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Really fast leveling?

11:19 am, December 31, 2017 I was playing with a character by the name of Yumzie on the Sarlona server and he was a level 18 warlock. I played with him the next day and he was a pure level 18 sorcerer. Now i thought maybe he cou [..] View

Ghost Touch solution for level 10?

11:19 am, December 29, 2017 Came back to the game a couple months ago, been enjoying it a lot so far! I even managed to get a character up to max level and reincarnate her, something I've never actually done before. However, I'v [..] View

Returning player looking for a new server

11:19 am, December 25, 2017 Hello, I'm a returning player who played a couple years ago. I want to get back into the game but I was wondering about which server had the highest population so that I won't have trouble finding ot [..] View

Find my old toon?

11:19 pm, December 14, 2017 Back in the very early days of DDO, I'd created a toon and I have no idea on which server, yet the name shows up today as taken. It's certainly possible someone else just had the same name idea in th [..] View

So, does this arti build pass the smoke test?

11:19 am, December 14, 2017 So, I'm getting bored with my main BF paladin, and I wanted to try an artificer. I'm not playing much right now, and there are still a few things to wrap up before the TR, but with the current veteran [..] View

DDO screen constantly freezing

11:19 pm, December 8, 2017 Home computer is Win10, recent (2 year old) ATI video card, 16GB system RAM. The two issues I'm seeing now is that: 1- I will log in with a red connection button about 30% of the time and have to [..] View

Server Transfer

11:19 pm, November 27, 2017 I'm moving my main character to another server. I've packed my carnifex, BTA endless wands, a bunch of useful clickies and a few BTA weapons. Any suggestions for other things to take with me? Collect [..] View

Sound weirdness, please help.

11:19 pm, November 25, 2017 All of a sudden all sounds my character makes (footsteps, combat, spellcasting, etc.) disappeared. I can still hear other players making them. All other sounds seem to work normally as well. Reboot [..] View

Game Crashes

11:19 pm, November 19, 2017 Hello, last night I was playing without any issues and today after I went turning on the pc to play more, the game keeps crashing after the server selection. I've win 7 64b, dxdiag says ver 11 Now I [..] View

Returning since Update 19

11:19 am, November 16, 2017 Used to play a bit during update 19, saw the new skill trees, but probably not all of the new content. Premium player, probably spent ~$80? So I read through the DDO wiki on updates since then, and am [..] View

Black Screen after Server selection

11:19 am, November 14, 2017 So I haven’t played DDO in close to two years, and felt like returning recently. I downloaded the game, logged in, chose my server and was excited to play. The problem is, after the game sta [..] View

Strange UI issues

11:19 am, November 11, 2017 Hi SSG / others, Since about 3 weeks ago I've been having weird issues with my UI. Specifically: - When I load in I can run around just fine and see other characters move but chat doesn't load, and [..] View

Movember 2017 and Team DDO!

11:19 pm, November 1, 2017 Hello everyone, and welcome to Movember 2017! This is now the fifth year that I've raised money publicly for men's health through the Movember Foundation in the Dungeons & Dragons Online comm [..] View


11:19 am, October 26, 2017 Just getting back into the swing of things since 2008.. something like that. Been reading the forums for the last 3 days trying to figure out what I'm getting into, but I can't seem to figure out what [..] View

Installed DDO through Steam on Windows 10

11:19 pm, October 24, 2017 Alright well I sent an email a few days ago to the help and I've yet to receive a response from the official help team so I figure forums are usually full of people who know their stuff, so why not as [..] View

Ideas for running favor farmers

11:19 pm, October 13, 2017 I thought I would share some experiences from some recent runs I did while getting 100 favor in the servers I have never played on. One of the reasons I did this was a I got a little bored trying to [..] View

Logic of Server List Order

11:19 pm, October 7, 2017 I am wondering how the server list is ordered. Is it most populated, top to bottom? Or is it most activiity top to bottom? I am wondering because I am thinking of starting on a new server but need to [..] View

Losing connection?

