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Feats for Ranger

11:19 pm, December 27, 2017 Hello, Seeking forms input on what are best feats for two weapon fighting human ranger character. I recently started playing ranger class and have two rangers now, a human (lvl 10) and a drow (lvl 1 [..] View

So, does this arti build pass the smoke test?

11:19 am, December 14, 2017 So, I'm getting bored with my main BF paladin, and I wanted to try an artificer. I'm not playing much right now, and there are still a few things to wrap up before the TR, but with the current veteran [..] View

Skill Breakdowns

11:19 pm, October 14, 2016 Quote: Originally Posted by Brattyone I attempted to stealth Impossible Demands, where my hide and move silently were sitting at 120/118 respectively, and was heard by mo [..] View

Key of Destiny: How does it work?

11:19 am, October 15, 2015 Have TR'd from a Barbarian to a Paladin and am going through the pain of needing to work all the way over from Fury of the Wild to Divine Crusader and was thinking of using the Key of Destiny to short [..] View

Bladeforged pally/rgr question

11:19 pm, July 28, 2015 Hey all, Iv just been eyeing up bladeforged in the ddo store, and im wondering if the following build (which im using on my current toon, currently lvl 11) will work as well? If not, can i modify it [..] View

Flavor Build: Holy Blaster / Undead Hunter -- Advice Appreciated :)

11:19 pm, March 19, 2015 Hi all, So I'm going to try this again -- last idea was a complete non-starter. Anyway, to recap, coming back to the game after a longish hiatus, and looking for a fun flavor build to explore new con [..] View

Need some advice/opinions on this build

11:19 am, January 29, 2015 Code: Character Plan by DDO Character Planner Version 04.23.01DDO Character Planner Home PageStrikerix The Beast Level 28 Chaotic Good Warforged Male (2 Rogue \ 18 Wizard \ 8 Epic) Hit Points: 4 [..] View


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