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Human Adaptability and feats / feat respeccs

11:19 pm, January 9, 2018 Hello, lets say I started with a certain ability score and use Human Adaptability to raise that score. Example: - starting with 14DEX - raising to 15DEX Will this ability score now count as a met prer [..] View

Feats for Ranger

11:19 pm, December 27, 2017 Hello, Seeking forms input on what are best feats for two weapon fighting human ranger character. I recently started playing ranger class and have two rangers now, a human (lvl 10) and a drow (lvl 1 [..] View

What gear from auction houses will increase character's wisdom ability score?

11:19 pm, October 11, 2017 What are the names of gear that increase’s a character’s wisdom ability score found in auction houses? Would like to know what wording I should be searching for in auction houses [..] View

Human vs Half Elf. Both are versatile for any class, but what are the differences?

11:19 pm, October 2, 2017 Hi all, I have been playing DDO as a human and half-elf, mainly because I admire their versatility to play as any class. No matter what class(es) you pick, both races can do it well. So now, I have be [..] View

melee build to one shot trash mobs in toee?

11:19 am, August 23, 2017 note the question mark. when I first started playing and rolled up a bunch of different guys, at level 1, korthos, I went in and was oneshotting all the mobs. but I don't remember the race or class c [..] View

Solo Cleric Leveling Build (War Priest), need advice

11:19 pm, July 26, 2017 I'm new to the game. I started up a few years ago and quit because soloing the class I wanted (1 thief/7 mage) was really hard to level without hirelings (I didn't want to use them....) I am certain t [..] View

Need help improving my artificer for soloing EE and doing reaper content

11:19 pm, June 25, 2017 Hello, all I came back to the game after a long break a few weeks ago. I have been working on updating my level 30 pure artificer/xbow toon so that he can do EE content solo, and perhaps be sufficien [..] View

Need Help Picking Classes and Things

11:19 am, May 20, 2017 I played this game a little bit, long ago. I left primarily because, as a free player, I didn't have many quests to choose from. I didn't like having to play through the same few quests quite so man [..] View

The "MT OLYMPUS" Build

11:19 am, April 29, 2017 "Mt OLYMPUS" Build 10 Paladin / 8 Fighter / 2 Warlock [2 Handed Weapon DPS PDK Pally] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [..] View

Barbarian Build?

11:19 am, April 25, 2017 I just returned back to the game after 3 years. I need some Advice on the build as well as gear to get. I m currently a Barbarian lvl 28 TR from Human Fighter . Looking to go DPS but want survivalbity [..] View

Introducing friend to ddo tomorrow

11:19 pm, April 3, 2017 Hello Tomorrow i am gonna introduce a friend to ddo. If we are lucky we will get past korthos in one evening. He ones said that DDO was too "square" for him and the graphics wasn't good eno [..] View

Spring, summer, autumn, winter... spring?

11:19 am, March 31, 2017 I've had some thoughts rattlin' around in light of certain circumstances, thoughts a new consumer of this game 'oughta know. I wouldn't call this advice by any means, but it is no less useful to you [..] View

Warlock TRing

11:19 pm, March 28, 2017 I'm currently playing as a 32pts Human Fiend Warlock. I'm going to TR this toon to a goo or fey warlock. My doubt is: Which of these races would be the best to do so? 1- Drow (with this one i'm wor [..] View

Best Adventure Packs (Get The most for your money)

11:19 am, February 4, 2017 First: Get Shadowfell Expansion (Standard $29.99) Second: Bundle Menace of the Underdark Expansion (Standard $17.49) **$47.48 Gets you Wheloon City, The Stormhorns, Purple Dragon Knight, 1 Charact [..] View

Leveling suggestions for 18+

11:19 pm, December 13, 2016 Ive been having trouble recently not getting insta gibbed in the quests ive tried running, mainly xoriat and quests with demons/devils. I two box a greataxe dwarf warrior and a human trap monkey,with [..] View

Skill Breakdowns

11:19 pm, October 14, 2016 Quote: Originally Posted by Brattyone I attempted to stealth Impossible Demands, where my hide and move silently were sitting at 120/118 respectively, and was heard by mo [..] View

Weapon proficiency and “to hit” for multi-class characters (rogue/ranger/bard)

11:19 pm, September 12, 2016 Weapon proficiency and “to hit” for multi-class characters (rogue/ranger/bard) I have a multi-class character started that is at rogue 2/ ranger 2/ bard 2 with all remaining levels [..] View

Wizard Questions

11:19 am, September 10, 2016 My situation: One of my two main characters is a Human Wizard (Pure) Arch-mage and I intend to keep her so. As of today she has 4 Epic Past Life Feats, one in each sphere, and she will soon acquire [..] View

Doing the quest The Bloody Crypt - either solo or by SOCIAL party?

