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Charting Out which Spell-casters Get What Quickness of Spell-casting?

11:19 pm, January 22, 2018 I see that DDO stipulates that Sorcerers can cast their spells (in a quest or melee) more quickly. I'm guessing that means the cool-downs are quicker, generally and they can cast more spells during th [..] View

Question about tomes

11:19 pm, January 15, 2018 Perhaps this is a silly question or should be obvious, but I really don't know the answer, and I figured I would ask publicly in case anyone else needs to know. If you buy ONLY a +7 ability tome, wo [..] View

Todays Gear

11:19 pm, January 13, 2018 I have been back a month or so playing and leveling in the epic levels. This is a first life toon and I am still learning quest as I go. The issue I have is that its no longer just about stats on ge [..] View

Alignment - important or not?

11:19 pm, January 12, 2018 Hello, so I created a few characters to see how I like them. Then I noticed, that I didn't really pay attention to the alignment. Question: Does the alignment plays a role in the game? Can you kind [..] View

Stuck: To Stormreach - any advice?

11:19 am, January 10, 2018 Hello, I did all quests in Korthos but the last: "To Stormreach". Link: http://ddowiki.com/page/To_Stormreach I've got the Bug, that is described on the wiki page. I can talk to the lady, [..] View

Human Adaptability and feats / feat respeccs

11:19 pm, January 9, 2018 Hello, lets say I started with a certain ability score and use Human Adaptability to raise that score. Example: - starting with 14DEX - raising to 15DEX Will this ability score now count as a met prer [..] View

evasion useful with heavy armor?

11:19 pm, January 9, 2018 Hello, people ingame keep telling me, that I should pick 2 levels of Rogue to get evasion, but my character will most likely wear heavy armor. From what I see here:http://ddowiki.com/page/Evasion ev [..] View

Random Loading Screen hangups

11:19 pm, January 8, 2018 It started yesterday for me.. I tried to zone into bank in The Market.. I get loading screen , zero bar progress. I let it wait a few minutes.. nothing.. It never even starts.. I closed out game [..] View

Question: Heroic TR & Racial TR - Do They Stack?

11:19 pm, January 7, 2018 Hello, Everyone! An old player - 2008 and onward! - literally and figuratively here with a question about Heroic TR and Racial TR. I was away for about 2 years and recently returned. Life got in the [..] View

A Question about Lesser TR

11:19 am, January 5, 2018 Posting on behalf of a friend who is currently having network issues: I've got a question to ask about lesser TRing with class changes. I currently have a level 20 Ranger, and while I enjoyed the bu [..] View

Question about iconic reincarnation

11:19 pm, December 30, 2017 Hi, I was thinking about which lives to get going forward, when I discovered that by doing Iconic Reincarnations I get both the iconic past life and the heroic one. However, I also noticed that with [..] View

Nrcro packs @ 75% offf = 87 DDO Points! (also SFC & MotU, & more!)

11:19 am, December 29, 2017 (Public Service Announcement... from one Premium Player to any/all others...) @ New(ish) F2P & Premium Players - On Sale this week - all Necropolis packs, for only 87 DDO Points! (Yes, eighty- [..] View

Ghost Touch solution for level 10?

11:19 am, December 29, 2017 Came back to the game a couple months ago, been enjoying it a lot so far! I even managed to get a character up to max level and reincarnate her, something I've never actually done before. However, I'v [..] View

Feats for Ranger

11:19 pm, December 27, 2017 Hello, Seeking forms input on what are best feats for two weapon fighting human ranger character. I recently started playing ranger class and have two rangers now, a human (lvl 10) and a drow (lvl 1 [..] View

Returning player looking for a new server

11:19 am, December 25, 2017 Hello, I'm a returning player who played a couple years ago. I want to get back into the game but I was wondering about which server had the highest population so that I won't have trouble finding ot [..] View

Multiple versions of Silver Flame Talisman?