11:19 pm, October 2, 2017 So, I just downloaded this game and I'm trying to create my character. But I can only ever get as far as picking out feats before the game automatically closes saying something about a lost connection [..] View

U36 Patch 2 caused shrinking UI elements

11:19 pm, September 28, 2017 This Wednesday, minutes before the server was brought down for the patch, I logged on to check auctions and such. Everything was normal. Later in the day I downloaded the update and logged in. Initial [..] View

Game crash after server select

11:19 pm, September 28, 2017 I know I have seen a bunch of threads on this already and have probably read through most pertaining to the last two years, tried just about everything so far, but the game still crashes after I selec [..] View

Can't go past the Launcher in Windows 10

11:19 pm, September 21, 2017 Hello, as the title says I can't go past the Launcher screen. I've just acquired a new laptop, an HP Envy m6-aq105dx (hardware listed further down), downloaded and installed the game from the official [..] View

New Quest Pack

11:19 am, September 21, 2017 New to the game and loving it. I have 275 DDO points and was thinking of getting Shan-to-Kor while its on sale. Then I'd get the two expansions and save the TP for black friday. Does this seem like a [..] View

A question about Character transfer and favor...

11:19 am, September 14, 2017 Recently a couple of old friends came back to the game and one of them has not bought all of the goodies through VIP. Most of the things he has, he earned on another server via Favor. Essentially he [..] View

dndclient crash; Game not loading

11:19 pm, August 18, 2017 Hello all, I'm looking for some assistance on a recent problem. The issue started at the last server downtime and I can't seem to be able to log into the game. I can run dndclient normally, log into [..] View

Most active server?

11:19 pm, August 13, 2017 Hi, I've been trying to get back into DDO after a break of nearly 5! years. I have some level 25 characters with multiple TRs across Cannith, Orien and Argonnessen, but most of my investment is on Can [..] View

Blue Screen error when trying to run DDO

11:19 am, August 2, 2017 Hi, I recently reinstalled Dungeons and Dragons Online (had not played since circa 2015 or earlier), and am running into an error. After patching, the launcher loads correctly and I select the serve [..] View

Launcher wont Start

11:19 am, July 21, 2017 windows 10 pc fully updated allows me to select my server it closes the launcher and acts as tho the game is about to launch but nothing happens. I deleted the game and re installed it and same issue [..] View

Three Years absence, trying a comeback!

11:19 am, July 20, 2017 I've been playing Diablo III and Path of Exile the last three years after starting DDO in 2009 and left in 2014. I was really hardcore back in time doing every single content as a VIP, but stopped pla [..] View

The Master's Gift - Greater Token of the Twelve?

11:19 pm, July 18, 2017 After taking a break for a few years I've decided to give DDO another shot. I was looking at the new cannith crafting options and started making a gear plan but noticed I really need a master's gift i [..] View

cannot patch file dndclient.exe error 5 access is denied

11:19 am, July 15, 2017 Since the last patch the launcher looks in the update server and then brings up the above error message box, when click OK it then goes back to server and repeats. I use Win 10 and have i7-4820k CPU [..] View

Need some help?

11:19 am, June 17, 2017 I am a returning player and I am trying for my first Epic TR then my first Heroic TR I am currently running a Barb and I have a few non class specific questions. I have MOTU and Shadowfall and I am a [..] View

Game does not open after connecting to the server

11:19 pm, June 2, 2017 After logging and connecting to the server the window of the game does not open. The last change in the computer is that Windows 10 updated to Creator. I have already tried to disable the game bar, bu [..] View

Cant connect to game or ddo.com

11:19 am, May 28, 2017 I am accessing this forum through a free proxy server. A few days ago I could no longer log in game or access anything related to ddo. I tried a number of things and I think it has to do with a host [..] View

Annoying micro stutters after patch update!!!

