no crashes, then other times it keeps crashing ev..

Stuck on Loading Screen

It only started today. I've been playing DDO for the past week and it's been pretty stable (outside of the random 2-3 sec lock ups every once and awhile, but that's another topic). Last night I was doing the Catacombs quest chain and noticed whenever..

F1-F12 Function keys are not selecting properly

This is a recent bug for me - the game and my system have been working perfectly for 10 years. What is happening now is that my Function keys are no longer working as per the DDO mapping but are now using their media control functions. (F1 mutes al..

DDO screen constantly freezing

Home computer is Win10, recent (2 year old) ATI video card, 16GB system RAM. The two issues I'm seeing now is that: 1- I will log in with a red connection button about 30% of the time and have to relog in 2- during quests the screen freezes fo..

Random Freezes / lock ups

So whilst playing the game I get random freezes of anywhere between 2-8secs. This happens mainly on entering new areas, or whenever im below 30% health and there are enemies around :D Joke, its completely random, but feels like its out to get me! I..

game crashing

ok so i just got windows 10 and a new system in general. i have a geforce 770 video card. anyways ddo keeps crashing talking about directx 10 not working. So ive installed the newest drivers and still nothing. even going down to 9x it crashed and som..

Constant crashes since Ravenloft (not in new content)

So finally downloaded all the update, and TR'd my fighter to warlock. Played for a couple of hours on the starting island, but crashed when entering a dungeon (Game froze, and became unresponsive, eventually closing). Went to reload, downloaded some..

Ravenloft Crashing

So along with most of the community, I was waiting eagerly for the new expansion to come out.. and Weds updating the client. So logged in, jumped onto my level 30 farm character and after spending some time trying to find where it was (ended up in H..

Need bigger toolbars

Before the last update, I used to have bigger toolbars. Now, I can not get them on my laptop. My computer runs 3d games and has 3d video card 1 or 2 gb with 16 gigs of ram for memory. I would like to have bigger toolbars because of my poor vision ..

freezing 4-10 seconds since last patch

Can we get an update on this? My wife and I will be doing a quest and randomly as soon as someone cast a spell or uses a skill we will freeze up for atleast 3-6 seconds. As characters that need to be mobile from a range, coming back from the freeze..

Connection drops with Alt-Tab

This has been happening for about a week: If I press Alt-Tab to switch to a different program, DDO client loses connection. It never was an issue before. I am on Windows 10. I may be wrong, but I think it started with the latest Windows update...

Game Crashes

Hello, last night I was playing without any issues and today after I went turning on the pc to play more, the game keeps crashing after the server selection. I've win 7 64b, dxdiag says ver 11 Now I did a quick serch on the web for the issue, and d..

DDO Store not working at all

Hello, I've submitted a ticket a couple of days ago, but there was no reply so I'd like to try here. I have returned to the game after over a year of absence and DDO store is not working at all. Or rather, it opens a black window for DDO store which..

Windows 10 with directx 12 installed, can't change any vid settings or game crashes

with an error about not finding directx 9. I'm running a Geoforce GTX 960m vid card on a Dell Inspiron with core i7. Any ideas? I've tried updating the video driver but it's current. Game will run, but the frame rate is so slow that everything is ver..

Map reseting size on guild ship

Anyone know of a way to get my map to stay the same size after going to the guild air ship? It always goes back to minimum, smallest size but stays in the correct position based on the upper right corner of it. I have to 100% of the time drag and r..

Game crashing and shutting down computer

I just reloaded DDO onto my wife's computer and it keeps cashing and shutting down the whole laptop. Sometimes she can play a bit before the crash and other times she can't even get past the world selection screen. Has anyone else had a similar pro..

Win 10 messing me up?

Hi, I know it is Weds world resets, however, this seems different. I get the game to open, however once I choose my world I see the message getting in line to connect and the client just ends. I did a ton of Win 10 updates yesterday(possibly months w..

Black Screen after Server selection

So I haven’t played DDO in close to two years, and felt like returning recently. I downloaded the game, logged in, chose my server and was excited to play. The problem is, after the game started up it went to a black screen and I can’t do..

Strange UI issues

Hi SSG / others, Since about 3 weeks ago I've been having weird issues with my UI. Specifically: - When I load in I can run around just fine and see other characters move but chat doesn't load, and either do hotbar location or hotbar icon content f..

Windows 10, Version 1709 feature update

So I have installed this update for a second time, with about 2 months between each attempt. As a result DDO will no longer properly launch within Steam a few hours after the update goes in. Last time I had to roll back out of the update and reinst..

weird USB headphone issue just started a few months ago

This is on my laptop. I start out just fine able to hear game sounds and do voice chat through my USB headphone. After a random amount of time the sound stops coming through the headphones. The client no longer sees the headphones a an option. I h..

old browsers and ddostore

Is there a way to change the default browser that ddo opens for the store? Since u moved the ingame store to browser only...as it is now i cannot access the store at all, when i try old IE opens and i get page cannot be displayed and then the game cl..

FPS Stuttering

I've been experiencing quite a lot of FPS issues since I've started playing again in the past 2 weeks. Using a Nvidia GTX 970, I was getting around 40 FPS max, on low graphic settings, but a consistent 8-20 was normal with nothing going on. Any kind ..

tring to Download....

i have been trying to download the game frome the DDO website for a hour now. it keeps saying update error occured. i have reset modem. restarted the client (10 times) re started my pc. everything keeps giving me same message. help pls...

Client stopped booting up.

This morning I've been trying to launch DDO and I've been getting this message: "Internal Error, please contact customer support." No Error code or anything. Can the psychics at DDO customer support use their powers of divination and figure out why..

Installed DDO through Steam on Windows 10

Alright well I sent an email a few days ago to the help and I've yet to receive a response from the official help team so I figure forums are usually full of people who know their stuff, so why not ask here. The client will launch but after I enter m..

original post in General Discussion area

I postd in GENERAL DISCUSSION under - "stuck on Launcher Box"....have tried restarting Launcher Box multiple times and it continues to hang on "overall check product - 44%"....I just played DDO on thursday night without issue and no problem with Laun..

403 - Forbidden

Hello everyone, first of all, sry about the english. Well i'm from cannith, i play the game on my computer, a good one in fact, i work as a video editor. Anyway, today i was going to log on cannith to lvl up my bad cleric and on the very first conne..

QtGui4.dll is either not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error.

Hi! This is the second time this month I have received an error post-patching the DDO client. I don't recall the first one, but it occurred after the Hotfix requiring me to reinstall DDO. Now, after this patch, I am receiving the following error: C:\..

Error Message

Hi Just tried to open the DDO launcher and keep getting the message Internal Error, Please contact customer support. All working yesterday when I was last on Any ideas or anyone know the customer support phone number. I'm in the UK if that makes ..

How to save video settings??

Hello, For some reason, every time I start the game I get the DX11 prompt then I have to reset my video settings and it is starting to get really old. I have found a few suggestions here and there and nothing helps. I have the ini file in the appr..

Bad Image

I been playing the game just fine on same computer for years.. then all of a sudden the game no longer works When i click on my icon I get this errorhttps://imgur.com/a/cxRRi I deleted the game and just did a fresh install.. I clicked on the icon t..

DDO Store not loading In game.

Hey everyone, I need some help. I've just recently decided to come back to the game, and haven't been able to get the DDO store to open at all in game. When it opens all I get is a blank black page. I'm using the Steam Downloaded game, on Windows 10 ..

U36 Patch 2 graphical changes?

I read through the release notes for U36P2 and there was no mention of any changes to the game graphic settings, but clearly they made some changes. Changes which, unfortunately, have damaged my experience with the game. Does anyone know the details ..

Losing connection?

So, I just downloaded this game and I'm trying to create my character. But I can only ever get as far as picking out feats before the game automatically closes saying something about a lost connection to the server. I don't know why, but it's done t..

4K display issue

I have a 4K display for my computer. Prior to Update 36 Patch 2 the highest resolution one could set the game to using the in-game options was 1920x1080. It worked fine that way. Since the patch on September 27 one can now set the in-game resolution ..

Game keeps taking up resources until they max out the computer and it freezes.

The computer is an Alienware M17x r3, iirc. The computer loads up the client, and my friend plays for about an hour and a half, all the while the client is slowly beginning to max out processor and then disk. Once both hit 99% according to task maste..

Game crash after server select

I know I have seen a bunch of threads on this already and have probably read through most pertaining to the last two years, tried just about everything so far, but the game still crashes after I select my server and hit play. No black screen or anyt..

U36 Patch 2 caused shrinking UI elements

This Wednesday, minutes before the server was brought down for the patch, I logged on to check auctions and such. Everything was normal. Later in the day I downloaded the update and logged in. Initially the game window (I play in windowed mode) was t..

game not responding after u36

i opened the launcher and it did good, after 100% the login bar appeared and i tried to log. After this the game start to launch but become "not responding" forever. Also tried using the DDO pre load and repaired video settings and still have the sam..

Can't go past the Launcher in Windows 10

Hello, as the title says I can't go past the Launcher screen. I've just acquired a new laptop, an HP Envy m6-aq105dx (hardware listed further down), downloaded and installed the game from the official page with High-Res dat files. Then just to make ..

Sound "crashes" a few seconds after the game launch

Hey, Last time I played was around a month ago, everything was fine. I took a little break, and now, when I log in, the sound works for a few seconds while I'm in the character selection screen, then it seems to "crashes"; I hear strange sounds, th..

My Mouse Won't Click on Delete, Create or Options on the Main Menu

I have wanted to create a new character and delete my old one, but I couldn't click on delete or create. I then went to click on options to see if I could fix it, but I couldn't click on that either. Someone pls help I would appreciate it...

why is the launcher asking me to luanch from steam

tryed to log into game today and i get as far as the select worlds screen click on world and crashes, i get an error "error reading application id. Please either write to steam_appid.txt or use the launcher " i have never had or used steam and i p..

Game is not starting

I have not played for quite a while. I decided to log in the game to check how it is after a couple months without logging. But now my client doesn't want to start. After the launcher processes are done and I choose the world and log in, it gets the ..

Seeking Advice for New Graphics Card

Good Morning~ My graphics card is not optimal for gaming, and I'd like to upgrade it without making any expensive mistakes! I'm aware it has to be compatible with other parts of my system in certain ways- like power consumption, but I'm unsure what..

Keys not working

I recently just purchased a Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming Laptop and im having issues with the keys not registering when I push them and I only get this on DDO. I play Secret Worlds Legends and have no issues but for some reason my Enter, Backspace, a..

error logging in! error creating ssl context ()

I saw there was a really old thread asking about my exact problem but the one reply did not help so I am hoping someone else might have some thoughts. My laptop recently died a terrible death and so I decided to rehab an old (old) laptop to use for D..

dndclient crash; Game not loading

Hello all, I'm looking for some assistance on a recent problem. The issue started at the last server downtime and I can't seem to be able to log into the game. I can run dndclient normally, log into my account and click on the server logon (in my c..

DDO Store Locks up Computer

Not sure what the devs did in the last update, but since then every time I click on "yes" to open the DDO store in an external browser it locks up my computer and I am forced to reboot my computer. I've tried everything short of simply reinstalling t..

ddo dont start after i set up the world to lauch - help

Hi. Since last week i cant enter the game. everything goes normal until i put the password and set up the world , when i press play (and normally the ddo screen shows up) i get a black screen like is loading but the game never loads and after a while..

Blue Screen error when trying to run DDO

Hi, I recently reinstalled Dungeons and Dragons Online (had not played since circa 2015 or earlier), and am running into an error. After patching, the launcher loads correctly and I select the server and press play. However, the PC immediately goe..

Laptop specs

My work are sending me away to work from hotels for a few weeks and I'm thinking about getting a cheap laptop so I can still get my DDO fix. I was hoping someone could tell me if this machine would do the job (I assume with significantly lower graph..

wont launch after Windows 10 update

Been playing for months on Windows 10. I launch directly (not through steam). I know windows pushed an update on me last night, maybe it was the 'creators update', but not sure. Now, can't launch, either directly or through steam. I get to login ..

DirectX3d failed to Initialize

I'm getting this message fairly often - not sure if it was due to a game update or a Windows 10 update. There are actually 3 pop up messages. That's the first one. The game truncates after clicking OK on the third. Win 10 Creator update Laptop w..

Launcher wont Start

windows 10 pc fully updated allows me to select my server it closes the launcher and acts as tho the game is about to launch but nothing happens. I deleted the game and re installed it and same issue - installed direct x runtime. nothing is working...

this is odd experience

so last night July 14, 2017 I played DDO and then went to bed....I get up this morning, did some house chores & breakfast and start my Computer....everything is oky-doky and I click my DDO Icon to start Launcher and I immediately get a DDO pop-up..

Downloading "XX Loading Screen X" takes too long

Since U36 the launcher takes very long in the part Downloading "XX Loading Screen X" (ten screens per language). Any idea about how to minimize that? For instance, only downloading the screens of one language. The only advice that I have found is qui..

cannot patch file dndclient.exe error 5 access is denied

Since the last patch the launcher looks in the update server and then brings up the above error message box, when click OK it then goes back to server and repeats. I use Win 10 and have i7-4820k CPU @3.7 GHz with 16GB RAM using a 64 bit OS x64 based..

Can't download ddo live.exe, keeps getting interrupted, any help?

Hi, the story Yesterday tried to patch u36 Got errors patching, at the 44% point Tried to restart patch several times, Seemed to continue, To a point where it asked to modify hard drive by turbine Said yes Hung up and recurrently tried doing s..

No items in DDO store

specifically, no items in my adventure packs section, everything else in the store shows up fine. I've tried different browsers it doesn't work. Did some research, it seems to be an account thing? I can't find any customer support either, everthing I..

Sound and video sync issues

For about a week my sound has been running about 3 seconds behin the video. It's extremely confusing and makes it difficult to play. My own footsteps sound like someone sneaking up on me. Am I the only one with this issue? Any suggestions on whats..

Launcher error

The past few days, whenever I try to start DDO on my laptop I get a popup saying TurbineLauncher.exe - System Error The code execution cannot proceed because MSVCP100.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem. Anyone know ..

Game does not open after connecting to the server

After logging and connecting to the server the window of the game does not open. The last change in the computer is that Windows 10 updated to Creator. I have already tried to disable the game bar, but the problem remains the same. I copy my complete..

Cant connect to game or ddo.com

I am accessing this forum through a free proxy server. A few days ago I could no longer log in game or access anything related to ddo. I tried a number of things and I think it has to do with a host server. Here is my tracert. 3 21 ms 15 ms ..

Lost client sound

No particularly trigger for this that I can recall, but DDO client game sound has gone missing. I've checked the audio tab in the options menu and everything there is how I remember it. I fiddled with some of the controls, but no luck. I've tried re..

change language when using steam lcient for ddo

Hi all, a guildie of mine plays ddo via steam and she likes to play in english but some month back, as she was playing the game via the launcher she tried out another language. And although she says steam to start the game in english it starts in a ..

Latency of 1800+ for last 2 days.

Hi, DDO is currently unplayable for me. Last two days I have been getting Latency (little yellow box) of 1800+ every 2 - 10 seconds. Checked with OOKLA, and BT broardband speed and that all seems fine 150+ download speed, ping only 12 or less. I ..

Annoying micro stutters after patch update!!!

Since the last update, the game is for now almost unplayable!!! :mad: I was trying to do the slayers at Orchard of the Macabre and when there are more than 5 mobs attacking me the game goes very very slow. Anyone knows if there's any solution, pleas..

