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Anyone help with class and playing advice?

11:19 am, January 1, 2018 Howdy yall!! I returned last week from a break since U27. I literally spent the past week sorting and organizing my mules. I had way too much stuff. Here is my dilema. I have 2 main toons and [..] View

1-20 Quest guide for efficient TR'ing (No Sov pots edition)

11:19 pm, December 21, 2017 There are several decent TR'ing quest guides out there but so far all of them have shared the requirement that you down Sov pots non-stop, they run with a perma-group or they're wicked out of date mak [..] View

Ramdom Crashing Windows 10

11:19 pm, December 19, 2017 Hello all, I hope you can help me with this. I reinstalled windows 10 and come back to ddo recently, but I can t really play because I have ramdom crashes. Sometimes I can play a couple of hours with [..] View

Stuck on Loading Screen

11:19 pm, December 15, 2017 It only started today. I've been playing DDO for the past week and it's been pretty stable (outside of the random 2-3 sec lock ups every once and awhile, but that's another topic). Last night I was do [..] View

Constant crashes since Ravenloft (not in new content)

11:19 pm, December 6, 2017 So finally downloaded all the update, and TR'd my fighter to warlock. Played for a couple of hours on the starting island, but crashed when entering a dungeon (Game froze, and became unresponsive, ev [..] View

Returning since Update 19

11:19 am, November 16, 2017 Used to play a bit during update 19, saw the new skill trees, but probably not all of the new content. Premium player, probably spent ~$80? So I read through the DDO wiki on updates since then, and am [..] View

Black Screen after Server selection

11:19 am, November 14, 2017 So I haven’t played DDO in close to two years, and felt like returning recently. I downloaded the game, logged in, chose my server and was excited to play. The problem is, after the game sta [..] View

Windows 10, Version 1709 feature update

11:19 am, November 8, 2017 So I have installed this update for a second time, with about 2 months between each attempt. As a result DDO will no longer properly launch within Steam a few hours after the update goes in. Last ti [..] View

Ideas for running favor farmers

11:19 pm, October 13, 2017 I thought I would share some experiences from some recent runs I did while getting 100 favor in the servers I have never played on. One of the reasons I did this was a I got a little bored trying to [..] View

How to Survive Super Monster Champions?

11:19 pm, September 26, 2017 The short version: What can I do to increase my chances of surviving an encounter with a "Super Monster Champion"? By "Super Monster Champion", I mean the 1 in 50 Monster Champio [..] View

error logging in! error creating ssl context ()

11:19 pm, August 18, 2017 I saw there was a really old thread asking about my exact problem but the one reply did not help so I am hoping someone else might have some thoughts. My laptop recently died a terrible ***** and so I [..] View

Can't download ddo live.exe, keeps getting interrupted, any help?

11:19 pm, July 14, 2017 Hi, the story Yesterday tried to patch u36 Got errors patching, at the 44% point Tried to restart patch several times, Seemed to continue, To a point where it asked to modify hard drive by turbin [..] View

DDO Character Planner

11:19 pm, June 9, 2017 Hey Peeps, I have been developing a DDO character planner for some time now and it has reached a stage where I would like the community to start to provide feedback and ideally some bug reports. It [..] View

Connection with server Lost!

11:19 am, April 20, 2017 Thank you for taking the time to read this. It's 3am and I have been spending the last 8 hours trying to get this resolved. After the server reboot yesterday I can no longer log into the game, there h [..] View

Stuck On Loading Screen For One Toon

11:19 am, April 16, 2017 about once a week, one of my toons (can be any one of them) simply will not load. I can load any of my toons except the one that gets 'stuck'. Said toon stays stuck on the loading screen for several [..] View

Spring, summer, autumn, winter... spring?

11:19 am, March 31, 2017 I've had some thoughts rattlin' around in light of certain circumstances, thoughts a new consumer of this game 'oughta know. I wouldn't call this advice by any means, but it is no less useful to you [..] View

Props to anyone who can work this out! Devs, I'm looking at you here!

