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D20 Icon missing

11:19 pm, January 18, 2018 So, after the patch yesterday, my D20 icon (the one that shows your combat, lockpick, etc... rolls) was nowhere to be seen. I know it can sometimes "move" so I minimized all my windows and/ [..] View

Collectibles, what to keep?

11:19 pm, January 9, 2018 Hey there, I’m leveling up a paladin and the collectibles are driving me crazy. I’ve got the small and medium collectibles bags, but my inventory is still beginning to fill up. I w [..] View

Anyone help with class and playing advice?

11:19 am, January 1, 2018 Howdy yall!! I returned last week from a break since U27. I literally spent the past week sorting and organizing my mules. I had way too much stuff. Here is my dilema. I have 2 main toons and [..] View

Ghost Touch solution for level 10?

11:19 am, December 29, 2017 Came back to the game a couple months ago, been enjoying it a lot so far! I even managed to get a character up to max level and reincarnate her, something I've never actually done before. However, I'v [..] View

Is this the game, or my connection?

11:19 am, December 21, 2017 I've been having a problem for about two months now where my connection seems to freeze in game, but only for uploaded information. I can see everything moving around me, I can get damaged, on my cle [..] View

back after years...now wondering (cant remember) about "special feat"...

11:19 pm, December 20, 2017 Hello, I took a loooooong break from DDO since I decided to come back this Christmas. For now I am reading, managing to get into my characters after all this years - deciding to maybe reincarnate or [..] View

Where is the REAL newbie threads?

11:19 pm, December 20, 2017 This is supposed to be a new player thread yet I see stuff posted for level 20 (sorry but that AINT a new player) and on 2nd,3rd + reincarnated toons.... Are there actual threads about what works at [..] View

F1-F12 Function keys are not selecting properly

11:19 am, December 12, 2017 This is a recent bug for me - the game and my system have been working perfectly for 10 years. What is happening now is that my Function keys are no longer working as per the DDO mapping but are now [..] View

Random Freezes / lock ups

11:19 am, December 8, 2017 So whilst playing the game I get random freezes of anywhere between 2-8secs. This happens mainly on entering new areas, or whenever im below 30% health and there are enemies around :D Joke, its comp [..] View

Any advice for a new player? Im getting incredibly frustrated.

11:19 am, December 7, 2017 Just wanted to get back into DDO. I played a ton back in the day but lost my old account info so I started a new one. I dropped $50 to start off at level 7 with 34 skill points with a few more things [..] View

Ravenloft Crashing

11:19 pm, December 6, 2017 So along with most of the community, I was waiting eagerly for the new expansion to come out.. and Weds updating the client. So logged in, jumped onto my level 30 farm character and after spending so [..] View

Have not played since 2011. No idea where to begin.

11:19 am, November 25, 2017 So, I used to play back in 2011. I reached end game on my Bard, and then quit due to lack of content/other games. Decided to come back because DDO Bard is probably my favorite MMO class of all time, a [..] View

Game Crashes

11:19 pm, November 19, 2017 Hello, last night I was playing without any issues and today after I went turning on the pc to play more, the game keeps crashing after the server selection. I've win 7 64b, dxdiag says ver 11 Now I [..] View

Returning since Update 19

11:19 am, November 16, 2017 Used to play a bit during update 19, saw the new skill trees, but probably not all of the new content. Premium player, probably spent ~$80? So I read through the DDO wiki on updates since then, and am [..] View

Best Three Person Party Classes

11:19 pm, November 11, 2017 Hi All, I am looking at coming back with a few of my friends after a very long time away. Since so much has changed we are looking at starting new characters to try and get to the point where we can [..] View

Quest Compendium Spreadsheet

11:19 am, November 9, 2017 A while back, someone had posted a spreadsheet that had all of the quests listed out that included some nice details for tracking progress. I took that sheet & built upon it, adding in some ad [..] View

weird USB headphone issue just started a few months ago

11:19 pm, November 3, 2017 This is on my laptop. I start out just fine able to hear game sounds and do voice chat through my USB headphone. After a random amount of time the sound stops coming through the headphones. The clie [..] View


11:19 am, October 26, 2017 Just getting back into the swing of things since 2008.. something like that. Been reading the forums for the last 3 days trying to figure out what I'm getting into, but I can't seem to figure out what [..] View

New Guild leader needs help...