"Timed" crashes

im having this sort of timed game crashes and i cant figure out why. they happen around 5 min after i log my toon. this crashes started happening around 2 weeks ago when all my settings went default. ive already fixed the settings but the game keeps ..

my ui is making me double click to activate items/actions and game eventually freezes

After getting Win10 creators update my game is nearly unplayable. I now am having a problem where it is stitching and makes me double click to activate some things. The problem starts out minor, then gets worse until it freezes up the game. I put ..

4k HUD problem

Hey guys, Can't seem to find this mentioned anywhere else, so here I go. I recently upgraded my monitor to a 3840x2160 Res one and found the the HUD/Quickbars in ddo are minuscule. I find it hard to read them when in runs and keeping an eye on th..

Two different recent problems, two different threads

Greetings everyone! Reading recent threads, I recognized two different problems: 1) About some players that have some difficult to log into one or more servers. There are 4 or 5 recent threads about this subject (under the title "cant connect to ..

Connection with server Lost!

Thank you for taking the time to read this. It's 3am and I have been spending the last 8 hours trying to get this resolved. After the server reboot yesterday I can no longer log into the game, there have been zero other changes that I can think of. T..

Random Stutters

i5 7600k, rx480, 8gig ddr4 3200 game runs amazing, but every so often ill get a stutter here and there. have seen numerous posts about some high end machines having issues like this. anyone have the same issues? its not bad enough to make the game u..

Stuck On Loading Screen For One Toon

about once a week, one of my toons (can be any one of them) simply will not load. I can load any of my toons except the one that gets 'stuck'. Said toon stays stuck on the loading screen for several minutes, eventually results in a dialog box saying..

Launcher Crashing

so the recent patch brought only client crashes so far for me when its on literations on 33% & ive changed absolutely nothing. ------------------ System Information ------------------ Time of this report: 4/5/2017, 21:37:50 Machine na..

Launcher Error while downloading new update

Like the title says. I havent played since before update 35 was released, and now find myself back in this loop of the launcher getting to between 65-95% finished on the final file before giving me an error. Launcher is running in admin mode and I ..

Props to anyone who can work this out! Devs, I'm looking at you here!

So! One of my favorite quests was the Temple of Elemental Evil- Loved it. Was great. Farmed it. Made a nice Crossbow, success. Took some time away from the game, came back. Started playing again, made a Dragonborn Barbarian- Love it. Is great. Go ..

Can't get past the load screen after character selection

I tried restarting the game, resetting my internet, turning the pc off, and as a last resort i uninstalled and reinstalled the game. Still having the same issue. Any advice would be appreciated. Is anyone else having these issues? I really want to pl..

Tech help w video card

Ok so when I use my video card the login screen closes after choosing a server. I DL directx and have reinstalled both the card and DDO 2 times. When I use ONBOARD graphics... it works fine. Whats the deal?..

Game wont load past server select screen help!!!!!

I havnt played in three years i really want to start playing again, i finally got decent internet again and decent gamming computer but i can get the game to load past the server select screen WHAT am i doing wrong?..

keep loosing connection to server

hey so since the last couple of days i keep lossing connection to server, sometimes it happens almost immedialy after i login other times theres go 10-30 min before it happens. any other are having the same problem and what can i do to fix it? im on ..


Ok so when I use my video card the login screen closes after choosing a server. I DL directx and have reinstalled both the card and DDO 2 times. When I use ONBOARD graphics... it works fine. Whats the deal?..

Timing out connection

Been playing for most of the night as normal. I had iTR'd last night and was set to be doing a whole host of solo elite running, with some music in the background.. and probably eventually get grabbed by my guild leader to be the party trapper for re..

Druid's Healing Spring Graphic Bug

So, every time a druid cast healing spring on me, that spell animation goes on and on, untill I relog. This happens since druid class came up years ago, and DDO have never cared about. Then I noticed that some people doesn't see that happen. What is ..

All Worlds have been down for days...

Well, at least according to my launcher, every single world has been down every time I've checked over the past 4 days. Each check more than 3 hours apart and only ONE of the checks actually had notice that the worlds were down. Not my first mmo, so ..

Game freezes computer

I don't even know if this is a ddo specific issue, but it's been happening more than normally the last few days. Once in a while when I'm playing ddo, the game lags for half a second and my computer freezes up. Usually there is a buzzing from the mic..

Voice Chat Audio Lost

In the last few days (sometime this past week) my wife lost voice audio while in-game. She gets all other sounds, and when she uses her mic, I can hear her. We have verified that she has the same output device for voice that she does for all other au..

OrbWeaver mouselook mode movement issue

hey yall, so i upgraded my very old nostromo n52 to a razer orbweaver. the extra row of button is awesome! but im having an issue and im hoping someone can help me... when in mouse look mode, if i begin to strafe (either way) then simultaneously..

Vorpx disables in-game mouse

Hi, A bit of a stab in the dark but here goes. I managed to get vorpx to load ddo on my rift cv1 and it looks amazing. The issue I have is that the in game cursor disappears on the rift screen, but is still present on the duplicated image on my mon..

DDO installer doesn't allow selection of install folder

Greetings, Just rebuilt my machine, and in the process, I've switched from Win7 to WinX, which necessitated a reinstall of DDO. The game is physically located on a different drive than the boot drive, but won't run under WinX because it's missing som..

After last update I "lost" my VIP status

I just logged into game after recent updates and my account appears to have "lost" VIP status. It is asking me to choose characters to play and says that i have 19 characters and 18 slots. Rebooted computer, closed client a couple times, etc. no cha..

Please Help!

After updating with U34 just now I cannot get past Loading New Game data! It starts at like 5.4 Kb/s than degrades to 0.02 Kb/s and stays there. I have restarted my computer multiple times and no change. First time I've ever experienced this. Any he..

Initialization Errors after Latest update 03/02/'17

After the latest Reaper update I played a few hours in game and then turned my PC off for the night and when I tried to log on the next day I tried to log into the game and the launcher failed on start up with the message "Internal Error, please cont..

Game won't stay in the forefront after?*U34

Got windows 10, and logged in a week ago fine, however now it minimizes and any time I try to switch to it, it minimizes again. When I try a different server, it has the 'you have too many characters' message and menu to pick toons to keep active (n..

Can't Logon After Update

Solved: Changed a firewall setting and that fixed the issue. Anyone else having trouble logging on? Client cycles through attempting to connect to logon server 20 of 20 attempts and then the client closes. Never had a problem before and played as r..

Failure to queue for server Error 0x80004005

I have received this message since the last patch or approx. 24th. I have reloaded the game multiple times, reboot router, dns flushed, etc... any suggestions. I have opened a ticket without response. I even started a new account and that one doesn..

Windows 8.1/Steam installation login problems

Can't log in. Had to re-install Windows 8.1. No issues in past 3 years. Reinstalled Windows 8.1 Main program is updated following new iterations, etc. I am allowed to log in, but nothing happens. Any suggestions?..

can't log - Error 0x80004005

I get this error on my main account and can't log, but can log on another account on the same PC. Used a diferent PC, same thing. I already reinstalled ddo, turned off the firewall, antivirus and everything else I could think of. Same thing, can't ..

Totally Negligent Ticket System/Customer Service: Log In Issues Completely Ignored

So it's come to this. The so-called "ticket system" is a complete joke. Be warned that Turbine completely abandoned this game back when they discontinued phone support and so far it doesn't seem the new ownership plans to operate any differently. ..

Lamannia server connection error

I was trying to get onto Lamannia and as the status says "Connecting to patch server", it fails at 33%. The error says the server connection timed out. I can easily log into the regular DDO servers, and the error only occurs if I try to open Lamannia..

Connection Time Out after 20 attempts

Hi all, I can't connect to the game, I was on it earlier this morning but then i couldn't get on it all day then suddenly i could now I can't again. I have the recommended ports forwarded and triggered, turned windows firewall off and on, I have tr..

port triggering help

question: what do I put in the "target port" fields when setting up port triggering? Hello, play on a shared home connection with the wifey. Been having some connection issues after character login screen or world loading screens, I'm guessing becaus..

Area will not load

I've been having this problem occur more and more often. I will log in to the game and try to go in a quest, however, the area will not load, I am kept in the loading screen with the progress bar at 0. From here, I have to manually kill DDO and star..

Black Screen of Death possible solution

I had a problem with DDO a long time ago when I would get a black screen after starting the game and my computer would totally freeze up. I encountered it again for another game and found a solution that works for both - namely setting the firewall ..

Game won't start after Windows Update

Hi, Yesterday my Windows 10 updated itself. After the update the game client no longer works. I can sign into the launcher and pick a server, but when I tell it to start the computer closes the launcher and nothing further happens. I've tried reins..

Hireling and Pet Hotbars Have Vanished

All was fine. Logged out for an hour or so and on return my Hireling hotbar had vanished. It affects all characters on the account. Purchased and tried a Gold seal, same. Same for summoned pets as well. Unlocked hotbars, moved all UI elements aro..

constant zone crashes/other crashes

i've returned to playing seriously after a while break where i would only log in occasionally...and since i've come back my crashing has gotten to the point it's really super frustrating. before i mostly stopped playing i knew i would probably crash ..

SSD "Can't open teh data files"

I'll preface this by saying i'm an old man with limited IT skills .... I stopped playing DDO a while back when the lag monster ate everything in site. I'm under the understanding that the situation is better so i've reinstalled DDO in an effort to g..

Client not found!?

So after my friend updated his client yesterday, the game launcher starts, he hits log in to start.. selects his server and the game looks for the client. It grinds for a bit then pulls up a windows explorer box... upon closing it the launcher says "..

PSA: Where is the Game Client Executable? SOLUTION

Since many people having the same problem here is the solution: Go here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/down...ng=en&id=26347 and install this version of the Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable. There is some problem with version 8.0.50727..

Game won´t start after U33-2. Where is the Game Client Executable?

Hi all! I need help please. Yesterday, my game was all running fine, and today i did last update. Since then, the launcher starts and asks me where the game client executable is. A screen pops up to select, i choose the dndclient file, but i get an ..

Pipe Error 109

So for the past few days, I've tried to start up DDO. It comes up with the launcher correctly and everything, but when I hit "connect" on the launcher, it closes the launcher (as usual) but does nothing with the actual game... I have found what I thi..

Launcher will not launch

Posting this for a friend of mine. Last night we got talking and the idea of teaming up in DDO came up and we figured why not! Its a fun game, better with friends. So I downloaded it, got it up and running and the like and then waited for them. Once ..

Character is already in the world

When I try to log into one of my toons, I keep getting the "character is already in the world" error messages. I have had a ticket open in game for over 2 hours. Is this something they can fix with an in game ticket or do I need to take other action..

downloading "en loading screen 1"

my launcher is stuck on this msg, "downloading en loading screen 1" idk what happens, i change nothing in my computer. I was on, then i had to drop, 1 hour and a half after that, more or less, i try to log in back, my launcher could not pass over d..

new install won't update

I am trying to do a new install from the download. When i do this it will update to 88% and then stop. I let it stay there for hours, and it will not progress. I even stopped it and had it try again, but it wil always stop at 88% and will not go fart..

Launcher freeze on "Instaling pre-req"

Hello, guys. Today my launcher stoped working for no aparent reason. I tried to contact the support through the website but seems like it's not working. Anyway... My launcher is freezing in the "installing pre-reqs" screem and go no further. Yest..

Please help me optimize my graphics

My husband's computer is pretty high end but he thinks that my computer can do the same with DDO and so far neither I nor him can prove his statement correct. Somehow his computer beautifies the game in such a way that makes me want to play it. Righ..

Toon Can't Log In. Help!

Hey all I submitted a ticket, but wanna see if there is a "Quick fix" for me. On my server I have 9 toons total, and I can log into all of them except for my off-main. When I try logging in with her, all I get is a Loading screen and nothing loads.....

New glitch - heavy UI flicker

Today I logged into DDO only to find new graphics glitch: UI flickers and flashes badly. So badly that I cannot look at it more then few seconds. It happens all the time if: you are in the building, like Cannith Crafting Hall or Bank AND you hav..

Multiple Clients Running Issue

Here is my problem in a nutshell. I can launch DDO without a problem and it runs just fine with little to no lag (lucky me) and I can switch toons and still not have many problems. For years I was able to launch a second (or third account) if I wante..

After Update: No Turbine Coin in Character Inventory/ No Items In Store

After Monday's Update: :eek: No Turbine coin in Characters inventory In game store in Character selection screen has almost no items in stock. Anybody experience these issues? New player for 2-3 months here. :(:(..

Requesting some help to fix newfound issue

Hello everyone! I come to this forum to request some assistance with what seems to be a huge problem to me... It started about a week ago, I will log onto DDO and a some intervals 20 seconds or so the game will freeze for about 5 seconds or so... ..

Sound Issues

Alright so sometimes I enjoy playing games listening to music or watching youtube/Netflix. However, I can't seem to do this with DDO. The moment I turn this game on its sound overrides everything and I no longer get sound from-any- other source? Can ..

Connection Issue

I recently redownloaded the game after a 2 year hiatus, give or take, and ran into some issues a couple of days ago. I had been logging in and playing no problem, but now regardless of the server picked,or character, etc. I have the red connection bo..

Launcher can't start because "...dlll is missing..." - but it's not

(Edit - "...DLL..." - wish you could edit thread titles. Anyway...) Trying to load DDO on a new box, Windows 10. Launcher balks and says "Program can't start because MSVCP100.dll is missing from your computer..." (also MSVCR100.dll, as a 2nd message..

Download question

I was thinking of downloading Lamania (after 10 years of playing). When I looked at downloading, it said save the client in a different place from my primary client. Question is that I tried downloading a few years ago, screwed up the instillation ..

Game won't load after server select, keeps installing C++ Visual every time I start.

Hello. I just reinstalled DDO after about a year break and having major issues starting the game. First, the client keeps wanting to reinstall C++ Visual Redistributable 2005 no matter how many times I reinstall. Second the game litterally won't s..

Constant Internet Disconnects

Hey guys it started maybe a month ago where i disconnect for one or two minutes and then everything works perfectly fine for a little while maybe a couple hours until i disconnect again and so on. It only affects this computer so i come asking for a..

Crashing in character creation

So I finally convinced a friend of mine to try the game and jump on skype, start talking a bit about character creation and then when he hits "look" which should start the part where you customize your skills/stats/whatever the game just freezes. Doe..

You have been warned.

Just had a Win10 update, which is no big deal; however, this update included a notice that Win10 took it upon itself to uninstall an application (non-Microsoft) because it was no longer compatible with this latest iteration of Windows. Turbine devs,..

Searhing for Logon Server

I am having trouble connecting to my main worls - Sarlona. I get the error Searching for Logon Server (attempt # of 20). The irritating thing is I can logon to every other server no problems. I have tried over 40x this morning. I have logged into all..

the launcher wont maxamize after update 32

I have had no issued until update 32 went live the launcher wont go full screen which makes it hard to log into different servers. I'm reinstalling the game right now and it did not fix this issue. any help is appreciated...

This character is already in the world

So this happened during the weekend when I tried to ETR.. 1) Trigger ETR 2) Logout and click ETR in character menu 3) Stuck on screen for ~10-20 minutes, kill process 4) Cannot log in anymore, receiving title message. I have submitted an in-game tick..

Off-Problems not connected to DDO

Hello everyone, i hope to find some help about solving my PC Problem not linked to DDO that keeps me busy and depressed for a few days. I´m running on WIN7 Ultimate 64, 6 Core Athlon2 1100T, 8GB Ram and the GPU is HD6870 1GB. Now it´s br..

After windows 10 updates, frame rate now under3

I have an older system put it has run ddo fine since 2011. Did the free windows 10 upgrade back in June and it still plugs right along, even a little better than the 8,1 it replaced. However, last week KB 3176936, KB 3176938, and KB 3189031 were in..

Launcher/Client Win8

Hello, I am trying to run ddo on win8. The launcher will start, but when it comes to logging in the clients does not start, without giving an error message. I think it could be that it tries to run with dx11 which might not be supported by my machine..