11:19 am, March 22, 2017 So! One of my favorite quests was the Temple of Elemental Evil- Loved it. Was great. Farmed it. Made a nice Crossbow, success. Took some time away from the game, came back. Started playing again, ma [..] View

All Worlds have been down for days...

11:19 am, March 4, 2017 Well, at least according to my launcher, every single world has been down every time I've checked over the past 4 days. Each check more than 3 hours apart and only ONE of the checks actually had notic [..] View

renown ransack

11:19 pm, March 2, 2017 So I drank some renown pots on many of my toons and took advantage of the renown xp weekend, and gained 9 levels for my solo guild. I just ran a few quests within my level and got no renown, which [..] View

Initialization Errors after Latest update 03/02/'17

11:19 pm, February 3, 2017 After the latest Reaper update I played a few hours in game and then turned my PC off for the night and when I tried to log on the next day I tried to log into the game and the launcher failed on star [..] View

Haven't played in a year, came back to these ******

11:19 am, December 19, 2016 Came back, rolled a new toon. I did this at like... 2:30 AM in the morning so I know the server is a bit low. There's only the one group here in Korthos.... I asked one party member can i join? &quo [..] View

Character is already in the world

11:19 pm, December 1, 2016 When I try to log into one of my toons, I keep getting the "character is already in the world" error messages. I have had a ticket open in game for over 2 hours. Is this something they can [..] View

new install won't update

11:19 pm, November 27, 2016 I am trying to do a new install from the download. When i do this it will update to 88% and then stop. I let it stay there for hours, and it will not progress. I even stopped it and had it try again, [..] View

Team DDO and Movember 2016!

11:19 pm, November 1, 2016 Hello everyone, and welcome to Movember 2016! This is now the fourth year that I've raised money publicly for men's health through the Movember Foundation in the Dungeons & Dragons Online com [..] View

Constant Internet Disconnects

11:19 am, October 4, 2016 Hey guys it started maybe a month ago where i disconnect for one or two minutes and then everything works perfectly fine for a little while maybe a couple hours until i disconnect again and so on. It [..] View

Confused about the ASAH. Did the ASAH just eat my shards?

11:19 am, September 6, 2016 Earlier today I placed two bids on the Astral shard action house on a stack of twenty flawless red dragon scales and twenty flawless green dragon scales (I think 10 AS's per stack). I then Epic reinca [..] View


11:19 pm, September 4, 2016 I see this literally every day in in-game chat:"Looking for Active Guild" But what does "Active" mean to you? To DDO/Turbine and pertaining to Guilds it means this account has logg [..] View

regular crashing

11:19 pm, August 24, 2016 Every 2 hours roughly, occasionally more frequently then that. my game crashes. no errors or any notifications appear. it normally happens in a load screen. but has happened just running around town a [..] View

It may be too late if you've already found these forums but....

11:19 pm, June 17, 2016 It seems there's some issues with the cost of DDO that may be putting new players off sticking with the game. A lot of this comes from new players not knowing what is a good buy for their first TP ear [..] View

6/14/2016 In-Game Store Subscriptions

11:19 pm, June 14, 2016 PayPal -Existing Subscriptions only: may take 24-72 hours for player's tokens to be updated with PayPal and they MIGHT experience some issues. This does not affect players signing up for a subscriptio [..] View

Launcher closes but game doesnt start

11:19 pm, May 13, 2016 Please excuse me, im a little bit frustrated right now and it is getting late for me, i will try to give as much informations as i can till i have to go to sleep because of late hours here in EU (need [..] View

Connection to server lost?

11:19 am, May 12, 2016 Right now I am unable to play at all. I don't understand why - it was working fine 2 days ago (I had no time to play yesterday.) I have checked the tech support pages and have done all the recommendat [..] View

returned kind of and have questions.