11:19 pm, September 7, 2016 I am still new to DDO, playing only about 11 months, 99% solo. I have a 10th level character (4th Artificer / 6th Warlock) and two hirelings (gold permanent cleric 3rd lvl, paladin 9th lvl) and I wan [..] View

Spell points for a fighter??

11:19 am, September 5, 2016 Hi, I just leveled up to a 14th level human fighter. Now I see I have 20 points below my hit points which I thought was spell points?? Not sure what these are for a fighter?? Any thoughts? Tha [..] View

Playing a 5 year old build, what to do?

11:19 pm, August 26, 2016 I haven't played in years until recently (and didn't play long back then)https://www.ddo.com/forums/showthrea...=1#post2799105 I was following this build and it was added to the thread in 2011 then he [..] View

Help with My Half Elf Pure Bard

11:19 am, July 21, 2016 Code: Character Plan by DDO Character Planner Version 4.31.203DDO Character Planner Home PageVaerii Synast Level 20 Chaotic Good Half-Elf Female (20 Bard) Hit Points: 200 Spell Points: 670 [..] View

Half-Orc Pure Barbarian Build THF (Help Needed)

11:19 pm, July 18, 2016 So I found this:https://lordofantics.wordpress.com/2...rbarian-build/ And its a good guideline but for a human barbarian. I'm pretty new to this game. And I cannot, for the life of me, find an optimi [..] View

A Little Help?

11:19 am, July 3, 2016 Hey Guys! I am a relatively new player to DDO and just recently understood the entire game (at least i hope). This is the character that i build when i was completely a new player and did not understa [..] View

Difference between Progression and APs spent in tree.

11:19 pm, June 27, 2016 The question is, is there any difference? (By the way, I'm only discussing Tiers here, not core enhancements. Repeat - not core enhancements.) First: Progression is described in the DDO Wiki as fo [..] View

Need Help pls

11:19 pm, June 22, 2016 I had a link before to a Human Rogue/monk Thief acrobat build wielding quarterstaff but I deleted by accident and cant find in forums anymore if someone can help out with a similar build it involved s [..] View

Returning Player: Epics and past Lives and that stuff...

11:19 am, April 4, 2016 OK, so long time player, recently returning (about 3 months now?) I finally got completionist, which has been a long term goal for me. Anyway, my old "Epics experience" was around when Epic [..] View

warlock build advice

11:19 pm, April 2, 2016 first time really building something from scratch. this is gearless so obviously going to have holes until you can get them covered. This is also a PDK but could also be a human. though I'm sure with [..] View

Returning player - which toon to choose???

11:19 am, March 4, 2016 Hi all, I have recently returned to DDO after a 4 or 5 year absence and don't want to start levelling all my formerly maxed toons again. So I was wondering with the current state of the gamer, which [..] View

Build Help: Zen Archer Cleric / Ranger?

11:19 am, February 27, 2016 I've been toying around with a build I started a couple years ago. I wanted to make a ranged cleric that can do moderate damage for soloing and such but have enough healing and buffing to play support [..] View

Comprehensive Spell Power, Crit Chance, Crit Damage Breakdowns

11:19 pm, February 19, 2016 Thread is what it says on the tin. Since max DC and max spellpower build are usually exclusive to each other, this will be its own thread. Also I can't edit thread titles. Once again I invite everyone [..] View

Ability scores/stats, upgrade tomes, and attack tables

11:19 am, February 17, 2016 Looking for help in understand; Ability scores/stats, upgrade tomes, and attack tables. What I understand is that a +6 ability upgrade tome works over time, giving an additional +1 at levels; 3, 7, 1 [..] View

How to rebuild a 28 point character to 32 point?

11:19 pm, December 26, 2015 I have a human sorcerer level 4 with STR 11 and DEX of 11, built using 28 points in Korthos Village. Now I have 32 points from DDO store and all of my new characters but drow are 32 point builds. I [..] View

To Curse the Sky, one ****: A Video Guide

11:19 pm, December 26, 2015 Someone asked me how one does this quest, or really any quest, with minimum kills. It's 20% knowing the mechanics (sources of noise, what does and does not break sneak, knowing of extremely exploitabl [..] View

Enhancement troubles..

11:19 pm, December 25, 2015 Hello there forum...so I have a problem :D Recently returned to the game and decided to revisit cleric and try to make some effort with a melee cleric... Now that didn't go too wrong...but... I star [..] View

Returning Player - What did I miss?