Freezing on the loading screen. Error 205

So I had this problem last night, then it worked for a while today, and now it's doing it again. The game will load, I'll select a character, it'll go to the load screen, the loading bar will load all the way, then it freezes. When I try to get the g..

Loading Screen for multiple languages

Hi mates :cool: I need just one language - EN in game, so... :p How to prevent the Dungeons & Dragons download the German and French LoadingScreen every time before starting the game? because if i can stop this loading i hope can start more..

regular crashing

Every 2 hours roughly, occasionally more frequently then that. my game crashes. no errors or any notifications appear. it normally happens in a load screen. but has happened just running around town and in quests. it all loads back up fine afterwards..

DDO Launcher Windows 7 - Eroor the request could not be sent

Hi everyone, I am using a small laptop which definitely has enough space and the capacity to run ddo but for some reason, the launcher will give me an error message (the title). I have tried reinstalling DDO several times and I have also attempted to..

Weirdly low FPS

Standing still in a quiet spot gives my a nice 62 FPS. As soon as I move around my fps drop to something around 20. It looks like my nvidia card isn't kicking up a notch. Did I mess up some of my settings somewhere? I think things started to buggle u..

Missing DAT Files for Lammania: Game Error 201

I did a fresh install of Lammania (for Update 32, new Cannith Crafting). When I run it, I get: Code: Game Error [201] Can't open the data files. Check that they exist and that you have permission to write to them. The program will now exit. [20..

DDO fails after server selection

Hi all. I have 2 other computers running the game that are working fine. I'm trying to get a third up and running. This one is an older machine, 3GB memory and an Athlon 4450e 2.3ghz processor and Vista. No dedicated video. Is this now to low to..

Another new Windows 10 install - DDO banned from using graphics driver

So this DDO has had troubles with the NVIDIA graphics card crashing since I got the computer. I had to downgrade to some lower version of DirectX to make it work at all. Then it periodically ( once every few weeks) would stop the driver, but the driv..

Loads everything perfectly until after character selection

Does anybody know why I can't get Dungeons and Dragons Online to work on Dell Inspiron 3451 on windows 10? It has intel graphics. I downloaded it perfectly fine, it selects each world perfectly and you can go into the store and everything on the cha..

Cant get directx higher than 9 in graphic?

Hello! Got my new computer today. And what i have done first thing ofcourse is to install ddo. It has windows 10 fully updated. So i really Think it has DirectX 12 already? But when i try do the graphic settings in ddo it is locked on direct x9? (Mic..


So...starting a few days ago, I have started crashing in between instances or while entering a quest. Computer is clean and tight, Internet connection is solid. Thought it may have been a potential issue with the game so I removed it completely and r..

error message - my end or turbines?

i get this message a lot and i am trying to track it down. (Error): Your connection with the Chat server has been lost. (Error): Your connection with the Chat server has been reestablished. i cant move and then it all snaps back. any suggestions..

Preloading the game at the Character Selection screen

Am I the only one who has to do this (start the game, get to character selection, then alt-tab to the DDO preloader) in order to get the game to load under 30 seconds? My computer can run The Witcher 3, GTA 5 and Far Cry Primal in medium-high setting..

Cannot Start DDO Following 08-06-16 Downtime

Okay so since whatever was done during today's downtime, I can't start up the game any longer. Every time I try, I go through the launcher, it does it quick checks and what every else it does, then gives me a pop-up saying 'Could not patch file "Tur..

"Old" games on new setup...

Well... I hate writing these, moslty because very few read it, and most seem not to be bothered with this particular conundrum. And this is not just for DDO, but most games I play theese days. I bought a new laptop. I hate stationaries. this laptop ..

Attempting to Logon Server (x of 20) Error

Hey, I was just playing on my laptop and closed out of game to switch rooms then turned it back on to load into an account and upon loading in i start seeing "Searching for logon server ... (attempt x of 20) and it goes through all 20 and fails and f..

Connection problems

Unable to stay connected for more then 2 or 3 minutes then i loose connection occasionally i will be able to stay long enough to do 1 maybe 2 quest but not very often did a msconfig and unchecked everything in startup except runndll not sure what els..

Ingame store Black screen "loading..." Forever

Everything was fine yesterday morning. I came home from work and loaded the game and the ingame store wont load at all. I tryed various things and looked at the troubleshooting and none of it is workings. PLease help me give you guys money. Nothing c..

Random Freezing, Can't Close Through Task Manager

I've attempted to download and redownload DDO several times, and this issue persists. The client keeps completely freezing up, and I have no idea why. My rig should easily be able to handle this game. Even worse, when it freezes, I can't close or ..

Failed to start rendering system

Trying to get DDO working on a Windows 8.1 laptop. Working fine for me right now on a different Win7 machine. TurbineLauncher.exe (what the shortcut runs) works fine - put in my username and password, patch, select server - everything good up to th..

Display flashes like a strobe light

Howdy, everyone I can log in to DDO just fine. I get to the character select screen with no problems. Once I select a character to play, the game loads, but then the screen just flashes like it is a strobe light. The game becomes unresponsive. I..

Display not working right since Windows 10 upgrade

I upgraded to Windows 10 a few months ago and now when I login I see double (shadowing) and the colors are all reddish and yellowish. It's no fun to play like this. The splash screen looks fine - it's only the character selection and actual in-game..

Failed to read authentification response while trying to enter login/password

When I type in my password and click return to LOGIN and I get a pop-up with message "Failed to read authentification response [err unexpected end of file][line: 1][col: 1]". Only option is to press OK which brings me back to login page-- to re-ente..

High Disk Usage on Windows 10?

Hello, I recently upgraded my windows 7 to windows 10, and I noticed high disk usage when I launch ddo. I go through first loading screen, but when I attempt to log in with a character, disk usage goes to 100% and I freeze at loading screen (and cra..

Switched to Wifi now game crashes at 'Loading New Game Data'

I recently switched my PC from a wired internet connection to a wifi internet connection and now the game freezes/crashes at the "Launching New Game Data" "Connecting to Authentication Server ..." screen. I have a laptop that is also on the wifi tha..

Cyclical Latency Issues

I’ve noticed some new, strange behavior in DDO over the past few days. Basically, I’ll experience (normal for me) latency of 50-80ms and then without explanation, DDO latency will pop up to 1400-1500ms. It stays this high for several mi..

Launcher closes but game doesnt start

Please excuse me, im a little bit frustrated right now and it is getting late for me, i will try to give as much informations as i can till i have to go to sleep because of late hours here in EU (need to get up early in the morning). 01. May 16 my G..

Connection to server lost?

Right now I am unable to play at all. I don't understand why - it was working fine 2 days ago (I had no time to play yesterday.) I have checked the tech support pages and have done all the recommendations and still, I click enter game, it takes 10 mi..

Failed to launch client

This morning I could play with only the normal problems(lag). Are the servers still down or did something mess up? Because every time i enter my password I get "Failed to launch client: failed to read authentication response[err: unexpected end of..

Directx box wont let me select between 9 10 or 11 with Windows 10

I have a fresh build of Windows 10 along with a fresh install of DDO, I am running an AMD Radeon R390x 8 gig GDDR5 graphics card capable of directx12, dxdiag shows backward compatible with dx 11.1 11 10.1 10 etc but DDO will not let me select any opt..

Background Programs

Wonder if anyone else experiences this. This happens regardless of whether any other program is open, but I like to keep Mozilla open in the background to alt-tab over to if needed. Multiple times every play session, the client will "minimize" and ..

windows issue

So, I just bought a new laptop. It is the latest in good graphics, etc. Has a touchscreen, but I use a mouse. I'm having an issue. When I log into the game, everything works great.... until.... I try to use alt+tab to look at another program (lik..

Game error 201 - Reinstalling DDO

I have a PC desktop that is about 3 years old running Windows 8. When I first got the system, I loaded DDO on it and it worked great. Then I used the uninstall feature to remove the game (spousal aggro) and was playing DDO only on a laptop. I rece..

Character stuck on loading, cannot relog

Dear Turbine and forumites! My permagroup encountered a quite interesting and annoying phenomenon. We started reincarnating yesterday, and one of our members crashed, when he was on loading screen. Restarting the game didn't help him, the game said..

I need the turbine launcher

Hi, i have the turbine launcher on my pc its a good couple of years old, i just installed ddo on a windows 10 laptop it seemed to work ok but i couldnt find a link to the launcher could someone point me in the right direction please? Thanks..

After I login the screen is frozen

So I logon on (and it goes very slowly) I get to the main character screen, no problem but when I get into the game I hear the background noise of the harbor (it's where I last left off) but I am frozen and I can not move. Also on top of the screen ..

No sound in party

I just retuned to the game and loaded the game on a newer computer. The install went fine and I can hear all the sound effects as I did before. The problem is when I join a party. When I speak in party, they cannot hear me and my green light does ..

Customer Service Stories

Hey everyone, At some point or another we’ve all had to contact a customer service team. It may have been just a simple question, a major issue, or anything in between but something made us pick up the phone, write an email, or open up a live..

Issues launching through Steam, and the Launcher 02/04/2016

I downloaded the launcher on the website first, I launched it through the shortcut on the desktop, and nothing happened except a loading icon next to my mouse. I figured there was an issue with the shortcut, so I launched it through the actual .exe f..

New Install - download locked up @ 86%, 100% of Sound file

New computer (yay), new install, Windows 10, went smooth for most of it, then... stopped. Upper (file) progress bar seems inactive, no white strip sliding across, reads... "Downloading client_sound.dat 2720.0 of 2720.0 Megs" Green bar @ 100% (but ap..

new character cannot log into harbor, 10 others on same account can

I made a new character the other day using the level 7 veteran and head into the harbor after getting all my new gear, grab the green ingredients bag and run down to baudry to grab the red, game crashes while en route, since then i cannot log that ne..

Can't log in

Using the default DDO launcher I can sign in and choose a character. Just as that character loads into the world, a fraction of a second after the screen is drawn and the first ambient sound is heard, my client just closes to the desktop without any ..

Windows 8 issue with laptop usig AMD APU

Trying to help a person who installed the game on his laptop with an AMD E300 APU, 4 GB RAM, and Windows 8.1. He gets the game installed and can get to the login screen/character creation but he has no cursor. He went into the system settings and t..

RSS Feeds from DDO Forum

Hello Everybody! My guild uses Shivtr for its official guildpage and ever since the data center change, the RSS feeds fail to load on our site. Nothing changed on Shivtr (they give us notes and such when updates come down the pipe) and since it coi..

Lost party chat

So I log into the game and party chat (voice) and the party chat window are gone. It says i'm connected to the party chat but no one can hear me and what i type and what they type in party chat window doesn't come across. Tells do work. This happe..

DDO Store causes game to crash

Hi all, The opening of the store has been crashing my game for a bit now, maybe a month or so. It was happening before Update 30. I am running Fedora 22 with Wine 1.9.5.. The game runs great, but when I try to open the store, the store wind..

Game/Clent freezes and crashes, and/or crashes in general....

^^ When logging in under char previously made (from char select screen of course), it goes as far as 'loading screen, showing that char on screen', yet just a 'frozen screen' from there, until client eventually crashes back to desktop.. Tried several..

New Install: PatchClientDLL: CheckDatFiles Failed

I'm trying to run DDO onto a new laptop. After installation, when I get to the "Check Product" screen, I get this error: Code: PatchClientDLL: CheckDatFiles Failed [Unable to decrypt and de-serialize the data downloaded from the server]Personal..

getting a wierd message when i try to log on.

I logged on just fine this morning. I go to log on to check auctions/toon maintenance, and it tells me that game error 105 can not initialize direct x 9 (2005) nothing has changed on my end. Is there a workaround so i can play? My one day off..

Computer shutting down

Hello everyone. So, I have a weird situation. Sometimes while playing DDO my computer will shut down in the middle of the game with no warning. This does not happen at any other time except when I am playing DDO. So, when it shuts down, I wait for 3..

Technical Issues - Black Screen: Game Closes

So this just started today.... I log into the game, same as always, I start playing and then about 5 minutes in, my screen goes completely black, 2-3 seconds later the game closes and I am back to my desktop. I have seen something like this before wh..

Stuck on Installing Pre-Reqs

Hi all. Not too sure where else to post this, but I've been searching the forums and the wiki in hopes that I wasn't the only one experiencing this... it seems to be an "only me" kind of thing. Earlier today I got "Connection to the game/server(I for..

Crashing after server selection

So i use to play awhile ago and decided to come back and play some more. but when installing it either through steam or the ddo launcher it would always crash after i selected a server. it would start to load and open like this https://gyazo.com/d5dc..

Frozen on log in.

Hi, Im on Argo, and as of 6pm yesterday I reach the character selection screen choose a character and the load screen will sit any where from 4-9 minutes until the load bar fills and the game world loads. Once loaded the game is frozen , the connec..

Error when run the launcher.

Recently I installed my Windows 7 again and the next I installed the game without any trouble, I was played the game for 3 days but today when I try to run the launcher the game give me the next error: "Internal Error, please contact costumer support..

Internal error message

I keep getting internal error when I am trying to download DDO from Steam or the website. I have a AMD10 PC, don't know why this is happening, I played it just the other Day but had to re-install but this time internal error...

Port Forwarding update and changes - Important

After today's maintenance to relocate DDO to the new data center, the game will be using more ports with which to connect and communicate. If you previously setup port forwarding (or port triggering) on your router and/or modem for ports 9000-9010 U..

Disconnect then cannot reconnect, searching for logon server (1...20)

Greetings, I am having a weird problem that started yesterday. Windows 10 64 bit, eset AV, Malware Bytes, Cable ISP 100Mb connection. My wife and I both play together, two separate computers sharing the same network switch attached to the cable mo..

Character Still Being Saved

Bought warlock class to give it a try last night, start playing today in a group with son and wife and we go do some korthos quests and old sully grog quest bugs on my and my wife, meaning we buy the grog from the store for 5tp but guy at docks wont..


I'm getting failures to reinstall the client repeatedly. It stops at 33 percent and says server connection timed out. I tried the no proxy thing, uninstalled/reinstalled, etc. Put in a ticket, no response yet. I've read that this was an issue in th..

Opening DDO Store crashes client to desktop

The title says it all. This started happening after the most recent update after having no issues prior to. This is highly annoying as I just got enough credits saved for being a VIP to purchase Favored Soul and the inability to access the store is....

Screen goes all black after entering login credentials

So after update 30, I can no longer get in the game. The launcher shows up as normal, but after I enter my login credentials and select my server the screen goes to full screen and remains all black and doesn’t do anything. dndclient.exe is run..

The reason behind this latest patch game freezes.

It's video graphic driver failing that causes it. Currently with this latest update, there seem to be a bug in their coding that causes GPU to overheat dramatically. Mine goes up to 83 celcius and then my video driver report failing and i have to for..

Game Error [205]

After the new update, I continually get: Game Error [205] The game client was passed invalid command-line parameters. [205] It seems to happen when I <cntrl> Tab to look at a different window, but has happened when I am "finishing" out of qu..

Client_sound.dat !

Why does the launcher freeze at points when downloading this file ? Tried to delete the dat file in the ddo filder to force it to download. Tried to manually download the dat file and place into the ddo folder still no luck with that . For whatever ..

X Box Elite Controller - Freeze out

I'm sure there is not a lot of support when it comes to controllers for this game so I'll make this short. When I plug and map out the buttons for my X Box Elite Controller DDO Freezes, Drop's connection, and brings my whole pc to a stand still. I'..

Problem staying connected in the evenings.

For about a week I have been logging on at the same time, in the evening, then roughly 20 minutes later I lose connection and can't log back in. I can't get access to the forums, during this time, either. When I try and load the game back up it get..

