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Stuck on loading screen...Please help!

I need help. I run Windows 7 64 bit. I have a great cable connection and my PC is hard wired directly to my router which is a new Linksys. Here is my problem...
I start the DDO launcher. Enter my password. Choose a world, usually Thelanis (but I've tried other worlds and get the same issue). After selecting a world I get a loading screen and this is where I get stuck. The screen reads:

Loading New Game Data
2600.0044.8500.4138.Release Portal:compiled Thur Feb 26 19:31:49 2015 RELEASE

There is a status bar that never moves and below it reads:
Connecting to Authentication Server...

I have been stuck here for about a week now. Tried uninstalling DDO and reinstalling it, no luck. Anyone have a similar issue or know how to resolve this? I currently have a ticket in with DDO tech support but have only received an automated reply as of now.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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