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Returned player from long ago, very confused

11:19 pm, January 19, 2018 So I wanted to come back and check things out again, but I am very confused how to get started: 1) I have a lvl 20 dwarf cleric, a level 16 WF Wiz 14, Rog 2, and a low level drow twf paladin App [..] View

could not initialize direct3d and Direct X 9 grayed out.

11:19 pm, January 11, 2018 I just ran into this issue on a brand new build. I upgraded my system and installed windows 10 pro fresh. Did all the updates then installed DDO. It wouldn't let me make any changes to the graphics wi [..] View

Human Adaptability and feats / feat respeccs

11:19 pm, January 9, 2018 Hello, lets say I started with a certain ability score and use Human Adaptability to raise that score. Example: - starting with 14DEX - raising to 15DEX Will this ability score now count as a met prer [..] View

Question: Heroic TR & Racial TR - Do They Stack?

11:19 pm, January 7, 2018 Hello, Everyone! An old player - 2008 and onward! - literally and figuratively here with a question about Heroic TR and Racial TR. I was away for about 2 years and recently returned. Life got in the [..] View

******* Swords as 1-Handed Weapons

11:19 pm, January 5, 2018 From the snipets I have read, it seems that ******* swords are treated as one-handed weapons in all respects - so (if a character has no feats/enhancements that benefit a particular weapon) two ****** [..] View

Smart decisions - Spending Turbine Points!

11:19 am, January 1, 2018 Hey guys, I am VIP + Already got Shadowfell and Menace. I got all Iconics (Part of the Shadowfell Legendary expansion). What do you guys think is the best stuff to buy with the TP I get? Could help [..] View

DDO dependancies

11:19 pm, December 31, 2017 I have seen lots of issues about the game not working after reinstalling or patching. I have had the issue myself at times. And one thing I have had to do just about every time is reinstall the game [..] View

Really fast leveling?

11:19 am, December 31, 2017 I was playing with a character by the name of Yumzie on the Sarlona server and he was a level 18 warlock. I played with him the next day and he was a pure level 18 sorcerer. Now i thought maybe he cou [..] View

Multiple versions of Silver Flame Talisman?

11:19 am, December 23, 2017 Just curious - is it possible to have both a ML 9 Silver Flame Pendant (Neg absorption 5x/day, no Prot from Evil) and a fully upgraded ML 11 talisman? Even if you have to keep one or both in the ban [..] View

DDO screen constantly freezing

11:19 pm, December 8, 2017 Home computer is Win10, recent (2 year old) ATI video card, 16GB system RAM. The two issues I'm seeing now is that: 1- I will log in with a red connection button about 30% of the time and have to [..] View

How do I improve Will Saves and enchantment protection from Hold Monster spells

11:19 am, November 5, 2017 Hello, Have 9th level character who, often when does dies, is mostly because they have been hit several times in a row with HOLD MONSTER spell while swarmed by enemies. This character is;1 lvl rogue [..] View


11:19 am, October 26, 2017 Just getting back into the swing of things since 2008.. something like that. Been reading the forums for the last 3 days trying to figure out what I'm getting into, but I can't seem to figure out what [..] View

Night Revel questions

11:19 am, October 21, 2017 Few questions please. Do i need to purchase every item step all the way up to the 28 one to get it? Then if I want the lower versions for heroic TR's...so it all over again? Do the potions that say [..] View

QtGui4.dll is either not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error.

11:19 am, October 18, 2017 Hi! This is the second time this month I have received an error post-patching the DDO client. I don't recall the first one, but it occurred after the Hotfix requiring me to reinstall DDO. Now, after t [..] View

Ideas for running favor farmers

11:19 pm, October 13, 2017 I thought I would share some experiences from some recent runs I did while getting 100 favor in the servers I have never played on. One of the reasons I did this was a I got a little bored trying to [..] View

What gear from auction houses will increase character's wisdom ability score?