11:19 am, December 23, 2017 Just curious - is it possible to have both a ML 9 Silver Flame Pendant (Neg absorption 5x/day, no Prot from Evil) and a fully upgraded ML 11 talisman? Even if you have to keep one or both in the ban [..] View

1-20 Quest guide for efficient TR'ing (No Sov pots edition)

11:19 pm, December 21, 2017 There are several decent TR'ing quest guides out there but so far all of them have shared the requirement that you down Sov pots non-stop, they run with a perma-group or they're wicked out of date mak [..] View

Ramdom Crashing Windows 10

11:19 pm, December 19, 2017 Hello all, I hope you can help me with this. I reinstalled windows 10 and come back to ddo recently, but I can t really play because I have ramdom crashes. Sometimes I can play a couple of hours with [..] View

Ice flenser help

11:19 am, December 16, 2017 I am having issues with Ice flenser's polar rays at mid levels at the moment. I barely scraped through invaders and the first archon quest, but am now having trouble with demon assault. They do so muc [..] View

Stuck on Loading Screen

11:19 pm, December 15, 2017 It only started today. I've been playing DDO for the past week and it's been pretty stable (outside of the random 2-3 sec lock ups every once and awhile, but that's another topic). Last night I was do [..] View

DDO screen constantly freezing

11:19 pm, December 8, 2017 Home computer is Win10, recent (2 year old) ATI video card, 16GB system RAM. The two issues I'm seeing now is that: 1- I will log in with a red connection button about 30% of the time and have to [..] View

Any advice for a new player? Im getting incredibly frustrated.

11:19 am, December 7, 2017 Just wanted to get back into DDO. I played a ton back in the day but lost my old account info so I started a new one. I dropped $50 to start off at level 7 with 34 skill points with a few more things [..] View

Ravenloft Crashing

11:19 pm, December 6, 2017 So along with most of the community, I was waiting eagerly for the new expansion to come out.. and Weds updating the client. So logged in, jumped onto my level 30 farm character and after spending so [..] View

Epic past life feats & TR

11:19 pm, December 5, 2017 I'm a newb on my first toon's 2nd life and have a question about epic past life feats gained from doing eTRs. Do they survive a TR back to level 1? Apologies if this seems like a really dumb questio [..] View

freezing 4-10 seconds since last patch

11:19 pm, November 28, 2017 Can we get an update on this? My wife and I will be doing a quest and randomly as soon as someone cast a spell or uses a skill we will freeze up for atleast 3-6 seconds. As characters that need to b [..] View

Fundamental Enhancement Question

11:19 am, November 23, 2017 Hi all! Sorry, I am just getting back after eight years away. I can't quite get my head around enhancement trees. I see lots of detailed posts but not this question answered. It seems the more points [..] View

Warlock questions

11:19 pm, November 22, 2017 Howdy, I just bought warlock with the sale. In the Enlightened Spirit enhancement tree, does the eldritch aura, eldritch burst and spirit blast enhancements have a dc save? I know the pact damage ha [..] View

Question regarding Epic Destinys

11:19 am, November 21, 2017 Hi all... I just recently got back into ddo and decided to run a solo toon (Ive never made it to level 20 because my friends always get burnt out and I was tired of starting over.) So I rolled up a mo [..] View

Lesser Reincarnate Question

11:19 am, November 19, 2017 I have a cleric who took levels as follows: 1 - cleric 2 - fighter 3 - cleric 4 - cleric 5 - cleric And so on, all other level as cleric. If I wanted to do a lesser reincarnate and take fight [..] View

Returning since Update 19

11:19 am, November 16, 2017 Used to play a bit during update 19, saw the new skill trees, but probably not all of the new content. Premium player, probably spent ~$80? So I read through the DDO wiki on updates since then, and am [..] View

How do i grind for the silver slinger?

11:19 pm, November 15, 2017 Hello I am currently on a repeater life and have all scrolls, shards and seals needed for making an epic version. Currently i have only one silver slinger - my brother was kind enough to give one to [..] View

Strange UI issues

11:19 am, November 11, 2017 Hi SSG / others, Since about 3 weeks ago I've been having weird issues with my UI. Specifically: - When I load in I can run around just fine and see other characters move but chat doesn't load, and [..] View

Quest Compendium Spreadsheet

11:19 am, November 9, 2017 A while back, someone had posted a spreadsheet that had all of the quests listed out that included some nice details for tracking progress. I took that sheet & built upon it, adding in some ad [..] View

Raid noob solo which and how?

