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Druid pet

11:19 am, December 8, 2016 I have a lvl20 druid and find that i rarely bring my pet out and leave it snoozing by the fire. She is more a liability than a help as her health plummets alarmingly when in combat and she seems to [..] View

Ingredient bag item weight- tip to reducing bag weight

11:19 am, April 11, 2016 One method I use to reduce the carry weight I am holding is to minimize the weight of the bags I carry. Personally, I store heavy items inside my spare bags and place them in my bank (share bank if th [..] View

Getting disconnected when logging in

11:19 pm, October 22, 2015 Hi guys, just asking for help on the long loading times and getting stuck and disconnected when logging in. i downloaded the preloader file from that forum post and it helped alot by reducing the loa [..] View

Eyefinity/enhancement problems?

11:19 am, August 29, 2015 I've recently started having an issue when trying to select any enhancements that have multiple selections. The window to select between the options never appears. I suspect that this is caused by my [..] View

EE DoJ and that fun thing called Lag.

11:19 pm, August 24, 2015 First I would like to give a heads up to the fact that this isn't a fix all. We have however had a lot of success with a few small changes. Basically we smashed our faces into the lag wall and then ma [..] View

[Massive Help] Starting DDO Journey

11:19 am, August 15, 2015 Greetings, adventurers! My name is Nervly and I would like to request your services to aid the beginning of my journey. Seriously though, I've played DDO before but I wasn't "playing correctly& [..] View

Shiradi Sorc, Thunder-Forged and Enhancements

11:19 am, March 30, 2015 Been away for a while just got back a few weeks ago and still learning the "new" content. I have a Drow Sorc 18/Pal 2/Epic 8 with the Shiradi Champion Destiny. I have him in Shadow Dragonpla [..] View

Mimic Bait Price Change

11:19 pm, February 27, 2015 Greetings! We are reducing the price on the Mimic Bait - the original price point for the item was based around behavior that the mimic's aren't actually doing. Therefor we will be adjusting the price [..] View


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