Laptop: Installing Pre-Reqs... only not so much...

Have an older laptop I wanted to load the game on, less to play but just so I can use it to "check in" (dice rolls, AH and mail, guild stuff, etc.) When the loader gets to "Installing Pre-Reqs"... it stops. No load bar, no net or harddrive activity, ..

Cannot roll character, constant DC

I used to play DDO and recently decided to pick it up again to play with a friend. We've decided to roll on Argonnessen. For the last 4 hours I have been trying to roll a character. First off, just loading the character creation screen takes a long t..

Client instantly minimizes when selected, probably related to display setting

I'm running Windows 10 on a Dell XPS L521X. I did a fresh install of DDO. When I start the client and select my server, the client immediately minimizes. If I click on the app on the task bar, I see what is displayed for a brief moment and then it mi..

Can not get onto some servers

I have a problem. I have a new laptop. Windows 10 intel I7 chip 12 megs of ram. I can get onto some servers on some days. Yet can not get on to a server the next few days in a row. Have uninstalled/reinstalled. Still get 'lost connection to server' m..

Client will not load

I have been playing fine till I tried to get in today. My rig has a core i7, 16 gigs of ram, nvidia dedicated card, a 1TB HDD and runs Windows 10 (which has had no problems with ddo till today). I have cable internet of 60 megs. I load the launcher j..

Workaround for failure to connect to patch server

workaround... Open with notepad (may have to run as 'the administrator') C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts ~~~ Change patch.ddo.com to # patch.ddo.com ~~~ Inserting the '#' in front of the patch server redirec..

Windows 10 - Connecting to patch Server 33%. Server Connection timed out.

Windows 10 - Connecting to patch Server 33%. Server Connection timed out. Sooo. Whats changed, tried to log on late last night and got this error. so said screw it and went to bed. Today. same error.. Cant connect... Other games work just fine..

Is anyone else having Logon Server issues?

I was working fine this morning. Then I got stuck in a loading screen, where it eventually booted me from the game. Then, when I tried to log back in, it was giving 1 to 20 attempts trying to connect to logon server. I tried this 5 times and then mov..

New install on Windows 10, An update error occurred, the request could not be sent

New computer with Win 10, downloaded and ran the installer, after the full many-gigs downloaded, it started installing, and after about 15 minutes it is stuck retrying now with the above error message. Google and searching here yield no hints. An e..

Graphics problem

Hi, I hope someone can help, I normally play DDO in windowed mode. I haven't been able to play for quite some times as I have had issue after issue with the game. Anyway, my latest issue is this. I can get in to the game but only if I click out of DD..

DDO does not run on Windows 10 Insider builds 11102+

3 weeks ago, Windows 10 updated the Insider fast track to flight 11102, introducing a bug in the graphics stack that prevented many DirectX games from running. Last week, flight 14251 said to resolve the issue, but DDO still does not run. Just update..

Installed windows 10 and keep getting 201 error that it cant open data files

I just did a fresh install of windows 10 and after I installed the game, it will not run, keeps saying that it can't open the data files. I have reinstalled a couple of times and keep getting the same thing. I have also run it as administrator. An..

Crashing DDO client after login and server/world selection

Hi everyone, Maybe has a solution for this, but each time I login, choose a server/world, and actually the world should start to load, my system (Windows 7 now Win 10) just freezes and nothing can be done. I need to give a hard reset (ie. hold the ..

Black screen of DDO

Think I know the answer already but thought I would toss it to the forums. I can launch the client and log in, but at the character selection screen, only the menu options, etc are shown, everything else is black. If I select an alt to log into, th..

lag after virus cleaning

This may be a coincidence, but was having odd crashes this morning on my computer so ran ccleaner and Malwarebytes and they fixed a bunch of small things. However, on logging on to DDO, I get pretty much unplayable lag (had not had any lag issue for ..

Very slow character log on - Windows 10

I have a very annoying issue. The first character I log on with after launching the game takes a very long time to load. Splash screen takes a fair bit of time before the progress bar moves and then the character shows up, unable to move or chat unti..

Memory Usage 95%???

Just came back after over a year away, loaded up game, played for maybe an hour or two, game locked up. Ran task manager, 90-95% ... I have 8GB RAM, was running windows 8.1... This kept happening, and only way to fix was reboot PC. Nothing else run..

DDO Crashes at Character Selection Screen

I can no longer play DDO as it crashes at the Character Selection Screen. I took a break for awhile, in which time I reformatted my PC to install a SSD. I also downgraded from VIP to Premium. I logged in from another computer (running Win10 - I'm run..

Crashing after Loading

When I select a character and start zoning into the world, the process slows for a long time. When I get to the character, it usually hangs before all the hotbars are visible, then then disconnects. When I try again, I get a little further into the ..

Running DDO ruins out-of-game contrast

When I run DDO, the game looks fine, but everything else on my computer suddenly looks faded and washed out. This persists until I close DDO. I've had this problem in the past (probably back on Windows 7; now using Windows 10). I don't know what fi..

Sound effects stopping every 5 minutes

I'm not sure wether i'm posting this in the right thread so excuse me in advance if i messed up. Okay so i've been playing ddo for years now and recently build my own pc, i used to play ddo with epic music on spotify and turn the music bar in game to..

TurbineLauncher not running

Hi! Yesterday downloaded the D&D Online (mean TurbineLauncher) when i click (2x mouse, try run) - nothing happens, the process appears briefly and disappears fast - 0 errors message. Have: Windows 10 Laptop ASUS Republic of Gamers type i7, 8..

Mic in Game Sounds Like Bass

I just got a new computer and ran into an odd issue with my mic. While my mic works fine with all my other programs (Skype, etc.), when I try and talk on DDO, I sound like a double-bass (I'm a soprano). This happens with both my built in mic and head..

Can't hear voice chat

Simply put, I can't hear voice chat since I moved. I can hear sound effects, and other people can hear me talk, but I can't hear them. Everything is plugged in to the same ports, no hardware has changed, and I've played with the playback device sett..

Crashes and more...

Hey peeps. I need some help from you experts out there. I suppose I should start of by saying I am technologically illiterate. Like, absolutely woeful with this sort of stuff. Anyway...My troubles are twofold. For the last week or so since I've got b..

Client Launcher not connecting

My client launcher is not connecting. It brings up the window, then nothing else. It just says "Retrieving content list from Akamai" and nothing happens. Is there a server issue? I can connect to the internet, hence I am able to post this. So what ..

Need help with graphics issue

Hi, I am stumped. I have a graphics issue. About a week ago, my DDO game went from operating perfectly to jerky movements. I can't solve it, the game is unplayable. Any help is greatly appreciated at this point. The screen jerks all over the place, r..

Game freezeups solved by deleting ddo files under AppData

My guildie came back to the game after 1 year away and found the game close to unplayable. Before he left he uninstalled the game, but did not realise that when uninstalling it, there would still be files left. To find these files, you need to selec..

getting unknown error trying to update

I had to restore my computer to factory setting and am trying to reinstall the client. When trying to download from ddo.com it kept saying server had to restart and I had to keep resuming download. After getting it downloaded it installed ok,but no..

Specific character on Thelanis fails to load when all others work fine....

I am able to load any other character on Thelanis just fine and I can load and play characters on other servers just fine but ever since I attempted to step into a quest I was given a long load screen and then disconnected. After that every attempt ..

Window mode with my new rig

After many years finally broke down and built a new machine. I cant for the life of me find a resolution setting where I can run window mode. My icons remain too small to be functional in window mode no matter how I alter the resolution. Is this a..

Anyone else get stuck at 77% ?

I've been trying to log into ddo for a couple of hours now, I can't even get to the log in screen. Once i boot the program it goes to check if the files are there and what not but gets stuck at 77% checking the dat files. I've made sure that all the ..

Can Not Connect Top Wayfinder server

Hi for a few days now on one of my machines i am unable to connect to wayfinder I can login to the launch program I can Connect to any other server on the first attempt Wayfinder fails to connect on all 20 attempts i have deleted all turbine / D..

Crashed to desktop on Xmas 2015

EMET detected Caller mitigation and will close the application: dndclient.exe Caller check failed: Application : C:\Program Files (x86)\Turbine\DDO Unlimited\dndclient.exe User Name : Session ID : 1 PID : 0xC54 (3156) T..

DDO Store Crashing

The store will open just fine.. I can view everything just fine.. Until I want to leave the store. As soon as I hit close, or escape, the game crashes.. Quick freeze then instant desktop.. This only started happening with the new store.. Trying to vi..

Cannot download the game

My launcher is not working so I have uninstalled the game and tried to re-download it from the official page. But the webpage just saying "the page cannot be displayed", meaning there is no response from DDO server. Please help...

Lammania ....

I was interested in accessing Lammania, but have an older computer so I am reliant on the Preloader. It's a 32 bit system (I know, I know, 64 is better but when I can afford it, I'll get one). So, my question is - is there a preloader for Lammania, ..

I give up. CTD/connection lost

I tried all the voodoo that I could find on this forum. Pre-caching game logic, moved game files etc. In the end, I get loggeed into my character, but my character is frozen in place for about 30 seconds ( with the red X at the top middle), and the..

Logging onto world server problem

I can start the game and log in, then when I get to the world choices, I click on a world (server) and I get returned to logon page where I have to put password in. can anyone help me? When I un-click the option to have more than one game running at ..

DDO hangs on first loading screen

I've recently run into a problem where DDO hangs after a few seconds into the first loading screen after choosing the server. I don't know what's causing it, but since I launch the game from Steam I tried verifying the files, with still no luck. I al..

Keyboard locks up randomly during play.

Hello, I recently got a new Windows 10 gaming PC. I've installed multiple MMOs that I enjoy and play frequently including DDO. While playing DDO, occasionally (and quite randomly) the input from my keyboard freezes completely. Whatever direction I wa..

Need help with launcher error

I'm receiving this error at launcher start up < the program can't start because MSVCP100.dll is missing from your computer. try reinstalling the program to fix the issue. > I am running win7 x64 and everything has been working as intended ..

Launcher not connecting

I upgraded to Windows 10. Everything seemed to go ok, and then I tried to start DDO. The Launcher seems to start just fine, but never actually connects, I just get the message, "Server connection Timed Out". As far as I can tell, windows firewall ..

Windows 10 upgrade - MSCVP100.dll error

Just an FYI, I upgraded to 10 and have been playing just fine, but about 3 days into 10 life, I started getting this MSCVP100.dll missing error message when starting DDO. I Googled how to fix and was able to download and install the latest DLL versi..

Frezzing and disconnect on loading screen

Yesterday, while zoning the game froze on the loading screen. It would not let me back into the game for about an hour. I would get to character screen and when character was chosen would freeze up again on loading screen. Eventually i would get the..

Unable to log in on one character.

Just made a cleric on Argonnessen today, returning after a lengthy break.. Went to Korthos as per usual, entering the first dungeon where you meet Cellimas the loading screen broke and refused to, well, load, at all. I simply shut down the game after..

help please. takes 15 mins to load into game then red X and crash to desktop.

hi,i know this has been happening to people for awhile. iv been played ddo for years and decided to get back into it recently.but i keep having this same problem where it takes for ever to load into the game then i lose connection to the server and c..

current system requirements and windows 10

I'm going to have to get a laptop for school, I'd like to know what are the specs currently needed to play the game - how much memory/graphic/processing speed is really needed. If this has been posted somewhere, please point me there or just post ..

Voice Chat not working

My voice chat has recently stopped working since the hotfix and was wondering if anyone elses has too and if so how did they fix it if they did. All my settings are fine and the same and my mic isn't broken because i tested it on Skype and it worked..

Well, this time I got the download to work. Here's what I did

1) Completely uninstalled DDO and Akamai both. 2) I am running Windows 10 3) Did a fresh install {which installed Akamai again} but this time I did it as "Run as administrator" and it worked. I am in the game. 4) For those that are having problems..

Nothing happens after connecting to server!

Hello, I've upgrade my computer and made it clean up, so i had to reinstall DDO. I followed the instruction and since then, nothing works. The launcher is there and after i click on the world i want to go to, nothing happen at all! Can somebody h..

I have cancelled my sub.

I will activate it again when I can play again. I submitted a ticket Friday, and as of yet have gotten no response.https://www.ddo.com/forums/showthrea...-game-starting The above thread has most of the information. I am on windows 8. I have tried..

I can't see my characters on loading screen?

So I uninstalled and installed DDO yesterday, and now I can't see my characters. When I try to enter Khyber, the blue bar on the Loading Screen doesn't progress and the game hangs. Thoughts? Elibolas..

Getting disconnected when logging in

Hi guys, just asking for help on the long loading times and getting stuck and disconnected when logging in. i downloaded the preloader file from that forum post and it helped alot by reducing the loading times and everything was working (even though..

Network troubleshooting.

Greetings folks. I recently switched from a cable set up to a 3, 3g dongle. I have been able to log in but get disconnected more or less straight away every time. I have tried tweaking my user preferences file (net section) to no avail and have tried..

client_gamelogic.dat not found

DDO was working up until last night on my PC, then it just stopped dead. I run a: Since January, I have offset any additional RAM requirements by the use of virtual memory - since a 32 bit system can only manage up to 4GB of RAM (and no, I can't af..

Chronic network issues

For some reason, at about 9 or 10 at night central time on Argonesson, I start getting a very weird network problem. The game starts to get more and more delayed, until eventually everything stops moving (except I can still run around usually) and af..

All Worlds 'Closed'

Evening all, I have been following various steps in the support FAQs and even submitted a ticket, but figured I would also try a post here. I am a returning player, using my account from 5 months ago, and renewed my VIP status. I downloaded the file..

Games not launching.

I've had major issues since yesterday and can't figure out what I'm missing. Any of my game launchers work just fine but once I press ''play'' none works. This includes DDO(of course) fallowed by any other online games up to even those I play offlin..

Is my tracert okay? I'm seeing a lot of time outs...

I'm trying to work out some kinks with my connection. I'm concerned about all the timeouts when I try to trace back to ddo.com. Where is this telling me I need to look? Tracing route to ddo.com [] over a maximum of 30 hops: 1 1..

DDO not working with earphones

Until recently, whenever I wanted to play without bothering the rest of the household, I would turn off the speakers and plug a set of earphones into earphone jack. In fact, I did not even have to turn off the speakers -- plugging in earphones automa..

I can't even submit a ticket?

Frankly this is ridiculous. I've tried multiple times to submit a trouble ticket to support.turbine.com and I never receive a confirmation email, or any response to my issue. (This thread: https://www.ddo.com/forums/showthrea...ement-problems) I'm ti..

Tip for improving zone load times: use AHCI not IDE

I recently switched my Windows 7 box's hard disk controller to use the AHCI protocol instead of the IDE protocol, and my game start-up time and zone-in times improved dramatically. The completion bars now move like actual completion bars, completing..

EMET ERROR on log off

EMET detected Caller mitigation and will close the application: dndclient.exe Caller check failed: Application : C:\Program Files (x86)\Turbine\DDO Unlimited\dndclient.exe User Name : REDACTED Session ID : 1 PID : 0xAE8 (2792) TI..

Looking for help - out of ideas

Hey guys, I've been experiencing so much lag and I've already tried so many things to fix this issue that I'm already getting despaired about all this nonsense. Wish someone have any clue about something that might help in this situation. So far trie..

Your character is still being saved - KHYBER

Last night, on Khyber, my character, Stormraiser froze up on the airship while being afk for a bit. Today, when I try to login, I receive the following message "Your character is still being saved" Other characters are able to login fine. Please ass..

