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Charting Out which Spell-casters Get What Quickness of Spell-casting?

11:19 pm, January 22, 2018 I see that DDO stipulates that Sorcerers can cast their spells (in a quest or melee) more quickly. I'm guessing that means the cool-downs are quicker, generally and they can cast more spells during th [..] View

1-20 Quest guide for efficient TR'ing (No Sov pots edition)

11:19 pm, December 21, 2017 There are several decent TR'ing quest guides out there but so far all of them have shared the requirement that you down Sov pots non-stop, they run with a perma-group or they're wicked out of date mak [..] View

Is this the game, or my connection?

11:19 am, December 21, 2017 I've been having a problem for about two months now where my connection seems to freeze in game, but only for uploaded information. I can see everything moving around me, I can get damaged, on my cle [..] View

DDO screen constantly freezing

11:19 pm, December 8, 2017 Home computer is Win10, recent (2 year old) ATI video card, 16GB system RAM. The two issues I'm seeing now is that: 1- I will log in with a red connection button about 30% of the time and have to [..] View

Returning since Update 19

11:19 am, November 16, 2017 Used to play a bit during update 19, saw the new skill trees, but probably not all of the new content. Premium player, probably spent ~$80? So I read through the DDO wiki on updates since then, and am [..] View

Ideas for running favor farmers

11:19 pm, October 13, 2017 I thought I would share some experiences from some recent runs I did while getting 100 favor in the servers I have never played on. One of the reasons I did this was a I got a little bored trying to [..] View

Give up 2 lvls of Ranger for Monk to gain feats DODGE and DEFLECT ARROWS?

11:19 pm, October 12, 2017 Give up 2 lvls of Ranger for Monk to gain feats DODGE and DEFLECT ARROWS? From other posts; https://www.ddo.com/forums/showthrea...-heart-of-woodhttps://www.ddo.com/forums/showthrea...-ability-score [..] View

Lesser Reincarnation and +Lesser heart of wood

11:19 am, October 7, 2017 Hello, Want to verify my understanding of lesser reincarnation and +lesser heart of wood usage purchased from DDO store. Want to reincarnate a Rogue to a Rogue/Ranger. I have a level 2 rogue chara [..] View

Most active server?

11:19 pm, August 13, 2017 Hi, I've been trying to get back into DDO after a break of nearly 5! years. I have some level 25 characters with multiple TRs across Cannith, Orien and Argonnessen, but most of my investment is on Can [..] View

Riding the Storm Out - Spoiler Warning

11:19 am, March 22, 2017 Warning: Spoilers! Credits to my guildies Tone, Tes, Eth and all the others who helped with feedback. This is just a refreshed guide that we had from Lamannia. Hope you all enjoy it and help you under [..] View

Seeking Advice regarding Cannith Crafting for Rogues and Wizards

11:19 pm, February 27, 2017 During the last Cannith Crafting Experience Boost weekend I finally leveled my avatar and her sister to L375. Yay! My joy was quickly dashed when I sat down to make something and realized that with [..] View

The Anniversary Dungeon Returns!

11:19 am, February 22, 2017 We're bringing back the Anniversary Dungeon for an encore! You may also see some minor changes to the dungeon this year. We're expecting to turn on the dungeon late on Thursday morning, Eastern time, [..] View

Iconic TR Question

11:19 pm, February 21, 2017 So I plan on using Iconics for a bit to get a few heroic past lives out of the way. So you still have to take the majority of your levels in the heroics past life you want or do you get to "pick [..] View

AutoHotKey HotBar Manager

11:19 am, January 13, 2017 The following is a script that is written to work with AutoHotKey, software which allows you to target inputs from the user from the keyboard, mouse, or otherwise and cause other things to happen as a [..] View

Connection Issue

11:19 pm, October 22, 2016 I recently redownloaded the game after a 2 year hiatus, give or take, and ran into some issues a couple of days ago. I had been logging in and playing no problem, but now regardless of the server pick [..] View

This character is already in the world

11:19 pm, September 19, 2016 So this happened during the weekend when I tried to ETR.. 1) Trigger ETR 2) Logout and click ETR in character menu 3) Stuck on screen for ~10-20 minutes, **** process 4) Cannot log in anymore, receivi [..] View

Public Notice Board

11:19 am, September 13, 2016 Below is a list of some of the Known Issues that we are aware of, and below that are features that are Working as Intended but may cause confusion. Should you come across any of these issues, there is [..] View


11:19 pm, September 4, 2016 I see this literally every day in in-game chat:"Looking for Active Guild" But what does "Active" mean to you? To DDO/Turbine and pertaining to Guilds it means this account has logg [..] View

Which is best to obtain proficiency exotic weapon kama?

