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Anyone help with class and playing advice?

11:19 am, January 1, 2018 Howdy yall!! I returned last week from a break since U27. I literally spent the past week sorting and organizing my mules. I had way too much stuff. Here is my dilema. I have 2 main toons and [..] View

Question regarding Epic Destinys

11:19 am, November 21, 2017 Hi all... I just recently got back into ddo and decided to run a solo toon (Ive never made it to level 20 because my friends always get burnt out and I was tired of starting over.) So I rolled up a mo [..] View

Best Three Person Party Classes

11:19 pm, November 11, 2017 Hi All, I am looking at coming back with a few of my friends after a very long time away. Since so much has changed we are looking at starting new characters to try and get to the point where we can [..] View

Whats more important?

11:19 pm, November 4, 2017 Just curious what other melee classes think about this. If as a paladin, warrior, barbarian, etc had to choose between a feat that gave you 33 hp (Eipic Toughness @ lvl 30) & a feat that gave [..] View

Give up 2 lvls of Ranger for Monk to gain feats DODGE and DEFLECT ARROWS?

11:19 pm, October 12, 2017 Give up 2 lvls of Ranger for Monk to gain feats DODGE and DEFLECT ARROWS? From other posts; https://www.ddo.com/forums/showthrea...-heart-of-woodhttps://www.ddo.com/forums/showthrea...-ability-score [..] View

Which classes are in need of a pass? Coming back and unsure whats been updated.

11:19 pm, October 12, 2017 Hi, Coming back to the game with my wife and a friend. My friend is very new to the game and I dont want to steer him toward a class that has been lacking a pass for a long time. I saw Ranger/Arti/ [..] View

A little advice

11:19 am, September 25, 2017 I enjoy playing my barbarian but can't quite figure out the reincarnation stuff. I don't understand past lives. I did one reincarnation and have barbarian as a past life once so I will have it again w [..] View

New Player Reaper Pointers

11:19 pm, September 9, 2017 If you are new to the game, first - welcome! Now if you are done soloing and have decided to group up you might look at the LFM panel and wonder what is R1/Reaper. Reaper is the hardest difficulty mod [..] View

So, i finally got my first lvl 20 and thinking about a TR...

11:19 am, August 2, 2017 Only took four years :D... (a few weeks of play, a boredomquit, a few months of not playing) Picking out a wizard (roughly following Pale Trapper thread) as a first life was a mistake. While I still l [..] View

(Returning Player) What are the preffered classes for end game content?

11:19 am, July 21, 2017 Hello, I'm a returning player who just got an old WF Arti character to 20. The build is messy and I intend to TR him asap into something better for end game EE and maybe legendary content. I was wonde [..] View

Next Life Question

11:19 pm, June 19, 2017 I have a character from 5+ years ago that I was wanting to play again. He is a 18 fighter/1 rogue/1 wizard that was an arcane archer. I want to take a new life as a pure ranger and reading the +20 hea [..] View

Build - for completion of all quests in the game

11:19 pm, June 17, 2017 Hi All, I am wondering what you would build to play EVERY SINGLE QUEST in game [probably on casual/normal]. I guess it would have to be solo build as not many people want to do this I am sure - but i [..] View

When to level-up a character?

11:19 pm, June 5, 2017 To level-up, or not to level-up, a character that is the question I would like to get feed-back on. The details; I have about 1.5 years or more of DDO experience running many character classes on se [..] View

Returning player looking for information...

11:19 pm, May 26, 2017 Have been away for a while... left just after Epic levels were introduced. So the new Enhancement trees, Epic Destinies and the majority of the Epic content is new to me. Some questions: 1. What st [..] View

Need Help Picking Classes and Things

11:19 am, May 20, 2017 I played this game a little bit, long ago. I left primarily because, as a free player, I didn't have many quests to choose from. I didn't like having to play through the same few quests quite so man [..] View

Help fitting a class?

