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could not initialize direct3d and Direct X 9 grayed out.

11:19 pm, January 11, 2018 I just ran into this issue on a brand new build. I upgraded my system and installed windows 10 pro fresh. Did all the updates then installed DDO. It wouldn't let me make any changes to the graphics wi [..] View

Question: Heroic TR & Racial TR - Do They Stack?

11:19 pm, January 7, 2018 Hello, Everyone! An old player - 2008 and onward! - literally and figuratively here with a question about Heroic TR and Racial TR. I was away for about 2 years and recently returned. Life got in the [..] View

A Question about Lesser TR

11:19 am, January 5, 2018 Posting on behalf of a friend who is currently having network issues: I've got a question to ask about lesser TRing with class changes. I currently have a level 20 Ranger, and while I enjoyed the bu [..] View

Returning since Update 19

11:19 am, November 16, 2017 Used to play a bit during update 19, saw the new skill trees, but probably not all of the new content. Premium player, probably spent ~$80? So I read through the DDO wiki on updates since then, and am [..] View

Quest Compendium Spreadsheet

11:19 am, November 9, 2017 A while back, someone had posted a spreadsheet that had all of the quests listed out that included some nice details for tracking progress. I took that sheet & built upon it, adding in some ad [..] View

Client stopped booting up.

11:19 pm, October 25, 2017 This morning I've been trying to launch DDO and I've been getting this message: "Internal Error, please contact customer support." No Error code or anything. Can the psychics at DDO custom [..] View

U36 Patch 2 graphical changes?

11:19 am, October 3, 2017 I read through the release notes for U36P2 and there was no mention of any changes to the game graphic settings, but clearly they made some changes. Changes which, unfortunately, have damaged my exper [..] View

Looking for adive on this build. Dragonborn Artie.

11:19 am, June 23, 2017 Hi there you helpful bunch! I have a buddy who has returned to the game after a 2 year absence, (He was waiting for Kobolds) however I told him the Dragonborn were just tall kobolds. He bought it hook [..] View

change language when using steam lcient for ddo

11:19 pm, May 12, 2017 Hi all, a guildie of mine plays ddo via steam and she likes to play in english but some month back, as she was playing the game via the launcher she tried out another language. And although she says [..] View

my ui is making me double click to activate items/actions and game eventually freezes

11:19 pm, April 24, 2017 After getting Win10 creators update my game is nearly unplayable. I now am having a problem where it is stitching and makes me double click to activate some things. The problem starts out minor, the [..] View

The DDO Players Council is now accepting applications!

11:19 am, April 20, 2017 We are once again taking applications for the DDO Players Council! Please fill out the application completely, and email it to ddo@standingstonegames.com before 11:59pm Eastern on Thursday, April 27th [..] View

Connection with server Lost!

11:19 am, April 20, 2017 Thank you for taking the time to read this. It's 3am and I have been spending the last 8 hours trying to get this resolved. After the server reboot yesterday I can no longer log into the game, there h [..] View

Thinking of coming back, few questions pls

11:19 pm, March 28, 2017 My wife and I are going to come back to do a TR and experience reaper settings and hopefully get back into raiding since there have been many since we left. With that just a few questions. We played [..] View

Timing out connection

11:19 am, March 14, 2017 Been playing for most of the night as normal. I had iTR'd last night and was set to be doing a whole host of solo elite running, with some music in the background.. and probably eventually get grabbed [..] View

OrbWeaver mouselook mode movement issue

11:19 pm, February 25, 2017 hey yall, so i upgraded my very old nostromo n52 to a razer orbweaver. the extra row of button is awesome! but im having an issue and im hoping someone can help me... when in mouse look mode, if [..] View

The Anniversary Dungeon Returns!

11:19 am, February 22, 2017 We're bringing back the Anniversary Dungeon for an encore! You may also see some minor changes to the dungeon this year. We're expecting to turn on the dungeon late on Thursday morning, Eastern time, [..] View

Returning Player - Should I?

