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******* Swords as 1-Handed Weapons

11:19 pm, January 5, 2018 From the snipets I have read, it seems that ******* swords are treated as one-handed weapons in all respects - so (if a character has no feats/enhancements that benefit a particular weapon) two ****** [..] View

Do Two weapon fighting feats apply to an armed Drow Monk?

11:19 pm, October 5, 2017 Hello, I have a Drow monk (Lvl:1 = Rogue, Lvl:2 = Fighter, Lvls: 3-10 = Monk) with fests “Whirling Steel Strike” & “Two Weapon Fighting” & &am [..] View

help with some questions please just starting out in ddo

11:19 pm, April 19, 2017 ok basically im going rogue, for my beginning class my question is weather duel wielding is better at end game as apposed to two handed weapons - such as quarterstaff's i have seen the builds of ro [..] View

Feat; Oversized Two Weapon Fighting - has it been Deprecated?

11:19 am, October 3, 2016 Feat; Oversized Two Weapon Fighting - has it been Deprecated? I like fighting with two weapons simultaneously (one in each hand) in DDO. I understand that feat "two weapon fighting" only c [..] View

stuck trying to work out what to play

11:19 am, August 17, 2016 Any advice for a noob with no idea what viable builds are? I've always liked the idea of dual wielding longsword xD I like the idea of dual wielding the same weapon in both hands in general. I like [..] View

Two-Handed Fighting feat combining with other styles on ******* swords/dwarven axes?

11:19 am, May 7, 2016 So if you have a ******* sword or a dwarven axe and wielding it one handed or sword and board style, then you get a chance at glancing blows that are enhanced by the Two-Handed Fighting feats. Does t [..] View

Assistance Regarding Rogue Build

11:19 am, April 30, 2016 Greetings, I just recently came back to DDO with two friends of mine, and we're trying to make a three man party that can cover the major aspects of a party. We did this ages ago, and I had a build I [..] View

Weapon and Shield??

11:19 pm, March 25, 2016 Hi, I am trying to decide what the best option is for max damage. I use a shield and ******* sword now which helps my AC. However, is it better to go with 2 ******* Swords?? Is there a combination [..] View

Need build help: Fighter/Rogue?

11:19 pm, February 23, 2016 I had the thought of doing a TWF 18 Fighter / 2 Rogue build, that focused on INT dipping into the Harper's Agent to give int to hit and damage. There are just so many feats and stuff for a newb like m [..] View

DDO Damage Simulator

11:19 am, January 12, 2016 Information: This is a tool designed to calculate the damage done over time by almost any non-caster build. Once you enter in all the information for your build, the tool should be able to calculate [..] View

When and how do I pick feat; Two Weapon Fighting - Munk native bare hand fighting

11:19 am, December 9, 2015 When and how do I pick feat “Two Weapon Fighting”? First character is still a 3rd level dark monk in Korthos. He is a drow and "we" love "our" magical +1 short [..] View

How do I unload "bind to character" equipment / aim shurikens / re-accept quest?

11:19 am, December 2, 2015 How do I remove from my inventory equipment/gear/loot that is "Binds to character on acquire permanently"? I am new to DDO (maybe 12 hours play time to date), and by ignorance and/or mistake [..] View

Two Handed Weapon Equiping

11:19 pm, September 13, 2015 Ahoy, I signed up and just started playing DDO less than a week ago. I am a Halfling and have the ability to use two weapons at one time. My question: Every time I switch from my bow to a sword I us [..] View

a question and a thank you

11:19 am, September 9, 2015 First of all i would like to thank every one who helped me from the first day that i started playing the game. Couldn't have done it with out your advice. Now i'm level 21 Paladin S&B Vangua [..] View

quest problem Let Sleeping Dust Lie

11:19 am, September 2, 2015 So after getting the vale of twilight today the first quest i did was Let Sleeping Dust Lie. I'm having a problem with this in the **** no spider thing. i'm a paladin pure BTW and all the wiki help [..] View