11:19 pm, May 2, 2016 I never really went away I just had long periods where I was unable to play. so I am now playing for and hours or so every day just getting back in the swing. my ALTS are still very playable, but I ha [..] View

Technical Issues - Black Screen: Game Closes

11:19 pm, March 11, 2016 So this just started today.... I log into the game, same as always, I start playing and then about 5 minutes in, my screen goes completely black, 2-3 seconds later the game closes and I am back to my [..] View

Problem staying connected in the evenings.

11:19 am, February 22, 2016 For about a week I have been logging on at the same time, in the evening, then roughly 20 minutes later I lose connection and can't log back in. I can't get access to the forums, during this time, ei [..] View

Cannot roll character, constant DC

11:19 am, February 19, 2016 I used to play DDO and recently decided to pick it up again to play with a friend. We've decided to roll on Argonnessen. For the last 4 hours I have been trying to roll a character. First off, just lo [..] View

This morning Chains of Flame

11:19 pm, February 11, 2016 I was rerunning the quests for Zawabi this morning, having forgotten about the raid timer (sue me, that's why I am posting in the new player forum) thinking that maybe I had to repeat all the quests. [..] View

Artificer or Rogue?

11:19 am, February 6, 2016 Are Artificer and Rogue equal in ability to find traps, disable devices, and pick locks? I am wanting to build a Wizard with a multi-class minor with those skills. I see that Wizards and Artific [..] View

Insightful spell bonuses and how they work

11:19 pm, January 22, 2016 Okay, I've spent a couple of hours with Google, and have not found a definitive answer as yet. As of the latest update (U29), there are new types of bonuses, named "insightful ***" where ** [..] View

LE Shroud, U29, 12/31/2015

11:19 am, December 31, 2015 Captain's Crew has pushed out 6 runs on live. 2 were tonight. Day one run was over 2 hours, but with some silly strategeriee we've got it down to a buck 15 average. ....my anecdotal thoughts......What [..] View

Anyone else get stuck at 77% ?

11:19 pm, December 30, 2015 I've been trying to log into ddo for a couple of hours now, I can't even get to the log in screen. Once i boot the program it goes to check if the files are there and what not but gets stuck at 77% ch [..] View

Need plat? Sell Festivault coins!

11:19 am, December 29, 2015 On Thelanis anyway I've been selling for the following: Copper - 2K each Silver - 12K each Gold - 65K each I'm even looking to up these as they sell out within a couple hours of posting. In just [..] View

DDO stole my points

11:19 pm, December 18, 2015 Right after the new release, I purchased 5 exp elixir pots. Then after the "fix" the elixir pots and my points were gone. I submitted a ticket, but its been over 4 hours, and not a peep ou [..] View

I give up. CTD/connection lost

11:19 am, December 13, 2015 I tried all the voodoo that I could find on this forum. Pre-caching game logic, moved game files etc. In the end, I get loggeed into my character, but my character is frozen in place for about 30 se [..] View

When and how do I pick feat; Two Weapon Fighting - Munk native bare hand fighting

11:19 am, December 9, 2015 When and how do I pick feat “Two Weapon Fighting”? First character is still a 3rd level dark monk in Korthos. He is a drow and "we" love "our" magical +1 short [..] View

How do I unload "bind to character" equipment / aim shurikens / re-accept quest?

11:19 am, December 2, 2015 How do I remove from my inventory equipment/gear/loot that is "Binds to character on acquire permanently"? I am new to DDO (maybe 12 hours play time to date), and by ignorance and/or mistake [..] View

Need help with launcher error

11:19 pm, November 30, 2015 I'm receiving this error at launcher start up < the program can't start because MSVCP100.dll is missing from your computer. try reinstalling the program to fix the issue. > I am run [..] View

Can't create character with 32 point build

11:19 am, November 27, 2015 Hello, I have decided to come back to DDO after a long pause (always craved to, finally managed to return) and decided to get both expansions while they were on sale (was an F2P before). One of them [..] View

Returning Player - What did I miss?