11:19 am, May 6, 2017 Since the last update, the game is for now almost unplayable!!! :mad: I was trying to do the slayers at Orchard of the Macabre and when there are more than 5 mobs attacking me the game goes very very [..] View

Returning after a long absence

11:19 pm, May 4, 2017 Good day. I recently returned. I haven't played for a couple years, and even then I always enjoyed the game but was far behind and never did figure out what to do. I have a level 17 monk and a 14 a [..] View

Delete question

11:19 am, April 28, 2017 hi all, i have made toons on all servers as i bought Motu and starter pack which gave me gold hireling cleric. if i delete a toon with the hireling and roll up a new toon on that server, will the new [..] View

Two different recent problems, two different threads

11:19 pm, April 21, 2017 Greetings everyone! Reading recent threads, I recognized two different problems: 1) About some players that have some difficult to log into one or more servers. There are 4 or 5 recent threads abo [..] View

The DDO Players Council is now accepting applications!

11:19 am, April 20, 2017 We are once again taking applications for the DDO Players Council! Please fill out the application completely, and email it to ddo@standingstonegames.com before 11:59pm Eastern on Thursday, April 27th [..] View

Connection with server Lost!

11:19 am, April 20, 2017 Thank you for taking the time to read this. It's 3am and I have been spending the last 8 hours trying to get this resolved. After the server reboot yesterday I can no longer log into the game, there h [..] View

Stuck On Loading Screen For One Toon

11:19 am, April 16, 2017 about once a week, one of my toons (can be any one of them) simply will not load. I can load any of my toons except the one that gets 'stuck'. Said toon stays stuck on the loading screen for several [..] View

When returning

11:19 am, April 7, 2017 - I played several years ago, but no server shows 'last played'. I picked one and it shows no characters. Would my characters still be online somewhere? - I was going to look on difference servers b [..] View

Launcher Crashing

11:19 pm, April 5, 2017 so the recent patch brought only client crashes so far for me when its on literations on 33% & ive changed absolutely nothing. ------------------ System Information ------------------ Time [..] View

Thinking of coming back, few questions pls

11:19 pm, March 28, 2017 My wife and I are going to come back to do a TR and experience reaper settings and hopefully get back into raiding since there have been many since we left. With that just a few questions. We played [..] View

3 TR questions.

11:19 pm, March 21, 2017 I now play as a Paladin and did a TR and wanted to ask some things. 1- let's say that i want to do 3 barbarians lives next to get these 30 HP then do some fighter lives when i do this will i need to [..] View

Tech help w video card

11:19 am, March 21, 2017 Ok so when I use my video card the login screen closes after choosing a server. I DL directx and have reinstalled both the card and DDO 2 times. When I use ONBOARD graphics... it works fine. Whats th [..] View

keep loosing connection to server

11:19 pm, March 20, 2017 hey so since the last couple of days i keep lossing connection to server, sometimes it happens almost immedialy after i login other times theres go 10-30 min before it happens. any other are having th [..] View

Game wont load past server select screen help!!!!!

11:19 pm, March 20, 2017 I havnt played in three years i really want to start playing again, i finally got decent internet again and decent gamming computer but i can get the game to load past the server select screen WHAT a [..] View


11:19 am, March 20, 2017 Ok so when I use my video card the login screen closes after choosing a server. I DL directx and have reinstalled both the card and DDO 2 times. When I use ONBOARD graphics... it works fine. Whats th [..] View

i'm confused

11:19 am, March 17, 2017 Been playing for a few weeks on different servers (as either a rogue or fighter) and keep getting into groups with classes that can heal but don't and I end up dead (and not just from taking a lot of [..] View

Transferring Items between Servers

11:19 pm, March 8, 2017 I'm guessing I can't transfer items between servers, right? I have an old character on a different server and he's got some good stuff that I want to give my new character. Do I need to do a server tr [..] View

Auction House ROBBERY!

11:19 pm, March 8, 2017 get off the horse and lower the buyout prices . you not helping anyone in your own party by pricing this out of affordability. why not combine all server Auction Houses to one server so posting can be [..] View

All Worlds have been down for days...