General question from a not so new noob

11:19 am, August 27, 2015 I feel like i'm spamming the section with my question but can't help but to take advantage of your helpful nature so here it goes. So i'm level 14 S&B Paladin following the nice build found h [..] View

[Massive Help] Starting DDO Journey

11:19 am, August 15, 2015 Greetings, adventurers! My name is Nervly and I would like to request your services to aid the beginning of my journey. Seriously though, I've played DDO before but I wasn't "playing correctly& [..] View

fighter questions

11:19 pm, August 5, 2015 I have lots of old ******* swords lying around. Wondering how well they work with two weapon fighting? Worth it? So far, seems to hit hard, but real slow, then again, I just came from an epic single w [..] View

Two Handed Feats and ******* Swords

11:19 pm, April 27, 2015 Hey everyone! I have read a lot about how the two handed line of feats boosts the glances on b-swords. So, I took the first one of those feats with my b-sword and I have not noticed a single proc of [..] View

How do you replay the Threnal Arena?

11:19 pm, March 30, 2015 So the first time I did all the Threnal quests I must have missed the ceremonial dagger. I decided to go back and try the arena because I was trying to find a nice place to **** rust monsters, and th [..] View

Tempus Trapmonkey Questions

11:19 pm, March 9, 2015 I currently have about 20 of these builds spread out over all the servers. https://www.ddo.com/forums/showthrea...est+trapmonkey Recently I decided to make another but change his weapon to ******* S [..] View

A few noob questions

11:19 pm, February 12, 2015 Hi all, I'm fairly new (started playing in Dec, 2014), and still learning a lot despite reading lots on these forums and DDOWiki. I have a few questions I'd appreciate any responses on. I've played [..] View

Need some help choosing

11:19 pm, February 7, 2015 So just an FYI you guys have been great with all the advice. My wife, son, and I have a nice casual 3 man team we take out all WF pallie, arti, and pallie and we have a pretty good time playing casua [..] View

New Player Character Build (easy mode)

11:19 pm, January 1, 2015 Let's face it... a lot of new players have trouble building a character that can stay alive and go toe to toe with enemies. However, it is simple to ruin a first time player's enjoyment due to the rob [..] View

Seeking Rogue Weapon Help

11:19 am, November 6, 2014 I have three level 17 Rogues, all primarily specialized in the Assassin tree. They now have the ability to assassinate, and also the top level skill that increases the critical threat range of dagger [..] View

Just got back

11:19 am, November 6, 2014 so i just came back after a long time away college does that some times. so i got back to my old account and saw there is a alot of new content and my points are all unspent so i respect into my build [..] View

New player looking for (rather specific) builds

11:19 pm, October 27, 2014 Hello everyone, I am completely new to the game and to the world of Eberron, if not to D&D and the Forgotten Realms. I know new players can do a lot of bad stuff when creating characters, s [..] View

Always Customise your Character!

11:19 pm, October 21, 2014 While doing some favor farming I decided to check out a couple of the "pre-made" Fighter Paths - Vanguard and Stalwart. These are TERRIBLE! Human Vanguard chooses the feats - Two Handed Fi [..] View

Build Request: S&B Pally Tank/Damage

11:19 am, October 10, 2014 Hello there, New(ish) returning player who is excited by U23 and eager to roll up a paladin. A couple of things I'd like to do here: -Create a strong leveling build that is capable both in solo and [..] View

Critical Wraith Monk?

11:19 am, September 25, 2014 Just a thought on a matter of the efficacy of the Wraith shroud's constitution damage. Dex SAD (Monk 3 ninja spy), some double strike (Eldritch Knight core abilities, the 2% EK thing, and the stance o [..] View

Server and class advice

11:19 pm, September 7, 2014 Hello. I've started to play on Cannith, I like game, but I have a feeling of... emptiness. I walked through Harbor and saw only a few people. Is it because it's low-level zone or server just doesn't h [..] View

New Player Questions

7:21 am, July 1, 2014 Hello, I'm a completely new player to DDO who joined a few days ago. I'm a f2p player (With only income being monthly allowance, so my only source of TP is grinding :( )While I know most of the basic [..] View


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