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Todays Gear

11:19 pm, January 13, 2018 I have been back a month or so playing and leveling in the epic levels. This is a first life toon and I am still learning quest as I go. The issue I have is that its no longer just about stats on ge [..] View

Random Loading Screen hangups

11:19 pm, January 8, 2018 It started yesterday for me.. I tried to zone into bank in The Market.. I get loading screen , zero bar progress. I let it wait a few minutes.. nothing.. It never even starts.. I closed out game [..] View

A Question about Lesser TR

11:19 am, January 5, 2018 Posting on behalf of a friend who is currently having network issues: I've got a question to ask about lesser TRing with class changes. I currently have a level 20 Ranger, and while I enjoyed the bu [..] View

Anyone help with class and playing advice?

11:19 am, January 1, 2018 Howdy yall!! I returned last week from a break since U27. I literally spent the past week sorting and organizing my mules. I had way too much stuff. Here is my dilema. I have 2 main toons and [..] View

So, does this arti build pass the smoke test?

11:19 am, December 14, 2017 So, I'm getting bored with my main BF paladin, and I wanted to try an artificer. I'm not playing much right now, and there are still a few things to wrap up before the TR, but with the current veteran [..] View

Connection drops with Alt-Tab

11:19 pm, November 23, 2017 This has been happening for about a week: If I press Alt-Tab to switch to a different program, DDO client loses connection. It never was an issue before. I am on Windows 10. I may be wrong, but I th [..] View

Win 10 messing me up?

11:19 pm, November 15, 2017 Hi, I know it is Weds world resets, however, this seems different. I get the game to open, however once I choose my world I see the message getting in line to connect and the client just ends. I did a [..] View

Does character enhancement AWARENESS stack from different trees?

11:19 am, September 30, 2017 Hello, Having fun with my paladin/artificer and warlock/artificer characters. Still struggling with Monk/rogue/fighter but have not given up. My play style is 99% solo, two weapons, with a hireling [..] View

Community Rules Update

11:19 pm, August 30, 2017 One of the things that has been a long-term project of mine is to update the Community Guidelines to better reflect the needs of Standing Stone Games, to more accurately describe the rules as we apply [..] View

melee build to one shot trash mobs in toee?

11:19 am, August 23, 2017 note the question mark. when I first started playing and rolled up a bunch of different guys, at level 1, korthos, I went in and was oneshotting all the mobs. but I don't remember the race or class c [..] View

PDK Swashbuckler question.

11:19 am, August 16, 2017 Just wondering, does anyone know if the PDK Charisma to hit and Damage ability stack with the damage from Different Tack: Smooth Flourishes: You get Charisma to Damage with weapon attacks while Sing [..] View

One experienced player's thoughts on how to group with new people.

11:19 pm, August 15, 2017 I look at all my group mates, examining them. I can target them and press the 'z' key on my key board. You will not run as fast as I. I slow down. You'll need a guide through non-linier maps. I'l [..] View

No items in DDO store

11:19 am, July 10, 2017 specifically, no items in my adventure packs section, everything else in the store shows up fine. I've tried different browsers it doesn't work. Did some research, it seems to be an account thing? I c [..] View

What's worth collecting these days?

11:19 pm, June 14, 2017 Hi, returning player after probably 5 years away. Man, things are a bit different. I was wondering what a new character can collect and try to sell for some extra money. Back when I was playing, a l [..] View

Returning player looking for Reaper capable build suggestions

11:19 pm, May 26, 2017 Hey all, returning player here looking to TR my current character and try my luck at reaper difficulty on my next life (roughly half a level to go till 30). I have a few various tomes between +2 and [..] View

change language when using steam lcient for ddo

11:19 pm, May 12, 2017 Hi all, a guildie of mine plays ddo via steam and she likes to play in english but some month back, as she was playing the game via the launcher she tried out another language. And although she says [..] View

How do you get/make celestial chainmail?

11:19 pm, May 6, 2017 cant for the life of me find anything about it when i google it. my s/o bought some for 40k off the AH about 2/3wks ago and ive been searching for some ever since and cant find a n y. i found it on th [..] View

Two different recent problems, two different threads

11:19 pm, April 21, 2017 Greetings everyone! Reading recent threads, I recognized two different problems: 1) About some players that have some difficult to log into one or more servers. There are 4 or 5 recent threads abo [..] View

Connection with server Lost!