11:19 pm, August 15, 2016 Hello, I am seeking advice around questions;1. As you level-up a Rogue, are you ever given the opportunity to choose feat exotic weapon kama? If yes, at what level? 2. As you level-up a Druid, are y [..] View

Loads everything perfectly until after character selection

11:19 am, July 23, 2016 Does anybody know why I can't get Dungeons and Dragons Online to work on Dell Inspiron 3451 on windows 10? It has intel graphics. I downloaded it perfectly fine, it selects each world perfectly and y [..] View

Sorta kinda a new player advice

11:19 pm, July 4, 2016 So I started playing DDO. And got VIP couse I liked it ALOT! And then I played around with a monk, used to be my favorite during our manly pen and paper sessions... BUT! I am in desperate need of l [..] View

DDO Free to Play Guide (minimal grind method)

11:19 pm, June 26, 2016 DDO Free to Play Guide (minimal grind method)Intro It is certainly possible to play DDO completely for free. You may want to do this for budgetary reasons, but since cheap offers come around frequentl [..] View

Summons full damage

11:19 pm, June 20, 2016 I have run my first toon fully investing in summons, this included augument, improved augument, sion of elysiun, 3 druid lives, magister grand summoner and harper. My toon was mage enchanter, [..] View

Cannot Start DDO Following 08-06-16 Downtime

11:19 pm, June 8, 2016 Okay so since whatever was done during today's downtime, I can't start up the game any longer. Every time I try, I go through the launcher, it does it quick checks and what every else it does, then gi [..] View

Reincarnation of low level multi-class character

11:19 am, May 25, 2016 I have a 4th level multi-class character, half-orc (Barbarian lvl 2, Cleric lvl 1, Druid lvl 1). For the game play I am wanting to do with this character, the Druid part is not working out for me. [..] View

Cyclical Latency Issues

11:19 pm, May 15, 2016 I’ve noticed some new, strange behavior in DDO over the past few days. Basically, I’ll experience (normal for me) latency of 50-80ms and then without explanation, DDO latency will [..] View

DDO is not Linear - DDO is a Cyclical game

11:19 am, April 30, 2016 For new and returning players, a word of advice: DDO is not a linear game. You don't start at level 1 and end at level 30 and play some mythical "end game." DDO is cyclical. There is a phr [..] View

Win a 10th Anniversary Dice Bag!

11:19 pm, April 4, 2016 We're working to do a second round of mailings for our 10th Anniversary dice bags. This mailing will mostly be bags that were returned with wrong addresses, along with some folks who slipped through t [..] View

What can I farm during my group's downtime?

11:19 am, March 22, 2016 Hey guys, just a quick question. I was wondering what I can do when I have some free time to play while my regular group doesn't. I can't solo quests for XP because I can't leave the group behind, so [..] View

Disconnect then cannot reconnect, searching for logon server (1...20)

11:19 am, March 7, 2016 Greetings, I am having a weird problem that started yesterday. Windows 10 64 bit, eset AV, Malware Bytes, Cable ISP 100Mb connection. My wife and I both play together, two separate computers sharin [..] View

The reason behind this latest patch game freezes.

11:19 am, March 3, 2016 It's video graphic driver failing that causes it. Currently with this latest update, there seem to be a bug in their coding that causes GPU to overheat dramatically. Mine goes up to 83 celcius and the [..] View

Problem staying connected in the evenings.

11:19 am, February 22, 2016 For about a week I have been logging on at the same time, in the evening, then roughly 20 minutes later I lose connection and can't log back in. I can't get access to the forums, during this time, ei [..] View

not really new but new to this question

11:19 pm, February 13, 2016 I am F2P on this account and bought the adventure packs during the big sale. ie st arter, motu, the other expansion one-forget name. etc. all the ones offered in sale. my question is how do I see wha [..] View

A Completionist Goes First Life - A Visual Guide For First Life Soloing

11:19 pm, January 19, 2016 We all know Mr. Cow here, and for the most part thanks to him a lot of us were able to solo lives with ease once we were tipped off to his hints and tricks through his forum posts (much credit to him) [..] View

Backpack and bank slot loss during heroic TR?

11:19 am, January 19, 2016 Hello everyone. I have been away for DDO for nearly two years. I started playing again yesterday, and today decide to do a heroic TR on my level 21 Druid. Before I TRed, I had 6 backpack tabs and 3 ch [..] View

Review game log? Re-gain lost hit points (not cure)

11:19 pm, December 12, 2015 Is there a way to review a game log of my play to read everything that was spoken to me by the game? I ask because while on Korthos in Redemption Quest to find Lars Heyton, I entered with 70 total h [..] View

When and how do I pick feat; Two Weapon Fighting - Munk native bare hand fighting

11:19 am, December 9, 2015 When and how do I pick feat “Two Weapon Fighting”? First character is still a 3rd level dark monk in Korthos. He is a drow and "we" love "our" magical +1 short [..] View

Keyboard locks up randomly during play.