11:19 pm, April 14, 2017 Hi guys, I'm looking for a little guidance. For all intensive purposes I am new to DDO. I played a wiz and a fight to cap over 8 years ago and haven't played since. A few friends and I are looking t [..] View

Enhancement question

11:19 am, April 7, 2017 I have a new character that is a druid that just multiclassed into monk. I used the first set of enhancements for some on one of the druid trees, but there is no option to choose any enhancements fro [..] View

Thinking of coming back, few questions pls

11:19 pm, March 28, 2017 My wife and I are going to come back to do a TR and experience reaper settings and hopefully get back into raiding since there have been many since we left. With that just a few questions. We played [..] View

Heroic Elite Kicking my tail even being a lvl higher than it

11:19 am, March 27, 2017 Ok folks here goes i love playing melees and i love the game however i have noticed and i am on a 5th life and have noticed to do elite i have to be 2 lvls higher than the quest meaning if its 6 on ba [..] View

i'm confused

11:19 am, March 17, 2017 Been playing for a few weeks on different servers (as either a rogue or fighter) and keep getting into groups with classes that can heal but don't and I end up dead (and not just from taking a lot of [..] View

Hi there new player with some questions about classes

11:19 pm, March 9, 2017 So basically I scoped out the forums and played around with a few classes and I really like the wiz/rouge combo. However as a new player would it be more beneficial to start off from a base class or s [..] View

The Max Anything At All Levels Reference Guide (DCs, Skills, PRR, HP, etc.)

11:19 am, February 26, 2017 -----THINGS I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW WHICH IS WHY THEY'RE AT THE TOP (SCREENSHOTS/LINKS REQUIRED)-----Does +4 Insightful DC item exist for Necromancy, Transmutation, and/or Illusion? Do +8 Insightful sta [..] View

Wizard or Sorcerer for Solo Play?

11:19 pm, February 23, 2017 As a casual player who doesn't plan on grouping very much, do you suggest a wizard or sorcerer for my first character? According to character creation, both classes are challenging for solo play. I un [..] View

Returning Player - Should I?

11:19 pm, February 21, 2017 Hello everyone, I have been off DDO for about 2 years now or so (I can't really remember). Last I was very active, level cap was fresh 28 and The ShadowConspiracy expansion was out for a few months. [..] View

Returning from before expansions - build suggesttions and general tips

11:19 pm, February 4, 2017 Hi, I played DDO from beta until sometime before the first expansion hit and have been in other games since then. Now I decided to come back and experience what I have missed :) Logging in and seein [..] View

Very old returning player questions.

11:19 am, November 1, 2016 I have recently returned to the game, last time I player level 12 had just been released. I had a VIP account for several months at least, before I cancled it. Had to buy the game originally. I know [..] View

how to spend my turbine points

11:19 pm, October 25, 2016 Hi guys, Im new at the game, i ve just bought a bunch of packs and still have 1850 Turbine points and only 4 epic packs left me, which are: Devil´s Gambit, Heart of Madness, Druid´ [..] View

Casually playing DDO - unsure which class to choose from

11:19 pm, October 1, 2016 Hi players of DDO! Over the years I've played DDO off and on but never got into the game that much as I was playing another MMO. I've since left the other game and would like to focus and hopefully e [..] View

Public Notice Board

11:19 am, September 13, 2016 Below is a list of some of the Known Issues that we are aware of, and below that are features that are Working as Intended but may cause confusion. Should you come across any of these issues, there is [..] View

Need someone to hold my hand through an Iconic LR

11:19 pm, September 3, 2016 Hello forumites :) I am about to TR, going into third life, and I want to do an Iconic this time. Specifically I want: PDK - Rogue/Bard/Warlock Could anyone post a series of steps I need to take to ge [..] View

Which is best to obtain proficiency exotic weapon kama?

11:19 pm, August 15, 2016 Hello, I am seeking advice around questions;1. As you level-up a Rogue, are you ever given the opportunity to choose feat exotic weapon kama? If yes, at what level? 2. As you level-up a Druid, are y [..] View

DDO Free to Play Guide (minimal grind method)

11:19 pm, June 26, 2016 DDO Free to Play Guide (minimal grind method)Intro It is certainly possible to play DDO completely for free. You may want to do this for budgetary reasons, but since cheap offers come around frequentl [..] View

Things you may not know you did not know about DDO (in installments)

