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Shield of Legend - Necropolis

11:19 am, September 4, 2016 Hello, I'm trying to get all the shield fragments for the shield of legend, Necropolis 4. I only need the 3rd which drop most often in Ghosts of Perdition as per DDO Wiki, but can’t complet [..] View

Snitch Quest Problem Token of Twelve fragment disappeared from epic normal end chest

11:19 am, June 30, 2016 I was farming "Token of twelve fragments" from the Snitch quest House P last Sunday. It reached a point where the epic chest at the end of the quest stopped giving out token of twelve fragm [..] View

Preloading the game at the Character Selection screen

11:19 am, June 16, 2016 Am I the only one who has to do this (start the game, get to character selection, then alt-tab to the DDO preloader) in order to get the game to load under 30 seconds? My computer can run The Witcher [..] View

Ingredient bag item weight- tip to reducing bag weight

11:19 am, April 11, 2016 One method I use to reduce the carry weight I am holding is to minimize the weight of the bags I carry. Personally, I store heavy items inside my spare bags and place them in my bank (share bank if th [..] View

Cosmetic armor question

11:19 pm, April 10, 2016 DDO wiki says, "Alchemical Armor Eldritch Ritual does stack with other dodge bonuses including Dodge Bonus +1, and can be applied to Cosmetic Armor or Cosmetic Helmets." Months ago, I was [..] View

Too many Quivers of Alacrity and not enough Shiled Fragments

11:19 pm, April 6, 2016 Hi All, I'm embarassed to say how many toons I have, but I do have oodles of Quivers of Alacrity now that I want to upgrade. I had just enough shield fragments to upgrade one for the 30% striding. Of [..] View

Dragonshard Fragments----

11:19 am, March 18, 2016 OK, Newbie again. Is there somewhere that really explains the Dragonshard Fragments. I know there are so many different types and values and wanted to educate myself on where and how to use them? T [..] View

Comprehensive Spell Power, Crit Chance, Crit Damage Breakdowns

11:19 pm, February 19, 2016 Thread is what it says on the tin. Since max DC and max spellpower build are usually exclusive to each other, this will be its own thread. Also I can't edit thread titles. Once again I invite everyone [..] View

Having encumbrance issues? Surprising source of weight

11:19 am, May 4, 2015 A lot of you may know about this but thought I would post it anyway. Was wondering why I was sometimes getting uncentered on my main in her heroic life. She has little gear in her backpack. Turns ou [..] View

Frequent DC from loading pages

11:19 am, December 27, 2014 This problem only started happening (at least with any frequency) in the past few months. Every once in a while when on a loading screen the client will disconnect. The blue progress bar at the bottom [..] View

Slow First Load

11:19 am, October 3, 2014 The Issue I run the launcher, make to the character screen and then press enter. What ensues is a long wait, ranging from 4 to 6 minutes. Most of the time is spent on the loading screen, after that I [..] View

Seeking Auction House Advice

11:19 pm, September 14, 2014 I'm a new player seeking some advice on the auction house... I play on Thelanis server, and right now my highest level character is a level 11 battle cleric. So far, this has been my experience with t [..] View

Perm item damage

11:19 am, July 25, 2014 I couldn't find the answer on the wiki or here. So my question is, do I have to bind and attune with Khybar dragonshard fragments at the alter of change, all of my named items to prevent item damage f [..] View

Pimp my gimps!

7:21 am, July 1, 2014 Pimp my gimps! [TL:DR] - anybody have some modern builds (for the woefully unequipped) for the following: WF 20 sorc - basic blaster with some CC options (the blasting being the main parts). tempes [..] View


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