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Any advice for a new player? Im getting incredibly frustrated.

11:19 am, December 7, 2017 Just wanted to get back into DDO. I played a ton back in the day but lost my old account info so I started a new one. I dropped $50 to start off at level 7 with 34 skill points with a few more things [..] View

Brand New Player questions

11:19 pm, August 25, 2015 OK new player, learning the game and it seems to be fun. Couple questions I want to ask before I get too far in to re-roll a char. 1. Are all servers equal population? It seems no one is playing in [..] View

Sorcerer Spells?

11:19 pm, April 26, 2015 I have a 12th level sorcerer, Air and Fire Savant, with lots of SLAs and points spent in crit enablers (for full build, read unbongwah's post in this thread: https://www.ddo.com/forums/showthrea...=1# [..] View

Returning Player-with several questions!

11:19 pm, March 20, 2015 I have just come back to DDO having left soon after MotU and unsurprisingly things seems to have changed a lot. So I was hoping that those of you who have been around since then might be able to ans [..] View

Sort of new f2p player needs advice

11:19 am, December 15, 2014 Played this game on and off for years, finally want to make the march to level 20. Starting on a new server (Khyber) have Premium account, as well as access to Warforged race and Artificer class. More [..] View


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