11:19 pm, June 13, 2016 Reincarnation (first installment) • This game allows you to reincarnate after you reach level 20 on heroic life or level 30 on iconic life. Reincarnation (or True Reincarnation) is starting [..] View

Reincarnation of low level multi-class character

11:19 am, May 25, 2016 I have a 4th level multi-class character, half-orc (Barbarian lvl 2, Cleric lvl 1, Druid lvl 1). For the game play I am wanting to do with this character, the Druid part is not working out for me. [..] View

Confused newbie re: VIP / Adventure Packs / Races / Classes

11:19 pm, May 11, 2016 Hello, thank you for your time, veteran players. :) I am trying to understand exactly what you get by upgrading to VIP. What are the benefits, and if I am VIP do I still have to buy adventure packs? [..] View

Adventures packs for new players

11:19 am, March 30, 2016 Hello guys. I'm a new player in DDO, enjoying the game (my account is premium) I want to know which packs should i have to buy for decent game? I was interested in Necropolis but for lot of Undeads [..] View

Loooong time away ... computer requirements links/recommendations?

11:19 pm, March 29, 2016 Hi, I've been away at least a year. Probably more like multiple years since I have anniversary goodies just sitting there on my toons. I've jumped on but no serious playing for a long time. I have a m [..] View

Looking for a good ranged build

11:19 pm, March 22, 2016 Looking for a pure-class ranged build that focuses on just 1 wep type. Open to diff classes, just want something fun to play that isn't super complicated as I get back into the game. Pref a pure-class [..] View

H TR checklist

11:19 pm, March 19, 2016 Am I missing anything before I embark on heroic completionist... Tome of learning 20% Xp pots 50% Shared bank Two gear mules - i am going to use one for caster and one for melee gear storage Sup [..] View

Crystal Cove!!! Love it, but need a little help

11:19 am, February 26, 2016 So, I'm currently playing a trap skilled AA ranger, but I'll be TRing as soon as the event ends. Next life I'm looking at going barb or paladin. I'm thinking I might try all the classes and aim for he [..] View

Comprehensive Spell Power, Crit Chance, Crit Damage Breakdowns

11:19 pm, February 19, 2016 Thread is what it says on the tin. Since max DC and max spellpower build are usually exclusive to each other, this will be its own thread. Also I can't edit thread titles. Once again I invite everyone [..] View

Cannot roll character, constant DC

11:19 am, February 19, 2016 I used to play DDO and recently decided to pick it up again to play with a friend. We've decided to roll on Argonnessen. For the last 4 hours I have been trying to roll a character. First off, just lo [..] View

Gear for leveling ..

11:19 pm, February 16, 2016 I am on my 3rd life ( 2 past life Sorcerer) currently Iconic Shadar Rogue16/ art 2 I have another account I play also at the same time Iconinc Bladeforge 16 Sorc/2 paly ( air fire buid) I didnt r [..] View

Comprehensive DC breakdown for all classes

11:19 am, February 14, 2016 This is a much improved version of my first thread, with less mistakes, better organization, and in a subforum where hopefully more people will see it. This will break down the DC for every class and [..] View

Attack chains / base attack bonuses / multiclassing how does it add up?

11:19 pm, February 7, 2016 Hi there, can someone sort a few things in my head as to how these work. I have looked on the net and have yet to find an explanation. So since my search-fu is so woefully inadequate can someone ans [..] View

Use of Iconics and TR

11:19 am, January 11, 2016 I don't necessarily want to take the express route to power and riches but it can't hurt to know what the options are. I understand that TR (at least the first use) is something done at level 20 that [..] View

Step by step for austic friend help

11:19 am, January 5, 2016 OK..I have been playing for some years..I am all over the place in ddo ..my friends son is 15 and has a form of autism..he wants to really play ddo in what he says is right path to not back tracking t [..] View

Strategic class levels?

11:19 pm, January 4, 2016 Multiclassing is like building a character from different puzzle pieces - each puzzle representing a portion of levels from a certain class. I see players who want to build up a TWF build take 3 range [..] View

Heroic TRs, Epic play up next

11:19 am, December 29, 2015 I'm aiming to get rolling on heroic TRs and later on Epic play, with this premium account. My immediate question is which packs to purchase and in what order, given the facts below. I play solo + hi [..] View

How to reincarnate 27 to 1 ?