11:19 pm, October 14, 2017 Help! I have formed a new guild, but progress is slow, very slow. I have about 10 guild members, but only a few are online often. And recruitment is painful. No one wants to join us because we are suc [..] View

Community Rules Update

11:19 pm, August 30, 2017 One of the things that has been a long-term project of mine is to update the Community Guidelines to better reflect the needs of Standing Stone Games, to more accurately describe the rules as we apply [..] View

Monk Finisher icon

11:19 am, August 24, 2017 So... I changed my destiny and rearranged my hotbar but must have removed the Monk Finisher Icon by mistake. The problem is that now I can't find it on the list of feats to re-add it. I've scrolled [..] View

Does Eldritch Blast always count as a spell?

11:19 am, August 18, 2017 I'm about to TR into a Warlock for the first time. I'm fairly familiar with the class in general, but not at all in depth. I can't find a source which says if Eldritch Blast counts as a spell one wa [..] View

Cannith Challenge items and crafting.

11:19 am, July 31, 2017 Hi there, just wondering if it is possible to craft on the Cannith Challenge items such as the Tier 3 Level 7 & 11 Blasting Chime as it shows there. (I also spotted a message from Uurlock sta [..] View

Can't download ddo live.exe, keeps getting interrupted, any help?

11:19 pm, July 14, 2017 Hi, the story Yesterday tried to patch u36 Got errors patching, at the 44% point Tried to restart patch several times, Seemed to continue, To a point where it asked to modify hard drive by turbin [..] View


11:19 am, July 13, 2017 hi all, i have some tomes that i cant use and i thought i read somewhere that you can turn tomes into eberron shards? if that is correct, how does one go about that, if not, what else can i do with th [..] View

Question on Wizard Survivability

11:19 am, June 27, 2017 Hi all! Im currently running a 2nd life pure wizard (currently level 13 Archmage with Necromancy and Enchantment focus) after a long break from this game (years) and im struggling to stay alive and [..] View

Need some help?

11:19 am, June 17, 2017 I am a returning player and I am trying for my first Epic TR then my first Heroic TR I am currently running a Barb and I have a few non class specific questions. I have MOTU and Shadowfall and I am a [..] View

Artificier & Wizard: Inscribe spell level vs. Spell level vs. Caster level

11:19 pm, June 15, 2017 Okay, I know I am not the only one confused about this, and it is VERY frustrating. What is the formula for figuring out which level inscription material you need to inscribe a spell? For example, th [..] View

Help Identifying an Item

11:19 pm, June 12, 2017 Hello! Being relatively new to DDO and not familiar with much of the items floating around, I was curious if anyone could help me identify the outfit being worn in the picture? The the picture is for [..] View

DDO Character Planner

11:19 pm, June 9, 2017 Hey Peeps, I have been developing a DDO character planner for some time now and it has reached a stage where I would like the community to start to provide feedback and ideally some bug reports. It [..] View

Returning player looking for Reaper capable build suggestions

11:19 pm, May 26, 2017 Hey all, returning player here looking to TR my current character and try my luck at reaper difficulty on my next life (roughly half a level to go till 30). I have a few various tomes between +2 and [..] View

How do you get/make celestial chainmail?

11:19 pm, May 6, 2017 cant for the life of me find anything about it when i google it. my s/o bought some for 40k off the AH about 2/3wks ago and ive been searching for some ever since and cant find a n y. i found it on th [..] View

ioun stones spinning around character head?

11:19 pm, May 5, 2017 I may not be new, but I still have questions. For now that is ... I've seen characters with a little light orbiting their head. I figured out this is an "ioun stone", a type of trinket you [..] View

crafted vs named breakdown per level?

