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1-20 Quest guide for efficient TR'ing (No Sov pots edition)

11:19 pm, December 21, 2017 There are several decent TR'ing quest guides out there but so far all of them have shared the requirement that you down Sov pots non-stop, they run with a perma-group or they're wicked out of date mak [..] View

Raid noob solo which and how?

11:19 pm, November 7, 2017 Hi all In my previus life i soloed sands of menechturum and chronoscope raids on epic hard. Right now i am level 12 on a 2/10 artificer/fighter repeater build. I do decent damage. 1.8d10+52 basic dam [..] View

Am I ready.....

11:19 am, September 14, 2017 This is getting a thread started for new players to help them decide if they are ready for the difficulty casual/normal - I only recommend this if everyone in group is completely new. (it may also be [..] View

chest ransack in wilderness

11:19 am, April 14, 2017 Now i've been trying to collect Tapestries and Tomes in Necro 4 but due to soloing most of the time and necro 4 quests have anti solo mechanics "thanks alot Devs" i've been running the rare [..] View

Crafting Issue

11:19 pm, February 17, 2017 I cannot figure out what it takes to craft any items to create a strength, charisma, dexterity, charisma, wisdom, or constitution shard. I don't see any recipes when I place the item on the unbound i [..] View

To warlock or no?

11:19 pm, August 20, 2016 Hi there. I'm a returning player stooped around the paladin nerf and have been thinking to play something that is powerful and fun. Now i did hear that Warlocks are powerful then a friend in the gui [..] View

Please help me with my gimped wizard 18 rouge 2 epic 5

11:19 pm, May 6, 2016 Hi all This is the first time i play epic content and i have some difficulties doing it. I accidently made a deep gnome and therefore have to take him to level 30 to reincarnate. I ate an ottos epic [..] View

Ruins of Thernal Question

11:19 am, April 17, 2016 Im not VIP so dont have full access to difficulties until i beat prior ones.. NOrmal-->hard etc Ive completed all 4 of the quests in the ruins of thernal heroic Normal. But I don't have an op [..] View

Mystical Vessel

11:19 am, March 31, 2016 Question about obtaining Mystical Vessel http://ddowiki.com/page/Item:Mystical_Vessel . According to DDO wiki it drops from, "Hiding in Plain Sight End Reward, The Restless Isles; Quest End Rewa [..] View


11:19 am, September 3, 2015 Likely this will sound a bit Looney toons but please understand I'm quit a RPG fanatic. Honestly writting this is a bit hard. My initial attempt to play ddo was somewhat successful but also a bit di [..] View

Alwasy CTD entering sands & orchard

11:19 pm, August 24, 2015 I have serious problems every time i enter (with party) into these two zones: sands and the orchard. All the other zones are ok, only these two gives me troubles. Every time i enter them (while i am [..] View

Same problem with some quests.

11:19 pm, August 23, 2015 So i tried doing The Church and the Cult quest on Elite only to fail at the first door as i think it needs more search skill than i have. Same thing with The Keeper's Sanctuary on Hard. My search sk [..] View

Orchard Quests, Tomes, and Sigils

11:19 am, August 18, 2015 I find it difficult to find people who want to do the Orchard quests. Right now, the toon I am trying to use is 15th lvl? Is this too high? If so, should I start with a new 12th lvl toon, and just foc [..] View

Crystal Cove: Lighting the Path (For Kobolds)

11:19 pm, April 6, 2015 Y'arr, greetings, DDO Community. Self-Appointed Coin Lord of the Seas, ForgettableNPC here! (Skip down a bit if you want to actually get to the Guide part, most of the introduction is just me rambling [..] View

Some questions from a new player.

11:19 am, April 2, 2015 So again i need to ask some questions from the helpful community so here i go. 1- Why does hirelings disappear from my inventory even though that in the hub area it says that there is still time to t [..] View

Question About Bravery Bonus

11:19 pm, February 7, 2015 I need some guidance on the bravery bonus system and how best I can use it for my play style. So, my fighter is level 19 and I have just gone with the game's template for leveling her. I'm not a big p [..] View

A Very Brief Guide to Casual, Solo Leveling and Questing

11:19 pm, February 2, 2015 I want to preface this post by saying that this will require you to have some TP on hand for extra hirelings, and that it will not level you remotely as fast as doing Elite runs of the super challengi [..] View

New Player Character Build (easy mode)

11:19 pm, January 1, 2015 Let's face it... a lot of new players have trouble building a character that can stay alive and go toe to toe with enemies. However, it is simple to ruin a first time player's enjoyment due to the rob [..] View

Help w/Difficulty: Hard too easy, Elite too hard.

11:19 pm, December 16, 2014 Hi, first time post and new player here. I play with a group of friends that all signed up about a month ago. My general concern is in the title, any suggestions? Here is a breakdown of how things pla [..] View

Need Help with Survivability

11:19 pm, November 13, 2014 I continue to work through my first life on a level 18 Rogue. Even though I run 'easy' quests on Normal or Hard, often well above level, I simply cannot survive. For example, I just ran Blockade Bus [..] View

Returned but new player looking for solo wolf builds

11:19 pm, November 10, 2014 Hi -- I am a returning player, but essentially new. There was no Druid when I played a long time ago and would really like to play as a first life wolf solo to 20. I have 32-point builds and would lik [..] View

Returning Noob looking for build advice

11:19 am, September 3, 2014 Hello. I am a noob who'd like to play this game. And what I wish to play as is a human acrobat, that'll beat all the monsters and find all the secrets by himself. Doing all quests on level too, includ [..] View


Help w/Difficulty: Hard too easy, Elite too hard.

Dec 18, 2014, 5:01 am Hi, first time post and new player here. I play with a group of friends that all signed up about a month ago. My general concern is in the title, any suggestions? Here is a breakdown of how things pla[..] View

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