11:19 am, April 20, 2017 Thank you for taking the time to read this. It's 3am and I have been spending the last 8 hours trying to get this resolved. After the server reboot yesterday I can no longer log into the game, there h [..] View

Spring, summer, autumn, winter... spring?

11:19 am, March 31, 2017 I've had some thoughts rattlin' around in light of certain circumstances, thoughts a new consumer of this game 'oughta know. I wouldn't call this advice by any means, but it is no less useful to you [..] View

i'm confused

11:19 am, March 17, 2017 Been playing for a few weeks on different servers (as either a rogue or fighter) and keep getting into groups with classes that can heal but don't and I end up dead (and not just from taking a lot of [..] View

Transferring Items between Servers

11:19 pm, March 8, 2017 I'm guessing I can't transfer items between servers, right? I have an old character on a different server and he's got some good stuff that I want to give my new character. Do I need to do a server tr [..] View

DDO installer doesn't allow selection of install folder

11:19 am, February 14, 2017 Greetings, Just rebuilt my machine, and in the process, I've switched from Win7 to WinX, which necessitated a reinstall of DDO. The game is physically located on a different drive than the boot drive, [..] View

Tips for Healing

11:19 am, February 13, 2017 I've been playing a healer quite a bit for years now, and decided I'd post some of my tips and insights. I'll try and separate this out into several titles, that way it's easy to tell different sectio [..] View

Returning from before expansions - build suggesttions and general tips

11:19 pm, February 4, 2017 Hi, I played DDO from beta until sometime before the first expansion hit and have been in other games since then. Now I decided to come back and experience what I have missed :) Logging in and seein [..] View

Game won't stay in the forefront after?*U34

11:19 am, February 3, 2017 Got windows 10, and logged in a week ago fine, however now it minimizes and any time I try to switch to it, it minimizes again. When I try a different server, it has the 'you have too many characters [..] View

Totally Negligent Ticket System/Customer Service: Log In Issues Completely Ignored

11:19 pm, January 23, 2017 So it's come to this. The so-called "ticket system" is a complete joke. Be warned that Turbine completely abandoned this game back when they discontinued phone support and so far it doesn' [..] View

Cant drag items in DDO

4:29 am, October 23, 2016 At first clicking didn't work but later I figured out that for some reason it switched to double click to close tabs or the click the chat to talk. I'm fine with this but when I try to click some thin [..] View

Skill Breakdowns

11:19 pm, October 14, 2016 Quote: Originally Posted by Brattyone I attempted to stealth Impossible Demands, where my hide and move silently were sitting at 120/118 respectively, and was heard by mo [..] View

Download question

11:19 am, October 12, 2016 I was thinking of downloading Lamania (after 10 years of playing). When I looked at downloading, it said save the client in a different place from my primary client. Question is that I tried downloa [..] View

the launcher wont maxamize after update 32

11:19 pm, September 21, 2016 I have had no issued until update 32 went live the launcher wont go full screen which makes it hard to log into different servers. I'm reinstalling the game right now and it did not fix this issue. an [..] View

Add to Monk what; 1 lvl of Rogue or 1 lvl of Artificer?

11:19 pm, September 19, 2016 Add to 4th lvl Monk what; 1 lvl of Rogue or 1 lvl of Artificer to deal with traps and locks? Returned to my second made character in DDO and found I can drive a Monk a little better than before after [..] View

A few questions about nebulous game mechanics.

