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Stuck on loading screen in Gianthold.

11:19 am, January 7, 2018 Hello. While I am teleporting my player out of Gianthold to the marketplace, using the npc Vanyel, I get stuck on a loading screen that does not go away. I have had to reboot the game over 5 times so [..] View

Strange UI issues

11:19 am, November 11, 2017 Hi SSG / others, Since about 3 weeks ago I've been having weird issues with my UI. Specifically: - When I load in I can run around just fine and see other characters move but chat doesn't load, and [..] View

Ideas for running favor farmers

11:19 pm, October 13, 2017 I thought I would share some experiences from some recent runs I did while getting 100 favor in the servers I have never played on. One of the reasons I did this was a I got a little bored trying to [..] View

Need some help?

11:19 am, June 17, 2017 I am a returning player and I am trying for my first Epic TR then my first Heroic TR I am currently running a Barb and I have a few non class specific questions. I have MOTU and Shadowfall and I am a [..] View

Heroic Elite Kicking my tail even being a lvl higher than it

11:19 am, March 27, 2017 Ok folks here goes i love playing melees and i love the game however i have noticed and i am on a 5th life and have noticed to do elite i have to be 2 lvls higher than the quest meaning if its 6 on ba [..] View

New Player - Issue with DDO Store + Amazon Payments

11:19 pm, January 22, 2017 Hello, Not getting any response other than the auto-reply from Turbine Customer Service. 2 tickets, 7 days from the first one now. I have an Amazon account. Checked that I can login via Amazon Paym [..] View

What quests to do from level 20 to 24?

11:19 pm, October 5, 2016 Hello I’ve been doing The Jungle of Khyber, The Druid's Deep chain, The High Road chain, The Lords of Dust and Servants of the Overlord now almost on a daily basis to get me from level 24 t [..] View

What server to play on?

11:19 pm, August 16, 2016 I used to play on Khyber years ago but only got to like lvl 15 max so i'm making new characters but idk what server to go for. Khyber I looked on AH and theres like 2 pages of rapiers total from level [..] View

Returning Player from Khyber

11:19 pm, August 4, 2016 Hello everyone, Where do I start. Well I'm a returning player after a 6 year hiatus. I was a very active player back in the day, but decided to quit after a guild collapse and lack of content. But I' [..] View

DDO Free to Play Guide (minimal grind method)

11:19 pm, June 26, 2016 DDO Free to Play Guide (minimal grind method)Intro It is certainly possible to play DDO completely for free. You may want to do this for budgetary reasons, but since cheap offers come around frequentl [..] View

Ingredient bag item weight- tip to reducing bag weight

11:19 am, April 11, 2016 One method I use to reduce the carry weight I am holding is to minimize the weight of the bags I carry. Personally, I store heavy items inside my spare bags and place them in my bank (share bank if th [..] View

Cosmetic armor question

11:19 pm, April 10, 2016 DDO wiki says, "Alchemical Armor Eldritch Ritual does stack with other dodge bonuses including Dodge Bonus +1, and can be applied to Cosmetic Armor or Cosmetic Helmets." Months ago, I was [..] View

Legendary Elite HoX Strategy

11:19 am, February 27, 2016 This is a Lava Divers of Khyber Legendary Elite Completion of Hound of Xoriat. Xy'zzy was pulled into the eastern hallway (the longer one). This reduces teh points of entry from 4 (if just dead c [..] View

I can't see my characters on loading screen?

11:19 pm, October 24, 2015 So I uninstalled and installed DDO yesterday, and now I can't see my characters. When I try to enter Khyber, the blue bar on the Loading Screen doesn't progress and the game hangs. Thoughts? Elibolas View

Looking for a mentor, re-learning how to play.

11:19 am, October 1, 2015 Looking for someone to maybe make a new char with me and play a little bit, remind me how to play/help a newer player out. Advice in general would be great but I wanted to make a warlock (got it from [..] View

Your character is still being saved - KHYBER

11:19 pm, September 27, 2015 Last night, on Khyber, my character, Stormraiser froze up on the airship while being afk for a bit. Today, when I try to login, I receive the following message "Your character is still being save [..] View

Having encumbrance issues? Surprising source of weight

11:19 am, May 4, 2015 A lot of you may know about this but thought I would post it anyway. Was wondering why I was sometimes getting uncentered on my main in her heroic life. She has little gear in her backpack. Turns ou [..] View

new player looking for guidance.

11:19 pm, April 14, 2015 Hello everyone. I recently discovered this game and have quickly become addicted to it. I have done some reading on the forums and on Wikipedia. I settled on a build I think will work for me. I usuall [..] View

Returning founder looking for help

11:19 pm, April 6, 2015 I started when the game originally released and stopped shortly before the red dragon raid update happened (not sure which raid this is but lvl cap was still 10). I've come back a couple times through [..] View

Client crashing the connection

11:19 am, April 4, 2015 Sometime last night my client timed out my connection trying to get onto Khyber. Been trying to fix it ever since, nothing I find seems to help. I seem to be able to get on any other server just fine. [..] View

New To Epic

11:19 am, March 30, 2015 A few weeks ago, I returned to DDO and my level 16 character on Khyber after a year-long hiatus. I've been flying solo since no other members of my (very tiny) guild have played in about the same amo [..] View

Happy 9th Birthday DDO Livestream!

11:19 am, February 27, 2015 Tomorrow, Friday, from 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM Eastern (-5 GMT) I will be keeping a camera going on our Twitch page at Twitch.tv/DDOstream, hanging out on the various servers, chatting with folks, having s [..] View

Returning Player(s) LF General Guidance

11:19 pm, February 19, 2015 Some friends and I were looking for a different game to play as we are starting to get burnt out on another MMO. Most of us played DDO when it launched in 2006 from the Head start event until about a [..] View

Sort of new f2p player needs advice

11:19 am, December 15, 2014 Played this game on and off for years, finally want to make the march to level 20. Starting on a new server (Khyber) have Premium account, as well as access to Warforged race and Artificer class. More [..] View

Returning From Hiatus, And Am Now Rendered Ignorant

11:19 pm, September 30, 2014 Greetings current players of DDO, So, as the title may have suggested I am returning from quite a bit of time. Summer of 2012 to be exact, left to go be an EOD Tech and now Communications Specialist [..] View

Khyber: The connection has been lost

11:19 am, September 20, 2014 Yesterday I have played with my character in location of Wheloon prison. I have to rest, so I've teleported to the Market. After I have rested, I wanted to return to the Wheloon prison, but my Evening [..] View

An Epic Mathematical Analysis of Epic Experience

11:19 am, August 18, 2014 So I’ve taken it upon myself to grind out some Epic Reincarnations. Being the mathematically inclined engineering student that I am, I wanted to figure out the optimal path to get the 6.5 mi [..] View

Using your Favour TP Correctly.

11:19 pm, August 17, 2014 As you run Quests in this game you will earn Favour. Favour is given for 1st completion of each difficulty except Epic. A Standard Low Level quest gives 2 Favour on Casual, 3 on Normal, 6 on Hard and [..] View

Your character is still being saved

7:21 am, July 1, 2014 I am unable to log into my character. He is currently level 8. I was interacting with the House K bank and putting beholder optic nerves from reincarnation cache into inventory and I got a 'Bank Fai [..] View


Khyber: The connection has been lost

Nov 29, 2014, 5:45 am Yesterday I have played with my character in location of Wheloon prison. I have to rest, so I've teleported to the Market. After I have rested, I wanted to return to the Wheloon prison, but my Evening[..] View

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