11:19 pm, April 24, 2017 I have been trying to plan gear every 3 to 5 levels or so. It seems for the most part cannith crafting is better than named loot. Is there a breakdown post somewhere, that list named items that are [..] View

my ui is making me double click to activate items/actions and game eventually freezes

11:19 pm, April 24, 2017 After getting Win10 creators update my game is nearly unplayable. I now am having a problem where it is stitching and makes me double click to activate some things. The problem starts out minor, the [..] View

4k HUD problem

11:19 am, April 22, 2017 Hey guys, Can't seem to find this mentioned anywhere else, so here I go. I recently upgraded my monitor to a 3840x2160 Res one and found the the HUD/Quickbars in ddo are minuscule. I find it hard [..] View

The DDO Players Council is now accepting applications!

11:19 am, April 20, 2017 We are once again taking applications for the DDO Players Council! Please fill out the application completely, and email it to ddo@standingstonegames.com before 11:59pm Eastern on Thursday, April 27th [..] View

When returning

11:19 am, April 7, 2017 - I played several years ago, but no server shows 'last played'. I picked one and it shows no characters. Would my characters still be online somewhere? - I was going to look on difference servers b [..] View

stopping vip for f2p help

11:19 pm, April 3, 2017 I have been trying to find how/where to stop vip. I want to go to f2p when my vip expires. I do not want to have it automatically continue. I tried one thing, can't remember exactly what I did, but o [..] View

Spring, summer, autumn, winter... spring?

11:19 am, March 31, 2017 I've had some thoughts rattlin' around in light of certain circumstances, thoughts a new consumer of this game 'oughta know. I wouldn't call this advice by any means, but it is no less useful to you [..] View

Heroic Elite Kicking my tail even being a lvl higher than it

11:19 am, March 27, 2017 Ok folks here goes i love playing melees and i love the game however i have noticed and i am on a 5th life and have noticed to do elite i have to be 2 lvls higher than the quest meaning if its 6 on ba [..] View

Props to anyone who can work this out! Devs, I'm looking at you here!

11:19 am, March 22, 2017 So! One of my favorite quests was the Temple of Elemental Evil- Loved it. Was great. Farmed it. Made a nice Crossbow, success. Took some time away from the game, came back. Started playing again, ma [..] View

Cloak of Invisibility

11:19 pm, March 14, 2017 I went through the Medusa quest in Lordsmarch, and it wasn't in any of the chests or the end of quest offerings. Where else can I find one? Haven't seen one in the AH either. Is the wiki off on thi [..] View

Speedy Speed and the Speedy Speeders who Speed Speedily.

11:19 am, March 9, 2017 OK, I'm still enjoying the Paladin build, except all of my squaddies have way more speed than I do. Look, I understand that a paladin is going to be slower than say, a monk or rogue... but how can I [..] View

Paralyzing weapons

11:19 pm, March 3, 2017 Hey all, is there anywhere you can craft a paralyzing crossbow/great crossbow/heavy repeater? And barring that, are there any named items in the game that can be farmed? Been searching the wiki for [..] View

Problem finding happy11th items

11:19 am, March 2, 2017 They show up on the store window as being redeemed but can't find them in my backpack. I could of entered the redeem codes after or before I loaded a character, I can't remember for sure. I only hav [..] View

100% fortification augments and items

11:19 pm, February 25, 2017 I'm relatively new to DDO, and all of the advice I have found says that you should shoot for 100% fortification by around level 9. I currently have a level 9 Dwarf Barbarian, and a Sapphire of Heavy F [..] View

New to DDO - need advice on how to get started

11:19 am, February 21, 2017 I would like to get into this MMO as it has the sort of setting and gameplay that appeals to me. Here are some things I could use advice on... 1. Is this based on 3rd Edition? Any major differences to [..] View

Epic Destinies.

11:19 pm, February 20, 2017 Am currently Pale Trapper, Wiz16/Rog2. Was planning to run in Magister to level 30, then double TR back to a level 1 paladin, use Sentinel for epics, then use Axel's THF battle cleric build. However: [..] View

Crafting Issue

11:19 pm, February 17, 2017 I cannot figure out what it takes to craft any items to create a strength, charisma, dexterity, charisma, wisdom, or constitution shard. I don't see any recipes when I place the item on the unbound i [..] View

DDO installer doesn't allow selection of install folder

11:19 am, February 14, 2017 Greetings, Just rebuilt my machine, and in the process, I've switched from Win7 to WinX, which necessitated a reinstall of DDO. The game is physically located on a different drive than the boot drive, [..] View

Returning from before expansions - build suggesttions and general tips

11:19 pm, February 4, 2017 Hi, I played DDO from beta until sometime before the first expansion hit and have been in other games since then. Now I decided to come back and experience what I have missed :) Logging in and seein [..] View

How much dire charge and tactics dc is enough?