11:19 pm, October 11, 2017 What are the names of gear that increase’s a character’s wisdom ability score found in auction houses? Would like to know what wording I should be searching for in auction houses [..] View

Ka is a Wheel: Next steps in TR Question

11:19 am, October 4, 2017 So, here I am, returning to the game after a seven year hiatus... I am on a Premium (not FtP or VIP) account so have to be cautious with my Favor-earned DDO Points. I want to do a new TR and really [..] View

4K display issue

11:19 pm, October 2, 2017 I have a 4K display for my computer. Prior to Update 36 Patch 2 the highest resolution one could set the game to using the in-game options was 1920x1080. It worked fine that way. Since the patch on Se [..] View

Three-Barrel Cove Explorer Question.

11:19 pm, September 13, 2017 Wiki's map shows "Elusive Bounty" in the NW area 3BC. I have thoroughly searched the designated area, above and below the water, but could not find the explorer objective. Bug or am I doing [..] View

My Mouse Won't Click on Delete, Create or Options on the Main Menu

11:19 pm, September 9, 2017 I have wanted to create a new character and delete my old one, but I couldn't click on delete or create. I then went to click on options to see if I could fix it, but I couldn't click on that either. [..] View


11:19 pm, September 4, 2017 Hello! I wouldn't say I'm precisely new but I'm still in the process of leveling my first character to 20. I've asked a few questions here on the forums before, usually about small game mechanic clari [..] View

dndclient crash; Game not loading

11:19 pm, August 18, 2017 Hello all, I'm looking for some assistance on a recent problem. The issue started at the last server downtime and I can't seem to be able to log into the game. I can run dndclient normally, log into [..] View

Most active server?

11:19 pm, August 13, 2017 Hi, I've been trying to get back into DDO after a break of nearly 5! years. I have some level 25 characters with multiple TRs across Cannith, Orien and Argonnessen, but most of my investment is on Can [..] View

Dragonborn Eldritch Knight/Swashbuckler viable?

11:19 am, August 2, 2017 I was looking over the enhancements for the Eldritch Knight, and saw that it gets an automatic cleave with extra damage on it, and a lot of shield boosts, and light armor. So with taking Bard levels a [..] View

Laptop specs

11:19 pm, July 29, 2017 My work are sending me away to work from hotels for a few weeks and I'm thinking about getting a cheap laptop so I can still get my DDO fix. I was hoping someone could tell me if this machine would d [..] View

The Master's Gift - Greater Token of the Twelve?

11:19 pm, July 18, 2017 After taking a break for a few years I've decided to give DDO another shot. I was looking at the new cannith crafting options and started making a gear plan but noticed I really need a master's gift i [..] View

Secret door in claw of vulkoor

11:19 am, July 14, 2017 So, I ran Claw of Vulkoor today on hard on my barbarian. And had to just bail at the burial chamber because I couldn't find that secret door. Am I missing something? Or can you really just not finish [..] View

Question on Wizard Survivability

11:19 am, June 27, 2017 Hi all! Im currently running a 2nd life pure wizard (currently level 13 Archmage with Necromancy and Enchantment focus) after a long break from this game (years) and im struggling to stay alive and [..] View

Need help improving my artificer for soloing EE and doing reaper content

11:19 pm, June 25, 2017 Hello, all I came back to the game after a long break a few weeks ago. I have been working on updating my level 30 pure artificer/xbow toon so that he can do EE content solo, and perhaps be sufficien [..] View

What's worth collecting these days?

11:19 pm, June 14, 2017 Hi, returning player after probably 5 years away. Man, things are a bit different. I was wondering what a new character can collect and try to sell for some extra money. Back when I was playing, a l [..] View

Cannith crafter equipment advice

11:19 am, June 13, 2017 Hi! I've finally reached a high enough level to craft myself a ML20 equipment with cannith crafting. However, I thought I'd ask your advice on which enchantments to seek. I'm currently a fire sorcer [..] View

Help Identifying an Item

11:19 pm, June 12, 2017 Hello! Being relatively new to DDO and not familiar with much of the items floating around, I was curious if anyone could help me identify the outfit being worn in the picture? The the picture is for [..] View

Problem assigning extra mouse buttons on a macbook air

11:19 pm, May 31, 2017 Hi folks, I recently got a wireless track ball mouse that has some extra buttons. In the past had a wired track ball mouse and I assigned items on a non active hotbar to the buttons to extend my qui [..] View

Reincarnate to fix a small mistake-

11:19 am, May 29, 2017 Hello, first of all I have googled this and I'm still a little confused and terrified to make a mistake on my character with reincarnation. When I started playing I never looked into build guides or c [..] View