11:19 pm, September 18, 2016 Hey all! I had a few questions that have been stumping my friends and I who started playing together a few months back. Most of us know way more than we should about PnP D&D, but we're having [..] View

Public Notice Board

11:19 am, September 13, 2016 Below is a list of some of the Known Issues that we are aware of, and below that are features that are Working as Intended but may cause confusion. Should you come across any of these issues, there is [..] View


11:19 pm, September 4, 2016 I see this literally every day in in-game chat:"Looking for Active Guild" But what does "Active" mean to you? To DDO/Turbine and pertaining to Guilds it means this account has logg [..] View

Launcher/Client Win8

11:19 am, August 31, 2016 Hello, I am trying to run ddo on win8. The launcher will start, but when it comes to logging in the clients does not start, without giving an error message. I think it could be that it tries to run wi [..] View

Question about using plat to reset Epic Destiny points

11:19 pm, August 24, 2016 How is the plat cost of resetting points in an Epic Destiny calculated? After coming back from an extended break, I noticed that the plat cost for resetting the points in my Epic Destinies differs ba [..] View

Which is best to obtain proficiency exotic weapon kama?

11:19 pm, August 15, 2016 Hello, I am seeking advice around questions;1. As you level-up a Rogue, are you ever given the opportunity to choose feat exotic weapon kama? If yes, at what level? 2. As you level-up a Druid, are y [..] View

Missing DAT Files for Lammania: Game Error 201

11:19 am, August 13, 2016 I did a fresh install of Lammania (for Update 32, new Cannith Crafting). When I run it, I get: Code: Game Error [201] Can't open the data files. Check that they exist and that you have permissio [..] View

A question about adding characters to your guild

11:19 pm, July 22, 2016 Hi, I started a guild for friends who are moving from Dragons of Alantis to DDO and I have a few questions. 1. I have characters on a lot of different servers...is there a way to move them over to ot [..] View

Equipment Advice

11:19 am, July 14, 2016 I've been playing DDO for a long time, and the great thing about it is how open-ended it is. However, I'd really like some advice on how to optimize different aspects of the game. One of those aspec [..] View

DDO Free to Play Guide (minimal grind method)

11:19 pm, June 26, 2016 DDO Free to Play Guide (minimal grind method)Intro It is certainly possible to play DDO completely for free. You may want to do this for budgetary reasons, but since cheap offers come around frequentl [..] View

Noobie need help

11:19 am, June 19, 2016 Hi. Need advice please I am a new player building my first character. I am trying an artificer and like his play style a lot, i have managed to get to level 10 starting in Korthos Island then Stormr [..] View

It may be too late if you've already found these forums but....

11:19 pm, June 17, 2016 It seems there's some issues with the cost of DDO that may be putting new players off sticking with the game. A lot of this comes from new players not knowing what is a good buy for their first TP ear [..] View

6/14/2016 In-Game Store Subscriptions

11:19 pm, June 14, 2016 PayPal -Existing Subscriptions only: may take 24-72 hours for player's tokens to be updated with PayPal and they MIGHT experience some issues. This does not affect players signing up for a subscriptio [..] View

Failed to start rendering system

11:19 am, May 27, 2016 Trying to get DDO working on a Windows 8.1 laptop. Working fine for me right now on a different Win7 machine. TurbineLauncher.exe (what the shortcut runs) works fine - put in my username and passwor [..] View

Cyclical Latency Issues

11:19 pm, May 15, 2016 I’ve noticed some new, strange behavior in DDO over the past few days. Basically, I’ll experience (normal for me) latency of 50-80ms and then without explanation, DDO latency will [..] View

Weapon Comparison Spreadsheet

11:19 pm, April 14, 2016 I was commenting on janave's post about a new end game maul when I decided to do some weapon comparisons. I quickly found the old ESOS vs. TF Falchion thread from September 2015 and started adapting [..] View

Unlocking New Abilities

11:19 am, April 5, 2016 hello, I am new to DDO and I have just become a level 3 druid on the server Argonessen. I am a half elf ditellante rogue. I am mainly focusing on levelling up the half elf tree and I have just found a [..] View

Ability diamond question

11:19 pm, April 3, 2016 I know bonuses of the same type don't stack, but I've also noticed that some items are apparently misworded and don't stack with other items despite being different types. So I see that in the DDO s [..] View

Can't log in

11:19 pm, March 25, 2016 Using the default DDO launcher I can sign in and choose a character. Just as that character loads into the world, a fraction of a second after the screen is drawn and the first ambient sound is heard, [..] View

Dragonshard Fragments----

11:19 am, March 18, 2016 OK, Newbie again. Is there somewhere that really explains the Dragonshard Fragments. I know there are so many different types and values and wanted to educate myself on where and how to use them? T [..] View

