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F1-F12 Function keys are not selecting properly

11:19 am, December 12, 2017 This is a recent bug for me - the game and my system have been working perfectly for 10 years. What is happening now is that my Function keys are no longer working as per the DDO mapping but are now [..] View

Random Freezes / lock ups

11:19 am, December 8, 2017 So whilst playing the game I get random freezes of anywhere between 2-8secs. This happens mainly on entering new areas, or whenever im below 30% health and there are enemies around :D Joke, its comp [..] View

Ravenloft Crashing

11:19 pm, December 6, 2017 So along with most of the community, I was waiting eagerly for the new expansion to come out.. and Weds updating the client. So logged in, jumped onto my level 30 farm character and after spending so [..] View

Constant crashes since Ravenloft (not in new content)

11:19 pm, December 6, 2017 So finally downloaded all the update, and TR'd my fighter to warlock. Played for a couple of hours on the starting island, but crashed when entering a dungeon (Game froze, and became unresponsive, ev [..] View

FPS Stuttering

11:19 pm, November 1, 2017 I've been experiencing quite a lot of FPS issues since I've started playing again in the past 2 weeks. Using a Nvidia GTX 970, I was getting around 40 FPS max, on low graphic settings, but a consisten [..] View

One experienced player's thoughts on how to group with new people.

11:19 pm, August 15, 2017 I look at all my group mates, examining them. I can target them and press the 'z' key on my key board. You will not run as fast as I. I slow down. You'll need a guide through non-linier maps. I'l [..] View

Compendium Lite

11:19 pm, June 15, 2017 I wrote a compendium to take the place of the spreadsheet I've been using ever since I started playing. That spreadsheet has evolved to be quite advanced over the years, but it was still lacking in so [..] View

How to create a Macro to cast Cure Serious Wounds on myself

11:19 am, May 25, 2017 Just want a hot button on the keyboard to: Press F1 to target myself Trigger Cure Serious Wounds which is on hotbar 3, slot 2. Hotbutton on keyboard would be something I can find hit quickly such [..] View

Launcher Crashing

11:19 pm, April 5, 2017 so the recent patch brought only client crashes so far for me when its on literations on 33% & ive changed absolutely nothing. ------------------ System Information ------------------ Time [..] View

Tech help w video card

11:19 am, March 21, 2017 Ok so when I use my video card the login screen closes after choosing a server. I DL directx and have reinstalled both the card and DDO 2 times. When I use ONBOARD graphics... it works fine. Whats th [..] View


11:19 am, March 20, 2017 Ok so when I use my video card the login screen closes after choosing a server. I DL directx and have reinstalled both the card and DDO 2 times. When I use ONBOARD graphics... it works fine. Whats th [..] View

Shortcut Bars

11:19 pm, March 1, 2017 As soon as I have 3 shortcut bars showing, the bar with my primary abilities is no longer activated by the keyboard. Is there a way to lock the keyboard to a specific bar or must I always move my prim [..] View

Auto-attack won't stop

11:19 pm, February 7, 2017 All of a sudden one of my toons went on Auto-Attack in the middle of a quest. This is more annoying because 1) I didn't do it on purpose, 2) I never use Auto-attack, so have no idea how to turn it off [..] View

Game won't stay in the forefront after?*U34

11:19 am, February 3, 2017 Got windows 10, and logged in a week ago fine, however now it minimizes and any time I try to switch to it, it minimizes again. When I try a different server, it has the 'you have too many characters [..] View

is "Tanking" a thing?

