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11:19 pm, September 9, 2017

New Player Reaper Pointers

If you are new to the game, first - welcome! Now if you are done soloing and have decided to group up you might look at the LFM panel and wonder what is R1/Reaper. Reaper is the hardest difficulty mode in the game but also the most rewarding experience and loot wise. Don't be intimidated by Reaper but you should be prepared. Here are some pointers that will help you manage this difficulty level.

1. Reaper mode has two things you should really watch out for - Reapers and Champions. Reapers are those ghostly looking things they come in a variety of types (Fear, Carnage, Plague, Famine). Just stay away from them. Actually run away from them. Let others handle them for now. They are incorporeal so that means you need a weapon with ghost touch or ghost bane on it to hit them. Spells will damage them but again, you don't want them agro'd to you till you have a bit more combat experience. Champions are those bright shiny monsters with things like Soul of Cruelty under their name. Stay away from them too. They can **** you in one or two swings.

2. Reaper doesn't let you self heal. Or at least it doesn't let you heal very well. Reaper therefore is about cooperation. Your other party members need to be healed by each other so you pick up a cure light wounds wand, cure moderate wounds, cure critical wounds - whatever you can use. If you are not playing a class that has access to them that means you need UMD (use magical device) to make them work. That's a skill. You should be putting points into UMD every level so that you can use these wands. If you able you should carry Raise Dead scroll as well. There will be a lot of dead in Reaper. Yes, these scrolls are expensive, but if you can raise dead the entire party will thank you. Heal scroll is another big one to get if you are able. Some of your classes have Enhancement abilities that magnify the effectiveness of the scrolls and wands - take all 3 levels of that.

3. Get a Shield Wand. Remember UMD above? Well UMD also allows you to use other spells from wands and scrolls. One of the must haves is Shield. If you are a caster you can get nightshield as a first level spell. If you aren't then head to the Marketplace and in the center is a L1 Arcane Wand Vendor. He sells Shield wands and they are cheap. Buy a couple, they will save your life. In Reaper both champions and Reapers will cast magic missile at you and these will do a LOT of damage. Basically it will **** you. If you have shield cast on you this will block the missiles and you take no damage. Other wands which are beneficial are blur (20% of all attacks miss you), jump (always a good skill to have), false life (that free HPs and the more HPs the better), stoneskin (more damage mitigation) and Expeditious Retreat (the faster you move the longer you live).

4. Hit points, hit points, hit points. Don't try to play Raistlin with a weak Constitution. Every singly character you make should have at least a 12 Constitution. That's the bare minimum. Really they should have a 14. CON should be your second stat. It's very simply, the more HPs you have, the longer you live. You can never have enough HPs. Look up hit point threads to see ways you can get maximum amount of HPs. If you think you have enough HPs, you don't. Get more.

5. Follow the Leader. The leader of your group is going to be the one moving ahead. In almost all of your groups there will be someone, if not the leader then another alpha player who is going into rooms drawing agro from the mobs. You never want to be the one doing this. You can do this when your character is stronger, right now they aren't. Allow the stronger characters to start the encounter then you start attacking. If you follow this procedure you'll find that you can attack mobs without them looking in your direction all that often.

6. Pick a class you can succeed in. If you are going to try out Reaper then pick a class that gives you the best chance to contribute. I would recommend these classes for your first Reaper experience.

  1. Warlock - the best all around do everything class. You don't need a lot gear, you will have high UMD, you will be able to do decent to great damage.

    Cleric - people need heals and clerics heal people. If all you do is heal people and try to keep them alive people will want you in their group.

    Rogue - they can both get traps and do high DPS. You will be HP challenged but Rogues offer a lot of variety to the party. You want your first Rogue to be a mechanic. I know assassins are cool but try that on your second (or third) Rogue life. Right now just grab a Xbow and start shooting. Invest in intelligence and Trap gear. A Rogue who can get traps and fire a Xbow is a highly valuable part of any group

    Artificer - same as Rogue, DPS/Traps. Pretty similar to the Rogue Mechanic. Trap and Xbows.

    Ranger - arcane archer is the way to go with some deep woods sniper mixed in. See all those nifty arrow effects in the Arcane archer tree? They are really really good in Reaper. In a feared or paralyzed mob cannot hurt you.

    Wizard - has lots of utility focus on enchantment spells like holds and charms or instant **** spells like Finger of *****. Scope out the guides for increasing your DCs. If you are a reliable enchanter you'll find yourself having success in any group and you will rarely be getting hit.

    Monk - go light side and have fun with this exciting varied melee class. You have a lot to learn with monk, it isn't easy to play well but the play style if very rewarding and you can get hooked on it.

    Fighter - if you just want to swing a sword and keep it simple this is the way to go. They do a lot of damage and can take some hits. Look up modern Fighter guides which rely upon defense and damage mitigation as much as DPS. As long as you aren't the first one into the room you can do well here. Don't charge in, remember you are not Conan, you are one of his henchman right now. Let Conan start the fight then move in.

7. Know when to Retreat. Sometimes a fight is going badly. Know when to get out. Learn the location of shrines in a quest. Know how far you are away from a shrine. You never know when you'll have to get back there with some soul stones. If you are able to get dead party members up as soon as possible. Don't press an attack when PCs are dying around you.

8. Crowd Control is your Friend. A lot of the classes I listed above have forms of crowd control or CC. These are abilities like stunning fist or web or paralyze that freeze mobs and don't allow them attack you. In many new quests mobs will rush at your party in large groups. This can be lethal in Reaper when they have champions in the group or Reapers. Any ability that slows this rush down is a highly valuable ability. In many ways CC is better than DPS.

This isn't a complete list of things that you'll need to know but it is enough to get you started. If you start to practice these pointers you will soon find yourself contributing to Reaper groups in no time at all. Good luck, enjoy the game and don't fear the Reaper!



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