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Auction House ROBBERY!

11:19 pm, March 8, 2017 get off the horse and lower the buyout prices . you not helping anyone in your own party by pricing this out of affordability. why not combine all server Auction Houses to one server so posting can be [..] View

New Player: So Confused!

11:19 pm, March 4, 2017 Hi all, I'm sitting here reading all of the info I can on builds and the various systems for character enhancements, etc and am utterly confused. I'm trying to figure out how to make my lvl 9 Palad [..] View

2 Questions

11:19 pm, February 26, 2017 1. Does the permanent cleric hireling from the starter kit scale in level or does she become useless at some point? 2. If I created a character with a premium class and race through VIP membership, w [..] View

Need help on Sarlona? Let me know!

11:19 am, December 17, 2016 Whether you are a new player or a veteran player just returning or even a veteran player just looking for a little help, I am more than happy to help you in any way I can. I do a LOT of leveling in t [..] View

Toon Can't Log In. Help!

11:19 pm, November 17, 2016 Hey all I submitted a ticket, but wanna see if there is a "Quick fix" for me. On my server I have 9 toons total, and I can log into all of them except for my off-main. When I try logging in [..] View

Specific character on Thelanis fails to load when all others work fine....

11:19 pm, January 2, 2016 I am able to load any other character on Thelanis just fine and I can load and play characters on other servers just fine but ever since I attempted to step into a quest I was given a long load screen [..] View

Brand New Player questions

11:19 pm, August 25, 2015 OK new player, learning the game and it seems to be fun. Couple questions I want to ask before I get too far in to re-roll a char. 1. Are all servers equal population? It seems no one is playing in [..] View

new to this game, and in need some tech support (chat and friends)

11:19 pm, May 3, 2015 first of all, the reason i started this game in the first place was to play with some co-workers. so far the game is good, but: general, and party chat do not work at all for me (but tells work just [..] View

Support Team Turbine this Movember!

11:19 pm, November 4, 2014 We're raising awareness about men's health issues, and raising money for some good causes! Team Turbine is supporting this month-long effort, and we would love your help! What is Movember? From the o [..] View

New player Q&A event on Cannith

11:19 am, September 10, 2014 Players Helping Players will hold a question-and-answer session aimed at helping new players on Cannith this Saturday, September 13, at 9 pm Eastern time. Tirae will host the event, which will take p [..] View

Players Helping Players

11:19 am, September 4, 2014 Players Helping Players is a new site aimed at helping new players learn the basics of DDO in a friendly, non-trolling, non-griefing environment. We'll be holding ingame question-and-answer sessions [..] View


Players Helping Players

Dec 30, 2014, 7:18 am <b><a href="http://ddophp.wordpress.com/" target="_blank">Players Helping Players</a></b> is a new site aimed at helping new players learn the basics of DDO in a friendly, non-trolling, non-griefing e[..] View

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