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How to save video settings??

11:19 am, October 14, 2017 Hello, For some reason, every time I start the game I get the DX11 prompt then I have to reset my video settings and it is starting to get really old. I have found a few suggestions here and there a [..] View

DDO installer doesn't allow selection of install folder

11:19 am, February 14, 2017 Greetings, Just rebuilt my machine, and in the process, I've switched from Win7 to WinX, which necessitated a reinstall of DDO. The game is physically located on a different drive than the boot drive, [..] View

Please Help!

11:19 am, February 4, 2017 After updating with U34 just now I cannot get past Loading New Game data! It starts at like 5.4 Kb/s than degrades to 0.02 Kb/s and stays there. I have restarted my computer multiple times and no cha [..] View

AutoHotKey HotBar Manager

11:19 am, January 13, 2017 The following is a script that is written to work with AutoHotKey, software which allows you to target inputs from the user from the keyboard, mouse, or otherwise and cause other things to happen as a [..] View

Cant drag items in DDO

4:29 am, October 23, 2016 At first clicking didn't work but later I figured out that for some reason it switched to double click to close tabs or the click the chat to talk. I'm fine with this but when I try to click some thin [..] View

Suggestions - Discussion 'Melee, Ranged, Both'

11:19 am, October 4, 2016 I was recently asked about my build (Lvl 9, Pure Elf Barbarian-Ravager ); to paraphrase the question was 'Melee, or Ranged?'...My response was, of course, 'BOTH'. After that: the discussion got a bit [..] View

Switched to Wifi now game crashes at 'Loading New Game Data'

11:19 pm, May 17, 2016 I recently switched my PC from a wired internet connection to a wifi internet connection and now the game freezes/crashes at the "Launching New Game Data" "Connecting to Authentication [..] View

Free-to-Play Accounts and Bravery Streak

11:19 pm, April 27, 2016 Greetings! So a friend and I randomly decided to give this game another go recently. I personally haven't played since the game very first switched over to free-to-play (I originally played when the [..] View

Pure ranger or ranger/warlock Build?

11:19 pm, February 29, 2016 Hi all. I have been playing a monk for the past 2 1/2 years, and have had great advice from Unbongwah and others. However, it seems handwraps are not the way to go as they have some disadvantages. I h [..] View

Network troubleshooting.

11:19 am, October 11, 2015 Greetings folks. I recently switched from a cable set up to a 3, 3g dongle. I have been able to log in but get disconnected more or less straight away every time. I have tried tweaking my user prefere [..] View

Chronic network issues

11:19 am, October 9, 2015 For some reason, at about 9 or 10 at night central time on Argonesson, I start getting a very weird network problem. The game starts to get more and more delayed, until eventually everything stops mov [..] View

Tip for improving zone load times: use AHCI not IDE

11:19 pm, October 4, 2015 I recently switched my Windows 7 box's hard disk controller to use the AHCI protocol instead of the IDE protocol, and my game start-up time and zone-in times improved dramatically. The completion bar [..] View


11:19 am, August 24, 2015 Hey, I've been experiencing low fps since I switched from my Radeon 5970 to my newer (and considerably faster) R9 290. In public places like the harbor and marketplace I'm sitting at around 15-20 fps [..] View

Vault of the Night Series

11:19 pm, March 6, 2015 Not really sure if this is the right place but feeling pretty noobish lately so... I've been away for a little over four years. I used to run the VoN quest line often enough. Not religiously like th [..] View

Keyboad Layout Switch from QWERTZ to QWERTY

11:19 pm, July 24, 2014 From time to time while playing DDO my keyboard layout gets switched from QWERTZ to QWERTY layout. When this happens, it is only in DDO, everwhere else it is normal. Is there any way I can change it b [..] View


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