Port Forwarding update and changes - Important

11:19 pm, March 8, 2016 After today's maintenance to relocate DDO to the new data center, the game will be using more ports with which to connect and communicate. If you previously setup port forwarding (or port triggering) [..] View

Game Error [205]

11:19 pm, March 2, 2016 After the new update, I continually get: Game Error [205] The game client was passed invalid command-line parameters. [205] It seems to happen when I <cntrl> Tab to look at a differen [..] View

Crystal Cove!!! Love it, but need a little help

11:19 am, February 26, 2016 So, I'm currently playing a trap skilled AA ranger, but I'll be TRing as soon as the event ends. Next life I'm looking at going barb or paladin. I'm thinking I might try all the classes and aim for he [..] View

Farming for Items

11:19 am, February 16, 2016 I wasn't sure where to look for this, but I was wondering: does the difficulty setting of a quest affect the drop rate of named items? I'm specifically looking to farm the Silver Bow in "The Chu [..] View

Attack chains / base attack bonuses / multiclassing how does it add up?

11:19 pm, February 7, 2016 Hi there, can someone sort a few things in my head as to how these work. I have looked on the net and have yet to find an explanation. So since my search-fu is so woefully inadequate can someone ans [..] View

Artificer or Rogue?

11:19 am, February 6, 2016 Are Artificer and Rogue equal in ability to find traps, disable devices, and pick locks? I am wanting to build a Wizard with a multi-class minor with those skills. I see that Wizards and Artific [..] View

Graphics problem

11:19 pm, February 4, 2016 Hi, I hope someone can help, I normally play DDO in windowed mode. I haven't been able to play for quite some times as I have had issue after issue with the game. Anyway, my latest issue is this. I ca [..] View

DDO Crashes at Character Selection Screen

11:19 am, January 26, 2016 I can no longer play DDO as it crashes at the Character Selection Screen. I took a break for awhile, in which time I reformatted my PC to install a SSD. I also downgraded from VIP to Premium. I logged [..] View

Insightful spell bonuses and how they work

11:19 pm, January 22, 2016 Okay, I've spent a couple of hours with Google, and have not found a definitive answer as yet. As of the latest update (U29), there are new types of bonuses, named "insightful ***" where ** [..] View

Crashing after Loading

11:19 pm, January 22, 2016 When I select a character and start zoning into the world, the process slows for a long time. When I get to the character, it usually hangs before all the hotbars are visible, then then disconnects. [..] View

Vorpal Weapon of Feeding

11:19 pm, January 13, 2016 If a weapon has a vorpal prefix and a feeding suffix, is it a super weapon or just redundant? I know they do different things, but aren't they both triggered the same? At lower levels it seems like [..] View

Strategic class levels?

11:19 pm, January 4, 2016 Multiclassing is like building a character from different puzzle pieces - each puzzle representing a portion of levels from a certain class. I see players who want to build up a TWF build take 3 range [..] View

Crafting trouble

11:19 pm, January 1, 2016 So I've done quite a bit of crafting in the past on a different character, but I just returned from a long absence from the game and I am playing on a new character. I saved a bunch of equipment from [..] View

Doublestrike vs Fort bypass

11:19 pm, December 22, 2015 So I've never really built for doublestrike and fort bypass before. I was thinking get as much of both as possible. But then I started thinking about how monsters may be balanced differently. Such [..] View

Character development – assigning skill points question

11:19 pm, December 21, 2015 New to DDO, 1 month. When I custom building a character or advance an existing character to the next level, the game offers me a few skill point to spend on many different skill sets. I have observe [..] View

How to reincarnate 27 to 1 ?

11:19 pm, December 4, 2015 Just got back after year+ out. Got lvl 27 toon, I quite fancy relearning/restarting on that toon at level 1 again with different classes and racking up some past lives. I can remember hall of heroes [..] View

How do I unload "bind to character" equipment / aim shurikens / re-accept quest?

