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Skill Tomes and Trained Skill Ranks

11:19 pm, October 5, 2016 Skill Tomes give an "inherent bonus" - I'm not sure if DDO is using "inherent" as yet another type of "Bonus", like Enhancement bonuses and Festival Bonuses, etc, or whet [..] View

Help with Tomes

11:19 am, January 10, 2016 Hi, I purchased a tome of +1 dexterity. When I tried to use it, it says you have no inherent bonus to dexterity to upgrade? Not sure what that means. My dexterity is a 15. (base 12 plus 3 for ite [..] View

Confused about enhancements

11:19 am, December 18, 2015 So, I'm looking at making a Sorc EdK. Now, I'm planning on splashing in some Warlock, however, I'm confused about some enhancements. So, with the lock, you can get the perma-shield enhancement. With [..] View

Determining what ability tomes a character has

11:19 pm, July 12, 2015 I had to stop playing for several months. Now that I am back playing again, I am trying to figure out what ability tomes have been applied to my characters. I had TR'd 2 of them not long before I had [..] View


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