11:19 am, March 4, 2017 Well, at least according to my launcher, every single world has been down every time I've checked over the past 4 days. Each check more than 3 hours apart and only ONE of the checks actually had notic [..] View

Question about difference of level

11:19 pm, February 27, 2017 So I've got a friend that it's gonna give DDO a try, he's used once the Anniversary cake on a newly created character, and has reached iirc level 5, which is cool but I daresay still insufficient in o [..] View

Returning Player - Should I?

11:19 pm, February 21, 2017 Hello everyone, I have been off DDO for about 2 years now or so (I can't really remember). Last I was very active, level cap was fresh 28 and The ShadowConspiracy expansion was out for a few months. [..] View

Please Help!

11:19 am, February 4, 2017 After updating with U34 just now I cannot get past Loading New Game data! It starts at like 5.4 Kb/s than degrades to 0.02 Kb/s and stays there. I have restarted my computer multiple times and no cha [..] View

Game won't stay in the forefront after?*U34

11:19 am, February 3, 2017 Got windows 10, and logged in a week ago fine, however now it minimizes and any time I try to switch to it, it minimizes again. When I try a different server, it has the 'you have too many characters [..] View

Can't Logon After Update

11:19 pm, February 2, 2017 Solved: Changed a firewall setting and that fixed the issue. Anyone else having trouble logging on? Client cycles through attempting to connect to logon server 20 of 20 attempts and then the client c [..] View

Failure to queue for server Error 0x80004005

11:19 pm, January 30, 2017 I have received this message since the last patch or approx. 24th. I have reloaded the game multiple times, reboot router, dns flushed, etc... any suggestions. I have opened a ticket without response [..] View

Most populated server?

11:19 pm, January 28, 2017 Hey guys, I recently resubscribed and want to start a new character. Could someone please tell me which server is currently the most populated? I love DDO for its group dynamics, so I do not wish to l [..] View

Brave New Server

11:19 am, January 23, 2017 I've bound myself to Argo for the better part of three years, because I've been able to give my characters the best gear without actually having to work for it through the shared bank. Feeling bold a [..] View

RP server?

11:19 pm, January 22, 2017 Hello all, i am new to DDO but a very experienced gamer in general, my question is as above really, is there a dedicated rp server as such? It would be cool to hook up with some like minded players ra [..] View

Lamannia server connection error

11:19 pm, January 21, 2017 I was trying to get onto Lamannia and as the status says "Connecting to patch server", it fails at 33%. The error says the server connection timed out. I can easily log into the regular DDO [..] View

returning player question...

11:19 am, January 21, 2017 Which server is best for starting a new character? I've been trying to figure out which class/race combo will be best for me. Are low level characters even viable in this game still? I have everything [..] View

Former veteran player, back after 5 years hiatus. A few questions.

11:19 pm, January 17, 2017 Hey guys. Long time no see. A few of my college friends and I are starting a pre-made six-men party, to play once a week. I'm thinking of playing a bard. I used to play a dual-wielding dwarven Warcha [..] View

Static Duo/Group

11:19 pm, January 6, 2017 If there is anyone looking for a leveling partner for a static duo/group, I would be happy to either roll up a new character or TR an old one. No pressure, no worries. We'll move at whatever pace you [..] View

Game won't start after Windows Update

11:19 pm, January 2, 2017 Hi, Yesterday my Windows 10 updated itself. After the update the game client no longer works. I can sign into the launcher and pick a server, but when I tell it to start the computer closes the launc [..] View

Client not found!?