11:19 pm, November 7, 2017 Hi all In my previus life i soloed sands of menechturum and chronoscope raids on epic hard. Right now i am level 12 on a 2/10 artificer/fighter repeater build. I do decent damage. 1.8d10+52 basic dam [..] View

Gearing questions for an AA primarily

11:19 pm, November 2, 2017 So I have been away for years and currently leveling an AA following Scrimton's Acid Archer build. I am curious about what type of gear to find and keep while leveling to increase my damage. My list c [..] View

Taking Breaks From DDO Guide

11:19 am, October 22, 2017 So, if you are like me, you want to take breaks from DDO so this way you can stay interested n the game when you are getting back. Taking breaks from a game is (in my opinion) needed this way you st [..] View

Night Revel questions

11:19 am, October 21, 2017 Few questions please. Do i need to purchase every item step all the way up to the 28 one to get it? Then if I want the lower versions for heroic TR's...so it all over again? Do the potions that say [..] View

Epic leveling guide?

11:19 am, October 20, 2017 Anyone have a link to a guide for questing from 20-30 speed pace? Im a rogue mech build that self sufficient. I will probably just do reaper 1 or so. Just haven't been around in awhile and don't kn [..] View

Heavy melee AC/PRR/MRR tank question

11:19 pm, October 17, 2017 Greets Folks, Here is my dilemma.. I love my tank..Hes a pure fighter (on his 3rd life now timmy/AC) and I've always been a "purist" when it comes to this character. (Many of you know him [..] View

Lesser Arcane Augmentation and Enhancement Trees

11:19 am, October 15, 2017 Talking about the listed on the Staff of the Necromancer: "It increases the caster level of the spells you cast that fall within the items spell type (all for Arcane Augmentation) and spell level [..] View

The Ultimate TR Levelling Guide!

11:19 am, October 14, 2017 Howdy all. Have you ever gotten tired struggling with trying to get to Level 20 for TR? Are you always finding a lack of Groups on the LFM that run the right quests for a max load of XP? Well look no [..] View

Ideas for running favor farmers

11:19 pm, October 13, 2017 I thought I would share some experiences from some recent runs I did while getting 100 favor in the servers I have never played on. One of the reasons I did this was a I got a little bored trying to [..] View

Give up 2 lvls of Ranger for Monk to gain feats DODGE and DEFLECT ARROWS?

11:19 pm, October 12, 2017 Give up 2 lvls of Ranger for Monk to gain feats DODGE and DEFLECT ARROWS? From other posts; https://www.ddo.com/forums/showthrea...-heart-of-woodhttps://www.ddo.com/forums/showthrea...-ability-score [..] View

Which classes are in need of a pass? Coming back and unsure whats been updated.

11:19 pm, October 12, 2017 Hi, Coming back to the game with my wife and a friend. My friend is very new to the game and I dont want to steer him toward a class that has been lacking a pass for a long time. I saw Ranger/Arti/ [..] View

Ka is a Wheel: Next steps in TR Question

11:19 am, October 4, 2017 So, here I am, returning to the game after a seven year hiatus... I am on a Premium (not FtP or VIP) account so have to be cautious with my Favor-earned DDO Points. I want to do a new TR and really [..] View

Quests By XP and Effective Difficulty

11:19 pm, September 29, 2017 I took the quests by xp from the ddowiki and broke them out by effective level based on difficulty. Raids have been removed. Solo only quests have been removed. Quest duration is not included. Bravery [..] View

A newb question

11:19 am, September 25, 2017 Hello, I am fairly new to this game and have a lot of question. For now I just wanted to know if the enhancement from thief acrobats staff training stacks with the kensei focus: druidic weapon from t [..] View

question regaurding upgrade tomes

11:19 pm, September 24, 2017 A long time ago I bought a +3 supreme tome. I would like to upgrade it to +6 but it looks like I would have to buy the upgrade for +4 and +5 first...is that really the case? It looks like it would cos [..] View

New Quest Pack

11:19 am, September 21, 2017 New to the game and loving it. I have 275 DDO points and was thinking of getting Shan-to-Kor while its on sale. Then I'd get the two expansions and save the TP for black friday. Does this seem like a [..] View

Am I ready.....