Cant connect to game or ddo.com

11:19 am, May 28, 2017 I am accessing this forum through a free proxy server. A few days ago I could no longer log in game or access anything related to ddo. I tried a number of things and I think it has to do with a host [..] View

Returning player looking for Reaper capable build suggestions

11:19 pm, May 26, 2017 Hey all, returning player here looking to TR my current character and try my luck at reaper difficulty on my next life (roughly half a level to go till 30). I have a few various tomes between +2 and [..] View

Need Help Picking Classes and Things

11:19 am, May 20, 2017 I played this game a little bit, long ago. I left primarily because, as a free player, I didn't have many quests to choose from. I didn't like having to play through the same few quests quite so man [..] View

How do you get/make celestial chainmail?

11:19 pm, May 6, 2017 cant for the life of me find anything about it when i google it. my s/o bought some for 40k off the AH about 2/3wks ago and ive been searching for some ever since and cant find a n y. i found it on th [..] View

my ui is making me double click to activate items/actions and game eventually freezes

11:19 pm, April 24, 2017 After getting Win10 creators update my game is nearly unplayable. I now am having a problem where it is stitching and makes me double click to activate some things. The problem starts out minor, the [..] View

Help fitting a class?

11:19 pm, April 14, 2017 Hi guys, I'm looking for a little guidance. For all intensive purposes I am new to DDO. I played a wiz and a fight to cap over 8 years ago and haven't played since. A few friends and I are looking t [..] View

What is sentient weapons?

11:19 pm, April 5, 2017 Hello In update 37 which should come in 2017 i see that sentient weapons should be added to the game. But i don't undestand what they are. Could someone explain to me what they are? Are they items w [..] View

What are the rules for pocket guilds?

11:19 pm, April 4, 2017 So I'm finally setting up a small guild after 11 years playing the game. Along the way it occurred to me that it might be wise to find out if there were any rules governing the number of pocket accou [..] View

Introducing friend to ddo tomorrow

11:19 pm, April 3, 2017 Hello Tomorrow i am gonna introduce a friend to ddo. If we are lucky we will get past korthos in one evening. He ones said that DDO was too "square" for him and the graphics wasn't good eno [..] View

Spring, summer, autumn, winter... spring?

11:19 am, March 31, 2017 I've had some thoughts rattlin' around in light of certain circumstances, thoughts a new consumer of this game 'oughta know. I wouldn't call this advice by any means, but it is no less useful to you [..] View

Returning player with loot questions

11:19 am, March 6, 2017 I've recently returned after not playing consistently for a few years. (more off than on) I was here for the beginning and have a few characters that are up there in level and favor. One thing, I've n [..] View

Game freezes computer

11:19 am, March 3, 2017 I don't even know if this is a ddo specific issue, but it's been happening more than normally the last few days. Once in a while when I'm playing ddo, the game lags for half a second and my computer f [..] View

Problem finding happy11th items

11:19 am, March 2, 2017 They show up on the store window as being redeemed but can't find them in my backpack. I could of entered the redeem codes after or before I loaded a character, I can't remember for sure. I only hav [..] View

Question about difference of level

11:19 pm, February 27, 2017 So I've got a friend that it's gonna give DDO a try, he's used once the Anniversary cake on a newly created character, and has reached iirc level 5, which is cool but I daresay still insufficient in o [..] View

Returning Player - Should I?

11:19 pm, February 21, 2017 Hello everyone, I have been off DDO for about 2 years now or so (I can't really remember). Last I was very active, level cap was fresh 28 and The ShadowConspiracy expansion was out for a few months. [..] View

New to DDO - need advice on how to get started

11:19 am, February 21, 2017 I would like to get into this MMO as it has the sort of setting and gameplay that appeals to me. Here are some things I could use advice on... 1. Is this based on 3rd Edition? Any major differences to [..] View

Good summons for solo Heroic Elite?

11:19 pm, February 4, 2017 When I solo with my Pale Master, there are times I miss having a tank or a distraction to keep the aggro off me. Hirelings could do this well, but I prefer to keep my Cleric hireling safe just as mana [..] View

Most populated server?