11:19 am, January 8, 2017 Just thinking of crafting my level 30 first life fighter some gear, not sure what to put on his gloves, insightful stunning 8, or do I go for insightful devotion? as well I use mainly cocoon for heali [..] View

Gearing Help

11:19 pm, December 31, 2016 Heya, I played back in 2010 although that was only for a few levels. I just recently got into the game and just reached Epic levels yesterday. I am having some issues gearing my character, I just do [..] View

constant zone crashes/other crashes

11:19 pm, December 27, 2016 i've returned to playing seriously after a while break where i would only log in occasionally...and since i've come back my crashing has gotten to the point it's really super frustrating. before i mos [..] View

PSA Adventure Compendium quest search

11:19 am, December 26, 2016 On the adventure tab of the adventure compendium (by default press P to open this window then go to the first tab), you can search for quest name. That's not what I found out today though. This is: I [..] View

Game won´t start after U33-2. Where is the Game Client Executable?

11:19 am, December 22, 2016 Hi all! I need help please. Yesterday, my game was all running fine, and today i did last update. Since then, the launcher starts and asks me where the game client executable is. A screen pops up to [..] View

PSA: Where is the Game Client Executable? SOLUTION

11:19 am, December 22, 2016 Since many people having the same problem here is the solution: Go here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/down...ng=en&id=26347 and install this version of the Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistr [..] View

Best Solo with no hand me down gear?

11:19 pm, December 19, 2016 I've been away from the game for a few years and just picked it back up again, got the old itch. First up, ground rules. I am a filthy casual solo player. Family, preference etc make it so that I rar [..] View

Quick TR Cache Question

11:19 pm, November 27, 2016 I'm about to heroic TR for the first time, and I have a quick question: am I correct in thinking that the TR cache is accessed from the bank, or can it be accessed anywhere? I ask because I want to d [..] View

Old player and new player.

11:19 am, November 27, 2016 I posted in the request a build and got a semi-answer but I figured I'd post here since it seems appropriate. My friend and I are gearing up for a DnD campaign in January that might be Ebberon based. [..] View

Mysterious remnant tomes

11:19 am, November 20, 2016 Is there any way to tell what MR tomes have been consumed in the past? I know I ate one, just can't remember if it was PRR or Melee Power. They're both available from the vendor, and I can't find it l [..] View

Looking for some build advice

11:19 pm, November 10, 2016 I'm not sure where the best spot to post this is, but advice & guidance seemed to be the right place. If not please let me know. Anyway, ever since the deity update I've been looking at a maul [..] View

Lost in Crafting

11:19 pm, October 31, 2016 Hello, I have problem catch something from basic crafting. I would be happy If anyone can point me to right way. I would like to craft weapon from picture: But I haven't idea, where to get starti [..] View

Skill Breakdowns

11:19 pm, October 14, 2016 Quote: Originally Posted by Brattyone I attempted to stealth Impossible Demands, where my hide and move silently were sitting at 120/118 respectively, and was heard by mo [..] View

Poll Position

11:19 pm, October 12, 2016 As an experiment I've enabled the ability of everyone to post polls to the forums. We're curious to see how it is put to use, and whether the community likes to have the ability to do this. HOWEVER, t [..] View

Download question

11:19 am, October 12, 2016 I was thinking of downloading Lamania (after 10 years of playing). When I looked at downloading, it said save the client in a different place from my primary client. Question is that I tried downloa [..] View

Skill Tomes and Trained Skill Ranks

11:19 pm, October 5, 2016 Skill Tomes give an "inherent bonus" - I'm not sure if DDO is using "inherent" as yet another type of "Bonus", like Enhancement bonuses and Festival Bonuses, etc, or whet [..] View

Suggestions - Discussion 'Melee, Ranged, Both'

11:19 am, October 4, 2016 I was recently asked about my build (Lvl 9, Pure Elf Barbarian-Ravager ); to paraphrase the question was 'Melee, or Ranged?'...My response was, of course, 'BOTH'. After that: the discussion got a bit [..] View

Constant Internet Disconnects

11:19 am, October 4, 2016 Hey guys it started maybe a month ago where i disconnect for one or two minutes and then everything works perfectly fine for a little while maybe a couple hours until i disconnect again and so on. It [..] View

Crashing in character creation

11:19 pm, October 2, 2016 So I finally convinced a friend of mine to try the game and jump on skype, start talking a bit about character creation and then when he hits "look" which should start the part where you cus [..] View

Favored Soul build?