11:19 pm, January 27, 2017 Returning player here (played beta/release , then a little while before druids became a thing) , wanting to create a tank character (played a tank or healer in most MMOs) and was wondering if anyone h [..] View

AutoHotKey HotBar Manager

11:19 am, January 13, 2017 The following is a script that is written to work with AutoHotKey, software which allows you to target inputs from the user from the keyboard, mouse, or otherwise and cause other things to happen as a [..] View

constant zone crashes/other crashes

11:19 pm, December 27, 2016 i've returned to playing seriously after a while break where i would only log in occasionally...and since i've come back my crashing has gotten to the point it's really super frustrating. before i mos [..] View

cross platform gaming

11:19 pm, December 24, 2016 having trouble finding a place to ask a question so...srry am jumping your board..but my question is this: is it ever likely to become possible with the ( Lately happening) cross platform gaming, will [..] View

Public Notice Board

11:19 am, September 13, 2016 Below is a list of some of the Known Issues that we are aware of, and below that are features that are Working as Intended but may cause confusion. Should you come across any of these issues, there is [..] View

Off-Problems not connected to DDO

11:19 am, September 10, 2016 Hello everyone, i hope to find some help about solving my PC Problem not linked to DDO that keeps me busy and depressed for a few days. I´m running on WIN7 Ultimate 64, 6 Core Athlon2 1100T [..] View

How do you get Kensai instead of Vanguard when multiclassing into Fighter?

11:19 am, June 13, 2016 The title pretty much covers the problem. I started as Rogue 1. When I leveled, I went to the Fighter Trainer. Went through all the steps, and ended up Vanguard. I don't recall any point at which [..] View

Launcher closes but game doesnt start

11:19 pm, May 13, 2016 Please excuse me, im a little bit frustrated right now and it is getting late for me, i will try to give as much informations as i can till i have to go to sleep because of late hours here in EU (need [..] View

Two-Handed Fighting feat combining with other styles on ******* swords/dwarven axes?

11:19 am, May 7, 2016 So if you have a ******* sword or a dwarven axe and wielding it one handed or sword and board style, then you get a chance at glancing blows that are enhanced by the Two-Handed Fighting feats. Does t [..] View

Black screen of DDO

11:19 pm, January 29, 2016 Think I know the answer already but thought I would toss it to the forums. I can launch the client and log in, but at the character selection screen, only the menu options, etc are shown, everything [..] View

Very slow character log on - Windows 10

11:19 pm, January 26, 2016 I have a very annoying issue. The first character I log on with after launching the game takes a very long time to load. Splash screen takes a fair bit of time before the progress bar moves and then t [..] View

instructing Horelings to defend an object - giving inventor to others

11:19 am, December 9, 2015 How do I instruct a hireling to defend an object? First character is still a 3rd level monk in Korthos, I am finding the Cannith Crystal adventure too difficult solo at HARD setting. I survive and [..] View

When and how do I pick feat; Two Weapon Fighting - Munk native bare hand fighting

11:19 am, December 9, 2015 When and how do I pick feat “Two Weapon Fighting”? First character is still a 3rd level dark monk in Korthos. He is a drow and "we" love "our" magical +1 short [..] View

Keyboard locks up randomly during play.

11:19 am, December 5, 2015 Hello, I recently got a new Windows 10 gaming PC. I've installed multiple MMOs that I enjoy and play frequently including DDO. While playing DDO, occasionally (and quite randomly) the input from my ke [..] View


11:19 pm, October 27, 2015 I now have 2 Tier 1 thunder-forged kopeshs, thanks to a lot of helpful players! One has 1st degree burns, and one has Touch of Shadows. Which augments should they have (I'm a Sword and Board Pally [..] View

Dwarf Paladin. How to proceed?

11:19 pm, October 11, 2015 So, I got my paladin to 20, pure. He's a third lifer (my first) and I've been trying to take a more active roll in actually making the character work well. For heroics, I did THF with KotC and some [..] View

Looking for help - out of ideas

11:19 pm, October 2, 2015 Hey guys, I've been experiencing so much lag and I've already tried so many things to fix this issue that I'm already getting despaired about all this nonsense. Wish someone have any clue about someth [..] View

Weird noises when logging in (win7 and 10)

11:19 am, September 25, 2015 I get weird noises. It wouldn't let me post the info, so I will just say since getting a new machine, I get weird noises on the initial loading screens, to the character select screen. After selecti [..] View