11:19 am, November 26, 2015 Hi All, Haven't played since Druids were first announced and am keen to get back into some gaming (had a little crack at GW2 but not a huge fan, so back to DDO I come) I have a level 20 human Pally [..] View

Returning Player needing help

11:19 pm, October 14, 2015 Hi all, I was just seeing if anyone could give me with some small advice on what I should do. I played for a long time and had to quit about 4 years ago. The first expansion was about to come out. I [..] View

My first character. Can I get some Enhancements advice please

11:19 pm, October 2, 2015 Hello everyone, I've reached level 3 (rank 11) as a Paladin - path Flames of Justice and currently have 4 action points to spend. I'm not sure where though as this is my first character I've had at t [..] View

Not so new, but need opinions

11:19 pm, September 1, 2015 Hey there, I am not so new, but I need opinions just the same. I have a 17/3 FvS/Pali BF. Past lives are Sorc.(1) and Arti(2). I have maxed all epic destinies and have 3 epic past lives (for doub [..] View

Creating a Paladin-Need help with stat placement/build.

11:19 pm, August 19, 2015 Greetings all! I have recently discovered the wonders of DDO online and went ahead and made some purchases. I have the ability to do 32 pnt builds along with also have the ability to make a level 7 c [..] View

Another noob seeking a build

11:19 am, August 17, 2015 Greetings DDO-types I just started playing a few days ago & like most other noobs I've made a mistake or 12 already (deleted first character to try again on my second build losing all my noob [..] View

[Massive Help] Starting DDO Journey

11:19 am, August 15, 2015 Greetings, adventurers! My name is Nervly and I would like to request your services to aid the beginning of my journey. Seriously though, I've played DDO before but I wasn't "playing correctly& [..] View

Need advice for third life

11:19 pm, August 12, 2015 Hi guys ! I need you because I dunno what to do next. I just hit 20 and I'm thinking about next life. I'll have 2 pally past life and +4 supreme tome. I own everything but warforged, monk, artificer [..] View

SWF style - what does it work with?

11:19 am, August 12, 2015 I am trying to figure out what I should do with my Paladin (will be Paladin 20 - no Fighter splash). I don't want to do TWF this life, so that seems to leave either Sword and Shield or THF. Single W [..] View

Returning Player: Spellcaster-build ?

11:19 am, August 10, 2015 Anyone can help me again? I am playing with my old main character in team-up with my girlfriend. But we have very different working periods at the moment. So to avoid that our characters differ to [..] View

Rereturning noob acrobat

11:19 am, August 5, 2015 I've returned again to playing DDO, picking up the human acrobat I left last time I ran out of stuff at 12. I still don't have any new stuff but it's been months so the old stuff will probably seem ne [..] View

Returning Player: true reincarnation

11:19 am, August 4, 2015 Hello there, after returning to DDO after years of pausing I think about to true reincarnate my level 20 Rogue...so all the nice low level-quest are more beneficial to do again. But I want just ask [..] View

Returning player with a couple questions (bard build + what to do at level 15)

11:19 pm, July 28, 2015 It has been a couple(few?) years since I played this game and I'd like to start playing again but the changes have been pretty huge. I have a level 15 bard/rogue and a couple hearts of wood on that c [..] View

What should my next life be?

11:19 pm, July 19, 2015 I just finished my second life as a druid and have one as ranger as well. I am not sure what my next life should be. I have my heart set on a rogue 5 druid 1 splash. Using staff of the seer. The pro [..] View

L'il confused about Healing Amp

11:19 pm, June 27, 2015 Out of curiosity, I checked out how much Healing Amp my (lvl 26) Paladin has, and it notes 172. Okay: I've got two ranks of Human Improved Recovery (20 each, for total of 40), and three ranks of KOTC' [..] View

Human Versatility: Damage Boost uses increased from 5 to 6 .... ?

11:19 pm, June 9, 2015 I recently received an extra use for my Human Versatility: Damage Boost going from 5 uses to 6 uses. In the human enhancement tree I used points to get +1 Constitution and +20 healing. I did use poi [..] View

Barbarian Leveling gear guidance?

11:19 am, May 10, 2015 So I've jumped on the bandwagon and rolled up a human barbarian. I don't really have any twink gear to speak of and I was just hoping for a bit of guidance on where to go from here to get some gear. [..] View

Human versatility: Damage boost

11:19 am, May 10, 2015 Three questions about the Human Versatility: Damage Boost. 1. It gives +20% weapon damage. In what way is this different than the Action Boost: Melee Power from class enhancement trees? Several abil [..] View

Humanoid Bane?

11:19 am, May 10, 2015 Which enemies are considered Humanoid? According to the monster manual Bugbears and such and giants. But are monstrous humanoids and player races also humanoid (for the purpose of weapons of humanoid [..] View

Sorcerer Spells?