11:19 pm, December 22, 2016 So after my friend updated his client yesterday, the game launcher starts, he hits log in to start.. selects his server and the game looks for the client. It grinds for a bit then pulls up a windows e [..] View

Ascension Chamber - Shortman Guide

11:19 am, December 22, 2016 Heroic Abbot has a reputation of being difficult to run, but with a little practice a handful of epic players can get fast and easy completions on elite. No special builds or gear required; all you ne [..] View

Standing Stone Games Transition FAQ

11:19 pm, December 19, 2016 What’s happening: The Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons & Dragons Online have been acquired by Standing Stone Games, a newly-formed independent game studio made up of the same gr [..] View

Haven't played in a year, came back to these ******

11:19 am, December 19, 2016 Came back, rolled a new toon. I did this at like... 2:30 AM in the morning so I know the server is a bit low. There's only the one group here in Korthos.... I asked one party member can i join? &quo [..] View

Need help on Sarlona? Let me know!

11:19 am, December 17, 2016 Whether you are a new player or a veteran player just returning or even a veteran player just looking for a little help, I am more than happy to help you in any way I can. I do a LOT of leveling in t [..] View

downloading "en loading screen 1"

11:19 pm, November 28, 2016 my launcher is stuck on this msg, "downloading en loading screen 1" idk what happens, i change nothing in my computer. I was on, then i had to drop, 1 hour and a half after that, more or le [..] View

Toon Can't Log In. Help!

11:19 pm, November 17, 2016 Hey all I submitted a ticket, but wanna see if there is a "Quick fix" for me. On my server I have 9 toons total, and I can log into all of them except for my off-main. When I try logging in [..] View

Team DDO and Movember 2016!

11:19 pm, November 1, 2016 Hello everyone, and welcome to Movember 2016! This is now the fourth year that I've raised money publicly for men's health through the Movember Foundation in the Dungeons & Dragons Online com [..] View

Connection Issue

11:19 pm, October 22, 2016 I recently redownloaded the game after a 2 year hiatus, give or take, and ran into some issues a couple of days ago. I had been logging in and playing no problem, but now regardless of the server pick [..] View

Game won't load after server select, keeps installing C++ Visual every time I start.

11:19 am, October 12, 2016 Hello. I just reinstalled DDO after about a year break and having major issues starting the game. First, the client keeps wanting to reinstall C++ Visual Redistributable 2005 no matter how many time [..] View

REturning to the game

11:19 pm, October 7, 2016 Hi all, returning player starting "brand new." No previous toons, items, anything, other than what I have collected from level 1 to level 10. I notice most of the old heroics and story arcs [..] View

Casually playing DDO - unsure which class to choose from

11:19 pm, October 1, 2016 Hi players of DDO! Over the years I've played DDO off and on but never got into the game that much as I was playing another MMO. I've since left the other game and would like to focus and hopefully e [..] View

Searhing for Logon Server

11:19 pm, September 24, 2016 I am having trouble connecting to my main worls - Sarlona. I get the error Searching for Logon Server (attempt # of 20). The irritating thing is I can logon to every other server no problems. I have t [..] View

the launcher wont maxamize after update 32

11:19 pm, September 21, 2016 I have had no issued until update 32 went live the launcher wont go full screen which makes it hard to log into different servers. I'm reinstalling the game right now and it did not fix this issue. an [..] View

This character is already in the world

11:19 pm, September 19, 2016 So this happened during the weekend when I tried to ETR.. 1) Trigger ETR 2) Logout and click ETR in character menu 3) Stuck on screen for ~10-20 minutes, **** process 4) Cannot log in anymore, receivi [..] View

Public Notice Board

11:19 am, September 13, 2016 Below is a list of some of the Known Issues that we are aware of, and below that are features that are Working as Intended but may cause confusion. Should you come across any of these issues, there is [..] View

Doing the quest The Bloody Crypt - either solo or by SOCIAL party?

11:19 pm, September 7, 2016 I am still new to DDO, playing only about 11 months, 99% solo. I have a 10th level character (4th Artificer / 6th Warlock) and two hirelings (gold permanent cleric 3rd lvl, paladin 9th lvl) and I wan [..] View

looking for other players

11:19 pm, September 7, 2016 my friend and I recently got into playing this :D currently we are not VIP subscribers, but we did buy menace of the underdark so I could have a druid class and for the other goodies that came with it [..] View

What server to play on?