11:19 am, September 14, 2017 This is getting a thread started for new players to help them decide if they are ready for the difficulty casual/normal - I only recommend this if everyone in group is completely new. (it may also be [..] View

A question about Character transfer and favor...

11:19 am, September 14, 2017 Recently a couple of old friends came back to the game and one of them has not bought all of the goodies through VIP. Most of the things he has, he earned on another server via Favor. Essentially he [..] View

Three-Barrel Cove Explorer Question.

11:19 pm, September 13, 2017 Wiki's map shows "Elusive Bounty" in the NW area 3BC. I have thoroughly searched the designated area, above and below the water, but could not find the explorer objective. Bug or am I doing [..] View

Saves stacking

11:19 pm, September 10, 2017 After reading through the reaper pointers thread, I saw someone suggest wearing both a resistance and a spell saves item. I assumed those didn't stack but I've found some older threads saying they do, [..] View

New Player Reaper Pointers

11:19 pm, September 9, 2017 If you are new to the game, first - welcome! Now if you are done soloing and have decided to group up you might look at the LFM panel and wonder what is R1/Reaper. Reaper is the hardest difficulty mod [..] View

What quest difficulty is more efficient?

11:19 pm, September 8, 2017 Hello, My character is currently level 10. I was wondering what difficulty has the most efficient experience per hour? Would it be a level 10 quest on normal, a level 9 quest on hard (recommended lev [..] View

Shield Bash procs Question

11:19 pm, September 7, 2017 I'm curious as to whether the secondary shield bashes that you can build for a high rate of will proc some of these things(do secondary bashes count as "Attacks"): Pale Master Forms: Vampir [..] View


11:19 pm, September 4, 2017 Hello! I wouldn't say I'm precisely new but I'm still in the process of leveling my first character to 20. I've asked a few questions here on the forums before, usually about small game mechanic clari [..] View

Time Bomb question

11:19 pm, August 30, 2017 For time bomb Dc what does Trap Bonus mean? And what about disable device check? Does it add in improved traps and/or disable device to the DC of the knockdown? Bonus: Alchemical traps in the mechan [..] View

Spell Scaling question

11:19 pm, August 23, 2017 Hello, Do things like Morninglord, Aura of Radiance scale with anything (positive spell power or light?)? Does Warlock Eldritch Aura scale with Charisma and ..spellpower skill? I have looked at the w [..] View

melee build to one shot trash mobs in toee?

11:19 am, August 23, 2017 note the question mark. when I first started playing and rolled up a bunch of different guys, at level 1, korthos, I went in and was oneshotting all the mobs. but I don't remember the race or class c [..] View

Reincarnation Cache

11:19 am, August 22, 2017 Hi All, Returning player here that cannot seem to rework the new enhancements to fit my previous build. As such, I plan on reincarnating to reset fighter and ranger levels to full monk. I figure th [..] View

Leveling Question

11:19 am, August 21, 2017 Hello, I have been playing a month or so. I have not had much luck finding a good solo leveling guide. I mainly just like to solo, get on, **** a few things and have a little fun. Can I get some rec [..] View

Store - display all items

11:19 am, August 18, 2017 I'm not new but I have a question about the store. I want to buy a red augment (acid) that is ML 24 but my character is level 29 and it only shows me the ML 28 version. Is there anyway to change the [..] View

PDK Swashbuckler question.

11:19 am, August 16, 2017 Just wondering, does anyone know if the PDK Charisma to hit and Damage ability stack with the damage from Different Tack: Smooth Flourishes: You get Charisma to Damage with weapon attacks while Sing [..] View

One experienced player's thoughts on how to group with new people.