11:19 am, November 26, 2015 Hi All, Haven't played since Druids were first announced and am keen to get back into some gaming (had a little crack at GW2 but not a huge fan, so back to DDO I come) I have a level 20 human Pally [..] View

client_gamelogic.dat not found

11:19 pm, October 9, 2015 DDO was working up until last night on my PC, then it just stopped dead. I run a: Since January, I have offset any additional RAM requirements by the use of virtual memory - since a 32 bit system ca [..] View

How does one Navigate the Demonweb?

11:19 am, September 10, 2015 Over the last 6 months I have tried to navigate the Demonweb about 10 times and spent at least that many hours exploring it. On one occasion I made it to the entrance for The Deal and the Demon*, but [..] View

Maximizing your free-to-play experience

11:19 am, August 30, 2015 DDO offers two embedded features that players can use to maximize their free-to-play (FTP) experience. By leveraging these two features it is possible to avoid spending real money on DDO. First, DDO [..] View

Same problem with some quests.

11:19 pm, August 23, 2015 So i tried doing The Church and the Cult quest on Elite only to fail at the first door as i think it needs more search skill than i have. Same thing with The Keeper's Sanctuary on Hard. My search sk [..] View

Returning Player: Spellcaster-build ?

11:19 am, August 10, 2015 Anyone can help me again? I am playing with my old main character in team-up with my girlfriend. But we have very different working periods at the moment. So to avoid that our characters differ to [..] View

[Solo build help] Newcomer

11:19 pm, August 5, 2015 Hi all! I came back to the game after 4 or 5 years and I would like to play a bit again. I'm actually playing a Fighter with TWF but I'm looking forward to build another character soon. At the mome [..] View

Returning player: split classes or stay pure after level 20 ???

11:19 pm, August 1, 2015 Hello there, Ive returned to DDO after years, still love the game but whow...many has changed...new level cap, new enhancement trees....much to read and much new to learn. Most importend to me for n [..] View

Slow Mo Mystery

11:19 am, July 31, 2015 Problem: After approximately 1.5 hours of play, my character will start moving very slowly upon entering a quest and remain slow in any quest I enter until I redo my ship buffs. Up until that point, [..] View

mouse and ddo

11:19 am, July 31, 2015 i know i saw issues about this before but since update 27 its really been freaking out on me. i know my mouse has some issues but i encounter more problems in ddo then any other game. reason i know th [..] View

DDO Store not loading

11:19 pm, July 25, 2015 Yesterday it worked fine, but for the last 20 hours or so DDO Store not loading on my WinXP 32bit computer. It works fine on Win 8.1 though. I restarted DDO client many times, also restarted compute [..] View

Returning player's regret

11:19 pm, July 14, 2015 Hey there, everyone. As the title suggests, I am a returning player(haven't played for 4 - 5 years). I used to enjoy the game a lot, but had never been a subscriber, and back then it just seemed to m [..] View

Help cant log in

11:19 pm, June 28, 2015 Hello, I just returned from vacation and I cant log into game. It freezes on a screen saying "Installing pre-reqs". There is no progress bar. Wont progress past this point. PC sat for [..] View

Help! Major screen problem.

11:19 am, June 15, 2015 Hope someone can help, this is not fun. This just happened a few hours ago while I was actually playing the game...my screen suddenly started, and still is, flickering and jumping like crazy, constant [..] View

Lagging out

11:19 pm, June 11, 2015 Below is my dxdiag info. Since the Ghallanda hack, I have been having periodic lag issues within every 3 hours of game play, though it's random. My character freezes; sometimes when I enter a new zon [..] View

Unable to create new accounts

11:19 am, June 10, 2015 A couple of my friends tried to create accounts for DDO last night. Clicking on the "Play Free Now" link (https://trial.turbine.com/ab/ddo/) at the top of this web page has been giving the f [..] View

Can we get a list of classes that will not be nerfed?

11:19 am, June 1, 2015 With the impending nerf coming to Paladins (and likely Barbarians) I feel it would be informative to both new and old players to know what classes we can expect to be nerfed. I will have been seriousl [..] View

'Installing Pre-reqs' and Forum connection issues.