DDO Visual Error/No Clip Mode

11:19 am, September 14, 2015 Everyone that has been in a group with me lately has probably heard me complaining about an extremely annoying visual glitch that has been plaguing me for the last six months, it used to occur maybe o [..] View

Issue with a wireless keyboard and DDO(win7)

11:19 pm, September 9, 2015 I have an issue with a new wireless keyboard I just bought. Only when i play ddo, it will randomly not respond for about 2-3 secs. when it does respond, it is almost like lag. my character does all [..] View

Some annoying questions

11:19 am, September 6, 2015 So let's annoy the board again....but don't think i'm just chatty because i actually use this information "level 19 only 1 rank to 20...Yay:o" So i'm following the build in this thread by [..] View

Camera shooting up/down suddenly

11:19 pm, August 25, 2015 Hello Has anyone else been having the problem that the camera shoots directly up or down when you are moving? It happens sometimes, but often enough that it is annoying. I have died several times whe [..] View

Creating a Paladin-Need help with stat placement/build.

11:19 pm, August 19, 2015 Greetings all! I have recently discovered the wonders of DDO online and went ahead and made some purchases. I have the ability to do 32 pnt builds along with also have the ability to make a level 7 c [..] View

TWF: Weapon type and crafting

11:19 pm, August 7, 2015 I've previously only run sword and board, but I'd like to go with TWF for my next life. I have a few questions. 1) Is there a preferred weapon type for TWF? I really don't think I'll have the feat [..] View

Athlon 5150 (APU Radeon 8400) 2gb ram - keep freezing and crashing after 30 min

11:19 am, August 6, 2015 My old pc died 2 weeks ago... then i bought a new (very cheap) one : CPU Athlon 5150 with Radeon 8400 integrated Ram 2 gb (but i just ordered another 2gb, it should be at my home in 5 days) SSD 120 [..] View

GlovePie + Controller + DDO - Problems...anyone experience with that?

11:19 pm, August 1, 2015 Hello there, I love to play with controller and my mini-keyboard. I use a written GlovePie-Script for button-layout and it works fine with every game...except DDO !!! As soon as I start GlovePie the [..] View

Lagging out

11:19 pm, June 11, 2015 Below is my dxdiag info. Since the Ghallanda hack, I have been having periodic lag issues within every 3 hours of game play, though it's random. My character freezes; sometimes when I enter a new zon [..] View

Error 201, Windows 8.1

11:19 am, June 2, 2015 After researching this error on the boards, I have spent nearly two days installing and uninstalling, trying every workaround suggested, all to no avail. Is DDO simply broken on Windows 8 and above? H [..] View

Recall/Finish shortcut?

11:19 am, April 28, 2015 Is there a command that does Recall/Finish? I mean without using mouse to press that button. Like "Ctrl+R", but it opens enhancements window instead. Sometimes my mouse not working proper [..] View

Keyboard and mouse acting weird.

11:19 pm, April 8, 2015 ** Note that this problem occurs ONLY in DDO. ** When I type (anywhere in the game) some keystrokes get duplicated. It seems to be totally random, and does it with any key on my keyboard. Just to mak [..] View

Unable to Tumble Forward

11:19 am, April 1, 2015 When I hold down Shift + "W" the character does nothing. I'm able to tumble backwards by holding Shift + "S" or sideways by holding Shift + the "A" or "D" keys. [..] View

Launcher closes after server selection on Win 7

11:19 am, March 25, 2015 Win 7 64 bit, newly downloaded client (not the play-as-you-download kind; the wait-and-wait-and-wait-then-play kind). This worked last Thursday; then I upgraded to 8GB and an SSD. I've tried reinsta [..] View

Computer crashes every 1-2 hours

11:19 pm, March 22, 2015 While playing the game, my computer crashes (and restarts itself) every 1-2 hours. There are no obvious triggers, in-game or otherwise. Graphics wise i've tried downgrading from Very High (which was [..] View