11:19 pm, December 4, 2015 Just got back after year+ out. Got lvl 27 toon, I quite fancy relearning/restarting on that toon at level 1 again with different classes and racking up some past lives. I can remember hall of heroes [..] View

Buy whole game (packs only) for $73

11:19 am, November 28, 2015 During this Black Friday sale, which ends Monday, a brand new account could buy: $7.50 Shadowfell Collector's Edition $5.25 MotU Standard Edition $59.99 Add 11000 Turbine Points to your cart at check- [..] View

Playing game for (basically) first time, best solo class?

11:19 am, October 19, 2015 Not technically first time, I did play back in 2010, but I have nothing left to show for it other than a dusty old fighter level 3. I've looked around, most of the posts seem to be at least a year old [..] View

Erkid the Basher: Pure Vanguard Paladin (U24)

11:19 pm, October 2, 2015 I am looking at this build in the Classes-Paladin sub forum, and it isn't filled out for someone who doesn't know what they are doing. I posted in that forum, but don't think I'll get any answers. How [..] View

Weird noises when logging in (win7 and 10)

11:19 am, September 25, 2015 I get weird noises. It wouldn't let me post the info, so I will just say since getting a new machine, I get weird noises on the initial loading screens, to the character select screen. After selecti [..] View

Help choosing amongst what quest packs remain...

11:19 am, September 9, 2015 When I started playing DDO I went the Premium route and purchased most available quest packs. I have since played through almost everything I own and now wish to take advantage of the current quest p [..] View

Returning player looking for some guidance

11:19 pm, September 7, 2015 Hello all, after like 2.5~3 years without play DDO im thinking about start again but the server where i had most of my chars(argonassen, i think the name is that) seens pretty dead now... so, as im st [..] View

Warlock Capstone quesion

11:19 pm, September 1, 2015 Is there any capstone for warlock? I saw that rangers, for example, should hit L18 for the highest capstone available, but I couldn't find anything on wiki about warlocks. Very limited stuff for it [..] View

Maximizing your free-to-play experience

11:19 am, August 30, 2015 DDO offers two embedded features that players can use to maximize their free-to-play (FTP) experience. By leveraging these two features it is possible to avoid spending real money on DDO. First, DDO [..] View

[Massive Help] Starting DDO Journey

11:19 am, August 15, 2015 Greetings, adventurers! My name is Nervly and I would like to request your services to aid the beginning of my journey. Seriously though, I've played DDO before but I wasn't "playing correctly& [..] View

Returning player: split classes or stay pure after level 20 ???

11:19 pm, August 1, 2015 Hello there, Ive returned to DDO after years, still love the game but whow...many has changed...new level cap, new enhancement trees....much to read and much new to learn. Most importend to me for n [..] View

Drud / ETR advice?

11:19 am, July 29, 2015 Not really a new player but have played little in the last two years so I might as well be. :) I'm level 27 and finishing up a rogue life (that I am quite tired of!) so I can ETR for the first time. I [..] View

Remove 1 class from char among otherthings

11:19 pm, July 25, 2015 Hello, im wondering if it is possible to remove 1 class off my char without using a reincarnation stone if that is not possible, what reincarnation stone do i need to use to remove 1 class but still [..] View

New Player

11:19 am, July 8, 2015 Hi guys I'm a completely new player and I was wondering if I could ask you a question about the game before I get started. I have never played a Dungeons and Dragons game before so sorry in advance if [..] View

A Reminder About Reincarnation

11:19 pm, June 18, 2015 We want to remind people about something to keep in mind when undergoing a reincarnation (particularly a +Lesser Reincarnation): It is not possible to have more than three classes during a reincarnati [..] View

Returning Player after Stormreach level 12 Cap

11:19 am, June 13, 2015 Hello all, I just recently downloaded DDO after not playing it for so long and now It seems like I have come to a new game. With these new level caps and new classes and me not remembering how to play [..] View

Can we get a list of classes that will not be nerfed?