11:19 am, December 2, 2015 How do I remove from my inventory equipment/gear/loot that is "Binds to character on acquire permanently"? I am new to DDO (maybe 12 hours play time to date), and by ignorance and/or mistake [..] View

Returning Player Questions (More)

11:19 am, November 21, 2015 First I want to thank folks for their help with my previous thread. OK so I have been gone since before Menace of the Underdark. (Stormreach era?) I am trying to figure out how the Campaign situation [..] View

Dear Cordovan: The default" Thread Display Options" are discouraging EU visitors

11:19 pm, November 17, 2015 Hello DDO Team, hello Cordovan, Could you alter the default "Thread Display Options" of the German, France, Rekrutierung and Wayfinder section to “from beginning” or at [..] View

New Lv 6 Ranger weapon options: Dual Crafted Kopesh Vs Sunblades

11:19 pm, October 17, 2015 Hmm .. I was wondering which option other players would take at this level range and Why? Prolly lv 6 - 9/10 Defensive: 2X crafted Kopesh with Bodyfeeder and Vampirism Offensive: 2X crafted Kopesh [..] View

Chronic network issues

11:19 am, October 9, 2015 For some reason, at about 9 or 10 at night central time on Argonesson, I start getting a very weird network problem. The game starts to get more and more delayed, until eventually everything stops mov [..] View

All Worlds 'Closed'

11:19 am, October 8, 2015 Evening all, I have been following various steps in the support FAQs and even submitted a ticket, but figured I would also try a post here. I am a returning player, using my account from 5 months ago [..] View

Sneak Attack Ranged Dmg

11:19 pm, October 5, 2015 Been gone for 8 years. Yes, you read that correctly. Game is waaaay different than I remember. I'm figuring stuff out as I go but one thing seems to be confusing me. How do you KNOW you're sneak a [..] View

Looking for help - out of ideas

11:19 pm, October 2, 2015 Hey guys, I've been experiencing so much lag and I've already tried so many things to fix this issue that I'm already getting despaired about all this nonsense. Wish someone have any clue about someth [..] View

Confused About Damage

11:19 am, October 1, 2015 Hi I was reading about different feats and enhancements. I saw notations that said "+1[w}" and others that just said "+1 damage". Are these the same thing? I'm trying to unders [..] View

Can Not Find Page

11:19 pm, September 14, 2015 I had to reinstall windows (running XP 64bit still) went to download DDO Live and Preview and everything seem to be going okay till updates and suddenly I get can not find page. I have done all the cl [..] View

How does one Navigate the Demonweb?

11:19 am, September 10, 2015 Over the last 6 months I have tried to navigate the Demonweb about 10 times and spent at least that many hours exploring it. On one occasion I made it to the entrance for The Deal and the Demon*, but [..] View

is archery as bad as i have heard?

11:19 am, September 2, 2015 i have read that archery is not a viable way to go for dps for many different reasons but i know that all of the things i have read on this were written years ago. i am coming back to the game and i [..] View

Maximizing your free-to-play experience

11:19 am, August 30, 2015 DDO offers two embedded features that players can use to maximize their free-to-play (FTP) experience. By leveraging these two features it is possible to avoid spending real money on DDO. First, DDO [..] View

F1/RA6/Dr7 SWF,TWF Animal form

11:19 am, August 26, 2015 I found threads about this as early as 2009, and as late as a year and 10 days ago. Can I still utilize SWF, and TWF at the same time in wolf form? Can I also carry a staff, and use it in wolf form, a [..] View

Gear Planner (in development)

11:19 pm, August 21, 2015 I've begun writing a comprehensive gear planner that will be a stand-alone desktop program but will also have limited interaction with my build planner. Being its own utility I figured move the develo [..] View

Returning Player: Spellcaster-build ?

11:19 am, August 10, 2015 Anyone can help me again? I am playing with my old main character in team-up with my girlfriend. But we have very different working periods at the moment. So to avoid that our characters differ to [..] View

Solid Leveling Guide

11:19 pm, August 4, 2015 What's the best way to get from level 4/7 - 20 if you are not VIP, you own all packs, and you are on your first life? I would just elite through everything, but I can't open unfortunately, so wonderin [..] View

Returning player with a couple questions (bard build + what to do at level 15)

11:19 pm, July 28, 2015 It has been a couple(few?) years since I played this game and I'd like to start playing again but the changes have been pretty huge. I have a level 15 bard/rogue and a couple hearts of wood on that c [..] View

Bladeforged level 1?