11:19 pm, February 21, 2017 Hello everyone, I have been off DDO for about 2 years now or so (I can't really remember). Last I was very active, level cap was fresh 28 and The ShadowConspiracy expansion was out for a few months. [..] View

Returning from before expansions - build suggesttions and general tips

11:19 pm, February 4, 2017 Hi, I played DDO from beta until sometime before the first expansion hit and have been in other games since then. Now I decided to come back and experience what I have missed :) Logging in and seein [..] View

Returning player seeking an answer

11:19 pm, January 30, 2017 So I am a returning player I used to have a viable clonk my question is with all the changes to AC, PRR, MRR etc is the clonk route still a viable option? Would I be able to get meaningful AC with the [..] View

Former veteran player, back after 5 years hiatus. A few questions.

11:19 pm, January 17, 2017 Hey guys. Long time no see. A few of my college friends and I are starting a pre-made six-men party, to play once a week. I'm thinking of playing a bard. I used to play a dual-wielding dwarven Warcha [..] View

Hireling AI Customizations Don't Seem to Take Effect

11:19 pm, January 9, 2017 Summon hireling, right-click hireling in party list, customize AI actions, dialog box pops up. Uncheck all of the attack options in both offensive and defensive lists, close the dialog with the 'x'. [..] View

Bear/wolf form and Ninja Poison

11:19 am, January 7, 2017 I want to know if the Ninja Poison stance will work in Bear form. I know from another thread i looked up that in the past it definitely did not work, because you are unarmed and it needs a weapon. Ho [..] View

Standing Stone Games Transition FAQ

11:19 pm, December 19, 2016 What’s happening: The Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons & Dragons Online have been acquired by Standing Stone Games, a newly-formed independent game studio made up of the same gr [..] View

Best Solo with no hand me down gear?

11:19 pm, December 19, 2016 I've been away from the game for a few years and just picked it back up again, got the old itch. First up, ground rules. I am a filthy casual solo player. Family, preference etc make it so that I rar [..] View

Very old returning player questions.

11:19 am, November 1, 2016 I have recently returned to the game, last time I player level 12 had just been released. I had a VIP account for several months at least, before I cancled it. Had to buy the game originally. I know [..] View

Feat; Oversized Two Weapon Fighting - has it been Deprecated?

11:19 am, October 3, 2016 Feat; Oversized Two Weapon Fighting - has it been Deprecated? I like fighting with two weapons simultaneously (one in each hand) in DDO. I understand that feat "two weapon fighting" only c [..] View

DDO Launcher Windows 7 - Eroor the request could not be sent

11:19 am, August 24, 2016 Hi everyone, I am using a small laptop which definitely has enough space and the capacity to run ddo but for some reason, the launcher will give me an error message (the title). I have tried reinstall [..] View

Back after years, need help warlock/monk

11:19 pm, August 22, 2016 Hello there I'm back after something like 5 years and i found a lots of changes. My main character is a monk amd he has 4 past life as monk, 1 as monk fighter( for fighter past life) and one, in [..] View

Which is best to obtain proficiency exotic weapon kama?

11:19 pm, August 15, 2016 Hello, I am seeking advice around questions;1. As you level-up a Rogue, are you ever given the opportunity to choose feat exotic weapon kama? If yes, at what level? 2. As you level-up a Druid, are y [..] View

Cyclical Latency Issues

11:19 pm, May 15, 2016 I’ve noticed some new, strange behavior in DDO over the past few days. Basically, I’ll experience (normal for me) latency of 50-80ms and then without explanation, DDO latency will [..] View

Connection to server lost?

11:19 am, May 12, 2016 Right now I am unable to play at all. I don't understand why - it was working fine 2 days ago (I had no time to play yesterday.) I have checked the tech support pages and have done all the recommendat [..] View

Port Forwarding update and changes - Important

11:19 pm, March 8, 2016 After today's maintenance to relocate DDO to the new data center, the game will be using more ports with which to connect and communicate. If you previously setup port forwarding (or port triggering) [..] View

I downloaded the game; but the launcher keeps crashing!

11:19 pm, November 29, 2015 This is frustrating! I downloaded DDO, and ended up uninstalling it and reinstalling it because the launcher keeps crashing. I get a prompt asking if Turbine can make changes to my PC, I click yes and [..] View

Returning Player - What did I miss?