Some issues with Windows 10 & DDO

Firstly, the game works fine - I just have the following issues: * Game wont save any keybindings or other account settings. They need to be reset every time I login. * Many graphics options dependent on Direct X are greyed out. My card is a GTX970..


this is getting ridiculous. since the warlock update my system as been lagging bad. i set the setting to bare min and it helped for a while but since the new update its worse then ever. npc freezes and when i try to attack come to find out it has mov..

Weird noises when logging in (win7 and 10)

I get weird noises. It wouldn't let me post the info, so I will just say since getting a new machine, I get weird noises on the initial loading screens, to the character select screen. After selecting a toon, the normal in game loading screens do n..

Game Error [201] Can't open data files...

Check that they exist and that you have permission to write to them. The program will now exit. I just spent all day downloading, and this is the result I get- any ideas for someone who is not terribly technical?..

Windows 10 compatibility issues

I don't have the definitive problem nailed down, but there are certainly early symptoms of "something" not quite right with the DDO Client operating on Windows 10. Here's a couple things so far after upgrading to Windows 10: 1. In Windows 10 desktop..


I have a new router and since then I can't not get into the game. I can log in and choose my server then nothing. I am running WIN 10 and the game worked prior to my new router. I am assuming that there are some ports I need to open up but I am new t..

a download issue?

I hope this thread still gets looked at... so I had DDO downloaded and I have been playing it for a few weeks... my username is shinoskay... well today I was silly while trying to start up the game and I thought it was having some kind of issue and..

Can Not Find Page

I had to reinstall windows (running XP 64bit still) went to download DDO Live and Preview and everything seem to be going okay till updates and suddenly I get can not find page. I have done all the clean boot flush dns and run admin and still get the..

DDO Window will no longer size to my screen.

I've just upgraded to Windows 10 and for some reason DDO in windowed mode will no longer fill screen {NOT Fullscreen - I want to be able to see the taskbar!}. 1366x768 doesn't work. As it seems I've now got no choice but to play DDO in Full Screen mo..

DDO Visual Error/No Clip Mode

Everyone that has been in a group with me lately has probably heard me complaining about an extremely annoying visual glitch that has been plaguing me for the last six months, it used to occur maybe once in every fifty quests but, for whatever unknow..

AVG detects idp.alexa.42

Hello, I have no idea about this... When I logged out today I got antivirus warning (AVG) about malicious object in C:\Program Files\Turbine\...dndclient.exehttp://www.avgthreatlabs.com/es-es/v...IDP&PRTYPE=AVF I found in google that AVG was ..

Issue with a wireless keyboard and DDO(win7)

I have an issue with a new wireless keyboard I just bought. Only when i play ddo, it will randomly not respond for about 2-3 secs. when it does respond, it is almost like lag. my character does all the button presses that i did, which can lead to s..

Unable to log into Cannith

I've been having trouble with logging into DDO for a little while now. I'd log in but it took ages and more often than not I'd have a red connection icon, be unable to move and the game would crash shortly after. It sometimes took 3-4 attempts to act..

Turbine launcher duplicate itself at launch and keeps my bandwich choked !!

So, after one of the last update i noticed that something went wrong on my bandwich usage... wierd clue is that once i launch the turbinelauncher, once the game begin to bring me to the server, another istance of turbine launcher went immediately op..

Nothing but problems after upgrading to windows 10

Foolish me, I upgraded to Windows 10 from 7 about a week after launch and have had nothing but problems with DDO (and nothing else) since. Immediately after updating, I started experiencing extremely long load timea and zone in crashing 25-33% of th..

high latacey rates of late

Been having problem with DDO of late with high latacey rates >1000ms. found and fixed the problem, TurbineLauncher.exe was stay open and using lot bandwidth to connect to whois shows that this is a turbine control IP address. fixed ..

PNY GT 730 high enough to run the game?

Hi my saphire 4850 took a poo and now I have to buy a new card. Thing is I dont want to pay 200 bucks for the high end ones. Im looking at an PNY GT 730 but Im unsure if that is high enough for the game to run well. I dont expect max settings or a..

Stops responding

Since updating to windows 10 I have seen an issue where the game stops responding and I see the my mouse from windows. To fix it I have to alt tab, and the game refreshes and I can play again. On other games the whole game will actually minimize, fee..

Error Taking a number in the queue

Protocol "" is unknown. I get this message a lot. My tracerts tell me I have a weak link in New York 9 18 ms 19 ms 19 ms chi-b21-link.telia.net [] 10 * * 42 ms nyk-bb2-link.telia.net [] ..

Eyefinity/enhancement problems?

I've recently started having an issue when trying to select any enhancements that have multiple selections. The window to select between the options never appears. I suspect that this is caused by my eyefinity resolution, which is causing the window ..

Can't play the game.

Hey guys I'm back with another technical issue. So if I run the game normally the game won't save my keybinds when I log out but the game runs fine normally. If I run the game in Administrator mode the keybinds save but the game will take 10 minutes ..

Game sounds are OK, but I can't hear Voice

Game sounds are OK, but I can't hear voices of other players (Win 8.1, 64 bit). I have no problem when listening to music, movies etc. This is what I see in Audio options: But for some reason it's gray under Voice Playback Device: This is what I see ..

Game not launching(Windows 8)

Hey guys... just got a new laptop fairly recently and I'm having trouble running DDO. Whenever I launch it from the launcher(I'm able to select server) nothing happens at all, no error message or anything. I've tried to launch as admin, reinstalling,..

Camera shooting up/down suddenly

Hello Has anyone else been having the problem that the camera shoots directly up or down when you are moving? It happens sometimes, but often enough that it is annoying. I have died several times when I fall of a bridge in CITW or lose orientation i..

Alwasy CTD entering sands & orchard

I have serious problems every time i enter (with party) into these two zones: sands and the orchard. All the other zones are ok, only these two gives me troubles. Every time i enter them (while i am in a party group) the game freeze and totally stu..


Hey, I've been experiencing low fps since I switched from my Radeon 5970 to my newer (and considerably faster) R9 290. In public places like the harbor and marketplace I'm sitting at around 15-20 fps and in quests with things blowing up etc. I'm ofte..

Installing Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86)

Why do I keep getting this every time I start the game? I know this has been asked before but the search function is apparently fubared too? I keep getting this "connection to failed (errno=111, msg=Connection refused)" no matter ..

Error connecting to patch server

I can't download the latest patch so can't play :-/ It just says Connecting to Patch server, gets 33% then fails. 'An update error occurred: Server connection timed out. I read somewhere else to go to Options and change Proxy to No Proxy but it did..

Crash to Desktop (CTD)

So I recently got a new laptop and was having issues during the install of the game. The first two times I did the normal install then play option and both times when it said the install had been completed I received 201 errors because of missing .DA..

Windows 10 mouse pointer does not work on Char screen

I have had windows 10 now for 2 weeks everything was fine till last Sunday when I logged into my Char screen my pointer to my mouse disappeared and it would only pop up like it was under the screen but could not see the pointer I checked my drivers a..

A new problem for me

I upgraded to Win10, had a couple issues but got them sorted out. Now I'm having a new issue. I can log in to the game, select a server, select a character. it takes forever to load (it has for a while) and then as the character loads the yellow n..

after new update

so i have just updated the game after it have been down, and now i can´t open it again the message it´s says is that this game is not at valid win32-program :( i dont understand why it would say that just because of a update :(..

Visual C++ downloads with every launch

Last week I tried the Windows 10 upgrade which was a complete failure in every respect (DDO launcher would not even run let alone connect, and don't even get started on how horrid Edge is) so I rebuilt my machine with a clean Win7 install and a fresh..

Akamai net session

Do I need to keep the Akamai installed to run ddo? I just got a new CPU and installed ddo, then I noticed there are many Akamai net session processes running. It doesn't effect my gameplay, there are seriously 5 processes that run for it. Thanks foru..

Upgraded to Windows 10 - DDO client won't open

Upgraded to Windows 10 - DDO client won't open. Sign in works fine and I can choose a server, but then nothing. No error, no lag, nothing in task manager. Tried on Thelanis and Argonessen and same thing. It is if choosing the server closes the pr..

Fix this bug! Mouse wheel stops working

I realize that there are a probably a ton of bugs in the game, but this one has been going on for years and years and it's starting to drive me crazy. I use a mouse with a mouse wheel, and very frequently it'll stop working. The only way to fix this ..

No DX11 option in game on laptop

I was wondering if someone can help me - the option to switch to DX11 is grayed out in game. I'm stuck on DX9, and no idea why. This is a laptop with a GTX 960, so the hardware specs are more than enough. Win 8.1...

I have a German language problem loading the game- trying to figure out what it is:

Well, several, actually: A) Not being terribly technical myself, I am not sure what is going on so well, even in English. B) The computer is German, and so are all the messages (and it is not my first language). I can get by in day to day discussi..

upgraded to windows 10, DDO Launcher no longer works.

I am now unable to play the game ever since I upgraded to windows 10. I have downloaded each of the download options and neither work. I either get, waiting in line and then nothing or the launcher installer just goes away. No idea what I should..

Athlon 5150 (APU Radeon 8400) 2gb ram - keep freezing and crashing after 30 min

My old pc died 2 weeks ago... then i bought a new (very cheap) one : CPU Athlon 5150 with Radeon 8400 integrated Ram 2 gb (but i just ordered another 2gb, it should be at my home in 5 days) SSD 120 gbNO GPU installed. I can play the game (not at ..

Is there any way to shut down the standard support of controllers ?

As soon as I plug my controller in, the game gets crazy slow. Anyone else problems with controller and DDO? Perhaps it is the standard support of controllers which causes some chaos with my current controller i plug in (perhaps some kind of double-co..

game client crash

Hi I'm recently rejoining DDO and and having some issues. Yesterday I was playing most of the day just fine, but this morning I went to login and you can just see a flash of the game client sign in screen and then nothing. I tried starting it several..

PlayOnLinux Mint DDO Store / Help not loading

Hi all! I'm a returning customer after a year hiatus, previously using windows but now forced on linux mint. I followed the instructions here https://appdb.winehq.org/objectManag...sion&iId=28606 and installed the game on PlayOnLinux with the l..

Odd Graphical Issues with DDO

So I tried to use nvidia shadowplay to record some video of ddo gameplay, now all of a sudden when ddo is running it looks as if I should be wearing 3d glasses to play the game, this only occurs IN game. My desktop color is fine and so are the webpag..

Full Install Download?

I've been away a long time. I am wanting to install DDO on 4 local computers... I can't find the high res download thing. Hoping to get the current version and download once to install on all 4. Is this no longer possible? Thanks...

GlovePie + Controller + DDO - Problems...anyone experience with that?

Hello there, I love to play with controller and my mini-keyboard. I use a written GlovePie-Script for button-layout and it works fine with every game...except DDO !!! As soon as I start GlovePie the game slows down as hell, like some mighty-power-l..

Zoning & animation crashes

I run a fairly up to date pc, yet since reinstalling the game about two weeks ago I am encountering crashes upon zoning, as often as once an hour. Of late I have been crashing when the action gets frenetic (new raid, deathwyrm portals etc etc.) I tri..

mouse and ddo

i know i saw issues about this before but since update 27 its really been freaking out on me. i know my mouse has some issues but i encounter more problems in ddo then any other game. reason i know that was i was playing warhammer 40k dawn of war sou..

New graphics card, DDO does not recognize for dx10/11, Win 10

Just upgraded to Windows 10 as well as upgrading my graphics card to an AMD R9 380, DX12 compatible. It seems to be running great, but DDO no longer thinks that I'm capable of running DX10/11 graphics and those options are all grayed out. Anything I ..

So.. Windows 10 and DirectX 12.. DDO compatible?

My son is downloading Windows 10 today.. I am a little hesitant ... My machine is still windows 7 and works just fine.. wasn't a fan of Windows 8.. but.. Windows 10 is here... the real question is.. compatibility.. and is DDO ready .....

DDO Store not loading

Yesterday it worked fine, but for the last 20 hours or so DDO Store not loading on my WinXP 32bit computer. It works fine on Win 8.1 though. I restarted DDO client many times, also restarted computer, no effect. Someone suggested to kill all Aweso..

What is happening with the servers?

I am lagging all the time in Argonessen, twice today I froze in marketplace, and can t fix it with relogs, restart etc. I ve been trying like 15 minutes and I am still frozen in the same spot.. Internet is working fine... The chat server is working ..

Searching for logon server (Cannith problems)

I cant connect to Cannith server where my main chars are, although i can easily connect to other servers. When trying Cannith - i get the 20 tries of msg - "Searching for logon server" then error and client exits. I've checked firewall settings, dis..

Update error at 33%, can't log into game

I've downloaded the game twice so far, one progressive and one regular. On both occasions I've gotten the same error. It says connecting to patch s.... Once this fails the launcher says that an update error has occurred: Server connection timed out. ..

Wife had to clean boot her Win8.1 system, now can't get DDO to launch

Had to do a clean boot on the wife's laptop. She is running Windows 8.1. Prior to the clean boot, DDO ran great, now....not so much. Got everything installed, the game boots up, but when you select a server from the launcher, the computer works fo..

Updated to Windows 8.1 then things went boom

The forums here went sideways on me today and was told I needed to update my browser. Went to update browser, was told I needed to upgrade to Windows 8.1 to do so. Fine, I was tired of it reminded 2-54 times a day anyways. Upgraded then logged int..

Stuck in loading screen 'Connection with server has been lost'

Hey there! This has just started occurring recently and I have no idea why. Here's the problem: 1. When I select a character and try to play I often get stuck on the loading screen. The bar never moves and eventually the game crashes and I get an e..

Unsustainable packet loss, just at times.

Hi, like the title says, I sometimes observe an extreme amount of lost packets, like 40%, paired with 3000-4000 ms lag. I play on a laptop: win 8.1 64bit, 8GB ram, i7 4210U, nvidia 840M. This notebook does its job well, with no frame rate issues. C..

error 201 then unable to use pacth

English is not my native language: My computer got formatted and i lost my ddo files. I am trying to download the game again but after all done, when i try to log in in thelanis (or other server) the error 201 shows. I tryed all in the suport page ..

Login issue

Anyone getting an error while attempting to log in? The Message reads: "Error logging in! Host not found" Ive tried resets and just wondering if its a serverside error or if i will have to reinstall..

New issues since U26

Ok guys, neither I nor my hubby are particularly comp savvy so lets all try our best here, and I personally don't mind if you break down the steps as if you were giving instructions to a child because that's about my level of computer inner-workings ..

Red break screen on login

Hey, looking for some help. Every day when I boot up my computer (yes I shut it down each night), the first time I log in to DDO, after selecting my character it loads into a red break screen. I cant do anything, even open task manager. I have to ..

Help cant log in

Hello, I just returned from vacation and I cant log into game. It freezes on a screen saying "Installing pre-reqs". There is no progress bar. Wont progress past this point. PC sat for 2 hours with this screen. Tried re-booting. Double and tri..

System freezing for 8-10 seconds

I have an i7 980 CPU - i.e. 12 cores. If I close down everything that I can, when I run DDO I always get one core (the specific one varies each time I run DDO) running at close to 100%. Every so often (5mins or so), my whole system freezes for 8-10 s..

Download of the Live or Preview client will not complete

I have had to re-install my windows and went to re-install both the live game and preview game neither will complete the loading of game files even if i run them as admin not sure what needs to be done really missing the game..

Can login to 1st toon, if I try to login to second toon, game crashes to desktop.

You want weird - this is the weirdest issue yet with DDO and I have seen some doozy's since 2006. Yep game works just fine on login, I can play a toon with no issues. When I log that toon and try to log any of my other toons the game sits and thinks..

Issues with logging in since U26

Since U26 I've had a few problems logging in. First I had to kill a client while stuck in a loading screen, and I couldn't get back in after that: Different problems, from stuck at "getting in line to connect", to timing out while searching for log o..