11:19 pm, July 25, 2015 Is it possible to ever have a bladeforged at level 1? I've been googling and reading a lot, but what I've gathered so far is that its impossible to to A) Get one at level 1 and also B) Get one that is [..] View

What is happening with the servers?

11:19 am, July 22, 2015 I am lagging all the time in Argonessen, twice today I froze in marketplace, and can t fix it with relogs, restart etc. I ve been trying like 15 minutes and I am still frozen in the same spot.. Intern [..] View

Stuck in loading screen 'Connection with server has been lost'

11:19 pm, July 15, 2015 Hey there! This has just started occurring recently and I have no idea why. Here's the problem: 1. When I select a character and try to play I often get stuck on the loading screen. The bar never mo [..] View

Returning player's regret

11:19 pm, July 14, 2015 Hey there, everyone. As the title suggests, I am a returning player(haven't played for 4 - 5 years). I used to enjoy the game a lot, but had never been a subscriber, and back then it just seemed to m [..] View

New issues since U26

11:19 pm, June 30, 2015 Ok guys, neither I nor my hubby are particularly comp savvy so lets all try our best here, and I personally don't mind if you break down the steps as if you were giving instructions to a child because [..] View

Issues with logging in since U26

11:19 pm, June 26, 2015 Since U26 I've had a few problems logging in. First I had to **** a client while stuck in a loading screen, and I couldn't get back in after that: Different problems, from stuck at "getting in li [..] View

A Reminder About Reincarnation

11:19 pm, June 18, 2015 We want to remind people about something to keep in mind when undergoing a reincarnation (particularly a +Lesser Reincarnation): It is not possible to have more than three classes during a reincarnati [..] View

Neg Level stacking (on mobs)

11:19 pm, June 16, 2015 I'm just wondering what does or does not stack when inflicting negative levels: feeding from weapon enervation guard ruby of endless night shroud of vampire etc. Just thinking to get a feeding weapon [..] View

Broke my augment :(

11:19 am, June 9, 2015 Hi! I recently broke my ruby eye of force augment by accident by slotting a new one into the item... I thought I was putting it into a different item :/ Is there a way to bring it back somehow? If no [..] View

Returning Player - "I Don't Remember What These Eleven Shortcut Bars Are For"

11:19 am, June 7, 2015 I left around Update 10 or so after burning out on ToD and Epic Lailat over and over again on my BRD16/FTR2/ROG2. I bought Underdark on release, but I only decided to come back now, a dozen updates la [..] View

Do core abilities from two different enhancement branches stack?

11:19 pm, June 1, 2015 Do core abilities from two different enhancement branches stack? I'd like to bring a multi-class character to :a Bard Clvl 12 for the Swashbuckler Panache Core enhancementa Fighter Clvl 6 for the Ken [..] View

Currently play LotRO, looking for just something a little different in DDO

11:19 am, May 19, 2015 Hello folks! I currently play LotRO and it was my first and only MMO. I'm looking to take a little break from that game and wanted to try DDO. I understand they're different games, with their own uni [..] View

Reincarnation Questions

11:19 am, May 16, 2015 This week, I reached the level cap for the first time with two characters. The DDO Wiki describes reincarnation in great detail, but I find myself with lingering questions and so come here for help. [..] View

Human versatility: Damage boost

11:19 am, May 10, 2015 Three questions about the Human Versatility: Damage Boost. 1. It gives +20% weapon damage. In what way is this different than the Action Boost: Melee Power from class enhancement trees? Several abil [..] View


MAking seoarate keymapping sey ups for different characters?

Dec 15, 2014, 4:10 pm Every time I change my keymapping for my monk and his many moves/finishing moves, it also changes it for my other chars. I can't seem to find a keymapping setup that works for them all, and so I've co[..] View

New to warforged,docents look different

Dec 5, 2014, 1:37 pm New to warforged and my toon always look different when using named items than what is shown on Wiki. I farmed the Docent of tombs but it look like loot gen,not whats on wiki. Also the pink one from[..] View

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