11:19 am, September 4, 2016 I'm going fvs for my 8th life. I haven't had much luck looking for builds that I want to try (or figure out). I guess I want heavy armor and no melee needed. Should a divine type be anti-undead healer [..] View

Guild/ship buff questions

11:19 pm, September 1, 2016 This might just be an embarrassing case of having missed an answer right in front of my nose, but here goes... I looked at the list of buffs available via guild ship amenities, via ddo.com and ddowik [..] View

Question about using plat to reset Epic Destiny points

11:19 pm, August 24, 2016 How is the plat cost of resetting points in an Epic Destiny calculated? After coming back from an extended break, I noticed that the plat cost for resetting the points in my Epic Destinies differs ba [..] View

DDO Launcher Windows 7 - Eroor the request could not be sent

11:19 am, August 24, 2016 Hi everyone, I am using a small laptop which definitely has enough space and the capacity to run ddo but for some reason, the launcher will give me an error message (the title). I have tried reinstall [..] View

To warlock or no?

11:19 pm, August 20, 2016 Hi there. I'm a returning player stooped around the paladin nerf and have been thinking to play something that is powerful and fun. Now i did hear that Warlocks are powerful then a friend in the gui [..] View

Introducing our Dungeon Master for Update 32: Against the Slave Lords!

11:19 pm, August 19, 2016 We are excited to announce that Travis Willingham recently wrapped up a recording session for Against the Slave Lords! Some of you may know Travis from his extensive animated resume, but others may kn [..] View

Dumb guild renown question

11:19 pm, August 18, 2016 I thought I recalled reading somewhere that there was a maximum # of levels a guild could gain in a day. (3 maybe?) If you create a new guild, and then grab a 15K saga reward, will your newly created [..] View

Weirdly low FPS

11:19 am, August 17, 2016 Standing still in a quiet spot gives my a nice 62 FPS. As soon as I move around my fps drop to something around 20. It looks like my nvidia card isn't kicking up a notch. Did I mess up some of my sett [..] View

Which is best to obtain proficiency exotic weapon kama?

11:19 pm, August 15, 2016 Hello, I am seeking advice around questions;1. As you level-up a Rogue, are you ever given the opportunity to choose feat exotic weapon kama? If yes, at what level? 2. As you level-up a Druid, are y [..] View

DDO fails after server selection

11:19 am, August 8, 2016 Hi all. I have 2 other computers running the game that are working fine. I'm trying to get a third up and running. This one is an older machine, 3GB memory and an Athlon 4450e 2.3ghz processor and [..] View

Returning Player from Khyber

11:19 pm, August 4, 2016 Hello everyone, Where do I start. Well I'm a returning player after a 6 year hiatus. I was a very active player back in the day, but decided to quit after a guild collapse and lack of content. But I' [..] View

How do +spell damage items work?

11:19 pm, July 26, 2016 I keep seeing spell damage on not-typically-spellcaster gear, like kamas and tower shields. I know with feats and multiclassing there's no particular reason to say a spellcaster can't be using that it [..] View

DDO Planner

11:19 am, July 13, 2016 DDO Plannerhttp://ddoplanner.taplar.com/ Heavy(x3) alpha stage. Very slow development speed (in my downtime and when I'm not playing something else). Intended to play nicely with mobile devices, but [..] View

Sorta kinda a new player advice

11:19 pm, July 4, 2016 So I started playing DDO. And got VIP couse I liked it ALOT! And then I played around with a monk, used to be my favorite during our manly pen and paper sessions... BUT! I am in desperate need of l [..] View

Snitch Quest Problem Token of Twelve fragment disappeared from epic normal end chest

11:19 am, June 30, 2016 I was farming "Token of twelve fragments" from the Snitch quest House P last Sunday. It reached a point where the epic chest at the end of the quest stopped giving out token of twelve fragm [..] View

Difference between Progression and APs spent in tree.