11:19 am, June 1, 2015 With the impending nerf coming to Paladins (and likely Barbarians) I feel it would be informative to both new and old players to know what classes we can expect to be nerfed. I will have been seriousl [..] View

Currently play LotRO, looking for just something a little different in DDO

11:19 am, May 19, 2015 Hello folks! I currently play LotRO and it was my first and only MMO. I'm looking to take a little break from that game and wanted to try DDO. I understand they're different games, with their own uni [..] View

Buying adv packs (need advice)

11:19 am, May 9, 2015 Hi, Sorry to bother. I am still new to the game (lvl 9), but I want to use this weekend 30% discount to buy adventure packs. So far I have the following (bought with MENACE OF THE UNDERDARK and SHADOW [..] View

Played D&D Online yesterday. Seeking a bit of advice please

11:19 am, April 21, 2015 Hello everyone, Yesterday I started playing the game again after many years. I played the game out when it first got released, but at the time our guild was playing another game so had very little tim [..] View

How do you get past a locked door if you are not a rogue?

11:19 am, April 18, 2015 In the quest Caged Trolls you have to get past a locked door with no key. Does this mean that you just can't solo this quest without being a rogue? (I suppose an artificer or wizard with Knock could [..] View

Help Picking a Melee Class

11:19 am, April 16, 2015 I have started playing DDO recently and am really indecisive on which class to play. I have played a little with my available classes and am looking for a class melee class that has attack spells that [..] View

Htr/etr/completionist advice needed

11:19 pm, April 6, 2015 I currently have a level 22 3rd life character (Ranger) which I want to make my completionist. It has rogue and artificer past lives. Both those lives I tr'd at around level 20, but was thinking tha [..] View

Crystal Cove: Lighting the Path (For Kobolds)

11:19 pm, April 6, 2015 Y'arr, greetings, DDO Community. Self-Appointed Coin Lord of the Seas, ForgettableNPC here! (Skip down a bit if you want to actually get to the Guide part, most of the introduction is just me rambling [..] View

Melee Master Vampires: Oh Dual-Fang Runts of the PM Tree UNITE!

11:19 pm, March 21, 2015 Disclaimer: This is a work in progress. I am no expert on PMs so please post your suggestions. There have been a number of threads recently with players proposing vampire builds. I also was intrigued [..] View

Returning player, looking for some quick info

11:19 pm, March 9, 2015 Hello all, I've been away from this game for a long while. I had a full subscription and played fairly regularly, but my group of friends all burned out and we decided to jump around trying other MM [..] View

Lesser Reincarnation Question

11:19 am, February 28, 2015 Here's a noob question. I started a character yesterday and have gotten him to level 3. I now realise I totally screwed up his skill points and ability scores. I have the free lesser heart of wood [..] View

Returning Player(s) LF General Guidance

11:19 pm, February 19, 2015 Some friends and I were looking for a different game to play as we are starting to get burnt out on another MMO. Most of us played DDO when it launched in 2006 from the Head start event until about a [..] View

The Bridge Between

11:19 pm, February 12, 2015 So I am kind of stuck not sure what to do. I wanted to try out a multi class build and I made a PDK and then just leveled it to 15 as a fighter. Then I bought a +1 Lesser heart and reincarnated as a [..] View

A few noob questions

11:19 pm, February 12, 2015 Hi all, I'm fairly new (started playing in Dec, 2014), and still learning a lot despite reading lots on these forums and DDOWiki. I have a few questions I'd appreciate any responses on. I've played [..] View

Character Builder Lite (in development)

11:19 am, February 10, 2015 I've been working on a character builder since Christmas, and it's coming along pretty well so far. Adopting a minimalist philosophy -- thus the "Lite" -- it's geared toward people with a de [..] View

List of every spell crit modifier and max spell crit chances

11:19 am, January 23, 2015 So I was wondering what the max spell crit chance was, and I couldn't find a list so i just compiled this after a few hours and though I'd post it for others. Forgive the general messiness, its mainly [..] View

Botched up - build/resolution advice appreciated

11:19 pm, January 9, 2015 Hey, short history: I played DDO a few years back up to about level 5 or so, which was enough to have me buy WF, monk, several adventure packs, veteran status, and 32 point builds. Took a long hiatus, [..] View

