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Map reseting size on guild ship

11:19 am, November 18, 2017 Anyone know of a way to get my map to stay the same size after going to the guild air ship? It always goes back to minimum, smallest size but stays in the correct position based on the upper right co [..] View

Taking Breaks From DDO Guide

11:19 am, October 22, 2017 So, if you are like me, you want to take breaks from DDO so this way you can stay interested n the game when you are getting back. Taking breaks from a game is (in my opinion) needed this way you st [..] View

Losing connection?

11:19 pm, October 2, 2017 So, I just downloaded this game and I'm trying to create my character. But I can only ever get as far as picking out feats before the game automatically closes saying something about a lost connection [..] View

New Player Reaper Pointers

11:19 pm, September 9, 2017 If you are new to the game, first - welcome! Now if you are done soloing and have decided to group up you might look at the LFM panel and wonder what is R1/Reaper. Reaper is the hardest difficulty mod [..] View

Minimum Clericality or Paladinishness

11:19 pm, January 24, 2017 I'm a noob. I played just to lv20 once, years ago, so the basics are familiar and I'm looking at the wiki. I hate the undead. I don't want to be a rogue, but I hate locked doors... Thinking about a H [..] View

Ascension Chamber - Shortman Guide

11:19 am, December 22, 2016 Heroic Abbot has a reputation of being difficult to run, but with a little practice a handful of epic players can get fast and easy completions on elite. No special builds or gear required; all you ne [..] View

Doing the quest The Bloody Crypt - either solo or by SOCIAL party?

11:19 pm, September 7, 2016 I am still new to DDO, playing only about 11 months, 99% solo. I have a 10th level character (4th Artificer / 6th Warlock) and two hirelings (gold permanent cleric 3rd lvl, paladin 9th lvl) and I wan [..] View

Auction Item purchased...

11:19 pm, May 16, 2016 I have a question about an auction item I just purchased. BRacers +8 constitution. I am level 12 fighter., the bracers say minimum level 28, absolute minimum level 12. Which I am, but when I try t [..] View

Returning player - Need help puzzling what my character was attempting!

11:19 am, April 20, 2016 Hello magnificent DDO people. I have not played in a long time, not long after the new (or not new now) enhancements came out. Now on loading I've gone into my character and I am a wee bit puzzled as [..] View

Loooong time away ... computer requirements links/recommendations?

11:19 pm, March 29, 2016 Hi, I've been away at least a year. Probably more like multiple years since I have anniversary goodies just sitting there on my toons. I've jumped on but no serious playing for a long time. I have a m [..] View

Video guide to soloing DDO

11:19 pm, March 27, 2016 I played DDO quite a bit, TRed a toon and then stop playing for a while. Eventually, I got back into the game and TRed my toon a second time. I like doing projects while I play DDO and I've done sever [..] View

3rd life character on way to Completionist

11:19 pm, January 19, 2016 Bonus question: I am starting my third life character. I'm shooting for Completionist. I've done Pally and Ranger. I was thinking Warlock, as I'm trying to contribute at higher levels with minimum pas [..] View

To Curse the Sky, one ****: A Video Guide

11:19 pm, December 26, 2015 Someone asked me how one does this quest, or really any quest, with minimum kills. It's 20% knowing the mechanics (sources of noise, what does and does not break sneak, knowing of extremely exploitabl [..] View

Losing connection when logging in

11:19 pm, April 23, 2015 So, I can create and play new characters just fine, not an issue logging in (as soon as I log in on a new tool, the "connection status" thingy goes yellow, but disappears almost imediatly), [..] View

Can't load the forums in Firefox

11:19 pm, April 2, 2015 Hey everyone, I wiped my hard drive today in order to upgrade from Win7 x64 to Win8.1 x64 and only installed the minimums so far. Kaspersky Total Security, Firefox 37.0 and some unrelat [..] View

How do you replay the Threnal Arena?

11:19 pm, March 30, 2015 So the first time I did all the Threnal quests I must have missed the ceremonial dagger. I decided to go back and try the arena because I was trying to find a nice place to **** rust monsters, and th [..] View

Melee Master Vampires: Oh Dual-Fang Runts of the PM Tree UNITE!

11:19 pm, March 21, 2015 Disclaimer: This is a work in progress. I am no expert on PMs so please post your suggestions. There have been a number of threads recently with players proposing vampire builds. I also was intrigued [..] View

Passive Ki Regeneration Isn't Working (Contemplate 3 ranks Hensin Mystic tree)

11:19 am, February 9, 2015 Why isn't my ki regeneration working? It worked just when I got the third rank. When I went in a dudgeon, it stopped, and hasn't started. I didn't even pick anything up. I'm trying to get my 10,000 St [..] View

Seeking Auction House Advice

11:19 pm, September 14, 2014 I'm a new player seeking some advice on the auction house... I play on Thelanis server, and right now my highest level character is a level 11 battle cleric. So far, this has been my experience with t [..] View


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