11:19 am, December 5, 2015 Hello, I recently got a new Windows 10 gaming PC. I've installed multiple MMOs that I enjoy and play frequently including DDO. While playing DDO, occasionally (and quite randomly) the input from my ke [..] View

Buy whole game (packs only) for $73

11:19 am, November 28, 2015 During this Black Friday sale, which ends Monday, a brand new account could buy: $7.50 Shadowfell Collector's Edition $5.25 MotU Standard Edition $59.99 Add 11000 Turbine Points to your cart at check- [..] View

Returning player after ~1 year break. Need some advice and answer to some questions

11:19 pm, October 3, 2015 Hi. I've been playing this game on and off over the last 4-5 years and I've decided to give it a shot once again(Last time I played was summer 2014). However I've never been very good at the mechanics [..] View

Stupid question

11:19 pm, August 19, 2015 Not a new player, but I have a decidedly newbie-type question: How on Earth do I turn off auto-attack? It never used to be a problem but lately I've had it randomly turn on during quests (not sure w [..] View

Crash to Desktop (CTD)

11:19 pm, August 18, 2015 So I recently got a new laptop and was having issues during the install of the game. The first two times I did the normal install then play option and both times when it said the install had been comp [..] View

How to use +X Lesser Reincarnation to change old multiclass

11:19 pm, August 12, 2015 Hello Community: Came back to game after long break (2010). after few weeks of learning the changes, new features through googling and leveling up some of my level 15 toons, now I have some understan [..] View

How to defeat Eudoxia: Guide to Defiler of the Just Epic Elite

11:19 am, August 10, 2015 Great Job by everyone in the group. We were super close to finish this raid on elite in few attempts during the last week but we had some terrible bad luck. This time we finally did it. We will work [..] View

How can Rangers cast spells?

11:19 am, June 26, 2015 I have a Level 8 ranger in Sarlona and a Lvl 4 Ranger in Wayfinder. I just read something about ranger spells. I consulted DDO wiki and I'm still confused. How can Rangers cast spells? Do I need [..] View

A Reminder About Reincarnation

11:19 pm, June 18, 2015 We want to remind people about something to keep in mind when undergoing a reincarnation (particularly a +Lesser Reincarnation): It is not possible to have more than three classes during a reincarnati [..] View

Shiradi Champion Question

11:19 pm, June 7, 2015 Hello: In the Destiny tree there are a number of "stances" - frosty, prism, stay good. Can I use more than one of these at a time? If not, any practical advice on the pros and cons of ch [..] View

201 Error on new Windows 10 installtion

11:19 am, May 29, 2015 I just upgraded my Windows 8.1 computer to Windows 10 Preview and was wanting to install DDO on it. I had played it on this computer when it was Windows 8 but it was the Happy Cloud version. I saw whe [..] View

Reincarnation Questions

11:19 am, May 16, 2015 This week, I reached the level cap for the first time with two characters. The DDO Wiki describes reincarnation in great detail, but I find myself with lingering questions and so come here for help. [..] View

Question about Normal/Hard/Elite weapons

11:19 pm, May 4, 2015 Hi, I just finished up the Weloon Prison quest series (all 5 quests on "hard") but when I went to claim my final reward all of the item options are the "Normal" variations. Shouldn [..] View

Favored Soul path alignment restrictions

11:19 am, May 4, 2015 First, I apologize if this question has been addressed already. Tried looking around for an answer for about half an hour, and wasn't able to happen upon anything. I've recently returned to the game [..] View

Re-Install Number 3

11:19 am, May 3, 2015 In the past three days, I've suddenly experienced a host of problems: - Zoning freezes - Sudden client freezes (during intensive scenes), "looping sound freeze" - Login disconnects (after cr [..] View

Installer Errors

11:19 pm, April 20, 2015 I have DDO working fine on my desktop. I went to install DDO on my laptop a Toshiba Satellite 305 last night and keep getting the same error message during the installation process. It is saying tha [..] View

Update 25: Reign of Elemental Evil

11:19 pm, April 11, 2015 Featuring guest Dungeon Master Wil Wheaton! Battle and explore your way through the vast Temple of Elemental Evil, and stop its cultists before they unleash an ancient demoness. A Classic Adventure E [..] View

Crystal Cove: Lighting the Path (For Kobolds)