The Best Sustainable Classes - PLEASE REPLY WITH OPINIONS

11:19 pm, January 3, 2015 Hey all, I’ve been a member of the DDO Community for about 5 years now, so I thought I’d post something about picking the right class for you. I struggled for a couple years tryi [..] View

New Player Completely Lost

11:19 am, November 8, 2014 Hello Everyone, Looking into this game and I have no idea where to start and hoping someone here can point me into the right direction for 2 different builds. I have access to all races and classes [..] View

New player looking for (rather specific) builds

11:19 pm, October 27, 2014 Hello everyone, I am completely new to the game and to the world of Eberron, if not to D&D and the Forgotten Realms. I know new players can do a lot of bad stuff when creating characters, s [..] View

Spring Attack chain

11:19 pm, October 7, 2014 is this line of 3 feats worth taking for medium or light armored meleers? or would focusing on damage feats be the better choice? in particular i am thinking of Eldritch Knight or Harper Int to hit bu [..] View

A player with a few questions please

11:19 pm, September 30, 2014 Hello everyone, I've created this thread in the hope of getting some answers/advice with the few questions I have. It would be great if some of you could help out. I'm not a stranger when it comes to [..] View

Base Attack Bonus - Multiple Numbers - X/X/Y/Z What are they?

11:19 am, September 30, 2014 On the wiki page for the various classes the BAB is listed as three or four numbers (Example: http://ddowiki.com/page/Favored_Soul, the entry for lvl 20 reads +15/+15/+20/+25). The ddo wiki entry on [..] View

Stormreach Shadows: A Comprehensive Stealth Guide

11:19 am, September 15, 2014 Update 19's revamp to the stealth system stoked me, especially when hearing it personally from Tolero and Producer Glin last year at GenCon Indy. I've enjoyed pushing the new abilities through Kiricl [..] View

Spell Selection

11:19 pm, September 1, 2014 A common question on the forums for people new to spellcasting classes is, "What should my spell list be?" I figure a good way of answering this (instead of answering the same question over [..] View

Past Lives

11:19 am, August 26, 2014 Yesterday a person I was pugging with asked me, "should I just focus on past lives that will improve my final build?" He was fairly new to the game. Only on his third life. It's a good quest [..] View

First life solo advice

11:19 pm, August 16, 2014 Good day to ye kind sirs perusing this post. I've been playing DDO on and off for a few years now, but had always been fascinated by all the combinations I could try and as a result had never really g [..] View

Class Charts - Strengths and Weaknesses of each class displayed

11:19 pm, August 7, 2014 Behold, comparison charts on each class! And the good part is that it's an objective chart rather then opinion. I'll explain in second post how I attained all the numbers and decided how to grade thin [..] View

Returning Player: Help with arti / rouge build

11:19 am, July 24, 2014 ok so at the moment i have 5 levels of artificer and 2 levels of rouge i'm thinking of taking 14 arti and 6 rouge for the enhancement in the mechanic rouge tree on the bottom its the 3rd one called Ta [..] View

Melee needs advice about killing stuff

11:19 pm, July 12, 2014 Howdy, I'm looking for some basic advice to boost my damage output, since it seems rather low. Usually takes me a while to **** stuff, but I finally broke down and decided to ask for help after my f [..] View

Newbie coming back after long hiatus, simplify for me please.

11:19 pm, July 10, 2014 I remember roughly 2 years ago playing this game and being confused and/or overwhelmed on how to build a strong character. I stuck with melee classes last time, but this time I want to come at it diff [..] View

Freeze upon character creation

11:19 pm, July 4, 2014 I've searched the forums and found similar threads, but none solved. I have played DDO before, and now I've reinstalled the game. I can play on my previously created chars, but once I try to create a [..] View

DDO Mobile Character Planner App

11:19 pm, July 2, 2014 OK, so, about a year ago, I had wondered about a DDO application for iPad (possibly on iPhone/Android??) that I could use to plan my character builds. After doing a little bit of forum searching, I'd [..] View


The Best Sustainable Classes - PLEASE REPLY WITH OPINIONS

Jan 4, 2015, 10:23 am Hey all, I’ve been a member of the DDO Community for about 5 years now, so I thought I’d post something about picking the right class for you. I struggled for a couple years trying to fi[..] View

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