Shadowfell purple in all quests

Hi, I seem to be getting a random occurance the last two updates where the quest background goes purple like the shadowfell purple in what goes up. This occurs in any quest at some randome time when turning and goes away after a few seconds. is..

Same Account on 2 PC's

Finally got an install of DDO to work on my Laptop, so I can play wherever. The problem now is the screen layouts do not match. My home set up is using a 2560x1600 30" screen with enough space to display as many hotbars as needed. The laptop is qu..

Friend Can not Buy TP with Steam Wallet

Hi My Friend can not buy TP with his steam Wallet since last update there is a Thread on the Steam Forum with the same error http://steamcommunity.com/app/206480...8356188276946/ I think hes getting the same Error Quote: There was..

Cannot get past logging in since downloading update

I can log in, and the program starts loading, I expect to be able to see my characters ... and the screen goes away. I cannot play the game since downloading the update. I have Windows 8.1 64-bit with 12 GB Ram. <sniff>..

PLEASE HELP! - Can't log in, and have tried everything... :-(

Greetings all, I'm having a slight dilemma since the latest patch. I recently came back to the game after a short hiatus, and have been enjoying my time back for the last two weeks. However, since the most recent update yesterday (U26), I have bee..

Help! Major screen problem.

Hope someone can help, this is not fun. This just happened a few hours ago while I was actually playing the game...my screen suddenly started, and still is, flickering and jumping like crazy, constantly. Also fyi other than the flickering and jumping..

DDO cannot be installed any longer

The DDO installer is now broken. It just hangs on something called Akami, with the message "Downloading game files from Akami..." This never happens. Nothing is downloaded. The program just idles and never runs. Please remove this Akami nonsense and..

Lagging out

Below is my dxdiag info. Since the Ghallanda hack, I have been having periodic lag issues within every 3 hours of game play, though it's random. My character freezes; sometimes when I enter a new zone, sometimes when I've been in the zone for a whil..

Game Locks Up

Below is my dxdiag. I am able to load up, log in, play the game all just fine. I turn on my fans (built in my laptop and I have it sitting on 3 fans), and play. I am able to play for about an hour or so (do about 3 medium to long quests) and the gam..

Unable to create new accounts

A couple of my friends tried to create accounts for DDO last night. Clicking on the "Play Free Now" link (https://trial.turbine.com/ab/ddo/) at the top of this web page has been giving the following error for at least 10 hours: Error 503 Service Unav..

Returing player UI scaling

Last time I played DDO with any vigor, was a few years ago, back then I had 1280x1024 monitors, things changed and now I used 2x24in-1920x1080. With the leser resolutions the icons and chats font sizes and everything just looked bigger and readable. ..

Sound crackling

Hello, Thing morning, I run DDO as normal on Windows 7 64 bit, Intel Core i7-3770K CPU 3.6 GHz, 16Gb RAM. I hit the character screen, my sound starts to crackle, it slows my framerate and eventually only a sound every 5 seconds exit my speakers. A..

Need help in choosing new laptop (DDO-capable)

Hi guys, my current Lenovo Thinkpad T400s have been failing DDO for almost a year (over heat every 30-60 min of play), and so I have missed the game for many months. Now finally I am making up my mind to pick a new laptop. I have read the knowledge b..

Computer crashing when logging into DDO

Hi, I just saw that the servers were back up after being down to fix a problem with logging in and now when I log in my computer crashes to a blue screen before rebooting. I'm running Win7 ultimate. I haven't done anything to my computer since runnin..

Error 201, Windows 8.1

After researching this error on the boards, I have spent nearly two days installing and uninstalling, trying every workaround suggested, all to no avail. Is DDO simply broken on Windows 8 and above? Has Turbine ever actually stated something besides ..

Launcher download stuck at Client_Sound.dat [solved]

I have solved this by myself, but I'm posting this in case someone, like me, gets to bang their head repeatedly due to this issue through trying to install the game as there seems to be nowhere else this information is found. I installed the game (lo..

201 Error on new Windows 10 installtion

I just upgraded my Windows 8.1 computer to Windows 10 Preview and was wanting to install DDO on it. I had played it on this computer when it was Windows 8 but it was the Happy Cloud version. I saw where Cordoban linked the Non-happy cloud version tod..

DX 11 is greyed out

Hi, I can't get my Windows 8.2 surface pro 3 to run DDO in DX 11 - the option is greyed out. The computer runs everything else in DX 11. I've made sure I'm not running the game in compatibility mode (as per support instructions) and downloaded the ..

All forms of in game chat have vanished

Starting 4 days ago when I logged in, I have found my account lacking all forms of chat. I am unable to post or see anything in any chat channel, guild, party, general etc. I can get and send tells as well I do see guild logons and renown earned but ..

'Installing Pre-reqs' and Forum connection issues.

As of about 24 hours ago I was booted out of DDO and was unable to reconnect to the game or even access the DDO (or even LOTRO) forums. When I tried to play the game the launcher got stuck on 'Installing Pre-reqs' and a tracert to ddo.com got stuck ..

Update - Unknown Error: 0xffffffff80043012

ca 34% downloading the new files of the patch / update... I get this error. Deinstalling / Reinstalling does not change anything. Firewall / Antivirus on-off does not change anything. Starting the program as Admin or not does not change anything. ..

Help! Freeze and Crash after upgrade :(

So I can no longer play my favourite game for more than an hour anymore. After playing for about an hour the game will: rapidly lag, freeze the screen completely, and then crash the client. The freezing and crashing happens repeatedly. It can also ha..

Not crashing more getting stuck to the ground

Since update 25 (it seems) it seems like I'm getting a lag issue where I can't move, but really I am stuck to the ground can't move. I can chat and have voice for a time, then that goes as well. I've waited as long as a half hour and I never move, ..

new to this game, and in need some tech support (chat and friends)

first of all, the reason i started this game in the first place was to play with some co-workers. so far the game is good, but: general, and party chat do not work at all for me (but tells work just fine) and the biggest one, a cant add anyone to m..

Re-Install Number 3

In the past three days, I've suddenly experienced a host of problems: - Zoning freezes - Sudden client freezes (during intensive scenes), "looping sound freeze" - Login disconnects (after crash) Not sure what it is; doing my third clean install in tw..

need help with graphics settings. no brightness or contrast control

I am running windows 8.1 on an NVIDIA GEFORCE 860M. Since update 25 i have been unable to adjust contrast, brightness or gamma in full screen. I can move the slider but it has no effect. The picture is too dark to allow me to play. I have read po..

Game Freeze in Win8

I've had this 3 times now. I can play four between 5-10 minutes before it freezes up (screen freezes, music does the skipping record routine). Not sure what's going on. It may be important that all three times it happened in a Cannith Challenge (D..


Hello I am running Windows 8.1 64 bit processor. I am not technically PC savvy. I can do some things. I uninstalled DDO and after 2 months did a reinstall. Now at random times the DDOClient just freezes. I don't get an error message of any kind it ju..

ssl error

Getting "ssl error" when i try to open in game help menu or change payment options in ddo store. Also http://myaccount.turbine.com/ leads me to a "page cant be displayed". So i am unable to manage my account or buy anything or get in game help. ..

Losing connection when logging in

So, I can create and play new characters just fine, not an issue logging in (as soon as I log in on a new tool, the "connection status" thingy goes yellow, but disappears almost imediatly), not an issue playing (played 4 or 5 of them them up to 100 f..

Installer Errors

I have DDO working fine on my desktop. I went to install DDO on my laptop a Toshiba Satellite 305 last night and keep getting the same error message during the installation process. It is saying that DDO is already installed on the system. Did a f..

No sound from headphones

I installed DDO on my Dell laptop with Intel Core i5 CPU and Windows 7. My issue is that sound from DDO will come from the laptop speaker(s) but not from the headphones but if I play something from the internet, (YouTube, etc) it will come through t..

CTD without error.

I was playing yesterday with... well I was having some lag but I was playing just fine, relatively speaking. Now today I went to Thelanis to make an experimental character and half way through my first run of those annoying little tombs in Korthos,..

Do Not install Weatherblink !

It is a sidesite hijacking tool. Quite legal I guess?, but your computer will really not like it when scanned !..and ya'll will not like it removing your google personal search screen and replacing it completely...

Help! freezing up

I have a newer PC with windows 8.1 that I just recently got back from a warranty repair. Ever since I got it back, every so often DDO locks up completely and the computer completely freezes. The only way to do anything is to hit reset and let it re..

Keyboard and mouse acting weird.

** Note that this problem occurs ONLY in DDO. ** When I type (anywhere in the game) some keystrokes get duplicated. It seems to be totally random, and does it with any key on my keyboard. Just to make sure, I tried a different keyboard, problem stil..

Can't log in after Update 25

Been trying for almost an hour to log into the game after update 25. Can get to character screen no problem but then it hangs on the loading screen for ages, then crashes with red connection. Done this multiple times now. Was working fine yesterda..

Can't download high-res DDO

I'm trying to download DDO (along several Adventure packs that I bought) on a new computer, but it froze at around 40% (over a total of a bit more than 9Gb). I'm on Windows 7 64bit, my connection has no problem at all. Here's what I tried:I paused it..

All Servers Closed

Hi all. So I'm on my new laptop and trying to connect the client to a server to play. Any server would be fine. But although the client is having no trouble connecting or updating, etc, I am always told that all servers are CLOSED. No firewall restri..

Client crashing the connection

Sometime last night my client timed out my connection trying to get onto Khyber. Been trying to fix it ever since, nothing I find seems to help. I seem to be able to get on any other server just fine. This never happened before so I don't know what c..

custom resolution

I play with my notebook (MSI GE70 with Nvidia GTX 765M), normally I play the game on the pc screen at 1920*1080 resolution, but when i'm at home i'd love to play in a bigger screen (i'm using 2 more monitor, with MSI matrix system i can use the 3 mon..

Can't load the forums in Firefox

Hey everyone, I wiped my hard drive today in order to upgrade from Win7 x64 to Win8.1 x64 and only installed the minimums so far. Kaspersky Total Security, Firefox 37.0 and some unrelated programs. I can go on pretty much every homep..

Game loads forever after pressing play button

As the title says it wont start. I can push play and the a black screen with no error messages and the cursor circulating around forever. Game worked the first day and I have tried to reset to default but still not working. Fix this game asap I have ..

Unable to Tumble Forward

When I hold down Shift + "W" the character does nothing. I'm able to tumble backwards by holding Shift + "S" or sideways by holding Shift + the "A" or "D" keys. Also, I can tumble forward by holding Shift + the forward arrow key, yet for some reason,..

Windows 8.1 microsoft visual c++ 2005 sp1 redistributable package x64

This downloads and installs every time I launch DDO. I have downloaded microsoft visual c++ 2005 sp1 redistributable package x64 directly from Microsoft and installed it as administrator to no avail. This has been happening for about a week now and..

Game will not launch

No matter what i do DDO will not launch after logging-in it just say's getting in line to connect then nothing live nor preview works and if i down load play instantly the download dose not open so now what ??? GRRRRRRRRR i have done all the tech sup..

Launcher closes after server selection on Win 7

Win 7 64 bit, newly downloaded client (not the play-as-you-download kind; the wait-and-wait-and-wait-then-play kind). This worked last Thursday; then I upgraded to 8GB and an SSD. I've tried reinstalling, but to no avail. My launcher lets me log..

getting in line to connetc

have down loaded both live and preview clients and placed them both in separate places have uninstalled and re installed numerous times have flushed dns numerous times changed the time and all the other things on the tech support page and still no s..

Game crashes after selecting server

Litteraly thats what happens I can log in to my client but after I select the server and it loads the data for a spilt second it crashes and doesn't even load the game after it saids getting in line to connect,I have several accounts that I own most ..

Computer crashes every 1-2 hours

While playing the game, my computer crashes (and restarts itself) every 1-2 hours. There are no obvious triggers, in-game or otherwise. Graphics wise i've tried downgrading from Very High (which was the auto-detect option) to High, and I'm not usin..

NVIDIA GeForce Experience: DDO Not Supported!?

I just purchased an EVGA GeForce GTX 970 Superclocked ACX 2.0. However, I just realized that DDO is not listed as a supported game in the NVIDIA GeForce Experience (included program that automatically optimizes the game settings for the card)? Neve..

DDO Crashing Machine

I've ran DDO for about a month now with no problems sense I installed Windows 10. I've recently had this really odd problem where as soon as I actually launch the DDO Client it will crash my entire computer. I Cannot CNTRL+ALT+DEL or alt tab out and ..

Stuttering/Hangs After Item Deconstruction

I'm getting frequent stuttering after deconstructing items. My client will lock up for 0.5-1 second after each item I deconstruct. It's super annoying and makes deconstructing items take a lot longer than it should. This seems to happen regardless..

Client spontaneously closing

I've always had problems with DDO crashing, for the most part I would just deal with it. But for a while now, it closes multiple times a day. Doesn't matter what I'm doing. In town, in a quest, whether there's a lot or a little going on on screen. Or..

DDO doesn't remember audio choice

Hi. I have a new computer and I have the sound connected to both my stereo (aux), and a headset. I have the default sound on the computer to run through the speakers/ stereo, but I play ddo using the headset. This works fine... except for the fact t..

'getting in line to connect' and game crushes

After 6 months of inactivity i downloaded the pc version and as soon as i try to connect to the sarlona server that i have my toons, i see the message 'getting in line to connect' and then game crashes.... Any idea how this could be fixed guys?..


Got a laptop from a coworker and whenever i exit the game my keymaps reset to default. I got administrative rights and using wind8 on a 1 core pc that is severely underperforming. On main pc i have no issues. Downloaded the game with the download and..

Stuck on loading screen...Please help!

I need help. I run Windows 7 64 bit. I have a great cable connection and my PC is hard wired directly to my router which is a new Linksys. Here is my problem... I start the DDO launcher. Enter my password. Choose a world, usually Thelanis (but I..

Problem: missing graphic effects of dying enemies

Here is my problem: You know the animation when enemies killed by ice damage are turning white and shatter? I remember that I *REALLY* enjoyed it back in the game when I was using cold damage. Now, after some time, encouraged by this, I created mysel..

Launcher fail at getting in line to connect...

My father was trying to play the game for the first time in a long while. He downloaded and installed everything. Once it was finished he opened the launcher, entered his username and password, chose his server, hit the button and then the launcher ..

Unable to play or log in due to a ssd error

I can not log in on live or preview client keep getting this error about ssl context. every ticket i submit i get this message to contact account management. I am running on a hp pavilion a630n with windows XP 32 bit and have been told i need to hav..

Stuck at Installing Pre-reqs

After today's hotfix, I can't get back into DDO. 1st start it went through the routine of installing the patches. The launcher then auto restarted and immediately got stuck at Installing Pre-Reqs. Every launch since then sticks at the same place. I..

Launcher Hangs at Checking Dat Files 77%

Currently traveling for work, have the hotels highspeed/enhanced internet. both DDO and LOTRO Launchers hang up at Checking Dat Files 77% complete. Anyone have any thoughts? Already tried recopying over the contents of the Backup Folder and repatc..

Error reading application id.

I'm having the following error after I choose the world to connect: "Error reading application id. Please either write to steam_appid.txt or use the launcher!" After that, the game doesn't start. The thing is, I'm using TurbineLauncher.exe, soooo....

DDO Store Error

I am having this problem when i go into the DDO Store (using CTRL + S ) i get a error saying connection reset. I tried looking it up and what i found was to delete a folder in the game data. I did that and it did not help. the next thing i tried to d..

Your submission could not be processed because a security token was missing.

So I can't get ingame and wanted help in this forum. I followed the directions in the thread on "how to get help in these forums", dxdiag in a code box etc and when i try to submit the post, I get a new tab with the message: "Your submission could ..