11:19 am, November 26, 2015 Hi All, Haven't played since Druids were first announced and am keen to get back into some gaming (had a little crack at GW2 but not a huge fan, so back to DDO I come) I have a level 20 human Pally [..] View

Changes to Tomes

11:19 pm, October 7, 2015 Good evening! Changes are coming to Tomes in the upcoming patch, which will also result in some price changes to reflect the improved functionality... As of 28.1, all Stat tomes and Skill tomes will [..] View

Weird noises when logging in (win7 and 10)

11:19 am, September 25, 2015 I get weird noises. It wouldn't let me post the info, so I will just say since getting a new machine, I get weird noises on the initial loading screens, to the character select screen. After selecti [..] View

Camera shooting up/down suddenly

11:19 pm, August 25, 2015 Hello Has anyone else been having the problem that the camera shoots directly up or down when you are moving? It happens sometimes, but often enough that it is annoying. I have died several times whe [..] View

EE DoJ and that fun thing called Lag.

11:19 pm, August 24, 2015 First I would like to give a heads up to the fact that this isn't a fix all. We have however had a lot of success with a few small changes. Basically we smashed our faces into the lag wall and then ma [..] View

How to use +X Lesser Reincarnation to change old multiclass

11:19 pm, August 12, 2015 Hello Community: Came back to game after long break (2010). after few weeks of learning the changes, new features through googling and leveling up some of my level 15 toons, now I have some understan [..] View

Returning player with a couple questions (bard build + what to do at level 15)

11:19 pm, July 28, 2015 It has been a couple(few?) years since I played this game and I'd like to start playing again but the changes have been pretty huge. I have a level 15 bard/rogue and a couple hearts of wood on that c [..] View

Melee flavor of the month?

11:19 pm, May 22, 2015 I've been playing *VERY* casually over the last year and haven't kept up at all with any of the recent changes. I'm about to TR my capped character. I want to make a self healing melee character, so [..] View

Losing connection when logging in

11:19 pm, April 23, 2015 So, I can create and play new characters just fine, not an issue logging in (as soon as I log in on a new tool, the "connection status" thingy goes yellow, but disappears almost imediatly), [..] View

Airship questions

11:19 pm, April 11, 2015 Hello -- Been about a year since i played and wow, the changes! I'm the leader of a tiny guild that had just worked our butts off to get lvl 60 and get enough AS to buy a Stormglory Tempest -- we tot [..] View

Returning founder looking for help

11:19 pm, April 6, 2015 I started when the game originally released and stopped shortly before the red dragon raid update happened (not sure which raid this is but lvl cap was still 10). I've come back a couple times through [..] View

question on tring into iconic bladeforged

11:19 pm, March 12, 2015 I've played DDO for about 2 years .Took a 2 1/2 year break and now I'm back and a lot has changed. I currently have a legend warforged 3 past life barb 3 past life fighter and 2 past life pally (worki [..] View

Character Build Pool? Impaqt's legacy?

11:19 am, November 25, 2014 Hello! I have not been around the game in a long time, and with all the changes I have a lot of work still ahead of me. So here's my question: When I left, there were a number of people who listed [..] View

Basic fighter for new players

11:19 am, November 3, 2014 Very new player friendly No tomes required No gear required No p2p options Not considering epic destinies These is not a build for soloing epic elites but should serve to participate in them Bas [..] View

Can the Thicker hotbar be the default hotbar, for every character?

11:19 pm, October 28, 2014 You know how one hotbar is different from all the rest? It has the thicker border and the up-down arrows on the far right side of the bar? Each time I add a new hotbar to the screen the game changes [..] View

Returning From Hiatus, And Am Now Rendered Ignorant

11:19 pm, September 30, 2014 Greetings current players of DDO, So, as the title may have suggested I am returning from quite a bit of time. Summer of 2012 to be exact, left to go be an EOD Tech and now Communications Specialist [..] View

Not new, but kind of.

11:19 pm, September 23, 2014 Hello, Is been 2 and a half year since i last log on into Sarlona. I came back today after several hours of downloading and found out game has chance more than i expected. I believe i quitted afte [..] View

MAking seoarate keymapping sey ups for different characters?