Client spontaneously closing

11:19 am, March 13, 2015 I've always had problems with DDO crashing, for the most part I would just deal with it. But for a while now, it closes multiple times a day. Doesn't matter what I'm doing. In town, in a quest, whethe [..] View

Oh oh Green Steel and new players

11:19 pm, February 11, 2015 So after reading the guides and use the cubicleninja sheet I know how to make Green steel items. My only concern is I don't want to spend a lot of time farming and then make the wrong stuff. Right n [..] View

Can't click anything on main screen

11:19 am, January 30, 2015 I've just re installed on windows 8.1 and I can't click on anything on the main screen or use the keyboard. Anytime I double click the mouse it just opens up the program of an icon on the desktop that [..] View

FPS tweaks.

11:19 am, January 30, 2015 hi im not new to ddo but its been a long time and thought ide get back into it. Got a laptop can run skyrim smooth as silk but when it comes to DDO I get maybe 30fps any help would be nice. --------- [..] View

2 Handed Fighting and shield mastery

11:19 pm, January 10, 2015 On my bsword and board pdk i just took shield mastery feat, i have 2-handed fighting line already, but i noticed that when i have a scroll or empty hand and shield, the shield mastery icon is there, [..] View

Frequent DC from loading pages

11:19 am, December 27, 2014 This problem only started happening (at least with any frequency) in the past few months. Every once in a while when on a loading screen the client will disconnect. The blue progress bar at the bottom [..] View

Gamecontroller isn't recognised after update 24

11:19 pm, December 11, 2014 Hi there, I was playing with a PS3 controller with integrated toucpad before the update, using the program DS4windows. All worked beautifully before the last update. Now after the keys aren't recogni [..] View

Support Team Turbine this Movember!

11:19 pm, November 4, 2014 We're raising awareness about men's health issues, and raising money for some good causes! Team Turbine is supporting this month-long effort, and we would love your help! What is Movember? From the o [..] View

Getting rekt when loading up ddo.

11:19 am, November 3, 2014 Today, I tried loading up DDO, with and without the preloader, only for something to crash. Log in, slecet server, select character, the sit at loading screen with two outcomes. With Preloader, DDO [..] View

Always Customise your Character!

11:19 pm, October 21, 2014 While doing some favor farming I decided to check out a couple of the "pre-made" Fighter Paths - Vanguard and Stalwart. These are TERRIBLE! Human Vanguard chooses the feats - Two Handed Fi [..] View

LOGITECH G110 Keyboard - Unresponsive

11:19 am, October 3, 2014 A buddy has a Windows 7 64bit PC and reinstalled the game after many years away. However his new G110 keyboard is either the victim of circumstance or party to a nasty driver conflict with something. [..] View

Keyboad Layout Switch from QWERTZ to QWERTY

11:19 pm, July 24, 2014 From time to time while playing DDO my keyboard layout gets switched from QWERTZ to QWERTY layout. When this happens, it is only in DDO, everwhere else it is normal. Is there any way I can change it b [..] View

Gear Items Marked Normal - Hard - Elite

7:21 am, July 1, 2014 Okay... I'm really getting into DDO finally thanks to the help of these boards and the community. Next weekend I will probably make it to my first TR - so this will be the last post considering mys [..] View

A Veteran DM Approaches Newbie Soloing

7:21 am, July 1, 2014 First, a brief introduction: hi there! I have been DMing (Dungeon Master-ing) since 2001 across half a dozen different pen-and-paper game systems. For MMOs, I've played EverQuest, EQ2, WoW, City of [..] View


LOGITECH G110 Keyboard - Unresponsive

Nov 30, 2014, 9:40 am A buddy has a Windows 7 64bit PC and reinstalled the game after many years away. However his new G110 keyboard is either the victim of circumstance or party to a nasty driver conflict with something. [..] View

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