11:19 pm, August 16, 2016 I used to play on Khyber years ago but only got to like lvl 15 max so i'm making new characters but idk what server to go for. Khyber I looked on AH and theres like 2 pages of rapiers total from level [..] View

Which is best to obtain proficiency exotic weapon kama?

11:19 pm, August 15, 2016 Hello, I am seeking advice around questions;1. As you level-up a Rogue, are you ever given the opportunity to choose feat exotic weapon kama? If yes, at what level? 2. As you level-up a Druid, are y [..] View

Missing DAT Files for Lammania: Game Error 201

11:19 am, August 13, 2016 I did a fresh install of Lammania (for Update 32, new Cannith Crafting). When I run it, I get: Code: Game Error [201] Can't open the data files. Check that they exist and that you have permissio [..] View

I ran out of game

11:19 pm, August 8, 2016 As a casual scum, I've been playing for a while and have reached level 18. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be anything else for me to do now except for farming either xp or favor. Since Underdark [..] View

DDO fails after server selection

11:19 am, August 8, 2016 Hi all. I have 2 other computers running the game that are working fine. I'm trying to get a third up and running. This one is an older machine, 3GB memory and an Athlon 4450e 2.3ghz processor and [..] View

A question about adding characters to your guild

11:19 pm, July 22, 2016 Hi, I started a guild for friends who are moving from Dragons of Alantis to DDO and I have a few questions. 1. I have characters on a lot of different servers...is there a way to move them over to ot [..] View

More questions

11:19 am, July 1, 2016 Hi guys, so i bought starter pack, and it came with steam pack, what is that? 2) if i make a toon on another server, does he get the bonus permanent hireling, or is that just for one character only. [..] View

Crystal Cove has returned!

11:19 pm, June 30, 2016 Crystal Cove is back, now through July 10th! We've also set map piece turn-in rates low to facilitate more mining. :) The numbers are 500 on all servers except for Wayfinder, which is set at 250. Her [..] View

DDO Free to Play Guide (minimal grind method)

11:19 pm, June 26, 2016 DDO Free to Play Guide (minimal grind method)Intro It is certainly possible to play DDO completely for free. You may want to do this for budgetary reasons, but since cheap offers come around frequentl [..] View

error message - my end or turbines?

11:19 am, June 26, 2016 i get this message a lot and i am trying to track it down. (Error): Your connection with the Chat server has been lost. (Error): Your connection with the Chat server has been reestablished. i cant [..] View

Returning player LF a crew

11:19 am, June 19, 2016 Hey all, ive finally got a PC again and would like to get back into this game. but it seems a bit dead as far as jumping right back into low level stuff. not alot of LFGs up nowdays (Sarlona server). [..] View

"Old" games on new setup...

11:19 pm, June 8, 2016 Well... I hate writing these, moslty because very few read it, and most seem not to be bothered with this particular conundrum. And this is not just for DDO, but most games I play theese days. I boug [..] View

Attempting to Logon Server (x of 20) Error

11:19 am, June 8, 2016 Hey, I was just playing on my laptop and closed out of game to switch rooms then turned it back on to load into an account and upon loading in i start seeing "Searching for logon server ... (atte [..] View

Failed to start rendering system

11:19 am, May 27, 2016 Trying to get DDO working on a Windows 8.1 laptop. Working fine for me right now on a different Win7 machine. TurbineLauncher.exe (what the shortcut runs) works fine - put in my username and passwor [..] View

Loggon issues

11:19 pm, May 19, 2016 Checking to see if anyone else is having issues with logging on. I can log onto Orien, Sarlona, and Khybar, but not onto the other servers. I paly on Argo. When I try to log onto Argo, I get "se [..] View

What server has the most active players?

