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New Player Reaper Pointers

11:19 pm, September 9, 2017 If you are new to the game, first - welcome! Now if you are done soloing and have decided to group up you might look at the LFM panel and wonder what is R1/Reaper. Reaper is the hardest difficulty mod [..] View

Epic Utility Vest

11:19 am, July 3, 2016 Can you really get a Seal of Utility Vest in The Snitch (House P, Phiarlan Carnival Adventure Pack)? I must of did it 20 times on Epic Normal and sometimes even re-rolling the end Epic chest? Is there [..] View

1st Time Assassin 1st Time Playing

11:19 am, February 23, 2016 Recently hit 19, and am getting excited to run harder challenges with my brothers guild. In order to prepare I've been going through the seemingly endless gear options (Auction House). I'm overwhelmed [..] View

Gear Planner (in development)

11:19 pm, August 21, 2015 I've begun writing a comprehensive gear planner that will be a stand-alone desktop program but will also have limited interaction with my build planner. Being its own utility I figured move the develo [..] View

New Player

11:19 am, July 8, 2015 Hi guys I'm a completely new player and I was wondering if I could ask you a question about the game before I get started. I have never played a Dungeons and Dragons game before so sorry in advance if [..] View

A few noob questions

11:19 pm, February 12, 2015 Hi all, I'm fairly new (started playing in Dec, 2014), and still learning a lot despite reading lots on these forums and DDOWiki. I have a few questions I'd appreciate any responses on. I've played [..] View

Botched up - build/resolution advice appreciated

11:19 pm, January 9, 2015 Hey, short history: I played DDO a few years back up to about level 5 or so, which was enough to have me buy WF, monk, several adventure packs, veteran status, and 32 point builds. Took a long hiatus, [..] View

New Player trying to catch my bearings

7:21 am, July 1, 2014 I a little years ago, and it had the best community I ever experienced in an MMO. I'm back and trying to get a handle on things! I'm a level 6 Wizard. I've been following the build here:https://www.d [..] View

A Veteran DM Approaches Newbie Soloing

7:21 am, July 1, 2014 First, a brief introduction: hi there! I have been DMing (Dungeon Master-ing) since 2001 across half a dozen different pen-and-paper game systems. For MMOs, I've played EverQuest, EQ2, WoW, City of [..] View


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