11:19 pm, August 15, 2017 I look at all my group mates, examining them. I can target them and press the 'z' key on my key board. You will not run as fast as I. I slow down. You'll need a guide through non-linier maps. I'l [..] View

Solo Cleric Leveling Build (War Priest), need advice

11:19 pm, July 26, 2017 I'm new to the game. I started up a few years ago and quit because soloing the class I wanted (1 thief/7 mage) was really hard to level without hirelings (I didn't want to use them....) I am certain t [..] View

Secret door in claw of vulkoor

11:19 am, July 14, 2017 So, I ran Claw of Vulkoor today on hard on my barbarian. And had to just bail at the burial chamber because I couldn't find that secret door. Am I missing something? Or can you really just not finish [..] View

Question on Wizard Survivability

11:19 am, June 27, 2017 Hi all! Im currently running a 2nd life pure wizard (currently level 13 Archmage with Necromancy and Enchantment focus) after a long break from this game (years) and im struggling to stay alive and [..] View

Next Life Question

11:19 pm, June 19, 2017 I have a character from 5+ years ago that I was wanting to play again. He is a 18 fighter/1 rogue/1 wizard that was an arcane archer. I want to take a new life as a pure ranger and reading the +20 hea [..] View

Build - for completion of all quests in the game

11:19 pm, June 17, 2017 Hi All, I am wondering what you would build to play EVERY SINGLE QUEST in game [probably on casual/normal]. I guess it would have to be solo build as not many people want to do this I am sure - but i [..] View

Need some help?

11:19 am, June 17, 2017 I am a returning player and I am trying for my first Epic TR then my first Heroic TR I am currently running a Barb and I have a few non class specific questions. I have MOTU and Shadowfall and I am a [..] View

Saga spreadsheet

11:19 pm, June 16, 2017 I've been meaning to post this for a while now. EllisDee37's https://www.ddo.com/forums/showthrea...ompendium-Lite and the talk of adding a saga planner to it is what finally got me moving. I already [..] View

Compendium Lite

11:19 pm, June 15, 2017 I wrote a compendium to take the place of the spreadsheet I've been using ever since I started playing. That spreadsheet has evolved to be quite advanced over the years, but it was still lacking in so [..] View

DDO Character Planner

11:19 pm, June 9, 2017 Hey Peeps, I have been developing a DDO character planner for some time now and it has reached a stage where I would like the community to start to provide feedback and ideally some bug reports. It [..] View

Triple completionist

11:19 pm, June 7, 2017 I'm not a new player but am just now contemplating doing a triple completionist on my monk. My question is this... does the completionist feat actually stack three times? Because I can get doing eac [..] View

New items and old items question

11:19 am, June 6, 2017 Hi all, I'm a returning player away from DDO for 3 years. I checked my bank chars and I can see many items now are "updated" For example: I got this: From DDO Wiki, the ring now is: A [..] View

When to level-up a character?

11:19 pm, June 5, 2017 To level-up, or not to level-up, a character that is the question I would like to get feed-back on. The details; I have about 1.5 years or more of DDO experience running many character classes on se [..] View

Cant connect to game or ddo.com

11:19 am, May 28, 2017 I am accessing this forum through a free proxy server. A few days ago I could no longer log in game or access anything related to ddo. I tried a number of things and I think it has to do with a host [..] View

Returning player looking for Reaper capable build suggestions

11:19 pm, May 26, 2017 Hey all, returning player here looking to TR my current character and try my luck at reaper difficulty on my next life (roughly half a level to go till 30). I have a few various tomes between +2 and [..] View

Returning player looking for information...

11:19 pm, May 26, 2017 Have been away for a while... left just after Epic levels were introduced. So the new Enhancement trees, Epic Destinies and the majority of the Epic content is new to me. Some questions: 1. What st [..] View

Need Help Picking Classes and Things

11:19 am, May 20, 2017 I played this game a little bit, long ago. I left primarily because, as a free player, I didn't have many quests to choose from. I didn't like having to play through the same few quests quite so man [..] View

Elemental resistance from items and guard from items

11:19 am, May 12, 2017 Two questions: 1) When an item grants for example "acid resistance +15" then what does it exactly mean and how does it work together with Elemental Resistance spell? 2) Some wearables (lik [..] View

2 questions regarading necro 4

11:19 pm, May 10, 2017 1) I want to buy the necro 4 adventure pack and run it. However, do i have to purchase and complete the previous 3 necro packs to gain acces to the fourth? 2)Can I upgrade the emerald claw/silver fla [..] View

ioun stones spinning around character head?