11:19 pm, May 19, 2016 Hi All, I have been playing since about the beginning of this game, and I recently took a year off. When I returned recently, I noticed that all of my feats were gone and had to reconstruct my too [..] View


New player looking for advice on server choice

Mar 13, 2015, 11:30 pm Hi all,<br><br> I'm completely new to the game, installed it last night and am looking forward to playing this weekend. I'm just looking for some opinions from the community about server population a[..] View

Failed to Queue for server 0x80004005 'Getting in line to connect'

Feb 15, 2015, 2:17 pm Bought a shiny new PC yesterday to replace my 3 yearold laptop.<br> Lenovo running windows 8.1<br> i7 2.20 ghz<br> 8gb ram<br><br> tried installing the game via cloud.....took FOREVER...forget it,[..] View

which server should i chose

Feb 13, 2015, 5:17 am I haven't played ddo in awhile and I am wondering which server <br><br> I live in Australia but when im on is also when American are on due to I work in afternoon in aus so I want 1 where it has c[..] View

cannot load onto patch server

Feb 4, 2015, 1:37 am I just purchased a new computer, mainly for this game as I have been a long time player. I downloaded ddo and logged into my acct for a while. I then installed a new anti-virus and could not log on af[..] View

Still keep losing connection to server!

Jan 21, 2015, 10:28 pm I cant log into Sarlona at all and I also get kicked out of Gallanda at times. This always happens after i log in. First my character can't move, then the game loses connection to server and crashes. [..] View

Game server not responding

Jan 11, 2015, 2:22 pm I can get through server select and character select, but then the Loading bar doesn't move for a very long time. If I wait long enough, the city loads and I have a red X icon at the top of my screen.[..] View

multible servers for favor...

Dec 21, 2014, 2:29 pm I have read and concluded, rightly or wrongly, that if I run a toon on each server for favor it all adds up from each server. iw running each server for a 2 point favor for coin lords would give accou[..] View

Server and class advice

Dec 15, 2014, 6:28 am Hello. I've started to play on Cannith, I like game, but I have a feeling of... emptiness. I walked through Harbor and saw only a few people. Is it because it's low-level zone or server just doesn't h[..] View

An update error occured: Server connection timed out..... ***?!

Dec 15, 2014, 12:41 am Hello! hopefully anyone here can help me since I am at my wits end here.....please keep in mind that I got a very limited knowledge of how to work about in a computer so please bare with me ^_^ So h[..] View

Nothing happens after selecting the server

Dec 13, 2014, 9:17 pm I am having issues since yesterday to log in. After selecting my server (Thelanis) in the server selection window (all servers are up), the window closes and nothing happens. Not an error message, not[..] View

Help is available to new players on the Sarlona Server

Dec 10, 2014, 3:46 am Trying to reach as many new people as I can, if you are the Sarlona server and would like a place to get some help getting your bearings (or even if you are a veteran player that wan't a crowdsource r[..] View

Server to connection lost!...

Dec 10, 2014, 1:47 am Someone please tell me how to fix it. I've tried compatibility issues, ran as administrator, and made sure it was launcher.exe. I haven't had any issues well not any that wouldn't let me play the game[..] View

cannon connect to patch server

Dec 6, 2014, 4:51 am I have been trying to log in for almost 1 hour, still no luck. Shows an update error occurred. Based in EU on G land server I get to 33% and server connection fails[..] View

Active/Friendly Servers?

Dec 4, 2014, 4:58 am Greetings. I'm curious as to which servers are considered not only decently populated (I'm aware this is a somewhat old game), but also have a friendly community. I used to play this game a way back b[..] View

Searching for logon server

Dec 3, 2014, 1:01 am I've been having an issue when trying to connect. I'll open the launcher and log in - All worlds are listed as "Up". I choose Cannith and start the game, only to see a "Loading New Game Data" message [..] View

Server Connection Timed Out.

Nov 28, 2014, 8:45 pm I have been getting this message ever since U22 every time I try to log on, I click the icon, it starts up, then gets to 33% and says Server Connection Timed out, then starts a countdown of 60 seconds[..] View

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