11:19 pm, January 28, 2017 Hey guys, I recently resubscribed and want to start a new character. Could someone please tell me which server is currently the most populated? I love DDO for its group dynamics, so I do not wish to l [..] View

can't log - Error 0x80004005

11:19 pm, January 24, 2017 I get this error on my main account and can't log, but can log on another account on the same PC. Used a diferent PC, same thing. I already reinstalled ddo, turned off the firewall, antivirus and ev [..] View

Totally Negligent Ticket System/Customer Service: Log In Issues Completely Ignored

11:19 pm, January 23, 2017 So it's come to this. The so-called "ticket system" is a complete joke. Be warned that Turbine completely abandoned this game back when they discontinued phone support and so far it doesn' [..] View

Connection Time Out after 20 attempts

11:19 am, January 20, 2017 Hi all, I can't connect to the game, I was on it earlier this morning but then i couldn't get on it all day then suddenly i could now I can't again. I have the recommended ports forwarded and trigge [..] View

Former veteran player, back after 5 years hiatus. A few questions.

11:19 pm, January 17, 2017 Hey guys. Long time no see. A few of my college friends and I are starting a pre-made six-men party, to play once a week. I'm thinking of playing a bard. I used to play a dual-wielding dwarven Warcha [..] View

AutoHotKey HotBar Manager

11:19 am, January 13, 2017 The following is a script that is written to work with AutoHotKey, software which allows you to target inputs from the user from the keyboard, mouse, or otherwise and cause other things to happen as a [..] View

Bear/wolf form and Ninja Poison

11:19 am, January 7, 2017 I want to know if the Ninja Poison stance will work in Bear form. I know from another thread i looked up that in the past it definitely did not work, because you are unarmed and it needs a weapon. Ho [..] View

PSA Adventure Compendium quest search

11:19 am, December 26, 2016 On the adventure tab of the adventure compendium (by default press P to open this window then go to the first tab), you can search for quest name. That's not what I found out today though. This is: I [..] View

downloading "en loading screen 1"

11:19 pm, November 28, 2016 my launcher is stuck on this msg, "downloading en loading screen 1" idk what happens, i change nothing in my computer. I was on, then i had to drop, 1 hour and a half after that, more or le [..] View

Multiple Clients Running Issue

11:19 pm, November 13, 2016 Here is my problem in a nutshell. I can launch DDO without a problem and it runs just fine with little to no lag (lucky me) and I can switch toons and still not have many problems. For years I was abl [..] View

Premium Account Question

11:19 pm, November 11, 2016 As I understood it, any purchase with real money upgraded a f2p to premium, either from Market or points bundles from store, is this no longer true? I purchased the starter pack from the DDO Market, [..] View

Artificer arcane marksman build

11:19 pm, November 3, 2016 I'm a level 4 arcane marksman artificer and I was wondering for any one could give me a good build for this? Im in a guild but I do a lot of solo play in kinda want to be a support character on quest [..] View

Very old returning player questions.

11:19 am, November 1, 2016 I have recently returned to the game, last time I player level 12 had just been released. I had a VIP account for several months at least, before I cancled it. Had to buy the game originally. I know [..] View

how to get Menace of the Underdark with paysafecard

11:19 pm, October 21, 2016 hi guys, i´m a new player at the game (just a month) and i like it a lot so i decided to buy some packs. I asked people and told me to buy giants holds and vale of twilight. So i did. Later [..] View

Launcher can't start because "...dlll is missing..." - but it's not

11:19 pm, October 19, 2016 (Edit - "...DLL..." - wish you could edit thread titles. Anyway...) Trying to load DDO on a new box, Windows 10. Launcher balks and says "Program can't start because MSVCP100.dll is mi [..] View

Skill Breakdowns

11:19 pm, October 14, 2016 Quote: Originally Posted by Brattyone I attempted to stealth Impossible Demands, where my hide and move silently were sitting at 120/118 respectively, and was heard by mo [..] View

Suggestions - Discussion 'Melee, Ranged, Both'

11:19 am, October 4, 2016 I was recently asked about my build (Lvl 9, Pure Elf Barbarian-Ravager ); to paraphrase the question was 'Melee, or Ranged?'...My response was, of course, 'BOTH'. After that: the discussion got a bit [..] View

Constant Internet Disconnects

11:19 am, October 4, 2016 Hey guys it started maybe a month ago where i disconnect for one or two minutes and then everything works perfectly fine for a little while maybe a couple hours until i disconnect again and so on. It [..] View

You have been warned.