11:19 pm, May 5, 2017 I may not be new, but I still have questions. For now that is ... I've seen characters with a little light orbiting their head. I figured out this is an "ioun stone", a type of trinket you [..] View

Heroic Inspiration

11:19 pm, April 30, 2017 Does this experience bonus (pale green ion stone, mantle of the worldshaper, etc.) show up in the experience summary after quest completion? I don't think I've ever seen it. Is it working? Does it sta [..] View

Delete question

11:19 am, April 28, 2017 hi all, i have made toons on all servers as i bought Motu and starter pack which gave me gold hireling cleric. if i delete a toon with the hireling and roll up a new toon on that server, will the new [..] View

Exp Penalty clarification

11:19 pm, April 26, 2017 Hi, one of our group recently had a long stay in the hospital and thus was left behind experience wise. When he got back we helped him catch up (mostly by doing wilderness area exp which allows for a [..] View

New to game, TR questions

11:19 am, April 23, 2017 So i decided to use Voodus tank lock build as my first go through and so far its working great. My ? is should i go to level 20 TR, level 20 TR, then level 20 TR again for the 3 stack lock bonus u get [..] View

The DDO Players Council is now accepting applications!

11:19 am, April 20, 2017 We are once again taking applications for the DDO Players Council! Please fill out the application completely, and email it to ddo@standingstonegames.com before 11:59pm Eastern on Thursday, April 27th [..] View

help with some questions please just starting out in ddo

11:19 pm, April 19, 2017 ok basically im going rogue, for my beginning class my question is weather duel wielding is better at end game as apposed to two handed weapons - such as quarterstaff's i have seen the builds of ro [..] View

Help fitting a class?

11:19 pm, April 14, 2017 Hi guys, I'm looking for a little guidance. For all intensive purposes I am new to DDO. I played a wiz and a fight to cap over 8 years ago and haven't played since. A few friends and I are looking t [..] View

Enhancement point question

11:19 am, April 14, 2017 Hi guys! Thanks for taking the time to read my post. My question(s) is related to the enhancement tree. I started a wiz/rog but did the first level as rogue, now at level 4 I'm 2/2 and looking to hea [..] View

chest ransack in wilderness

11:19 am, April 14, 2017 Now i've been trying to collect Tapestries and Tomes in Necro 4 but due to soloing most of the time and necro 4 quests have anti solo mechanics "thanks alot Devs" i've been running the rare [..] View

Iconic double dip?

11:19 pm, April 9, 2017 Question about TRs and iconics. You start at level 15 and level to 30 ... what are you TR options at that point? I keep seeing vague references to people getting their heroic and iconic past life at [..] View

Enhancement question

11:19 am, April 7, 2017 I have a new character that is a druid that just multiclassed into monk. I used the first set of enhancements for some on one of the druid trees, but there is no option to choose any enhancements fro [..] View

"Completionist" question.

11:19 pm, April 3, 2017 Completed my fourteenth class, reincarnated, but was NOT given the "Completionist" feat option when I was creating my 15th life character (Level 1), but I DID get the option when I reached L [..] View

Thinking of coming back, few questions pls

11:19 pm, March 28, 2017 My wife and I are going to come back to do a TR and experience reaper settings and hopefully get back into raiding since there have been many since we left. With that just a few questions. We played [..] View

Heroic Elite Kicking my tail even being a lvl higher than it

11:19 am, March 27, 2017 Ok folks here goes i love playing melees and i love the game however i have noticed and i am on a 5th life and have noticed to do elite i have to be 2 lvls higher than the quest meaning if its 6 on ba [..] View

DDO Quest Sheet (full list)

11:19 am, March 25, 2017 Note: This is hosted on Google Sheets. You will need to copy it to your own account for full functionality. Hi all, Been using this myself for some time, saw a request for a quest list so thought I' [..] View

20-30 Fastest level guide

11:19 pm, March 24, 2017 So I know that people who power game and never see the sun etc. etc., can do a TR in 3 days and all this. But I've noticed a large number of players, not people I'd call elitists by any means, can cru [..] View


Just a couple of quick questions.