11:19 pm, April 6, 2015 Y'arr, greetings, DDO Community. Self-Appointed Coin Lord of the Seas, ForgettableNPC here! (Skip down a bit if you want to actually get to the Guide part, most of the introduction is just me rambling [..] View

Unable to Tumble Forward

11:19 am, April 1, 2015 When I hold down Shift + "W" the character does nothing. I'm able to tumble backwards by holding Shift + "S" or sideways by holding Shift + the "A" or "D" keys. [..] View

New To Epic

11:19 am, March 30, 2015 A few weeks ago, I returned to DDO and my level 16 character on Khyber after a year-long hiatus. I've been flying solo since no other members of my (very tiny) guild have played in about the same amo [..] View

Stealth: Acting, Even killing, in Plain Sight outside Assassinate

11:19 pm, March 15, 2015 With the upcoming buffs to the rogue trees there may be some renewed interest in stealth tactics. The following post is about acting independent of assassinate; one does not need to be a rogue assassi [..] View

Tempus Trapmonkey Questions

11:19 pm, March 9, 2015 I currently have about 20 of these builds spread out over all the servers. https://www.ddo.com/forums/showthrea...est+trapmonkey Recently I decided to make another but change his weapon to ******* S [..] View

Problem: missing graphic effects of dying enemies

11:19 am, March 1, 2015 Here is my problem: You know the animation when enemies ****** by ice damage are turning white and shatter? I remember that I *REALLY* enjoyed it back in the game when I was using cold damage. Now, af [..] View

A few noob questions

11:19 pm, February 12, 2015 Hi all, I'm fairly new (started playing in Dec, 2014), and still learning a lot despite reading lots on these forums and DDOWiki. I have a few questions I'd appreciate any responses on. I've played [..] View

Forum problem: Secure connection failed - Firefox issue

11:19 pm, January 15, 2015 Hi there. Setting up my new laptop PC and Firefox on it. After that I've now started to organize my favorites tab and all that, and during this process I tried to access the DDO forums. However, wheth [..] View

The Admiral’s Guide to Treasure Hoarding (Airships, Renoun, and Storage)

11:19 pm, December 22, 2014 A vast ye mattey! Here is a guide for all those pirates with bulging chests and the savvy that can go the distance for days on end. This is not just a guide about airships, but how to raise a fleet [..] View

Need Help with Survivability

11:19 pm, November 13, 2014 I continue to work through my first life on a level 18 Rogue. Even though I run 'easy' quests on Normal or Hard, often well above level, I simply cannot survive. For example, I just ran Blockade Bus [..] View

Can Someone Explain hThe Growing Storm Tempest Enhancement

11:19 am, October 27, 2014 Hello, the Growing Storm tempest enhancement says that "each time you damage an opponent you gain +1 damage for 5 seconds", What does this mean? If I hit a monster then do nothing, does th [..] View

Loading DDO Issue

11:19 pm, October 16, 2014 I have started getting a a regular issue loading DDO. The launcher starts fine, world selection is fine, and then the problem occurs either during the loading screen or on character selection screen. [..] View

Sorcerer information - wiki status.

11:19 pm, October 11, 2014 Returning player here. I've been leveling a TRed WF sorc after leaving around the time of the first expansion and noticed that the "starting a sorcerer" wiki page was mostly unchanged sinc [..] View

Epic Destiny and Epic Feat SLAs can salvage a poor caster life in epics

11:19 pm, September 11, 2014 I recently had a dramatic experience when I finally capped my 10 Monk/10 Wizard. I started as a monk but decided mid-stream that I wanted the wizard past life and thinking that shiradi would make u [..] View

Brand new player looking for friends/advice!

11:19 pm, July 27, 2014 Hey guys! Brand new player to DDO, just wanted to post and introduce myself and ask for a few pointers etc. I'm your typical (untypical?) gamer girl and have played MMOs for quite awhile from EQ,DAoC, [..] View

Login timeout and connection frequently lost during the screen "Loading ... Pls Wait"

11:19 am, July 6, 2014 I'm premium and I play on Wayfinder server. Ever since the Crystal Cove event came back during these past few days, I've been experiencing increased lag and crashes while moving from one area to anoth [..] View

Astral Shard Airship Price Reduction

7:21 am, July 1, 2014 Greetings! Next week during a game update we will be making adjustments to prices for the Astral Shard cost of the Typhoon and the three new Astral Shard based Airships. Guilds who purchased the Typho [..] View


Login timeout and connection frequently lost during the screen "Loading ... Pls Wait"

Dec 3, 2014, 3:06 pm I'm premium and I play on Wayfinder server. Ever since the Crystal Cove event came back during these past few days, I've been experiencing increased lag and crashes while moving from one area to anoth[..] View

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