11:19 pm, September 25, 2016 Just had a Win10 update, which is no big deal; however, this update included a notice that Win10 took it upon itself to uninstall an application (non-Microsoft) because it was no longer compatible wit [..] View

No action points on rank up... What am I doing wrong?

11:19 pm, September 24, 2016 I have been away for three years or so, and although I think I logged in once or twice in between, I did'nt actually do anything. Now I decided to give DDO another try, and tried to level up my charac [..] View

Fun build if you guys want to help with it (Lich King Theme)

11:19 pm, September 13, 2016 I made a Lich King like build. I have a level 18 Wizard with most of this already, but I wanted to improve on it by making it a Greatsword build. When making this build, I wanted the Harper enhanceme [..] View

Weapon proficiency and “to hit” for multi-class characters (rogue/ranger/bard)

11:19 pm, September 12, 2016 Weapon proficiency and “to hit” for multi-class characters (rogue/ranger/bard) I have a multi-class character started that is at rogue 2/ ranger 2/ bard 2 with all remaining levels [..] View

Aside from common sense, does "Crippling" work on oozes?

11:19 pm, September 12, 2016 Does "Crippling" work on oozes? Never mind how common sense in the real world would wonder how to cripple a living lump of jelly, but then, how real-world is that scenario to begin with? I [..] View

Off-Problems not connected to DDO

11:19 am, September 10, 2016 Hello everyone, i hope to find some help about solving my PC Problem not linked to DDO that keeps me busy and depressed for a few days. I´m running on WIN7 Ultimate 64, 6 Core Athlon2 1100T [..] View

looking for other players

11:19 pm, September 7, 2016 my friend and I recently got into playing this :D currently we are not VIP subscribers, but we did buy menace of the underdark so I could have a druid class and for the other goodies that came with it [..] View

Need someone to hold my hand through an Iconic LR

11:19 pm, September 3, 2016 Hello forumites :) I am about to TR, going into third life, and I want to do an Iconic this time. Specifically I want: PDK - Rogue/Bard/Warlock Could anyone post a series of steps I need to take to ge [..] View

After windows 10 updates, frame rate now under3

11:19 am, September 3, 2016 I have an older system put it has run ddo fine since 2011. Did the free windows 10 upgrade back in June and it still plugs right along, even a little better than the 8,1 it replaced. However, last w [..] View

Question about supreme ability tomes

11:19 pm, September 2, 2016 Hi there. Ive decided to invest in a supreme tome what with the dbl point bonus this week. Then I started wondering if I should just wait for a sale? I did a bit of digging and couldnt see when the [..] View

Launcher/Client Win8

11:19 am, August 31, 2016 Hello, I am trying to run ddo on win8. The launcher will start, but when it comes to logging in the clients does not start, without giving an error message. I think it could be that it tries to run wi [..] View

DDO Launcher Windows 7 - Eroor the request could not be sent

11:19 am, August 24, 2016 Hi everyone, I am using a small laptop which definitely has enough space and the capacity to run ddo but for some reason, the launcher will give me an error message (the title). I have tried reinstall [..] View

Dumb guild renown question

11:19 pm, August 18, 2016 I thought I recalled reading somewhere that there was a maximum # of levels a guild could gain in a day. (3 maybe?) If you create a new guild, and then grab a 15K saga reward, will your newly created [..] View

Father & Son Duo - Need Advise

11:19 pm, August 13, 2016 My son and I want to see how well we can do as a duo. Could I get some advice on a duo set of character types to play? What would those builds look like? I recall a build planner, do people still [..] View

The DDO Chronicle: Issue 200!