Mar 22, 2015, 7:58 pm 1. How's the game populations these days? Is the game still thriving?<br><br> 2. I want to take up CC spells, like charming, stunning, sleeping, etc. I know I'd have to deal damage as well, but would[..] View

Question re: True Reincarnation

Mar 21, 2015, 11:11 pm Hello<br><br> I understand TR sets you back to level 1 and you lose all XP. But do you keep your enhancements? Meaning, if I take a ranger tempest to level 20 and TR as a ranger, can I then build a[..] View

Returning Player-with several questions!

Mar 21, 2015, 6:20 pm I have just come back to DDO having left soon after MotU and unsurprisingly things seems to have changed a lot. So I was hoping that those of you who have been around since then might be able to ans[..] View

Guild ship Pawn Vendors Question

Mar 16, 2015, 11:28 pm Recently I started a solo guild ship. Im currently level 11 (guild) and I recently bought the Pawn Vendor placement room thinking it would be a easy way to sell off all my stuff in one area.<br><br> [..] View

Otto's Box Questions

Mar 16, 2015, 12:44 pm So, if you're a level 15 toon and use the box, what happens to all the leftover unused XP ???<br><br> If take that toon to 20 then TR will the remaining XP reappear ???<br><br> Can you apply any of [..] View

question on tring into iconic bladeforged

Mar 12, 2015, 11:40 pm I've played DDO for about 2 years .Took a 2 1/2 year break and now I'm back and a lot has changed. I currently have a legend warforged 3 past life barb 3 past life fighter and 2 past life pally (worki[..] View

Tempus Trapmonkey Questions

Mar 10, 2015, 1:05 pm I currently have about 20 of these builds spread out over all the servers. <a href="https://www.ddo.com/forums/showthread.php/423116-Tempest-Trapmonkey-for-new-players?highlight=tempest+trapmonkey" t[..] View

Drow question 400 favor points

Mar 10, 2015, 11:39 am I have a character who will soon be able to achieve the 400 favor points, which allows me unlock the drow class.<br> My question is:<br> After unlocking the drow, if I decide to play with the drow, [..] View

Find the Quest with the Most Chests/Mimics

Mar 1, 2015, 3:09 am Wondering what quests have the most chests to farm mimics? Wonder no longer!<br><br><a href="http://www.ddmsrealm.com/dungeons-and-dragons-database/top-10-xp-loot/" target="_blank">Dungeons and Dragon[..] View

Lesser Reincarnation Question

Feb 28, 2015, 9:42 pm Here's a noob question. I started a character yesterday and have gotten him to level 3. I now realise I totally screwed up his skill points and ability scores. I have the free lesser heart of wood [..] View

Drow Darkfire Question /Damage Type Question

Feb 21, 2015, 8:52 am Hello:<br><br> Darkfire deals a bolt of "evil" . What does that mean in terms of usefulness in the game? Is it not effective against all evil creatures? <br><br> Which makes me ask a second quest[..] View

DDO Store Question

Feb 20, 2015, 8:53 pm Sorry if this is a stupid question. I am thinking of purchasing expansion packs and as part of the deal I get some things as 1/game world and others as 1/character (+2 skill tome). Does that mean th[..] View

What makes a Quest Go From Complete to Uncomplete?

