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How does 'Melee Power' work?

11:19 pm, January 2, 2018 I'm currently playing a barbarian and I can't seem to make Vampiric Bond provide me with more than 20 hp. If I have 20 melee power and it scales with 200% melee power, isn't it supposed to give me 60 [..] View

Does "scales with xyz% spell power" mean a multiplier or a cap?

11:19 am, June 2, 2017 Hi folks, I'm hoping someone who definitively knows can confirm the meaning of a common mechanic I see. I'm referring to any situation like the following when an effect "scales with xyz% spell [..] View

What is sentient weapons?

11:19 pm, April 5, 2017 Hello In update 37 which should come in 2017 i see that sentient weapons should be added to the game. But i don't undestand what they are. Could someone explain to me what they are? Are they items w [..] View

Public Notice Board

11:19 am, September 13, 2016 Below is a list of some of the Known Issues that we are aware of, and below that are features that are Working as Intended but may cause confusion. Should you come across any of these issues, there is [..] View

Confused about the ASAH. Did the ASAH just eat my shards?

11:19 am, September 6, 2016 Earlier today I placed two bids on the Astral shard action house on a stack of twenty flawless red dragon scales and twenty flawless green dragon scales (I think 10 AS's per stack). I then Epic reinca [..] View

Question about Warlock and spell power

11:19 pm, May 27, 2016 I have a warlock that is L20 (I used a store +20 heart to lesser reincarnate from a barbarian because I was curious). She is not well geared but I have the plat to buy gear. I think that she does 9d6 [..] View

What is the best way of leveling ED?

11:19 pm, September 10, 2015 So i'm level 21 "only 1/10 bar to 22" and reached level 3 DC. So as someone mentioned before to me that it's best to level each ED in divine to 3 then from there go on so that i don't feel [..] View

scales with 150% of spell power

11:19 am, July 23, 2015 How does this work? Let's say I have 200 spell power on character sheet and Maximize. Without the 150% scaling, my actual spell power would be 100 base + 150 max + 200 charsheet With the 150% scal [..] View


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