11:19 pm, April 26, 2015 I have a 12th level sorcerer, Air and Fire Savant, with lots of SLAs and points spent in crit enablers (for full build, read unbongwah's post in this thread: https://www.ddo.com/forums/showthrea...=1# [..] View

Returning Player looking for build advice

11:19 pm, March 8, 2015 Heya Folks :) I'm recently back to DDO after a break and I was wondering what to do with a drow evasion pally build I had started. Its at rogue 1/pally 5 at the moment. I have been looking at the fo [..] View

Epic builds

11:19 pm, February 25, 2015 the Cleric epic has a Sun Elf and the ability INt is 10 not Wis ??? this doesn't help out with the healer build as they need Charisma and Wisdom ??? why did the Dev's do this for a build you have to b [..] View

Easy SOLO wiz

11:19 pm, January 15, 2015 Ok, I just started an account for my son, and figured that for him the best way to learn ddo was soloing. I'm not talking about elite everything just norm/hard so he can get his bearings. With that [..] View

New Player Character Build (easy mode)

11:19 pm, January 1, 2015 Let's face it... a lot of new players have trouble building a character that can stay alive and go toe to toe with enemies. However, it is simple to ruin a first time player's enjoyment due to the rob [..] View

Help with rogue 1 monk 6 druid 13 build

11:19 pm, December 20, 2014 Hi All Could you please give me some feedback on this new build posted below. I wanna solo with him so therefore the rogue skills are important. I imagine that the char should be played weilding a st [..] View

TR Strategy Help Needed

11:19 pm, December 15, 2014 I finally have my first toon ready to heroic TR. I know that there is a comprehensive guide on "how to" TR, but is there any such guide that covers the strategy of the process? Should I ha [..] View

Basic wizard for new players

11:19 pm, November 9, 2014 Basic Wizard A wizard gets okay dps, good survivability, good self-healing. They have low defense and hp okay saves For a more advanced version that takes a lot more work look athttps://www.ddo.co [..] View

Basic Sorcerer for new players

11:19 pm, November 6, 2014 Basic Sorcerer A sorc gets good dps, okay survivability, okay self-healing. They have low defense and hp/saves Human sorcerer Stats Strength: 8 Dexterity: 8 Constitution: 16 Wisdom: 8 [..] View

Basic paladin for new players

11:19 pm, November 3, 2014 Very new player friendly No tomes required No gear required No p2p options Not considering epic destinies These are not builds for soloing epic elites but should serve to participate in them Pur [..] View

Basic fighter for new players

11:19 am, November 3, 2014 Very new player friendly No tomes required No gear required No p2p options Not considering epic destinies These is not a build for soloing epic elites but should serve to participate in them Bas [..] View

returning player and might as well be a newbie

11:19 am, October 28, 2014 Hello everyone, Just returning to DDO from a multi year break. I remember very little from my time playing ddo and what i do remember is most likely out of date and useless. Before leaving ddo i lvle [..] View

New player looking for (rather specific) builds

11:19 pm, October 27, 2014 Hello everyone, I am completely new to the game and to the world of Eberron, if not to D&D and the Forgotten Realms. I know new players can do a lot of bad stuff when creating characters, s [..] View

Always Customise your Character!

11:19 pm, October 21, 2014 While doing some favor farming I decided to check out a couple of the "pre-made" Fighter Paths - Vanguard and Stalwart. These are TERRIBLE! Human Vanguard chooses the feats - Two Handed Fi [..] View

Sorcerer information - wiki status.

11:19 pm, October 11, 2014 Returning player here. I've been leveling a TRed WF sorc after leaving around the time of the first expansion and noticed that the "starting a sorcerer" wiki page was mostly unchanged sinc [..] View

Build Request: S&B Pally Tank/Damage

11:19 am, October 10, 2014 Hello there, New(ish) returning player who is excited by U23 and eager to roll up a paladin. A couple of things I'd like to do here: -Create a strong leveling build that is capable both in solo and [..] View

Advice on Artificer build (I'm completely f2p and i have Drow)

11:19 am, October 7, 2014 Hello, I just got enough TP to get my dream class, Artificer. I'm just seeking advice on a custom build. I never spent money on DDO. So I have all the F2P Races (Including Drow). So can any of you dir [..] View

Returning Noob looking for build advice

11:19 am, September 3, 2014 Hello. I am a noob who'd like to play this game. And what I wish to play as is a human acrobat, that'll beat all the monsters and find all the secrets by himself. Doing all quests on level too, includ [..] View

epic feats for Radiant Titan variant

11:19 am, July 8, 2014 I have this Radiant Titan variant: Cleric 18 / Paladin 2, Human TWF Warpriest 31: Divine Might, PRR, Amel.Strike, Haste Radiant Servant 32: Turns, Burst, Aura Human 17: Heal Amp She's level 20, an [..] View

Pimp my gimps!

7:21 am, July 1, 2014 Pimp my gimps! [TL:DR] - anybody have some modern builds (for the woefully unequipped) for the following: WF 20 sorc - basic blaster with some CC options (the blasting being the main parts). tempes [..] View


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