Feb 18, 2015, 7:52 am Hello all:<br><br> I recently completed Monastery of the Scorpion after great time spend dealing with those dang jets of air. Anyway, I completed the quest. I go off and do other things, reenter th[..] View

A few noob questions

Feb 13, 2015, 5:49 pm Hi all,<br><br> I'm fairly new (started playing in Dec, 2014), and still learning a lot despite reading lots on these forums and <br> DDOWiki. I have a few questions I'd appreciate any responses on. [..] View

Feat Swap Question

Feb 9, 2015, 6:52 pm Playing a thrower character and just took Rapid Shot feat, but I plan on taking some ranger levels later, so that feat is granted at Ranger 2. Could I reset that feat for another and still have it fro[..] View

Question About Bravery Bonus

Feb 8, 2015, 1:14 pm I need some guidance on the bravery bonus system and how best I can use it for my play style. So, my fighter is level 19 and I have just gone with the game's template for leveling her. I'm not a big p[..] View

A Very Brief Guide to Casual, Solo Leveling and Questing

Feb 3, 2015, 12:25 pm I want to preface this post by saying that this will require you to have some TP on hand for extra hirelings, and that it will not level you remotely as fast as doing Elite runs of the super challengi[..] View

Bank shared, beginner questions

Jan 29, 2015, 11:57 pm I began researching on shared bank seeking some information about its operation and limitations and found many complaints about problems. So I have two questions. 1) The shared bank still continues [..] View

Crafting Quest: Locating Maker

Jan 29, 2015, 7:11 am So I started crafting, the signed up with the Crafting Quest in the Harbor. My instructions is to locate Maker in the crafting hall. When I arrive there, I'm greeted by Willman and not Maker. I've lo[..] View

Returning Player question

Jan 25, 2015, 2:27 pm I have not player in 14 to 18 months and was just wondering if there have been any major changes. Not asking about new content. More like any big changes to game machanic's? I have a lev 25 multi lev[..] View

Asking for a good flowsheet of quests so i can Level as fast as possible

Jan 21, 2015, 9:10 pm G&acute;morning Folks! Last summer i created a new toon and forgot about him a Little coz he sucked a bit and i better spend time with grinding EDs + ERs for my 3 other toons. After having him now o[..] View

Newbie game setting question (RAM)

Jan 21, 2015, 1:29 am I have been playing DDO for three years using very low setting. I just upgraded from 2GB to 8GB of RAM. What game settings can I change now if any to enjoy the game more. I have almost no PC knowle[..] View

Eveningstar challenges question

Jan 13, 2015, 11:56 am I am getting close to running the Eveningstar challenges but had some questions. I am looking to make some shurikens - do I need 50 tricrowns, 200 falcons, 100 toadstools to make 1 shuriken? Are thes[..] View

Newbie question about Morninglords - Please help

Jan 11, 2015, 2:32 am I have a quick question about Morninglords, or any of the Iconic characters for that matter. When you start the level up process, do you have to complete it all the way to 15 or can you stop it at any[..] View

Noob Question re: Leveling Up - Path or no path

Jan 9, 2015, 3:30 am Hello: When leveling up there are the two options to either stay on the path or choose a different path. My char is a Ranger. If I go to the ranger trainer what does not staying on the path do? Doe[..] View

Question re: Autoattack

Jan 8, 2015, 5:50 pm Hello: I have read a lot and cant seem to figure out auto attack and I am not sure if it is because I am reading old stuff or what. My char is a Ranger. Can someone please explain Do I have to use[..] View

F2P completly, doing each available quest once, what level you reach?

Jan 6, 2015, 2:31 pm Just wondering, dunno if somebody tried this already. What level can a -completly- F2P player get to if he only does each quest once, on elite, with BB? No ship, No xp pot, no voice, strictly F2P but [..] View

Question re: Ranger and Two Weapon Fighting

Dec 30, 2014, 8:18 pm Hello It seems there is a penalty to try to move while two weapon fighting - the swinging slows down. Is that right? If so, does turning also cause the penalty? Or does simply moving forward and b[..] View

just about to hit 20 - epic xp questions

Dec 30, 2014, 4:46 pm I am about to hit level 20 this weekend and noticed there are not that many epic quests and quite a lot of XP required to rank up. What are the most optimal quests to run - solo, if possible? Are th[..] View

New Player Questions

Dec 30, 2014, 9:48 am Hello, I'm a completely new player to DDO who joined a few days ago. I'm a f2p player (With only income being monthly allowance, so my only source of TP is grinding :( )While I know most of the basic [..] View

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