11:19 pm, August 2, 2016 Thank you for reading the DDO Chronicle! It's been something like 350 weeks that I've had to come up with a weekly question, and I couldn't be paid to do something that dumb without you! :) We hope y [..] View

Another new Windows 10 install - DDO banned from using graphics driver

11:19 pm, July 28, 2016 So this DDO has had troubles with the NVIDIA graphics card crashing since I got the computer. I had to downgrade to some lower version of DirectX to make it work at all. Then it periodically ( once ev [..] View

Getting Platinum

11:19 am, July 26, 2016 Hullo, a friend of mine asked me and a bunch of people to come try out ddo. He had been playing a few years back, and is about level 25 so he decided to start anew with us. Now, he has a guild and we [..] View

Chat Aliases for DDO veterans

11:19 am, July 14, 2016 I built a list of 40 chat aliases that give useful information through commands in chat like:Raid completionsXP cap and Quests by levelShadow Crypt instance pathsThe Pit wheelsDISCLAIMER: this is inte [..] View

Sorta kinda a new player advice

11:19 pm, July 4, 2016 So I started playing DDO. And got VIP couse I liked it ALOT! And then I played around with a monk, used to be my favorite during our manly pen and paper sessions... BUT! I am in desperate need of l [..] View

DDO Free to Play Guide (minimal grind method)

11:19 pm, June 26, 2016 DDO Free to Play Guide (minimal grind method)Intro It is certainly possible to play DDO completely for free. You may want to do this for budgetary reasons, but since cheap offers come around frequentl [..] View

Feat Respec Token - Artificer bonus feat - Fred the mindfryer

11:19 am, June 26, 2016 Hello, I just read on ddo wiki that ability stats points applied by enhancements trees do not count towards the pre-reqs for feats. Example, character needs STR of 13+ to be able to pick feat &quo [..] View

Half elf warlock 18 artificer 2 trapper repeater aura build - is this viable?

11:19 pm, June 23, 2016 Hello all I have an idea for a build and could use some feedback. The idea is to use a repeater and AA while using the warlock aura. I am not sure it will work so therefore some feedback is needed. [..] View

Upgrading to VIP

11:19 pm, June 22, 2016 Hello folks, Casual player here. This summer, my son and I have some time on our hands, so we decided to play DDO together. I upgraded to VIP no problem...I am a lapsed VIP player, and I just went to [..] View

It's worth checking out UMD (Use Magic Device)

11:19 pm, June 21, 2016 Heya I keep bumping into players who have not thought about this awesome skill. And when I thought back I don't think I realised what this strange thing at the bottom of the skills table was until so [..] View

Summons full damage

11:19 pm, June 20, 2016 I have run my first toon fully investing in summons, this included augument, improved augument, sion of elysiun, 3 druid lives, magister grand summoner and harper. My toon was mage enchanter, [..] View

Noobie need help

11:19 am, June 19, 2016 Hi. Need advice please I am a new player building my first character. I am trying an artificer and like his play style a lot, i have managed to get to level 10 starting in Korthos Island then Stormr [..] View

How do you get Kensai instead of Vanguard when multiclassing into Fighter?

11:19 am, June 13, 2016 The title pretty much covers the problem. I started as Rogue 1. When I leveled, I went to the Fighter Trainer. Went through all the steps, and ended up Vanguard. I don't recall any point at which [..] View

Cannot Start DDO Following 08-06-16 Downtime

11:19 pm, June 8, 2016 Okay so since whatever was done during today's downtime, I can't start up the game any longer. Every time I try, I go through the launcher, it does it quick checks and what every else it does, then gi [..] View

Failed to launch client

11:19 pm, May 10, 2016 This morning I could play with only the normal problems(lag). Are the servers still down or did something mess up? Because every time i enter my password I get "Failed to launch client: failed [..] View

DDO is not Linear - DDO is a Cyclical game

11:19 am, April 30, 2016 For new and returning players, a word of advice: DDO is not a linear game. You don't start at level 1 and end at level 30 and play some mythical "end game." DDO is cyclical. There is a phr [..] View

Assistance Regarding Rogue Build

11:19 am, April 30, 2016 Greetings, I just recently came back to DDO with two friends of mine, and we're trying to make a three man party that can cover the major aspects of a party. We did this ages ago, and I had a build I [..] View


Your submission could not be processed because a security token was missing.

Feb 19, 2015, 7:58 pm So I can't get ingame and wanted help in this forum. I followed the directions in the thread on "how to get help in these forums", dxdiag in a code box etc and when i try to submit the post, I get a[..] View

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