I can't log in!

My Laptop decided to force me to reset back to factory settings yesterday and having redownloaded/reinstalled DDO I'm having serious trouble logging in. 1) What the heck is VCREDI~3.EXE? A Check box for this keeps popping up pre username/password s..

'Dowloading "Microsoft C++ 2005 SP 1 Redistributable Package (x86)"...' Problem

Hello, recently I upgraded my my pc from win7 32bit to win7 64bit. I then fresh install DDO. I can play the game fine and no problem with login and stuff. One thing that annoys me, its not quiet a problem but it still annoys me though that every time..

Forum Registration Error

Hello, Repeat of what I have posted in the General Discussion, but I'm not getting any feedback there: Trying to help someone get signed up, but the server is returning an error. We've tried with both IE and Chrome, so it looks to be a server side ..

Failed to Queue for server 0x80004005 'Getting in line to connect'

Bought a shiny new PC yesterday to replace my 3 yearold laptop. Lenovo running windows 8.1 i7 2.20 ghz 8gb ram tried installing the game via cloud.....took FOREVER...forget it, uninstalled and went back to ddolive.exe eventually got the launcher..

Crash to desktop on Character Selection

Up to two weeks ago I ran DDO just fine but since then, I crash to desktop every time I select a character to enter a world. Nothing has changed but DDO in that time so what's going on? Anyone else having this issue?..

Happy Cloud- Connection Interrupted. Please check your network

After the latest update, I started to see the launcher working slower than normal. It's weird because it didn't do it right at first but almost a week later the game would freeze mid game. I started to see a little error message from happy cloud "Con..

DDO freezing up after Friday's hotfix

Prior to Friday's hotfix I had no issues with the game. Worked just fine on my machine. After Friday's hotfix, the game is freezing/locking up on my constantly. This seems to average happening about once for every hour I play. I'll be in the middle ..

DDO spontaneously closes down

Greetings After buying a new computer DDO quite often simply closes down spontaneously with no error message given. At first I assume it was because I was 2-boxing but it also happens when I only have one client running - albeit less frequently. My..

How can a small update cmpletely screw the game?

Ok, so Friday morning before the update, all is fine, smashing Stormcleave and most other lvl 8 quests. I was afk when the server booted everyone, so was auto disconnected, but ever since the update, I now crash to desktop after selecting my charact..

Error Connection closed

yesterday i updeated the game and it work, today with no change at my system (except for a reboot) the launcher show me an error message when i put the password "Error logging in. Connection Closed" [i'm using the steam version of the game, dunno ..

FPS tweaks.

hi im not new to ddo but its been a long time and thought ide get back into it. Got a laptop can run skyrim smooth as silk but when it comes to DDO I get maybe 30fps any help would be nice. ------------------ System Information ------------------ ..

Can't click anything on main screen

I've just re installed on windows 8.1 and I can't click on anything on the main screen or use the keyboard. Anytime I double click the mouse it just opens up the program of an icon on the desktop that is in the same location as where I've clicked on ..

Windows says I am connected to the router and internet but no dice

So a few days ago the network went to saying no internet access. I tried several things and finally uninstalled the driver for the LAN connection and rebooted for windows to install it. It now says that there is internet access but nothing network re..

Still keep losing connection to server!

I cant log into Sarlona at all and I also get kicked out of Gallanda at times. This always happens after i log in. First my character can't move, then the game loses connection to server and crashes. This is also followed by a window saying "Lost con..

No ingame store and no bug reporting for over 2 months!.....................

I have had no ingame store for over 2 months... I only get this message; Error: Connection Reset I have no ingame help option. all I get is; Error: SSL Protocol Error ***??? Edit / Delete Edit Post Reply With Quote Reply With Quote Multi..

AVG False Positive on close

This happened twice when I let the client time out, and now twice when I close the client by selecting Quit. AVG is giving me a malware warning, not letting me make an exception, and telling me that dndclient.exe is UnknownMalware. I have not had ..

Forum problem: Secure connection failed - Firefox issue

Hi there. Setting up my new laptop PC and Firefox on it. After that I've now started to organize my favorites tab and all that, and during this process I tried to access the DDO forums. However, whether I go through the main DDO page of Lord Google, ..

Vista & Wndows 7 Errors... (feels like I am losing the will to live..)

After some 3 years away from DDO, I have managed to get into a situation of affording full broadband. So with friends already on DDO waiting for me to get back on, I try the installation process. First, I tried it on the desktop. It's where I playe..

32 bit OS crash workaround

After months of searching multiple websites, and forums, I've found a workaround crash fix for ddo if your on 32 bit OS. Not sure how you would do this in xp, but for vista, and 7 it works. Run cmd as administrator. bcdedit /set increaseuserva 2688..

Stuck at "Loading... Please Wait"

My son has a new computer with windows 7. I have DL'd DDO and tried the option of downloading it all and playing. I have tried the option of play while downloading. He logs in. He chooses Server. His Character name list shows up but their Pictu..

Custom mouse buttons not recognized

Having trouble getting my custom mouse buttons to apply in-game. The buttons are setup fine in the control panel, they work in other programs, but they do nothing in DDO. It's a (crappy old) Logitech MX Revolution...

Game server not responding

I can get through server select and character select, but then the Loading bar doesn't move for a very long time. If I wait long enough, the city loads and I have a red X icon at the top of my screen. When I hover over it, it says ping 77.0ms loss ..

keep crashing after U24 update

i am playing on my laptop and have never had this problem like this i would crash every once in a while like loading in to the sands but now it is happening all the time today i logged in did a MoD raid and coming out of if i just crashed i know its ..

Samsung Magician 4.5 and DDO through Steam

Hello, Recently Samsung Magician came out with the 4.5 update. After this update was installed on my machine, I was unable to play DDO through Steam, due to the mouse turning into the regular system mouse pointer, and being unable to click on anythi..

Frequent DC from loading pages

This problem only started happening (at least with any frequency) in the past few months. Every once in a while when on a loading screen the client will disconnect. The blue progress bar at the bottom of the page will be stuck on zero for a few minut..

Mouse wheel bug - randomly stops working

I've searched an didn't find much about this. It's been around for years, but seems to be more and more prevalent. Basically, for no apparent reason, the mouse wheel will no longer adjust the zoom. If you click the mouse wheel you'll zoom to maximum,..

Anyone Play on an HP or Dell Desktop?

My son plays some and the machine he plays on is about to bite the dust. I was going to find him a good used Dell off of Craigslist. Even if I have to put in a cheap low profile card it would be cheaper than me building him another machine.http://r..

Cannot Log into DDO/Ghallanda 12/12/2014

Since 9am Central time, I have not been able to get into DDO. I have even completely deleted/uninstalled the program, restarted, completed a full re-installation of the program, and still cannot log in. The DDO (TurbineLauncher.exe) starts, opens t..

launcher download stuck at akamai

as the title says, the ddo launcher gets stuck at the exact same spot while downloading nsextensionmanager from akamai. Nothing in the turbine knowledge base answers this problem so I'm trying here for help...

Gamecontroller isn't recognised after update 24

Hi there, I was playing with a PS3 controller with integrated toucpad before the update, using the program DS4windows. All worked beautifully before the last update. Now after the keys aren't recognised as mapped by DS4windows anymore, neither is th..

Nothing happens after selecting the server

I am having issues since yesterday to log in. After selecting my server (Thelanis) in the server selection window (all servers are up), the window closes and nothing happens. Not an error message, nothing, nada. I am using Windows 7. Nothing like t..

Happy Cloud?!?

So I was re-downloading DDO and clicked on the install before play for PC and it it gave me the DDOProgressive.exe file and installed "Happy Cloud" automatically trying to download the DDO files. So now I have uninstalled this "Happy Cloud", along wi..

Error 201 on fresh reinstall

Ok so I am having issues with my mouse freezing in game at random times. I reinstalled mouse drivers but no help so I decided to reinstall the game. I went to control panel and uninstalled the game then went to the DDO forums and reinstalled the ga..

windows 8.1 issue

Anyone else having issues with this game and windows 8.1? Can't reinstall the game with Akamai. It just sits there downloading nothing. I believe its the last windows security update because I can do a restore and it works again until the update h..

Dual monitor window re-sizing issues

I'm running an Alienware laptop with a second monitor as an extension of the desktop. When I try to put the game in full screen mode it keeps popping over to my laptop display which is much smaller than my monitor. When I try to play in windows mode ..

Surface pro 2

Returning player "trying" been away for about 3 yrs. When trying to install ddo on my Surface pro 2 i get to the updating files part and at about 55% through it gives me a unknown error oxffffffff"bunch of f's"80043072. not sure what the deal is. Any..

No Internet Connection when installing

Hey, So I'm trying to install DDO on my PC but whenever I tried to, it would say that there's no internet connection, when there clearly is. Even with the play instantly one, it would say that the Happy Servers are unable to connect. I'm quite disap..

Sound Drops

About five minutes after loading my character and getting into the game, my sound in game drops. Mic test works and sometimes voice chat does too, but all other game sounds, noises fail. I have checked the basics, reinstalled the game, verified a..

Is Akamai required to play game?

I reinstalled and akamai would autostart and make an exception for itself through my firewall. I believe we were told it was only needed for downloads. I removed it because it was causing too much lag and using too much of my cpu, making it difficult..

Game won't load!!

I'm not sure what happened here but the last thing I did before not being able to play was reinstall a graphics driver. Now I get to the point that I click on my server and then I get a blue swirly and then nothing. I am running windows 8.1 and mad..

Update Error

From today, after I blocked a Malware attack, I am always get this message after trying to lauch DDO: "An update error accurred: Server connection timed out." Please help cause I am a bit lost here, tried to search for a solution but no luck so fa..

DirectX Issue

I have a new laptop and after installing DDO it will load to the Server choice, then I get a 104 Error saying DirectUpdate (or some other DirectX thing) isnt working. Having looked in to it one person asked on the DDO forum about it last year but di..

Crash in last room of Misery Peak

Hi everyone, My game crashes every time in the last room of Misery's Peak. It seems to coincide with the boss monster spawn, but happens so fast I am unsure. The message inside VS 2013 is an unhandled Win32 error. All the other quests on the st..

Mouse freezing

Every so often....maybe an hour or two after starting to play...I will enter a dungeon and the game will freeze for about 6 seconds and my mouse stops working. Totally. Even when I quit DDO it still won't work. I have to reboot. Any ideas? And i..

Hey devs can we get some info please!!

Not sure what's going on but I just cannot connect to chat servers on Sarlona. When I do, I immediately lose connection to servers. What gives here? I've done a clean reinstall, (which made it worse), changed my firewall to allow exceptions. I just c..

DDO Restarting Computer

Recently DDO, and only DDO, not any other game or program, has started this thing where it will at random restart my computer. I updated drivers and un/reinstalled ddo, but niether fixed the issue. I then checked to see if it was overheating and th..

Pylotro will not work with new SSD w/DDO

So I had to get a new/my 1st SSD to replace my primary HD. I installed Windows 7 64 Ultimate Edition brand new/fresh & DDO High-Res. I do not want to use the official launcher, I haven't in almost a year or so. However on my old Hard Drive Pylotr..

Instance loading screen doesn't load

I log in and often the 1st instance I hit, the loading bar doesn't fill in with any blue and just hangs forever. Could be a teleport, stepping off the boat, etc. Sometimes its the 2nd instance I hit. I'll close the game, log in the same character, an..

Getting rekt when loading up ddo.

Today, I tried loading up DDO, with and without the preloader, only for something to crash. Log in, slecet server, select character, the sit at loading screen with two outcomes. With Preloader, DDO stops responding and crashes. Without Preloader,..

Character mysteriously stops running

Set up on a new laptop and generally everything is working fine, except that when holding the "W" key down, my character will spontaneously, randomly, stop running after somewhere between 10 and 20 seconds. I lift the "W" and hold it down again and r..

Instant crashes in King's Forrest

Hello there, I'm having a problem since I came back to the game a couple of weeks ago that i never had before i left shortly before the thunderholme update. When in Kings Forrest and i run towards the graveyard from ID ... you know that tree tr..

Fullscreen Borderless Possible?

Is Fullscreen Borderless possible with DDO? I've recently got a secondary monitor, its great for bringing up things on the fly, while leaving my other games on my main screen. The problem with DDO is that while Fullscreen I can't go to my secondary s..

trouble with mouse

i have been away from ddo for 2 years and am just returning to find a very different game, hopefully as enjoyable as i remember, my first major snag though is my mouse no longer works in game, i am currently using the steel series WoW cataclysm mouse..

loading screen crashes

ok this is the third time i've left a message about this. now i'm at the point i can't even play anymore because of this. its extremely frustrating. I was loaded in cove on my pally/monk went to harbor dc on loading screen. then i attempted to login ..

Constant crashes - Can't login now

Ever since around U23 DDO has been crashing multiple times a day, usually it says dndclient has stopped working or whatever. And now for the first time I can't even login. It just crashed and when I try to login, the "LOGIN" button goes gray and then..

Can I trim any unnecessary files from my Dungeons and Dragons folder?

My current DDO installation is about 8.3Gig. Is there any way I can trim off unneeded files to get it down to 7.8 or 7.9G so it will fit on and ideally run from an 8G USB Flash drive? (I know I can compress, but I'd ideally like to just copy.) Any..

DDO CLient funktioniert nicht mehr...

Since U23 was implemented I have permanetly crashing issues, and I see many others I Play with reqularly having the same issue now. When it started it was only when zoning or entering an istance. But with time it got worse. No it can even just happ..

An update error occured: Server connection timed out..... ***?!

Hello! hopefully anyone here can help me since I am at my wits end here.....please keep in mind that I got a very limited knowledge of how to work about in a computer so please bare with me ^_^ So here is the deal: I downloaded the game (via turbi..

Launcher closes on opening main form.

I just did a fresh install yesterday for several login issues, literally have not touched upon any settings since, and the launcher is broken again. Anyone knows a fix for this one without another reinstall? ** Did the backup folder/repatch process..

Crashing Issues

I'm uncertain of what's going on, given that everything was fine this morning, but I logged in and now my DDO is crashing- either every minute, or the instant I try to open Bank or Inventory, which is rather frustrating. Any idea what's happening?..

On going log in issues! please help!

Hi, since the last patch I have been having a lot of difficulty in logging in. Today is an example, I have tried logging in 5 times and even once into another server but to no avail. About 3 weeks ago I did a fresh instal of the game for some other ..

Downloading screen.... Why over and over again?

Every time I start up DDO, I have to go through all those "language thingies" (EN, DE and FR) ... Why is that? It is really annoying and sometimes takes only seconds, but most of the time several minutes. windows8.1/64. thx..

Loading DDO Issue

I have started getting a a regular issue loading DDO. The launcher starts fine, world selection is fine, and then the problem occurs either during the loading screen or on character selection screen. The first sign of the problem is that the graphic ..

cannot load onto patch server

I just purchased a new computer, mainly for this game as I have been a long time player. I downloaded ddo and logged into my acct for a while. I then installed a new anti-virus and could not log on afterwards. I checked the firewall and turbine launc..

Server to connection lost!...

Someone please tell me how to fix it. I've tried compatibility issues, ran as administrator, and made sure it was launcher.exe. I haven't had any issues well not any that wouldn't let me play the game my computer is a "custom-higher-end" computer too..

Launcher / Install fail

I can't get DDO to install on my new computer new, every time it fully installs then when it goes to open (on selecting a server) it crashes with "Can't open the data files. Check that they exist and that you have permission to write to them. The p..

Can't get launcher to work after patch 10-9-2014

Launcher keeps getting stuck and stops responding when I try to log into the game, It's getting stuck at various places when downloading so I can't really say what's causing it. It's usually on the Dat files but sometimes doesn't even get to thatr po..

