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Night Revel questions

11:19 am, October 21, 2017 Few questions please. Do i need to purchase every item step all the way up to the 28 one to get it? Then if I want the lower versions for heroic TR's...so it all over again? Do the potions that say [..] View

Community Rules Update

11:19 pm, August 30, 2017 One of the things that has been a long-term project of mine is to update the Community Guidelines to better reflect the needs of Standing Stone Games, to more accurately describe the rules as we apply [..] View

Annoying micro stutters after patch update!!!

11:19 am, May 6, 2017 Since the last update, the game is for now almost unplayable!!! :mad: I was trying to do the slayers at Orchard of the Macabre and when there are more than 5 mobs attacking me the game goes very very [..] View

stopping vip for f2p help

11:19 pm, April 3, 2017 I have been trying to find how/where to stop vip. I want to go to f2p when my vip expires. I do not want to have it automatically continue. I tried one thing, can't remember exactly what I did, but o [..] View

returning player question...

11:19 am, January 21, 2017 Which server is best for starting a new character? I've been trying to figure out which class/race combo will be best for me. Are low level characters even viable in this game still? I have everything [..] View

Easy noob question... i hope :)

11:19 pm, January 1, 2017 I am trying to get into DDO actually i have been trying for years but maybe i don't get it i guess. So i am trying to do a quest seems like it should be pretty simple since its a starter one Disciple [..] View

Game won´t start after U33-2. Where is the Game Client Executable?

11:19 am, December 22, 2016 Hi all! I need help please. Yesterday, my game was all running fine, and today i did last update. Since then, the launcher starts and asks me where the game client executable is. A screen pops up to [..] View

Fighter Enhancements

11:19 am, July 16, 2016 Some help PLease... I am trying to pick a few enhancements (12 level fighter). I selected one that says I need "greater weapon focus- Slashing weapons" I can't find Greater Weapon Focus t [..] View

SOme Assistance with Augments please........

11:19 am, December 27, 2015 I found a pair of Grundock"s boots. It says that it has an empty yellow augment slot. However, when I click on add/remove augments and try to put the boots in the slot, it says that this item d [..] View

Character development – assigning skill points question

11:19 pm, December 21, 2015 New to DDO, 1 month. When I custom building a character or advance an existing character to the next level, the game offers me a few skill point to spend on many different skill sets. I have observe [..] View

How do I unload "bind to character" equipment / aim shurikens / re-accept quest?

11:19 am, December 2, 2015 How do I remove from my inventory equipment/gear/loot that is "Binds to character on acquire permanently"? I am new to DDO (maybe 12 hours play time to date), and by ignorance and/or mistake [..] View

help please. takes 15 mins to load into game then red X and crash to desktop.

11:19 pm, November 8, 2015 hi,i know this has been happening to people for awhile. iv been played ddo for years and decided to get back into it recently.but i keep having this same problem where it takes for ever to load into t [..] View

Help please.

11:19 pm, October 24, 2015 So I lr'd my bladeforged pally, now when I do my enhancement points in Sacred def. , instead of the ones that I invested in, I get +10 to prr and 50% threat generation when I hover over the icon after [..] View


11:19 pm, May 1, 2015 Hello I am running Windows 8.1 64 bit processor. I am not technically PC savvy. I can do some things. I uninstalled DDO and after 2 months did a reinstall. Now at random times the DDOClient just freez [..] View

Played D&D Online yesterday. Seeking a bit of advice please

11:19 am, April 21, 2015 Hello everyone, Yesterday I started playing the game again after many years. I played the game out when it first got released, but at the time our guild was playing another game so had very little tim [..] View

Guild ship Pawn Vendors Question

11:19 pm, March 16, 2015 Recently I started a solo guild ship. Im currently level 11 (guild) and I recently bought the Pawn Vendor placement room thinking it would be a easy way to sell off all my stuff in one area. I found [..] View

coin lords free inventory slot....

11:19 pm, February 4, 2015 I have my shadow wizard to 78 coin lord favor. I am standing in front of the bank where Montague Goudreauis supposed to be but no Montague Goudreau. I realize I am probably not in rigtht spot but...or [..] View

Key Mapping Issues

11:19 am, December 12, 2014 I have recently returned to the game after several months of absence and I have been having problems maintaining my key mapping. Every time I close down the game my key mapping resets itself. I have [..] View

cannot load onto patch server

11:19 am, October 15, 2014 I just purchased a new computer, mainly for this game as I have been a long time player. I downloaded ddo and logged into my acct for a while. I then installed a new anti-virus and could not log on af [..] View

Newbie coming back after long hiatus, simplify for me please.

11:19 pm, July 10, 2014 I remember roughly 2 years ago playing this game and being confused and/or overwhelmed on how to build a strong character. I stuck with melee classes last time, but this time I want to come at it diff [..] View


Newbie coming back after long hiatus, simplify for me please.

Nov 29, 2014, 12:45 pm I remember roughly 2 years ago playing this game and being confused and/or overwhelmed on how to build a strong character. I stuck with melee classes last time, but this time I want to come at it diff[..] View

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