11:19 pm, June 27, 2016 The question is, is there any difference? (By the way, I'm only discussing Tiers here, not core enhancements. Repeat - not core enhancements.) First: Progression is described in the DDO Wiki as fo [..] View

Feat Respec Token - Artificer bonus feat - Fred the mindfryer

11:19 am, June 26, 2016 Hello, I just read on ddo wiki that ability stats points applied by enhancements trees do not count towards the pre-reqs for feats. Example, character needs STR of 13+ to be able to pick feat &quo [..] View

Upgrading to VIP

11:19 pm, June 22, 2016 Hello folks, Casual player here. This summer, my son and I have some time on our hands, so we decided to play DDO together. I upgraded to VIP no problem...I am a lapsed VIP player, and I just went to [..] View

Tomb of the Shadow Lord Help.

11:19 am, June 22, 2016 We seem to be stuck at the 2nd drawbridge to the west. It is not down and we seem to be stuck behind the gates. Seems like the only thing to do is recall?? we have been searching for quire some tim [..] View

Noobie need help

11:19 am, June 19, 2016 Hi. Need advice please I am a new player building my first character. I am trying an artificer and like his play style a lot, i have managed to get to level 10 starting in Korthos Island then Stormr [..] View

It may be too late if you've already found these forums but....

11:19 pm, June 17, 2016 It seems there's some issues with the cost of DDO that may be putting new players off sticking with the game. A lot of this comes from new players not knowing what is a good buy for their first TP ear [..] View

Arty Problems

11:19 pm, May 21, 2016 What kind of gear would YOU have on YOUR pure Arty @ lvl 19? Where would you get THAT particular item? What stats should you have @ that lvl? This Arty has a good UMD and can trap well enough to ge [..] View

Loggon issues

11:19 pm, May 19, 2016 Checking to see if anyone else is having issues with logging on. I can log onto Orien, Sarlona, and Khybar, but not onto the other servers. I paly on Argo. When I try to log onto Argo, I get "se [..] View

where do i get wheloon?

11:19 pm, May 9, 2016 I've been an off and on casual player for years. I started up again a month or so ago, and hve been exploring evening star for the first time. I accepted a the Magisters something quest, and when I [..] View

returned kind of and have questions.

11:19 pm, May 2, 2016 I never really went away I just had long periods where I was unable to play. so I am now playing for and hours or so every day just getting back in the swing. my ALTS are still very playable, but I ha [..] View

Assistance Regarding Rogue Build

11:19 am, April 30, 2016 Greetings, I just recently came back to DDO with two friends of mine, and we're trying to make a three man party that can cover the major aspects of a party. We did this ages ago, and I had a build I [..] View

Free-to-Play Accounts and Bravery Streak

11:19 pm, April 27, 2016 Greetings! So a friend and I randomly decided to give this game another go recently. I personally haven't played since the game very first switched over to free-to-play (I originally played when the [..] View

Confused about the Bard Trapper build.

11:19 pm, April 19, 2016 I'm following the build here : https://www.ddo.com/forums/showthrea...or-new-players for the bard trapper. I'm confused about something, though: I'm level 3 and I've gotten a couple of spells that I [..] View

After I login the screen is frozen

11:19 am, April 15, 2016 So I logon on (and it goes very slowly) I get to the main character screen, no problem but when I get into the game I hear the background noise of the harbor (it's where I last left off) but I am fro [..] View


Back after a long absence. Where'd everything go?

Dec 25, 2014, 11:30 pm I started playing towards the end of '09, then had to stop in '10 after injuries kept me in the hospital for a few years. I just recently came back after a friend got me a turbine points card, so dec[..] View

Useful epic item list anywhere?

Dec 15, 2014, 1:41 am Hi, I ve been unable to locate any (reasonably updated) epic item list anywhere online, with just a remotely easy overview by type/level. I'm rather new to DDO, though fairly familiar with the gen[..] View

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