Mouse Problems...

So I don't know if this is a problem specific to my system, or possibly spyware, or if maybe.... maybe... someone else in DDO is experiencing something similar. My ability to grab backpack items and move them is very bad... If I move something to t..

New router and unable to login

I recently bought a new router, TP-Link TD-W8951ND, and a new USB adapter, TP-Link TL-WN821N, and they work perfectly while web browsing, but I can no longer play DDO. Launcher works, I insert password, select world and game starts. Then I am stuck..

LOGITECH G110 Keyboard - Unresponsive

A buddy has a Windows 7 64bit PC and reinstalled the game after many years away. However his new G110 keyboard is either the victim of circumstance or party to a nasty driver conflict with something. Proper load files given permission in Norton 360...

Slow First Load

The Issue I run the launcher, make to the character screen and then press enter. What ensues is a long wait, ranging from 4 to 6 minutes. Most of the time is spent on the loading screen, after that I see the world and my character, yet the image is ..

Microphone No Longer works in DDO-since last update

Hi Since the last update my microphone no longer functions in all respects. I get nothing when trying mic test. Now before you say; check your microphone! Yes it works and when playing LOTRO I have no problems at all. Everything hunky-dory in that r..

Help Please

Returning to the game after almost a two year break. After a fresh install .. This is what i'm getting. Image kinda small but DirectX 9 is checked. also The armor he is wearing is the Black Dragonscale Robe .... My monk has the White version .. and h..

Can't find file 'English' - Game error 202

I got a new computer, installed DDO on it, and whoops! The game can't seem to find the English language pack on my computer? That's what the tech support blurb seems to say about it anyway. I double and triple checked. The EN US language pack is in h..

Launcher Update Process Freezing

First - whats not working. Whenever ddo updates it freezes at some point (not usually the same point) in the process. second - What I have done to get around the problem in the past. usually if I opened up multiple instances of the launcher one wo..

Launcher stuck at Retrieving Content List from Akamai

Logged on yesterday no problem. Running Win 7 64 bit. Nothing has changed on my system overnight. Now the launcher is stuck "Retrieving content list from Akamai" My wife's computer on same wired network can log in no problem. I've tried rebooting and..

game error 201

I know that there is a thread for this error, however I have tried jus abt every thing. after i go to log in and go to the server is when it pops up. how can i fix this when i have even scrubbed my computer and try to reinstall??..

DDO messes up screen brightness

Upon picking the server, the screen becomes very bright for a few seconds before game's actual load screens start going. After that, the extreme brightness stays permanently outside the game. Both tabbing out and quitting the game results in a screen..

cannon connect to patch server

I have been trying to log in for almost 1 hour, still no luck. Shows an update error occurred. Based in EU on G land server I get to 33% and server connection fails..

Game crash when entering game (client not fully downloaded)

Good morning, i've experienced crashing since i re-installed the game after few years. I've download the progressive client, already downloaded more than 3 gb and tried to enter the game with a level 12 charachter, who should be in stormreach. The lo..

Khyber: The connection has been lost

Yesterday I have played with my character in location of Wheloon prison. I have to rest, so I've teleported to the Market. After I have rested, I wanted to return to the Wheloon prison, but my Eveningstar key was not ready, so I go there with my feet..

Cannot log into Orien

Hi, The launcher would show that all worlds are working fine but then after I click on my world that I play at, it doesn't start up, tries connect 1/20 up to 20/20 attempts and then kicks me out. Can someone let me know if you are experiencing the sa..

Installing Pre-reqs...................

It's been a while since I had this issue, but the old stuck on "Installing pre-reqs" has turned up again for me. The launcher just sits there installing it's pre-reqs and.... nothing happens. I seem to be able to get onto Lammaland with no dramas th..

Connection to the sever has been lost.

i have not played in about 2 in a half months and i had no problem with the game, the last three days now i have been dealing with "Connection to the sever has been lost" and game disconnects close to desktop. i have read on the forum and try everyth..

Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I try to log in I get ( an update error occurred. server connection timed out). This is not my first time playing the game, just the first time on my laptop. Maybe it's a firewall thing? Please help me...

Load screens not loading and game crashing

Okay, I generally don't have a lot of issues with the game. My system may not be the world's greatest, but it hasn't really had huge issues dealing with the game, especially since I got an SSD. In the last week though, I am having an occasional prob..

Freezing/Not loading

I have a decent gaming rig with windows 7 ultimate 64 bit and ddo fails to load initially usually even when i run in admin mode can someone tell me if the game just doesn't like my OS or what?..

SSSl protocol error when i try to use help/submit a ticket.

Pretty much as the title states. I'm trying to contact an GM as advised by customer service to deal with a character issue. I'm a premium player and have submitted help tickets with good results in the past. For some reason now when i hit the h..

DDOclient.exe still running after exit on a Windows 7 64-bit machine.

This morning I observed something odd. After logging in twice as has been necessary for several months I went to do a Cannith Challenge. All seemed to work normally but by about the second door the game froze for a few seconds and then continued to..

DDO client will not start

simple i press the sortcut key to ddo and nothing happens =/ no patcher pops up no launcher starts. just hangs and then nothing =/ buisy mouse icon shows as it looks to be starting then nothing. and its not even showing up under my taste manager..

Searching for logon server

I've been having an issue when trying to connect. I'll open the launcher and log in - All worlds are listed as "Up". I choose Cannith and start the game, only to see a "Loading New Game Data" message and get the same "Searching for logon server (Atte..

Happy Cloud Removal?

Is it at all possible to remove/replace the happy cloud download app with the standard way. I usually download the game the original way and thought I might try the cloud this time, though im not at all happy with the happy having to run eachtime I w..

Game Crashes at Random Times, With Graphics Card Error.... Please read!

I usually play on my desktop which uses an Nvidia Geforce GTX 260, 3Gb Ram, DX10, Intel Core i7 running at 3.20ghz and running Windows Vista Home Premium 64Bit and the game seems to run fine on that... But when I am travelling and using my HP Lapto..

Game won't start??

I just downloaded the client on a desktop of mine. Every time I log in, I choose a server and it just closes out. No warning of error, it just closes. I've been fiending to play for months, as my laptops been broke. Any help?..

Dungeons and Dragons Setup Files (Windows)

I have taken it upon myself to try and help those who are having issues with getting the game to run with the current installers which are available from Turbine. As luck would have it I saved the original install files just after they were updated w..

Help neede with DC's

Ok, this was my 10+ DC in the last few days usually happens at just before the end of the quest. When I return I am usually a soulstone. This time solo Proof is in the poison. Will uninstalling solve these issues? Thank You!..

It looks like the "Cleaning up old connection..." problem is alive and well on Orien

After locking things up in one of the House K quests, forcing me to log out and exit the game to clear, it seems I can't get logged in to Orien again. I can happily log into other servers, and I can log into Orien from a different account. I did a qu..

Stuck at "Receiving character data..."

Hello Since Patch 22.3 I can't enter Cannith, I can log on the rest of the servers. It keeps staying on the "Receiving character data..." screen Thanks..

Invalid Cert from NetworkSolutions

Still getting the Invalid Security Cert on Firefox. I have installed the Intermediate Cert linked in another thread, but still no luck. Someone from Turbine please post the solution to have your bizzare not-quite-right NetworkSolutions cert work in F..

Mozilla FireFox always gives (error code: sec_error_bad_signature)

Hello forum operators. I am logged in via IE atm. I am not able to lg in via Firefox atm., receiving (errorcode: sec_error_bad_signature) every time I want to log into my forum account or even try to watch the forum as a guest. Every other category ..

Stuck after login, followed by disconnection

Hey everyone, Just started playing the game yesterday, been wanting to try it for some time but havent had the time. Some bugs in regards to waiting 10 sec before i could move and so after loging first time i saw, and some glitches that i really do..

client locks up while entering wiz king

anyone else have this issue seems to be I can enter the sands but when I try to enter wiz king things freeze up my computer freezes up and I have to force restart it. and if I am in a group I can not get back in game until the entire group is out of ..

Laucher is closing up before fully loading.

The game laucher starts a process, ui visible for 2-3seconds then abruptly closes up, each new attempt starts similar processes. **It seems to lock up after finished fetching the akamai download list** (that is at least the last visible feedback in t..

Error Logging in! Connection closed or greyed out 'login' button - Solved(?)

Hello all, if any of you have encountered the issue in the subject "Failed to launch client: Error logging in! Connection closed" error or simply a grayed out "Login" button that never gives the error but just hangs there after you enter your usernam..

Game suddenly got darker

In between game sessions, with no changes to my computer, I seem to have lost the ability to control the brightness level in the game. Everything is much darker. Outside DDO, everything looks fine. Changing the brightness, contrast and gamma setting..


Originally posted in the audio and UI forum, realized it fits better here. Hey everybody. I've been playing for a few months, casually. When I play on my strong, DX11 capable gaming computer, from time to time I get a weird audio glitch that seems t..

Initial Install Destroys Internet Connection

I'm having problems doing the initial install of DDO. I used to play a few years ago, took a break, and now I'm getting back into it. The client's been long uninstalled and formatted over in the past, so this is an entirely fresh install. Symptoms..

Keyboad Layout Switch from QWERTZ to QWERTY

From time to time while playing DDO my keyboard layout gets switched from QWERTZ to QWERTY layout. When this happens, it is only in DDO, everwhere else it is normal. Is there any way I can change it back without restarting the game?..

Happy Cloud downloading DDO in the background

When I click on the DDO shortcut, it opens the HappyCloud downloader, which says the game is 100% downloaded. It brings up the regular launcher just fine, but when I close the HappyCloud window, I get a message saying it's still performing the downl..

Failed to login, Unable to Write

I'm unable to get past the login on the launcher. I've updated my password, even uninstalled and re-installed the game. When I hit the login button it goes Grey but nothing happens. It stays grey, until some minutes later I get a pop up box that s..

Failed to load patchclient [Cannot load library patchclient: ]

I tried to install the game for the first time in ages, on my new Windows 8.1 box. I downloaded the standalone install, but after hitting this issue I also tried to install through Steam. Same issue there.The installation seems to go ok, but when st..

Launcher freezes up with "no signal found" error

I just did a brand new install of DDO today, and after I click the Login button, it greys out and nothing happens. Here are the contents of my Turbine Launcher logs: 2014.07.17 18:28:35[W] Object::connect: No such signal QCheckBox::returnPressed() ..

Patcher doesn't want to patch...

This isn't a new problem for me. Every time there is a patch, the launcher likes to stop around this point (70-90% on dndclient.exe). It will randomly go past this point and patch perfectly fine, but I need to keep killing the process tree and attem..

Cannot patch Turbinelauncher.exe, error 5: access is denied

Tried to patch today and get that error message. Still investigating. Tried using the one from backup and one from lamania. same issue. Replaced all files from backup folder and patch is not proceeding...

DDO crashes after world selection

Coming to game after a break. Clean install. DDO crashes after world selection. Tried to use repair option in launcher... But won't let me "tick off" box Reset the game display settings (nor any other box in the General and Proxy tabs for that matter..

Game starts in wrong resolution.when windowed

So I recently picked up a notebook with a GTX760M and of course DDO played fine on it, but the game started doing something pretty annoying yesterday that isn't occuring on my other systems, after I reinstalled it to a highspeed SDCard (this works gr..

Game Error

Cant get into the game it crashes as soon as it starts to enter the world with no code reason all i get is "Game Error The logon server is full . Try again later . " Its a VIP account so not sure whats going on..

Cannot Access Game Files

When I launch DDO, MY laptop gives me the message that it cannot open the data files. It says to make sure the files exist and that I have permission to write to them. Can someone help me?..

Login timeout and connection frequently lost during the screen "Loading ... Pls Wait"

I'm premium and I play on Wayfinder server. Ever since the Crystal Cove event came back during these past few days, I've been experiencing increased lag and crashes while moving from one area to another. The loading screen will appear when transition..

Freeze upon character creation

I've searched the forums and found similar threads, but none solved. I have played DDO before, and now I've reinstalled the game. I can play on my previously created chars, but once I try to create a new one the game freezes. I can get through choos..

I kind of need my big bars

Hi, I recently got a new laptop and put DDO one it. However, i'm getting the problem of my IU elements being tiny. I've encountered the issue before on my old system, and was able to correct it and get my bars and such to the regular size by atering ..

Short-Stroking Your HD for Fun and Profit

NOTE: THIS POST LINKS TO AN ADVANCED AND HIGHLY TECHNICAL PROCEDURE! I don't normally recommend LifeHacker articles because DUH! However, I will make an exception in this case as the frequency of double-login reports has increased of late and Wanesa'..

Eternal loading after character select

I'm trying to get DDO running on a new machine. I reach character select without issue. I log in. The loading starts, and sits at zero percent for some time. My character is standing around in the world at this point, but I'm still behind a loadi..

Streaming DDO on Twitch - Issues

I've been trying to stream DDO on twitch lately but every time I do the stream turns out to be very choppy and laggy. And my voice through my mic is choppy as well. I've been trying to figure out how to fix this, here are the specs for the computer I..

Game not running

Hi, I've just reinstalled the game and downloaded all the update but when I run the launcher, after having logged in and chosed on which server to play, the game abort and nothig happen. I've windows 7 installed, with avira antivirus and ddolaunche..

launcher has updated and needs to restart.................................

reloaded windows xp today ( i do this about once a year). I loaded DDO and now all i get is "launcher has updated and needs to restart". I havent had this issue before. like i said I do this about once a year. it doesnt matter if i reboot windows, or..

Static framerate

I just fully installed DDO yesterday. For some reason my framerate is limited to 32.1 in towns and explorable instances like the first one, Korthos Island. In dungeons like the Heyton Crypt or the Cannath Crystal one it hits over 60 -- 62.X Ive seen...

Game stops responding for variable lenght of time

While loading into the game, and also when shifting zones and loading into quests, my DDO will stop responding. I play in a window, and can see the window grey out, and see the text (Not Responding) in the title bar. Is anyone else having this same ..

Error 201

Just re-installed the game and its telling me "Can't open the data files. Check that they exist and that you have permission to write them. The program will now exit, [201]", not sure what to do about this...

Launcher stuck at Downloading files from Akamai

So i downloaded the game about two weeks ago and it worked fine for about a week. Then i went to play one day and it was downloading updates, but it kept failing to update and giving an error saying "Unable to access data files." and to make sure the..

Your character is still being saved

I am unable to log into my character. He is currently level 8. I was interacting with the House K bank and putting beholder optic nerves from reincarnation cache into inventory and I got a 'Bank Failed' message. I thought it was lag or user error ..

ddo not working

Ok just downloaded the new patch. I enter my id and password click login in and it just stays on that screen never going to the server page can anyone help..

PatchClientDLL::CheckDatFiles Failed. p22 launcher fails status 53

PatchClientDLL::CheckDatFiles Failed. [Unable to decrypt and de-serialize the datadownloaded from the server.] thrashes the hell out of the hd for about five minutes first though. and then Problem signature: Problem Event Name: InPageError Error..

Black Screen of Nothing after update 22

After update 22 was installed (Well, actually after the patch that occurred on the 12th.) I can't run DDO past the server selection screen. All I get is a black screen with a cursor in it and the DDO client consuming resources what's going on? Anyone..

Game Crashes. Apparently missing some texture/display files

Since yesterday June 11st after I updated my client, it started to crash. It was working completely normal before that and I had not done any changes or updates to my PC. After crashing several times I finally realized the cause, whenever I pass in ..

Server Connection Timed Out.

I have been getting this message ever since U22 every time I try to log on, I click the icon, it starts up, then gets to 33% and says Server Connection Timed out, then starts a countdown of 60 seconds to try again. I have tried Reinstalling the game..

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