11:19 pm, September 12, 2014 Every time I change my keymapping for my monk and his many moves/finishing moves, it also changes it for my other chars. I can't seem to find a keymapping setup that works for them all, and so I've co [..] View

Best TWF weaps lvl 23+?

11:19 am, August 28, 2014 I am about to hit level 24 with my 15 RGR/4 FTR/1 ROG and I have been reading a lot of posts saying khopeshes are no longer superior due to so many better named weapons especially from CitW loot above [..] View

How important is STR/DEX to "To Hit" now?

11:19 pm, August 27, 2014 Returning DDO player here... AC has apparently changed since I left, but I need some help understanding what the changes mean in application/gameplay. If I roll a bard with 10 or 12 STR and don't tak [..] View

Searching for logon server

11:19 pm, August 25, 2014 I've been having an issue when trying to connect. I'll open the launcher and log in - All worlds are listed as "Up". I choose Cannith and start the game, only to see a "Loading New Game [..] View

Differences between Epics & Heroics.

11:19 am, August 13, 2014 And in some cases between Elite & Normal/Hard! Some quests hit you between the eyes with cruel changes on Epic {mainly on EE} {and at least one quest does this on Heroic Elite too!}. Let's t [..] View

Mozilla FireFox always gives (error code: sec_error_bad_signature)

11:19 pm, August 2, 2014 Hello forum operators. I am logged in via IE atm. I am not able to lg in via Firefox atm., receiving (errorcode: sec_error_bad_signature) every time I want to log into my forum account or even try to [..] View

Grouping and wolf healer?

11:19 am, July 30, 2014 Hi guys, I have two super noobish questions that I'd really appreciate answers to.Is there a lot of grouping involved later on? So far haven't seen many people and mostly just solo everything but I i [..] View

Laucher is closing up before fully loading.

11:19 am, July 30, 2014 The game laucher starts a process, ui visible for 2-3seconds then abruptly closes up, each new attempt starts similar processes. **It seems to lock up after finished fetching the akamai download list* [..] View

Game suddenly got darker

11:19 am, July 28, 2014 In between game sessions, with no changes to my computer, I seem to have lost the ability to control the brightness level in the game. Everything is much darker. Outside DDO, everything looks fine. C [..] View

Coming Changes to PayByCash payment methods

11:19 pm, July 22, 2014 In the coming weeks PayByCash will be retired for DDO. Game Time will no longer be purchasable from their site starting 7/31/2014. Codes for Game Time acquired through this site will no longer be rede [..] View

Returning Newb Seeking Advice and Guidance

11:19 pm, July 18, 2014 Howdy vets, I'm a player returning to the game after a two-year absence (I think the last thing I did was buy the MotU expansion). I've been poking around my account and have come to the conclusion [..] View

Returning Player question

11:19 pm, July 14, 2014 I have not player in 14 to 18 months and was just wondering if there have been any major changes. Not asking about new content. More like any big changes to game machanic's? I have a lev 25 multi lev [..] View

Coming Changes to UltimatePoints and Ultimate Game Cards

7:21 am, July 1, 2014 In the coming months UltimatePoints (UPoints) and Ultimate Game Cards (UGCs) will soon be retired. Ultimate Game Cards will no longer be redeemable after September 30th, 2014 while UPoints will no lon [..] View

Game Crashes. Apparently missing some texture/display files

7:21 am, July 1, 2014 Since yesterday June 11st after I updated my client, it started to crash. It was working completely normal before that and I had not done any changes or updates to my PC. After crashing several times [..] View


Coming Changes to PayByCash payment methods

Feb 15, 2015, 6:21 pm In the coming weeks PayByCash will be retired for DDO. Game Time will no longer be purchasable from their site starting 7/31/2014. Codes for Game Time acquired through this site will no longer be rede[..] View

Coming Changes to UltimatePoints and Ultimate Game Cards

Jan 12, 2015, 6:09 pm In the coming months UltimatePoints (UPoints) and Ultimate Game Cards (UGCs) will soon be retired. Ultimate Game Cards will no longer be redeemable after September 30th, 2014 while UPoints will no lon[..] View

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