11:19 pm, May 24, 2015 As of about 24 hours ago I was booted out of DDO and was unable to reconnect to the game or even access the DDO (or even LOTRO) forums. When I tried to play the game the launcher got stuck on 'Instal [..] View

Played D&D Online yesterday. Seeking a bit of advice please

11:19 am, April 21, 2015 Hello everyone, Yesterday I started playing the game again after many years. I played the game out when it first got released, but at the time our guild was playing another game so had very little tim [..] View

Melee and Ranged Combat on a Monkcher When do I switch?

11:19 pm, April 3, 2015 Greetings NPF. I rolled both a pure AA and a monkcher recently (the latter after being told the former was a bit weak at end game), and have some general questions on gameplay and gear choices in the [..] View

Computer crashes every 1-2 hours

11:19 pm, March 22, 2015 While playing the game, my computer crashes (and restarts itself) every 1-2 hours. There are no obvious triggers, in-game or otherwise. Graphics wise i've tried downgrading from Very High (which was [..] View

Returning player, looking for some quick info

11:19 pm, March 9, 2015 Hello all, I've been away from this game for a long while. I had a full subscription and played fairly regularly, but my group of friends all burned out and we decided to jump around trying other MM [..] View

Great Axe Pure Barbarian Build;Strength problem

11:19 pm, March 4, 2015 I have had a bit of trouble creating barbarians, now it is my favorite class, the surge of strength from the rage is lovely, but I have always been lost when it comes to getting a high amount of stren [..] View

Error reading application id.

11:19 pm, February 22, 2015 I'm having the following error after I choose the world to connect: "Error reading application id. Please either write to steam_appid.txt or use the launcher!" After that, the game doesn't [..] View

List of every spell crit modifier and max spell crit chances

11:19 am, January 23, 2015 So I was wondering what the max spell crit chance was, and I couldn't find a list so i just compiled this after a few hours and though I'd post it for others. Forgive the general messiness, its mainly [..] View

Anything To do In Game When You Have Limited Playtime?

11:19 pm, January 14, 2015 I play with my friends at night. I only get about 2 hours in (real life sucks) at night. Im trying to keep up but I'm starting to fall behind. Is there anything that you can do for xp at level 9 tha [..] View

Vista & Wndows 7 Errors... (feels like I am losing the will to live..)

11:19 pm, January 13, 2015 After some 3 years away from DDO, I have managed to get into a situation of affording full broadband. So with friends already on DDO waiting for me to get back on, I try the installation process. Fi [..] View

Can't find file 'English' - Game error 202

11:19 am, October 1, 2014 I got a new computer, installed DDO on it, and whoops! The game can't seem to find the English language pack on my computer? That's what the tech support blurb seems to say about it anyway. I double a [..] View

Not new, but kind of.

11:19 pm, September 23, 2014 Hello, Is been 2 and a half year since i last log on into Sarlona. I came back today after several hours of downloading and found out game has chance more than i expected. I believe i quitted afte [..] View

Cannot log into Orien

11:19 am, September 18, 2014 Hi, The launcher would show that all worlds are working fine but then after I click on my world that I play at, it doesn't start up, tries connect 1/20 up to 20/20 attempts and then kicks me out. Can [..] View

Seeking Auction House Advice

11:19 pm, September 14, 2014 I'm a new player seeking some advice on the auction house... I play on Thelanis server, and right now my highest level character is a level 11 battle cleric. So far, this has been my experience with t [..] View

An Epic Mathematical Analysis of Epic Experience

11:19 am, August 18, 2014 So I’ve taken it upon myself to grind out some Epic Reincarnations. Being the mathematically inclined engineering student that I am, I wanted to figure out the optimal path to get the 6.5 mi [..] View

Server Connection Timed Out.

7:21 am, July 1, 2014 I have been getting this message ever since U22 every time I try to log on, I click the icon, it starts up, then gets to 33% and says Server Connection Timed out, then starts a countdown of 60 seconds [..] View


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