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Stormreach Shadows: A Comprehensive Stealth Guide

Update 19's revamp to the stealth system stoked me, especially when hearing it personally from Tolero and Producer Glin last year at GenCon Indy. I've enjoyed pushing the new abilities through Kiricletica, a Ninja Spy that has soloed much of the game without any assistance, in stealth, with a low-kill policy. And I've enjoyed what others have done with the new stealth system as read here. But still, many people are confused about how it works, or try to use it but with poor, even fatal results. They become discouraged or think the system is "broken." So, I thought to compile what I've done and what others have described and demonstrated into a concise guide can help those add as much stealth in their game as they'd like. Whether you want to have it handy only for emergencies or as part of a "Stealth Team Six" group, Stormreach Shadows can help you start off your training. But, in contrast to The Book of Syncletica, this guide is for all classes. And, this is a guide that asks you directly to help it grow. There are chapters for each guide for each class in preformatted sections. Right now, many are empty and in need of players who can detail stealth advantages and tactics, spells and gear found in that class that could be useful. Time prohibits me and Saekee, my assistant editor who's volunteered his time and talent, from playing every class and knowing every trick. If players have multiclassed options, we'll create subchapters there for them, too. Build information is also welcomed, but you must summarize the highlights of your build; raw data dumps from character creation tools are not acceptable. I welcome anyone to adopt a class chapter to detail information for classes you have played in stealth. To adopt a chapterSend me a Private Message with a Google GMail addressNote what class chapter you'd like to adopt orTell me what new sub-chapter for a multiclassed build that you'd like to writeTo be an editor, you must have a Google GMail address. It also follows that you must be an active player (played at least 1 hour per week for the last 6 months), as the game's rules change and only an active player will be able to accurately note gear, class trees, skills and the like. As the managing editor for the guide, I resolve absolute rights of control. I or Saekee will edit any and all content for content, brevity, appropriateness, grammar and the like. If I find that an edit or chapter isn't kosher with serious content or audience problems, I'll write you with a chance to correct it. If I don't hear back from you in a reasonable time, I'll do what is needed for the page, up and including deletion. The guide has a specific focus and my job is to keep it from spawling away from that focus. The guide's content itself is, like DDO Wiki, freely distributable by anyone to any medium. You don't have to be the greatest writer, but we require the guide to use proper English grammar and punctuation. Write "before", not "B4": the guide wants to speak English, not Bingo. Once you're approved, I'll send you back an email and grant you access to the chapter and/or create a subchapter for you. Enjoy, and let Saekee and I know here if you see anything that needs correction or to express any comments or criticisms.

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Stormreach Shadows: A Comprehensive Stealth Guide

Update 19's revamp to the stealth system stoked me, especially when hearing it personally from Tolero and Producer Glin last year at GenCon Indy. I've enjoyed pushing the new abilities through Kiricletica, a Ninja Spy that has soloed much of the gam..

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